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How to combine innovation, digitization and security?


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Digitization has become a key element in international maritime, transport and logistics organizations such as our Dutch customer Van Oord. In their digital journey towards becoming a more data-driven company, Van Oord ( is also facing increased cybersecurity risks. The protection of all the data around the globe requires a thorough and structured approach to (cyber) security. During this session you will learn what Van Oord has done to digitize their IT processes and how they managed to get in control transforming data into information in a secure way. Van Oord is a family-owned company in the Netherlands with 150 years of experience as a leading international marine contractor.

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How to combine innovation, digitization and security?

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  24. 24. 26 © 2019 FUJITSU Conclusion ◼ Choose your framework… and stick to it ◼ Choose your security partner… and go for it ◼ Information security is not an outcome, it is a capability ◼ Information security is about delivering value to business ◼ Work with companies in your sector on implementing minimum security controls