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Discover how Bridgestone is 'enabling digital' with Fujitsu and SAP


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Digital transformation gives rise to a myriad of new opportunities for entirely new business models. Fujitsu offers everything needed to successfully shape digital transformation, rationalizing the complexity of IT environments with comprehensive services, solutions and innovative platforms such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo so that companies can respond to new demands faster and more efficienctly. Join us to learn how Bridgestone is transforming its IT organization to become faster, more creative, leaner and more responsive by simplifying operations and SAP applications. Fujitsu and Bridgestone will share their joint implementation approach and the lessons learnt.
Speaker: Yves Bataille
Séverine Lenneberg
Michael Straub

Published in: Technology
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Discover how Bridgestone is 'enabling digital' with Fujitsu and SAP

  1. 1. Fujitsu Forum 2017 #FujitsuForum
  2. 2. Discover how Bridgestone is enabling digital' with Fujitsu and SAP Yves Bataille Director, IT Solutions Delivery Bridgestone EMEA Séverine Lenneberg IT Enterprise Architect Bridgestone EMEA Michael Straub Fujitsu Portfolio Director SAP BAS EMEIA @ Michael_TStraub
  3. 3. 3 Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Fujitsu Proposition for SAP Customers Run the business SAP Simplify Simplification is the basis to improve in many other areas Digitalizationis the motor of Innovation and growth… Innovate the business SAP Digital Transform the business SAP Transform Organizations must enable now for the Digital Transformation to respond to market and business demands much faster…
  4. 4. Bridgestone – Your Journey, Our Passion Tires: • ± 80% of our total activity in 2016 Other: o Industrial rubber products: belts, hoses, roofing and insulation materials o Chemical products: building products, foams o Sporting goods o Digital innovation 1931 ± 144 000 ± $31 billion EMEA ± 30 000 employees ± 90 nationalities World’s largest tire manufacturer
  5. 5. SAP-centric solutions shape a strong operational backbone at Bridgestone EMEA BSEMEA Headquarter Belgium: Centralized operations (incl. PC4 OE) 24+ Sales Subsidiaries; operated by regions Central: Germany, Austria, Switzerland West: France, Belgium, The Netherlands North: UK, Ireland, Denmark (+Norway), Sweden, Finland East: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Baltic Countries South-West: Spain, Portugal South: Italy (+ Adria, Greece), Romania-Bulgaria (+ Macedonia) CIS: Russia (+ the Commonwealth of Independent States) MEA: Dubai (+ Middle East, North and Central Africa Countries) South Africa: South Africa (+ South Africa Countries) Brisa: Turkey - Joint-venture with Sabancı group EMEA = 1 integrated SAP environment in expansion 15 Factories 3 in Spain, 2 in Poland, 2 in Belgium (1 in SAP) 1 in France, in Italy, in Hungary 1 in Russia 2 in South Africa 2 in Turkey: Joint-venture with Sabancı group 1 Technical center, 2 Proving Grounds TC in Rome, PG 1 in Rome, 1 in Sweden
  6. 6. SAP ERP SAP Transformation journey from obsolete to leading edge 2008 Aug. 2016 Apr. 2017 June 2017 Aug. 2017 2020 SAP BW SAP BPC ECC6 ECC6 EhP7 ECC6 EhP7 HANA 7.0 7.5 7.5 HANA 7.10 HANA + 4M€ Program 4 projects, 4 go lives Delivered on time 99,5% on Budget Not impacting business operations ~ 2500 test scripts ~ 200 Business Key users S/4 • BSEMEA running on an 8 year old version of SAP that was last upgraded in 2008. ONE TEAM
  7. 7. A transformation that brings benefits in many ways… Future SAP investments (€2 billion over the next five years) & new digital & IoT innovations will run on HANA. Reduce the cost of running SAP & BW combined with project synergies and identified business benefits payback < 3 years. KEY EXAMPLES • ERP-OMP integration: HANA views will allow "real time" stock & sales information, and reduce heavy system load • GAAP consolidation under SEE structure → SAP HANA solution (BPC) best fit, cost avoidance (duplication of system, license, maintenance & support) • New Material Requirement Planning (MRP live) → reduce working capital, replace semi-manual process 50% of Projects will need or benefit from HANA. SAP HANA will provide standard solutions and reduce complexity. • Leverage asap opportunities coming with HANA  Increase cost avoidance • Continue develop complexity or create simplicity  STOP to manual workaround, additional extraction and compilation of data from various sources! -3000 -2000 -1000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Cumulative cash flow
  8. 8. 8 SAP HANA is integral to our Digital Core renovation 8 TRANSFORMATION OPTIMIZATION Digital Core Renovation • SAP ERP/BW on HANA (2017) • S4 HANA (17MTP) • Lower operating cost • Real-time processing & reporting Enterprise Architecture Build Digital Capabilities Business Aligned Organization Better 2.0 services at lower cost Digital workplace Building the IT platform to deliver secure digital business solutions for the future with a lean & agile approach Digitalization Partner Cybersecurity INNOVATION GROWTH
  9. 9. 9 How to make the elephant dance?
