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The Industrialised RPA Operating Model


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The traditional RPA CoE model is not designed to tackle scale out challenges around rapid deployment, robust support and the supply of a new army of automation specialists to deliver this change. Fujitsu has reimagined the CoE to deliver an industrialized Automation Operating Model to overcome these new challenges, comprising an Agile Automation Factory with modular, self-organizing delivery pods that may be easily scaled. Our Robotics Operations Centre operates on a 24/7 basis leveraging Operational Analytics to drive structural continuous improvement while our Automation Academy design to tackle the war on talent and supply the required resource pools needed to deliver automation maturity. Yves de Beauregard and special guest from UiPath will share their views on Fujitsu’s Industrialized automation approach and how operating within a strong partner ecosystem can deliver the very best for customers.

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The Industrialised RPA Operating Model

  1. 1. Speakers Yves de Beauregard Head of Digital Business Solutions N&WE, Fujitsu David Cameron Head of Robotics and Cognitive Automation N&WE, Fujitsu Caroline Grey Head of Strategic Partnerships, UiPath
  2. 2. © 2019 FUJITSU DBS in seconds | Analytics| Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain Intelligent Automation COEsFocusSolutions IndustriesCountries F|AIR Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition ACTGlobeRanger a Fujitsu company Germany Luxembourg France UK&I Spain Finland Netherlands Belgium Portugal Sweden Denmark Digital Business Services The home of Intelligent Automation and Cognitive Automation Technologies in Fujitsu
  3. 3. The Fujitsu Industrialised Automation Operating Model Automate first Optimise later Low risk Agile Engagement Financial Engineering Positive ROI from day 1 Automated Business Process Discovery Skill shift challenge dedicated services Combines industrial RPA with unique AI capability
  4. 4. BIG SCALE EXECUTE MONITOR DEPLOY UiPath RobotsUiPath OrchestratorUiPath Studio Manage and Secure Deploy and ScaleDigitize Your Process Current Easily manage the automation lifecycle Connect Enterprise UiPath Cloud SaaS Orchestrator UiPath Cloud Platform Simple business user-focused profile of Studio StudioX Extract info from documents for business processes Document Understanding Record user actions and identify patterns Process Understanding Human in the Loop and Long Running Workflows Digital Process Automation Trigger RPA functions directly from SFDC SFDC Connector Solutions for automating Test & IT Applications Test & IT Automation Enables automation of any target apps regardless of tech Computer Vision Deployment and consumption of ML models AI Fabric Provide RPA operational and business insights Analytics
  5. 5. 10 © Copyright 2019 FUJITSU Industrialised Automation - Service Overview Discovery Alpha Fit4Scale Beta ▪ Automated Discovery ▪ Backlog of Requirements ▪ ‘Model the Model’ Concept Private Beta (Selected Internal Users) Public Beta (Broader group of External Users) Scale Optimise ▪ Obtain feedback ▪ Develop new releases ▪ Share success ▪ Full business case ▪ Mass deployment ▪ Cultural assessment ▪ Change & adoption ▪ Benefits tracking ▪ Build a Proof of Value ▪ Test with users ▪ Test the value proposition ▪ Obtain feedback ▪ Assess the scalability of the service prior to development BUILD TEST LEARN BUILD TEST LEARN BUILD TEST LEARN ▪ Develop the service ▪ Test the value proposition ▪ Value Proposition ▪ Operating Model ▪ Mandate