Managed Storage


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Managed Storage

  1. 1. Managed Storage Fujitsu Technology Solutions Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009
  2. 2. Dynamic Storage Infrastructures Overview Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Managed Products & Services Solutions as a Service Infrastructure Use building blocks Use pre-integrated p g Share Infrastructure solutions Let external experts designed for dynamism Infrastructure Solutions with others support your IT Operation ETERNUS ETERNUS CS € per usage Managed Storage EMC, NetApp, EMC NetApp deploy, deploy provision and shared manage the storage Cisco, Brocade,.. infrastructure infrastructure Product related cost transparency Services S i dedicated d di t d infrastructure Storage Solution € per usage Storage as a Service Managed Storage 2 Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009
  3. 3. What is Managed Storage? Wh t i M d St ? ■ Managed Storage = Deploy provision and manage online + backup storage Deploy, storage, infrastructure on a €/GB basis with defined SLAs ■ Managed Storage embraces 3 central elements: Managed Storage e Billing Model Operational Model Technology „Receiving only one invoice and one report a month!“ 3 Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009
  4. 4. Managed Storage Deliverables On demand Capacity Local Provisioning Business reflection Capacity Management Storage Administration Accounting Proactive Remote Monitoring data collection ITIL – Service Remote Based Management Monitoring Maintenance & Reactive Support Variable charging Multi (GB per month) Vendor On-Site Support Operational Services 4 Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009
  5. 5. Managed Storage encompasses a full range of integrated services and newest virtual technology Virtualization - Online Storage – On demand – Backup Services Moduls for a Storage Integration Services Operational Services Dynamic Design and implement optimal Storage infrastructures 7x24 proactive management and Infra- maintenance of Storage structure: Consult Design Build Operate / Maintain Business Case Due Diligence Transition Service Management Technology: Analysis A l i and T d Transition iti e.g. ETERNUS Solution System Monitoring Planning CS IT Assessment Staging Storage Administration Detailed Architecture Rollout Solution Capacity Provisioning & Usage Financing: Consulting g Lease Model Concept Storage Infrastructure Optimization Cost Integration Migration & accounting IMAC/D Integration Storage and billing Billing: Concept Migration Maintenance & Support € /GB/Usage g process Proof of Concept Operation: Managed Services Transformation Business Operation Business Project Management SLA Management 5 Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009
  6. 6. Customers’ Benefits Flexibility Pay as you use/ as you grow Switch costs from fix to variable Growth per work order Best of breed approach without any pre-invest Efficiency Focus on your core business Use our expertise and the economies of scale Overall system consolidation Transparency Price per GB One invoice and one report a month Improved Return on Equity as assets are no longer part of the balance sheet 6 Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009
  7. 7. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership Traditional Accounting Tolerance Model System (HW, SW) Model Storage Management TCO Monitoring O de ed Ordered = Operating Capacity Power ∑ Usage T-costs T-costs Training IT IT Maintenance M i t Accounting/Billing Needed Base Capacity Capacaty Documentation time time Sharing operational resources for the operator‘s various customers Tailor-made SLA for the various requirements Resources invoiced according to usage, not simply overheads Savings potential: up to 20% compared to own operation 7 Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009
  8. 8. Managed Storage provides dynamic data management combined y g with technology and proactive services Best-in-class heterogeneous storage solutions ■ We develop ideal platforms to deliver service level agreements, e.g. SLAs for backup with ETERNUS CS ■ Strategic relationships with leading storage companies (e.g. EMC, (e g EMC NetApp) Deployment and Management of Online Storage infrastructure Provision of the backup storage infrastructure Definition of Storage Classes in a virtual / physical environment Defined SLAs in accordance to Storage Classes ■ Defined availability per quarter ■ Defined performance of the infrastructure ■ D fi d ti Defined time t fi to fix Transparent costing by monthly reporting Invoicing according to used capacity ( € per GByte per month) Managed Storage includes the newest virtual technology and customized Service Level Agreements to meet end-user requirements for an agile and dynamic infrastructure 8 Copyright FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 2009