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Today’s IT organizations strive for gaining greater visibility of existing applications and processes. Inability to maintain a high level of visibility of applications and processes has a ripple effect. Since, without adequate visibility into existing applications you cannot effectively measure their performance value and business impact – i.e. veracity. If you cannot adequately measure then you cannot effectively improve and keep them viable in the long run. Also as IT organizations mature it becomes difficult to perpetuate a consistent velocity of modernization and up-keep of your reusable knowledge base while retaining low risk support processes.

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  1. 1. Validate-2-RUN Green-is-Good Application up-time, updates and effectiveness Stop-Look-TURNLEFT Driving optimization in business, efforts, & levels Three2One ($s) Reduction in operational costs Validate-2-RUN Taking projects into an effective support model Run-TO-value Drive maximum gain from IT investments The Five Mantras GOAL Seamless and smooth transition to support Minimal impact to business: application or process, business as usual Reduce to zero risk of transition to RUN mode Reduced post go-live hyper care period 1 2 3 4 Intelligent, Futuristic, and Cost-Effective AMS Solutions Validate-2- RUN Validate your Co-ordinates and find the fastest and safest route. 3.4 mi MENU Arrival 5:0238 Speed Without adequate visibility into existing applications you can not effectively measure its performance and business impact. If you can not adequately measure then you can not effectively improve and maintain high velocity. Visibility Velocity Veracity Maintaining high level of visibility of application and process is a big challenge. Be aware of the red light on the road Look both ways while crossing Know where the elephant may be on the road Take the Fujitsu Way In of Transition Projects, do not meet stakeholder’s expectation. 50% In of Transition Projects, they are over budget or delivered only after extending the schedule. 30% report ongoing issues due to lack of governance and conflict resolution procedure. 45%with bugs is over of effort for testing. 90% 33% delivering software despite spending Probability of Cost of fixing a bug post production is times more than fixing the same at design phase. Industry Average – 33%of Software Development Cost is allocated to Testing. Increase visibility of existing applications and processes Measure the impact of Application Support Reduce overall Transition Risk and Build Reusable Knowledge base Analyse what risks can be mitigated and what can be transferred. YIELD Regulatory and compliance Risk mitigation Business continuity Data confidentiality 3 major outsourcing risk Knowledge retention Unavailableof rightskills Impactto in-flightsprojects 3 major transition risk Have a functional air bag to protect you during accident Take the Fujitsu Way and get off to great start with our expert AMS transition team Your drive is assured to be smooth, safe and speedy with Fujitsu Steer Efficiently through thousand moving parts Application validation through Testing and Quality gateways to ensure a bug free run phase. success in completing transition on time and on budget. Reduced Ticket Backlog by in the first 2 months after taking over support. Over 20,000 Daily Incidents Resolved. Significant reduction in Transition risk with Validate-2-Run approach. High visibility into existing applications, business and support processes. years experience in Global Outsourcing. people work for clients in 100+ Countries. 100% 75% 30+ 175,000 Be on track to succeed SPEED LIMIT