  10. 10. Building a new parallel landscape for each migration • Build a new environment next to the existing one (no impact on current landscape, parallel projects going live up to start of Hard Freeze) • Several migration iterations, repetitive tests • Switch from current to new environment over a weekend APPROACH M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 Realization Build UAT SupportPlanning Preparation M1 Medium Freeze Hard Freeze Retrofit * - ‘Dual Maintenance’ Advanced Go /No Go Final Preparation Go Live TIMELINE * ~ 2500 transports retrofit over the 4 projects
  11. 11. Take a step by step approach, test and test again ERP ECC6 no EhP Oracle 11 EhP7 Oracle 11 EhP7 Oracle 11 10 TB EhP7 Oracle 11 4,7 TB Aug. 2016 Mar. 2017 Aug. 2017 Functional Upgrade Archiving Database Migration EhP7 Oracle 11 4,7 TB SUM SUM DMO Version compatibility with other SAP systems Version compatibility of the SAP add-ons End-to-End integration with all connected Satellite Systems (SAP & non-SAP) Minimize risks and freeze periods for parallel projects DOWNTIME duration Max 1 weekend! Key considerations EhP7 HANA 1,7 TB • 2 ‘go live’ rehearsals • Minimize downtime by starting technical preparation 1 week prior to go live in a shadow instance • Extensive checks & tests on the compatibility of SAP system versions and SAP-add-ons; 2 upgraded for EhP7 (Xflow, Mobysis) • Parallel Project Landscape with continuous retrofit • 3 ‘go live’ rehearsals • Minimize downtime by starting technical preparation 1 week prior to go live in a shadow instance • Migration with SUM DMO (25 hrs.) vs. SWPM - Database Export-Import (76 hrs.) • Extensive checks & tests on the compatibility of SAP system versions and SAP-add-ons; 2 upgraded for HANA (Cormeta, EveryAngle) • Parallel Project Landscape with continuous retrofit • Reduce the DB size:  Control system growth, reduce running cost  Prerequisite for HANA migration (max. 4 TB)  Reduce the needed downtime for the HANA migration as well as future system operations Avoid business disruptions Control TCO
  12. 12. Tool Used: Abap Test Cockpit [ATC] Prioritize your ABAP development effort Static Code Check Check Variant: Functional DB + Functional DB Addition Check Variant: Performance _DB Static Code Result [Remediation] – R1 Static Code Result [Optimization] – R3 Remediate Optimize SQLM Snapshot 6 weeks of Production run (incl. year end) Dynamic Code check Results based on SQLM – R2 1 2 Tool Used: SQL Monitor [SQLM] Functional issues with run time checks Functional Issues with Static checks HANA Optimization Prioritized list – P1 Prioritized list – P2 Prioritized list – P3 Prioritized lists SQL Performance tuning work list [SWLT] TechnicalMigrationPlan Dynamic Code Check = R1+R2 = Remaining R1 = R3 + R2
  13. 13. Our BW, BI-IP, BPC journey at a glance Nov. 2016 Apr. 2017 July 2017 Technical Preparation BW Upgrade & Migration BPC Upgrade & Migration Redesign & MigrationMigration After S/4 HANA migration  FINANCE Conso  LSCM  IT BPC Standard BPC embedded (on BW) BW 7.01 Oracle 11 Windows 8 BW7.01 Oracle 12 Windows 12 Prerequisites to run SUM DMO: • Single stack (ABAP & JAVA) • Windows 2012, Oracle 12 BW 7.01 Oracle 11/12 10 TB BW 7.5 HANA 1,5 TB SUM DMO BPC 7.5 Oracle 11 Windows 8 BPC 7.10 HANA EXPORT / IMPORT Migration Downtime planned for 72 hrs., lasted 120 hrs. Lessons learned: • Housekeeping activities are key: reducing the import time of large system tables by prior cleaning or archiving • Multiple Dress-rehearsals
