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How can you integrate new technologies into your mainframe future?


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In this session, we will discuss the critical role of mainframe computing as the unseen backbone of business critical environments. We will share how traditional mainframe disciplines, including BS2000, VME Services, Third Party Mainframe Services and Data Center Management and Automation, can be integrated with new technologies such as Hybrid Mainframe, Security, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, AI, Blockchain, Data Management, DevOps and Automation to create high performance infrastructure solutions.

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How can you integrate new technologies into your mainframe future?

  1. 1. How can you integrate new technologies into your mainframe future? Dieter Kasper Fujitsu Fellow CTO Enterprise Platform Services Yih-Yang Florian Holl Head of EPS Co-Creation-Projects (CCP)
  2. 2. 3 © 2019 FUJITSU ◼ Driving a Trusted Future Introduction
  3. 3. 4 © 2019 FUJITSU Trust 1.0 People Trust 2.0 Institutions Trust 3.0 Technology Pre-industrial Era Industrial Era Supply Centric Business Digital Era Human Centric Business Paradigm shift of trust ◼ New business paradigm in digital era require new types of trust
  4. 4. 5 © 2019 FUJITSU Architect a Purpose-Driven Business ◼ Leadership ◼ Ecosystem Build a Human Centric Organization ◼ Empowered People ◼ A culture of Agility Drive the Business with Digital ◼ Value from Data ◼ Business Integration Three actions to co-create a Trusted Business = Efficient and creative team collaboration = Turn Data into value while maintaining Trust
  5. 5. 6 © 2019 FUJITSU BS2000 Value and Trust ◼ Confidence: As a trusted service provider, Fujitsu supports mainframe-based core business applications by ensuring longevity, agility and innovation ◼ Business-centric: Fujitsu supports customer requests for digital transformation ◼ Future proof: Fujitsu invests in continuous adaptation of modern interfaces to ensure that the mainframe will remain the mission-critical system in a Hybrid world with Cloud, Edge Computing, Blockchain, DevOps, Data Center Management and Automation, AI and further new technologies Exhibition area rear left
  6. 6. 7 © 2019 FUJITSU Portfolio Highlights – Enterprise Platform Services TPS: With our flexible service offering we ensure highest efficiency ▪ IBM Z Services for z/OS, z/VSE and z/VM ▪ DBaaS for Linux on IBM Z with Fujitsu Enterprise PostgreSQL database VME Services: ▪ VME Platform as a Service to enable longevity of business critical applications Third Party Mainframe Services (TPS) and VME Services BS2000 SE Infrastructure Our strategy protects mainframe investments ▪ Software: Integration in modern application architectures and Open Standard APIs ▪ Modern centralized management ▪ Innovated SE Series: SE710 and SE310 ▪ Innovations in SW, HW and Services keeps BS2000 attractive as an highly efficient, secure and reliable infrastructure BS2000 Services & Co-creation Data Center Management and Automation Comprehensive and integrated DCMA portfolio ▪ Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase data center efficiency ▪ IT Operations Management (ITOM) ▪ Run Book Automation (RBA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ▪ Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager and manageNow® Services for the complete lifecycle ▪ Professional and Integration Services ▪ Managed Service / BS2000-as-a-Service ▪ Product Services Co-creation projects ▪ Consult, design and build for customer´s digital transformation ▪ Joint solution operation Fujitsu Academy: Creating opportunities for new mainframe specialists we contribute to a sustainable future
  7. 7. 8 © 2019 FUJITSU ◼ Turn Data into value while maintaining Trust ◼ SE-Infrastructure − Efficient and Secure Operational Management Drive the Business with Digital
  8. 8. 9 © 2019 FUJITSU Palm SecureTM Demand for Personal Authentication Highest level of security & performance1 Extremely precise2 Accepted everywhere3 Are RFID cards, tokens, badges, codes/passwords, … really “safe”? NO, because ◼ they are forgotten/lost or manipulated by purpose ◼ in case of misuse there is no proof of identity who really performed the activity
  9. 9. 10 © 2019 FUJITSU PalmSecure™ − Higher Security, Less Effort ◼ ID LoginV2 prevents misuse of stolen passwords ◼ Without regular password renewal ◼ Supported with Fujitsu and non-Fujitsu Laptops ◼ Individual customization + integration possible ◼ PalmSecure™ for Windows/Linux and MT9750 SSO, enables a secure access to BS2000 and Applications Username Fujitsu's palm vein scanner is the most precise and practical technology PalmSecure ™ – Your hand is the key Precision Practicality Fingerprint Palm veins High HighLow Signature Iris/retina Finger vein Low Voice recognition Face recognition
