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Drive Your Business with Innovative Server and Data Center Automation Solutions


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Do not let demanding applications and new technologies slow your business down! Innovative servers from Fujitsu deliver the power required by your exacting cloud, hyper-converged and HPC solutions. We will use a customer example to show how massive parallel computing with PRIMERGY CX systems can speed up your business. Even in heterogeneous environments keep focusing on your business and let advanced automation solutions from Fujitsu take care of your IT. Learn how Fujitsu Data Center Management and Automation solutions and ServerView Infrastructure Manager bring more efficiency to your data center supporting the digital transformation of your business.
Marcel Schuster
Eric Schnepf
Wilfried Cleres

Published in: Technology
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Drive Your Business with Innovative Server and Data Center Automation Solutions

  1. 1. 0 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu Forum 2016 #FujitsuForum
  2. 2. 1 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Drive Your Business with Innovative Server and Data Center Automation Solutions Eric Schnepf Senior Sales Specialist HPC - Fujitsu Marcel Schuster Product Marketing Manager - Fujitsu Wilfried Cleres Principal Business Development Manager Data Center Management and Automation – Fujitsu
  3. 3. 2 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Innovative Server Solutions for HPC Applications Server requirements driven by HPC applications • Extreme scalability of compute power • Specialized CPUs with many cores for highly parallelized applications • High-density for saving data center space • Efficient cooling • Green IT, i.e. best performance per Watt ratio
  4. 4. 3 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU HPC Use Case  Fundamental research of elementary particles (e.g. quarks) using QCD as one of the fundamental theories of nature  Special research field at University of Regensburg, Theoretical Physics together with University of Wuppertal, and Research Center Juelich  Gain better understanding of the fundamental building blocks of matter and the universe  State and situation of the universe shortly after the big bang  Interpret elementary particles experiments (e.g. at CERN, Geneva)  Huge demand of high-performance computing power  Highly optimized and parallelized application Picture: courtesy wikipedia
  5. 5. 4 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX600 M1 The new platform for highly parallel computing The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX600 M1 is the perfect choice for highly parallel applications in the area of scientific research, product development and artificial intelligence. Up to eight server nodes per 2U and Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors make for new levels of compute density.
  6. 6. 5 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Compute Node PRIMERGY CX1640 M1 Customer configuration  1x Intel® Xeon® Phi™ 7210  64 cores, 1.3 GHz, 215W  16 GB Integrated MCDRAM  48 GB DDR4 Memory  2x Gb-Ethernet on board  Intel Omni-Path HCA (100 Gb/s)
  7. 7. 6 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Cool-Central® Liquid Cooling Technology Efficient cooling  The liquid cooling is a direct-to-chip hot water (45 °C / 113 °F) based cooling solution that captures up to 75 % of the PRIMERGY CX600 server heat  Removes heat from Xeon Phi CPU and voltage-regulator-module (VRM) within the server, eliminating the need for chilling to cool these components Cool-Central® Liquid Cooling Technology is a reliable and effective solution to relieve the burden on data center cooling  Helps to reduce data center cooling costs by over 50 %  Less air needs to be cooled and moved  Liquid cooled systems need less airflow  Allows for 2.5-5x higher data center server density  Low pressure in rack circuit eliminates leakage risks  Returning water is warm enough to enable waste heat recycling
  8. 8. 7 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Customer Solution: HPC Cluster QPACE 3  352 Server nodes PRIMERGY CX1640M1 with Intel® Xeon® Phi™ 7210  High-density integration in 4 PRIMECENTER LC Racks  High-speed Omni-Path interconnect (100 Gbit/s)  Total peak performance: 0.94 PetaFLOPS  Total power consumption: approx. 90 KW  Direct liquid cooling capacity: approx. 65 KW (~75%)
  9. 9. 8 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU First Results  Installation at Fujitsu Augsburg datacenter  288 server nodes in 3 liquid cooling racks  Facility provides:  max. 50 kW liquid cooling capacity  Facility water (supply): ~ 20 C  LC heat load per rack: ~ 17 kW  Air cooling load per rack: ~ 9 kW
  10. 10. 9 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Performance and Power  Rank 375 in latest TOP500 (published Nov. 14th)  Peak performance (Rpeak): 766.7 TFLOPS  Measured LINPACK (Rmax): 447 TFLOPS  Used CPU Cores: 18432  Rank 5 in latest GREEN500 (published Nov. 16th)  Measured Power: 77 kW  Performance per Watt ratio: 5.8 GFLOPS/W
  11. 11. 10 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU More Application Examples for CX600  Image recognition  e.g. detect suspicious patterns in images taken in computer tomography  Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning  speed-up learning algorithms  General requirements for applications suited for Intel Xeon Phi:  Vectorizable loops (to make best use of AVX-512 instructions)  Shared memory parallelization to utilize the 64-72 cores within a CPU  Message-Passing parallelization across the server nodes  Application tuning is a must! Recognition and learning applications are key for the Digital Transformation
  12. 12. 11 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fusion of the Physical and Digital Worlds Sense the physical world Support people’s decisions and actions Collect large amounts of data Gain New insights Analyze Data Physical World Digital WorldInternet of Things
  13. 13. 12 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Leading the right Data Center Discussion Technology-Centric Hyper-Converged Software-defined Fast IT Robust IT Hybrid IT Open Stack Open Source All-flash Hardware-optimized Fujitsu’s Direction: The Business-Centric Data Center. Business-Centric SLA AgilityCosts Hyper-Converged Software-defined All-flash Open Stack Hybrid IT Hardware-optimized Fast IT Open Source Robust IT
  14. 14. 13 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Business Centric Data Center The right solution for your business needs On your Premise – Hybrid IT – in the Fujitsu cloud Managed by yourself – managed by Fujitsu with the support of automated solutions Robust IT – bimodal – Fast IT Business-Centric INTEGRATED SYSTEMS Business-Centric STORAGE Business-Centric COMPUTING
  15. 15. 14 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU The Building Blocks of the Business-Centric Data-Center
  16. 16. 15 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU New Server Requirements for the BCDC For business applications / virtualization  Flexible scalability  Fail-safe and reliable operation  High-density for saving data center space  Low energy, low heat  Flexible and dynamic connectivity  Combined compute and storage nodes for hyper-converged scenarios  Easily managed and automated data centers For HPC and Big Data/Analytics  Extreme density / scalability of compute power  Specialized CPUs for parallel computing  Supporting high capacities of main memory  High-density saving data center space  Low energy, low heat  Easily managed and automated data centers
  17. 17. 16 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Server Innovations – the right scalability for all scenarios for business applications / virtualization for HPC and Big Data / Analytics Compute Scalability / Density Internal Disk Capacity PRIMERGY rack server RX2540  Versatile and cost efficient, data center platform  For traditional and new SW-defined scenarios requiring internal disk capacities PRIMERGY scale-out server CX600  high compute density and scalability for analytical and HPC tasks PRIMERGY scale-out server CX400  Flexible scalability of performance and capacity  For production and analytics  Ideal platform for hyper-converged IT
  18. 18. 17 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU The right server platform for each business scenario Fast IT Robust IT Legacy IT Comprehensive portfolio of servers for all usage scenarios Efficient and agile x86 server family for general purpose computing Unique x86 platform for in-memory computing and business-critical applications Unmatched scalability and robustness for Solaris applications Versatile business server for BS2000 mainframe applications PRIMERGY PRIMEQUEST Fujitsu M10 BS2000
  19. 19. 18 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu and Partners: Complete Server Solutions Connectivity Tower, Rack, Blade, Cloud and Mission-Critical Servers Operating Systems Virtualization
  20. 20. 19 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Data Center Management and Automation Outlook 2017: Fujitsu ServerView Infrastructure Management Agile NETWORKING technology Agile and hyper-scale STORAGE systems Agile aggregation of COMPUTE power Cloud/Hybrid IT Management Fujitsu ServerView Infrastructure Management
  21. 21. 20 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Why Data Center Management and Automation? Customer needs Data Center Operation: Efficient, flexible and reliable  Improve efficiency, agility, flexibility and speed  Smooth and failsafe operations – Always On  Easy Data Center management and automation  Establish Service Quality Management to support the business processes best  Compliance and Governance
  22. 22. 21 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu Data Center Management and Automation Service Application Server and Storage Network Power and cooling Space and Inventory Facilities IT Operations Management (ITOM) Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) FUJITSU Data Center Management and Automation (DCMA) IT Operations Management and DCIM comprehensive and integrated