  14. 14. What did we achieve? High performance => Speed and immediate system response  BW: 10 x faster  ERP: Some batch jobs 10 x faster, COPA reports 10 x faster Simplification => Simplified processes and high flexibility to adapt  HANA optimized & simplified architecture , standard SAP integration Reduce TCO  Database size reduced from 10 TB to 1,5 TB  Running costs Real-time and Self-Service.  Enabler for S/4  Introduction of Analysis for office, Lumira 2.0 Simplify Reduce TCO €
  15. 15. Results are significant, and it shows Averagetimeofexecution Numberofhours Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Average of 4 sec to run a report 10 times faster User Testimonials
  16. 16. 16 ONE TEAM
  17. 17. Strong partnership and clear governance to drive success Steering Committee Project Management Team Workstreams QualityAssurance SAPApplicationArchitects Business Change Management & Communication strategy SAP Private Hosted Cloud & Basis Transformation Third Party Satellite systems FunctionalFunctionalFunctionalFunctional ERP EhP7 BW 7.5 BPC 7.10 ERP EhP7
  18. 18. Core Project team TechM JAKKINAPALLI Chandrashekar; GANGULA Rajashekhar; Udayabaskaran Senthilnathan; RAMIREDDY Venkata, SHAIK Abdul Azeem; SYED Azam; NAYANALA Kalyani; ANNAMREDDY Deepika Lakshmi; BALGURI VENGAL RAO; ADHIKARI Sachin; EDIGA Mounika BRM’s & Local IT coordinator: KAUK Petra; VERLINDEN Ria; SANGRONIZ Joseba; FERNANDEZ Iratxe; DE FRUTOS Nuria; BIALY Robert; VADHER Amish; FOSSATI David; BALLET William; SANCHEZ RAMOS DAVID; NOWAK Bartosz; ACHARD Cedric; POSA Fabrizio; MALINOWSKI Rafal; ANTONINI Ulisse; PIECHURA-URBANEK Justyna; ANDRZEJCZAK Michal; ZALWERT Wojciech; LANE Stephen Key users GALLO Michele Massimo; KOTYNSKA Donata; BOCKEN Herve; LARUELLE Peter; DIAZ Inigo; JUSCA Mona; RAPE Tina Claudia; PÖLTER Maike; TRZECIAK Anna; GOGOL Olga; GONZALEZ LOPEZ Roberto; DŻALUK Jan; VARELA Natalia; LAOU-HAO Gisele; LILLO Domenico; BRAMS Danny; MINEO Alice; KOLACZKIEWICZ Karolina; BURGOS Javier; ANTON Floriana; MAGALHAES Lurdes; BAIG Shamveel; BRADFORD Nicky; ADYDAN Agnieszka; BERSCHEIDT Arno; BABEAU Nicolas; DE TRIZIO Mauro; GABRIELE Michele; DE COCK Robrecht; CANTIGNEAUX Gary; JEREMIAH Will; DOENGES Sebastian; MONTERO Javier; FERNANDEZ Roberto; VALVERDE David; SEVILLA Alfonso; SERRANO Alberto; GARCIA Rodolfo; ALVAREZ Maria; REVUELTA RIVADENEYRA angel; DAEM Tom; WIRAMA Lasse; GALLICE Stephanie; VAGNOT Jean-Christophe; ALLOUI Sinen; MAUMY Bertrand; WUYCKENS Katia; EMONTS-GAST Caroline; VAN WIJK Gerard; HENZE Daniel; JENNIGES Walter; LESCHINGER Lars; MALOU Karim; MARK-EMEKCI Sandra; KRAUS Ulrike; RUEBERG Susanne; MARQUES Filomena; PEREIRA Isabel; FERREIRA Ana; VANMAELE Philippe; PARENT Sophie; SEVILLA Alfonso; DAHL Martin; ALAMEDA PITA DA VEIGA Lucia; LIM Chia Chia; LAUTAMAKI Maarit; WOZNIAK Dawid; OSTROWSKA Malgorzata; OSTROWSKA Malgorzata; BUDASZ Agata; SLEZAK Maria; TOMASZYK Elzbieta; BRIERE Aylin; DUPREZ Carine; BAILLY Guy-Noël; LEROY Corinne; SOBIERAJSKI Janusz; LUTY Pawel; KOLERSKI Lukasz; CHAZAN Sami; KABACINSKI Lukasz; MARIANI Massimo; BERNARDI Raffaello; FOIS Emanuela; CAMERON Michelle; MELVILLE Greg; RATHKEY Sion; TYERS Jennifer; MATHIAS Andy; POWELL Gary; REILLY Paul; BELCKX Wim; LEWIS Alice; SNELSON Sally; DOWNARD Sharon; MISTRY Jitesh; REECE Nick; PLATA Jay; HERSEY Antony; EDWARDS Dan; CUBITT Lucy; Doyle Wendy; CUNNINGHAM Mary; EXTON Anthony; BRADFORD Nicky; TULLY Gerard; DOYLE Peter; ANDERSON David; MCGOVERN Niall ; RYAN Michael; SØRENSEN Jesper; NYGAARD Mads; ANDERSEN Hans; JORGENSEN Frank; VIKLUND Ulf; NORLING Johan; HÖGSTRÖM Jenny; Holm Tove; VEISIO-LAUHDE Tiina ; NIEMI Kai; SALIN Jari ; HAAPALEHTO Hannu; BAO Raf; MCGIVERN Greg; CHRISTENSEN Henrik; DOLAN Farrell; FOLLISS John; PERZYNA Robert; Grablewska Jolanta; MIKOLAJEWSKA Katarzyna; CELESTINO Sara; SANGIANELLA Valentina; SWIECH Agnieszka; EYMAN Agnieszka; MROCZKIEWICZ Maciej; PARRELLA Tiziana; MAJEWSKA Anna; HOYLES Brian; etc. Hundreds of people made this program a true success Core Project team Bridgestone: VRANCKEN Geraldine; PITTOORS Patrick; STRANGER Viviane ; GARCIA Federico; RENAER Thierry; LENNEBERG Severine; BATAILLE Yves Core project team Fujitsu Gabriele Ohlenschlaeger; Bjoern Stohs; Ines Terryn; Stefan Proppe; Diana Remus; Joerg Finzer; Kappler, Michael; Rattandeep Singh; Prateek Grover Core project team Flexso VANDERWEGEN Koen; BOUDEWIJNS Raf; VANDAMME Quentin; VANDERSMISSEN Ben; AUWERS Marc; DAVID Thierry; VANHOOF Els; CLEMENT Peter
  19. 19. Steerco members CORE BRIDGESTONE TEAM + RAHN Astrid; BENOIST Henri-Xavier; CODRON Michael; LOPES GRILLI Lucie; LEMONNIER Gilles; DE BOCK Steven; FRYKOWSKA Joanna; SIMA Renata; JOHNSON Michael; GIRAULT Nicolas; DOMINO Frederic; FASSIN David; GUERRA Giovanna; TROSOLINO Silvana; MOLINERO Cristina Extended Project team Bridgestone MOLINERO Cristina ; PERRONE Mimma-Nunzia; VERBRUGGEN Bert; BRAUWERS Pierre; DELSAUTE Francoise; ABBONDIO Viviana; BLATGER Benoit; GIRAULT Nicolas; VERPOORTE Alain; VANHERCK Lutgard; JACOBS Koen; VAN GROENIGEN Bram; DOMINO Frederic; SZOSTAK Joanna; DE WACHTER Theo; VAN MOER Jacques; BAUWMANS Bart; JERSE Janez; DE VILLE Dimitri; VANDESSEL Leslie; PRUSCHA Nicole; GOTTLIEB Marcel; GOBERT Marie-France; etc Extended Project team Fujitsu Anurag Atish; Singh Neha.S; Deshpande Siddharth; Gelli Madhusudhana; Jambunathan Vijaykumar; Timur Salahutdinov; Maxim Garmonov; Shanin Pavel; Orlov Alexander; Ramil Gayazov; Khousainov Rafael; Maksumov Marat; Baturov Sergey; Wim Jacops; Koen Dreelinck; Frans Coussé; Danny De Paepe; Mark Walsh; Magali Dufour; Joanna Winiarczyk; Werthmann, Thomas; Andy Vandereeken Extended Project Team TechM DHAR Subhodeep; REGULA Parthasarathi; MAZUMDAR Vamsikrishna; BOLISETTY Venkata; PURUSHOTHAMAN Mayil; JARUGULA Chiranjeevirao; MOHAMMED Shareeq Ahmed Extended Project Team Flexso GOOVAERTS Mark; VANDIJCK Koen Extended Project Team SAP De Vrueh Marko Hundreds of people made this program a true success
  20. 20. 20 Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Q&A Questions?
  21. 21. 21 Copyright 2017 FUJITSU