  10. 10. 11 © 2019 FUJITSU BS2000 and AIOps in practice AIOps avoid problems in the data center in advance! ◼ Concrete example with BS2000 ◼ Performance metrics from openSM2 (openSM2 has over 200 report types) ◼ Connector via SNMP in BS2000 (net-snmp & snmp-agents) ◼ Data Ingestion via REST API on Management Unit to AIOps System on Application Unit ◼ CA OI is an example for an AIOps system ◼ Integration of BS2000 in AIOps through data connectors unlikely normal t typical volatility Anomaly rare still acceptable
  11. 11. 12 © 2019 FUJITSU Moving an Application from the mainframe to an open platform is like moving a house away from a rock and towards “wobbly bricks” Business APPs require a Mainframe-like basis (1) Application Middleware OS Security Hardware Manageability Reliability HighAvailability Application Middleware OS Security Hardware Manageability Reliability HighAvailability Mainframe: BS2000, z/OS, z/VSE Linux with commodity tools The NextGen AU-Platform guarantees with infrastructure and service a Mainframe-like “rock” for the migrated Applications
  12. 12. 13 © 2019 FUJITSU Business APPs require a Mainframe-like basis (1) Application Middleware OS Security Hardware Manageability Reliability HighAvailability Application OS Security Reliability Mainframe: BS2000, z/OS, z/VSE Linux with commodity tools The NextGen AU-Platform guarantees with infrastructure and service a Mainframe-like “rock” for the migrated Applications Moving an Application from the mainframe to an open platform is like moving a house away from a rock and towards “wobbly bricks”
  13. 13. 14 © 2019 FUJITSU ◼ Business Critical Linux (BCL) will ensure continuous stability, security and support up to 8 years with shortest reaction time in case of a problem ◼ Harden Linux against new vulnerabilities which are constantly being revealed ◼ Efficient management of a large number of Linux systems ◼ Tool-supported implementation of BSI's “IT-Grundschutz / basic protection” specifications ◼ Weak point analysis and subsequent "hardening" automatically ◼ Implementation of further specifications (e.g. NIST, NSA) ◼ Advise on and deploy of various OpenSource and Enterprise tools: e.g SUSE Manager, RedHat Satellite, Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack, OpenSCAP, OpenVAS Business APPs require a Mainframe-like basis (2) The NextGen AU-Platform addresses these demands with:
  14. 14. 15 © 2019 FUJITSU ◼ Efficient and creative Team Collaboration ◼ SE-Services − The Application Development Platform Build a Human Centric Organization
  15. 15. 16 © 2019 FUJITSU Cooperations with: Universities, Research institutes, Ministry of Education, Associations, Technology partners, Training partners, ... Educational programs Digital education, qualification profiles, F2F & online training, certifications, education cloud, For Customers, partners, IT interested and Fujitsu employees Attractive offers in Theory and practice Fujitsu external for: Graduates, students, pupils, projects, master theses, ... Fujitsu internal for: Project groups, FDE's, Young Community, ... Versatile entrances with opportunities For school leavers with Abitur/technical college entrance qualification Dual Study Training Trainee Programs Holistic Certified Future-oriented Trustable Student Programs FUJITSU ACADEMY − CENTRAL EUROPE Fujitsu Academy Contact:
  16. 16. 17 © 2019 FUJITSU Agile, DevOps and BS2000 ◼ Modern BS2000 Development with Agile Methods ◼ Action team DevOps at Fujitsu established for process and tool modernization for BS2000 ◼ Fujitsu uses this for system development and has consequently switched to a modern process and tool environment (BS2IDE, git/jenkins, CI/CD). ◼ This leads to increased efficiency, transparency and risk reduction. ◼ We provide our customers with the experience, methods and tools used in this transformation as part of co-creation projects. ◼ Co-Creation Projects 1) For integrated provision of Fujitsu BS2000 SW 2) Cooperation on DevOps in the area of application Higher efficiency in the development process with Agile, DevOps and BS2000
  17. 17. 18 © 2019 FUJITSU Challenge Legacy Code − Application Modernization ◼ In 2019 the COmmon Business-Oriented Language celebrated its 60th birthday. ◼ COBOL still holds the majoritity of active business applications world wide Cost Escalating support and maintenance cost ◼ Fujitsu offers APP modernization in various variants, tailored to the needs of the customer and his environment. ◼ Migrate Databases off the Mainframe with a DBaaS option ◼ Mainframe Managed Services for BS2000, z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE Skills Retiring workforce, disappearing skills Ability Siloed, inflexible applications Compliance Lack of app visibility and outdated protections