  23. 23. 22 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu Reference Architecture DCMA Business Service Management End-Customer’s View Service Provider’s View Self-Service Portal Service Desk Service Level Management Contract Management Capacity Management Infrastructure, Application, End User Services and Performance Monitoring Incident Management Reporting / Trending Energy Efficiency Security Management Entitlement. Identity Mgmt. Access Mgmt. Single Sign On Capacity & Resource Planning Data Collection Reporting / Trending Financial Management Billing models Tariffs Users Consumption Service related Integration and Process Automation Life Cycle and Service Asset Management Orchestration, Automation & Provisioning IT-Infrastructure Resources Storage NetworkServer
  24. 24. 23 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Process Automation in Action Automated Service Delivery Platform for Data Centers – Fujitsu OIM Service AdministratorService ProviderService User Self Service from the Service Portal Automated Service Provisioning Monitoring of Service Provisioning Billing €,$,£, … An Out-of-the-box Solution to increase efficiency of service provisioning rapidly Customer reference: large UK&I retail chain Fujitsu DCMA Service Delivery Platform successfully deployed to a large UK&I national retail chain. The critical infrastructure spans two customer data centers, approximately 4200 Windows, Linux and UNIX managed devices, and is being monitored 24x7 and fully managed by Fujitsu (Optimized Infrastructure Management (OIM)). Out of the Box Features Alerting, CMDB and Service Desk integration Asset & configuration automation Automated Server provisioning Capacity reporting Monitoring Patching
  25. 25. 24 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU What's next: Automation and Autonomy  Automation:  Execution of precise, repetitious actions or sequences in controlled or well understood environments  Pre-programmed  Industrial engineering • Generating • Selecting • Implementing • Monitoring  Autonomy  Generation and execution of actions to meet a goal, execution confounded by the occurrence of unmodeled events or environments, requiring the system to dynamically adapt and replan.  Adaptive  Higher brain functions  Recognize dynamic changes of the environment  Flexible reactions  Interaction with partner systems  Understanding of the situation • Observe, orient, decide, act Source: Introduction to AI Robotics R. Murphy (MIT Press 2000) for second edition
  26. 26. 25 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Autonomous IT Service Delivery IT Service Delivery Testament Autonome IT Service Auktion Negotiation which platform will assume the IT Services Heartbeat, System kill, Auktion IT Service Delivery Testament IT Service Delivery Testament Autonomous Control Agent Autonomous Service Agent Autonomous Service Agent Autonomous Service Agent Easier Faster Cheaper Better … Process Automation Self Service from the Service Portal Automated Service- Provicioning Monitoring of Service Provisioning Billing €, $, £, … Autonomous Service Agent  Knowledge of all services  Autonomous service adoption  Monitoring and self-healing  Customizable Autonomous Control Agent  Monitoring of Autonomous Service Agents (Live Check & kill)  Relocate services if necessary  Support of maintenance work  Customizable Autonomous Agent Technology Combined automation and autonomy functionality for efficient IT service delivery
  27. 27. 26 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu DCMA References Munich RE – Insurance - Andreas Michel, Head of Section IT Infrastructure Sourcing, Management EMEA In a project approach IT Service Contingency Management, Disaster Recovery and IT Emergency Management was developed and rolled out. The main focus was on the topic „Handling a potential operational Outage of the offshore location“. AOK Joint Data Center Bremen/Lower Saxony - Klaus Mayer, Production Manager »With the Fujitsu DCMA as a centralized monitoring solution, we can monitor all of our systems at once. This saves time and means we can be much more proactive. There have already been a number of occasions where we have been able to intervene before a problem leads to a breakdown or near miss« Informatikzentrum Niedersachsen - Bernd Wilhelm, Head of System Management »The intelligent concept allows a significant higher efficiency in IT operations (system management). That fact combined with a short implementation time guarantees a fast return of investment.« Efficient concept, short implementation timelines and fast ROI
  28. 28. 27 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU A quick recap  We see a change in provisioning (Software-defined anything, virtual anything,…)  Performant core functions will still be necessary (compute, storage, network, security, management) to deploy e.g. HPC  Autonomous orchestration of IT resources pools will be a strategic business driver  Standardization and business process redesign need to be considered In the next 5 years we will see the highest rate of change in performance and software-defined infrastructure SDS SDN SDI SDx SDC SDse c Software defined anything Core Services Applications needed for businessVirtual Anything
  29. 29. 28 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU