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Real time tracking in manufacturing - a GlobeRanger solution


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During complex manufacturing processes, a key challenge is tracking multiple components through different stages. Companies such as aerospace manufacturer Meggitt Composites need to manage an increasing amount of inventory by tracking the history of everything through their complex manufacturing process. This included the WIP (Work In Progress) queue and in-stage dwell time, to improve productivity levels. This was a powerful example of how GlobeRanger solutions are engineering new value from the connected world. In this session, we will share examples of how GlobeRanger pre-packaged solutions are creating new business value across multiple industries.


Tim Moody
Head of Globeranger Product Management & Pre-Sales

Published in: Mobile
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Real time tracking in manufacturing - a GlobeRanger solution

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  4. 4. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 4 Manufacturing Our customers challenge GlobeRanger every day “Where are my assets?” “How can I reduce cycle counts?” “I need to make better use of my warehouse space” “What are the bottlenecks in my production line?” “How can I track the quality of my suppliers?” “I know it’s in here somewhere but I just can’t find it” But it generally boils down to…
  5. 5. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 5 If only I could solve this one issue, it would make a huge difference. Our customers challenge GlobeRanger every day
  6. 6. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 6 A partner who works with you to deliver business value Pioneers in IoT technology – We defined Edge Computing Agile organisation Provide business oriented solutions Supporting some of the largest customer RFID solutions in the world
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  8. 8. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 8 We provide our customers extreme visibility of their assets
  9. 9. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 9 1 2 5 6 AdaptabilityPredictive capabilityTransparencyVisibilityConnectivityComputerisatio n What is happening ‘Seeing’ Why is it happening ‘Understanding’ What will happen ‘Being prepared’ How can an autonomous response be achieved? ‘Self-optimising’ Digitisation GlobeRanger enabled transformation Incrementalvalue Visibility is mandatory to digital transformation
  10. 10. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 10 6 GlobeRanger foundation manufacturing tracking service Improved process efficiency and resource productivity Operational cost savings – five-to-one ROI, or better Improved customer service and competitive advantage Fixed assets Plan t Machiner y Tool s Outboun d Shipping dock (Loading) Pack & dispatch Warehous e Put away Pick Move Cycle count Inbound Receiving dock (Unloading) Returns Goods receiving Assembly line X Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station X Productio n Asset managemen t records ERP or WHM system MES Finished goods Work in progressAsset tracking Inventory tracking
  11. 11. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 11 Why work with GlobeRanger? Rapid time-to-value – target time of just 12 weeks Immediate traceability Enable in-depth analysis and insight Scalability and flexibility to suit your changing needs
  12. 12. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 12 1 2 5 6 Eric Pearson Head of Product Management “Cool technology, pushing boundaries, good people, world class geeks that love what they do, family environment, and every month is different from the last. Why work with GlobeRanger? Rozina Chaghani QA Tester “Personally, some of the things that stand out are how diverse and open the work environment is which allows all of GlobeRanger’s employees to share outstanding ideas which can be brought to the table for GlobeRanger to implement. GlobeRanger provides opportunity and growth for all employees to help them expand their skill set.” Harrison Nordby IoT Developer “We’re like a software development family, united by our love of nifty hardware devices and breakfast tacos.”
  13. 13. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 13 Born digital resourcing Extreme talent What to assess? Revere the geeks! 1 Broad selection criteria Speed hack Peer & team involvement GlobeRanger culture overview Behavioral focus 2 3 4 5 6 7 Building the GlobeRanger culture Focusing our recruitment on behaviours as well as technical skill. Job descriptions Onboarding a priority
  14. 14. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 1414 How do we achieve this? Proven scalable IoT platform solution / awesome technology Hardware independence – able to match your requirements to best of breed sensors & tags End to end implementation service – start small with demonstrable value at early stage of implementations Proven solutions cloud based business solutions Business process consulting skills + + + + +
  15. 15. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 15 For more information Tim Moody Head of Product Strategy @fellowtimmoody
  16. 16. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 16 Customer case studies The challenge Meggitt wanted to streamline Manufacturing Process and track WIP Requirement to understand each product line and how components moved from one step to another. Meggitt could only carry this out manually. Meggitt also required a material handling solution and suffered from Quality Control issues. Meggitt Composite Materials The solution GlobeRanger provided real time tracking and edge processing with a RFID and Environmental control software solution. Improved visibility of WIP compared to manual tracking (plus labour cost savings). + Problems could be identified and fixed rather than reduction in production output that was only measured at end of the day/shift. + Productivity improvements increased by at least 30%. + Raw material wastage was reduced by 95% due to automated temperature and recipe setting. + A Time/Motion study was executed: how long at each stage, queue times at each location. Threshold conditions were set up with dashboards and Real-time alerts for non-conforming status. Temperature and humidity sensors were set up to monitor, alert and automate setting of correct recipe for production in ovens. GlobeRanger’s technology removed manual processing - reducing chances of human error. The benefits
  17. 17. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 17 Customer case studies The challenge The first challenge Daisy Brand faced was to comply with the Walmart RFID mandate. Daisy Brand was one of the initial companies that volunteered to participate in Wal-Mart's RFID- compliance initiative in 2005. Daisy Brand saw this as an opportunity to take a leadership role in the application of the new RFID technology. Daisy Brand Country: UK, USA Industry: Dairy Products The solution Daisy Brand’s IT team looked for a flexible RFID solution that could easily be reconfigured for future applications. After extensive evaluations, Daisy Brand selected GlobeRanger’s iMotion Edgeware platform as the foundation for developing RFID solutions for its warehouses. The iMotion Edgeware platform enabled a Cold Chain Inventory Visibility Solution. The RFID-enable solution provided finished goods handling from manufacture through cold storage and shipping. Multifaceted operational improvements were achieved including trunk loading times being reduced from 60 minutes to 20 minutes. + The benefits
  18. 18. © 2017 GlobeRangerBringing value to your connected world 18 Customer case studies The challenge GE Power had two challenges at its Greenville, SC facility: 1.) Warehouse Inventory Management and 2.) Tool Management. The current warehouse management system uses paper to record material arrival and put-away. Automation is needed to improve efficiency and accuracy. GE Power also has approximately 5,000 gauges and specialized tools used in building their gas turbines, critical to its manufacturing operation, that need to be tracked. GE Power Country: UK, USA Industry: GE Power The solution The benefits Both the warehouse and tool/gauge tracking solutions use the GlobeRanger iMotion Edgeware platform and its customizable GR-AWARE asset tracking application. The arrival and put- away of material in the warehouse is tracked automatically by an RFID/IoT enabled GR-AWARE solution. Likewise an RFID/IoT enabled GR- AWARE solution tracks tools/gauges into and out of the calibration lab, keeps track of who has checked out the tools/gauges and tracks their calibration status. The benefits of the RFID/IoT GR- AWARE solution included reduced put- away errors and “lost” materials in the warehouse and provided bottom line financial impact through reducing inventory write-offs. Both solutions eliminated paper work, improved accuracy of the data collected and provided detailed reports of the materials and tools being tracked. For the tool/gauge tracking, alerts were generated when tools/gauges needed calibration ensuring tools were not out of calibration. +