  18. 18. 19 © 2019 FUJITSU Partner Tools COBOL , etc.) Consultancy Viable Options Report Most Suitable ModernizationService PROGRESSION PoC/Co-Creation Assessment/Analysis Application Modernization Client unsure of strategy Client determined the strategy & business case Modernization Planning Migration/ Modernization Reduce costs, minimize risks and deliver value to business while maximizing current investments Application Value Assesment COBOL
  19. 19. 20 © 2019 FUJITSU Fujitsu Enterprise PostgreSQL Certified for ◼ IBM Z / LinuxONE (RHEL 7/8) ◼ x86_64 (RHEL 7/8, SLES 12/15) Minimizing complexity in a data platform ◼ Audit Logs ◼ 24x7 Extended Support ◼ Training ◼ Secure DB implementation ◼ Migration Services ◼ Backup and Disaster database recovery ◼ Synchronous, Asynchronous Replication ◼ Automated switchover to standby Vertical Clustered Index (VCI) ◼ In-memory Hybrid Query workloads. ◼ Loads large volumes of data using as many parallel processes as possible ◼ Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) ◼ Data Masking ◼ Data Redaction Cost saving in comparison to other enterprise databases, while maintaining open standards with full Fujitsu support
  20. 20. 21 © 2019 FUJITSU ◼ Implementation of ideas into customer projects ◼ New organization: EPS Co-Creation Projects (CCP) ◼ Currently 37 developers and Mainframe experts Co-Creation and Projects – ready for action
  21. 21. 22 © 2019 FUJITSU Co-Creation Projects – Main Tasks Customer-specific projects ◼ Project Implementation ◼ Architecture and Design ◼ Plan, Control, Implement ◼ Reusability ◼ Extending the SE reference architecture ◼ Initiation of software development ◼ Productisation Consulting and Services ◼ Digital Transformation Topics ◼ Blueprints ◼ Prototyping and service ◼ Infrastructure and environment for customers
  22. 22. 23 © 2019 FUJITSU Fujitsu Co-creating Program Workshops ◼ Co-Creation workshops using our „Design Thinking“ approach: Fujitsu Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) ◼ Fujitsu Digital Transformation Center in Munich or London ◼ Dedicated workshop space for HXD workshops ◼ CE EPS Co-Creation Projects team develops POCs and full solutions ◼ CCP will act as SPOC for the customer Co-Creation Workshop ◼ Fujitsu HXD ◼ Fujitsu DTC Proof of ConceptIdea Generation Identify/select ideas for implementation Full solution implementation
  23. 23. 24 © 2019 FUJITSU Co-Creation (Diversity) Connecting Stakeholders Diversity of skills to cover various challenges In business, organizations, education, politics designer Co- Creation psychologist marketer user management engineer
  24. 24. 25 © 2019 FUJITSU Digital Transformation Workshop
  25. 25. 26 © 2019 FUJITSU Co-Creation Projects – Example: UTM and HTTP BS2000 openUTM Oracle server ESQL calls Oracle client LINUX Application (COBOL) HTTP(s)- client REST API: Post, Get, Put, Delete UTM as HTTP-Server ◼ Proof of concept for industry customer ◼ Allows HTTP and HTTPS ◼ Offers a REST API ◼ POST, GET, PUT and DELETE ◼ Existing application remains unchanged for line mode transactions ◼ New applications can analyze and process messages
  26. 26. 27 © 2019 FUJITSU 3 communication paths between Blockchain and BS2000 established Co-Creation Projects – Example BS2000 and Blockchain ◼ Client of UTM application initiates Blockchain transaction ◼ Blockchain transaction fetches data in BS2000 SESAM database via UTM ◼ Blockchain Event initiates transaction in UTM (asynchronous) Eventhandler UTM BS2000 Blockchain Blockchain UTM BS2000 SESAM Blockchain UTM BS2000
  27. 27. 28 © 2019 FUJITSU Software Distribution with BlockChain (public sector) ◼ In place of email communication, the process of software distribution and activation should be robust, secure and auditable. ◼ An important aspect is the automatic triggering of the data transfer. HB HH HE NI NW … BW BY BE BB Remote federal government network The required transaction logic is implemented as a demo on the BlockChain network under simplified conditions. This solution would also be applicable for UNIX, Linux and Windows, not only for BS2000.
  28. 28. 29 © 2019 FUJITSU Summary
  29. 29. 30 © 2019 FUJITSU Driving a Trusted Future with EPS We integrate new technologies into your trustful mainframe future Drive the Business with Digital SE-Infrastructure - Efficient and Secure Operational Management Co-Creation and Projects NextGen AU-Platform AIOps BlockChain Build a Human Centric Organization SE-Services – The Application Development Platform Application Modernization Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres
  30. 30. 31 © 2019 FUJITSU