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2025 at the Horizon: Are you ready to go for SAP S/4HANA?


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While some might consider SAP S/4HANA migration as a technology project, its primary focus should be on business outcomes and how it will help an organization compete in a fast changing world. In this session, Fujitsu's SAP team will share how to plan an effective transformation journey based on PRIMEFLEX for SAP Solutions.

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2025 at the Horizon: Are you ready to go for SAP S/4HANA?

  1. 1. 2025 at the Horizon: Are you ready to go for SAP S/4HANA? Volker Sommer Principal Business Development Management SAP, Fujitsu Al Ahli Holding Goup Pradeep Kumar Head of IT Operations
  2. 2. 3 © 2019 FUJITSU Increasing requirements for SAP landscapes ◼ Is the data on your side: How do business leaders feel about data, privacy and security? Fujitsu Global Digital Transformation Survey February 2019 Scope of survey: 900 business leaders in 9 countries about digital transformation. 82% 72% Feel it is important to have full control of their personal data Worried organizations exploit personal data without permission Privacy Are concerned that data they use may have been falsified Find it difficult to judge if online information is correct and trustworthy 59% 70% Trustworthiness of Information Are concerned about the risk of leakage of customer data and confidential information Are worried about the risk of cyber-attacks to social infrastructure 68% 68% Failures of Security © Copyright FUJITSU 2019
  3. 3. Meet adverse business conditions fast While reducing costs Exploit SAP Solutions to the Full S/4HANA deployment options: On-premise, in private or public clouds, as-a-service in the SAP cloud or hybrid Abstraction, information, interfaces Both HCI and HANA are examples of that change Wide scope of S/4HANA migration Heterogeneous IT systems that don’t talk to each other 2020 Deadline Older version of the enterprise software will run out of maintenance 2025 Deadline SAP HANA database will run out of maintenance Seek for trusted technology partners with knowledge Ensure near-zero downtime while optimizing use of SAP landscapes Delivery of major SAP transformation projects The in-memory imperative for real-time analytics Challenges for SAP customers in the digital world
  4. 4. 5 © 2019 FUJITSU SAP landscapes for SAP S/4HANA readiness Top 5 priorities on the SAP customers’ infrastructure agenda ◼ #1: Cut complexity for operational efficiency and simplicity as a baseline ◼ #2: Prepare for 2025: The forced migration to SAP S/4HANA for all ERP transactions ◼ #3: The in-memory imperative: Leverage data across the business at high velocity ◼ #4: Bridge between two worlds: Private cloud and traditional on-premises architectures by hyper-convergence ◼ #5: Manage a wide scope of different deployment models from private and/or public cloud, to hybrid and on-premises Question to answer: Is your SAP landscape in good shape?
  5. 5. 6 © 2019 FUJITSU Al Ahli Holding Group‘s Way to SAP S/4HANA ◼ Challenge: Centralizing a diverse IT landscape ◼ Solution: Building a flexible SAP environment ◼ Advantages of a future-proof platform
  6. 6. Al Ahli Holding Group S/4HANA Upgrade/Migration
  7. 7. Transformation Journey to Gen Next SAP Products HANA - Suse Windows - ASE Windows - MSSQL Windows - MaxDB Legend ECC 6.0 SFIN 1503 One Step technical Migration S/4HANA EM 1809 PRESENT with Al Ahli Proposed for Al Ahli Solution Manager 7.1 Solution Manager 7.2As is SAP DMS As Is SAP DMS 1) One Step technical migration is available to target S/4HANA version from current version 2) Overall migration, due to change in functionality , user experience, heavy pre steps, complex post steps, code adjustments and change management, is categorized under medium complex migration 3) BW will use as embedded in HANA 4) Fiori will be embedded within S/4HANA Embedded Fiori in S/4New Embedded BW / BPCNew
  8. 8. SAP Migration Approach Project Preparation • Project planning, scope, resources • Validation of infrastructure and sizing • Housekeeping of source system Migration and Testing Go-Live Preparation Go-Live and Support • Initial SUM DMO execution in Sandbox / POC • Preparation of Run Book • SUM DMO execution in DEV and QA systems • Mock / Dry runs • Core Business User Training (On job) • Validation of Migrated Systems • Issue Log with Solution • Testing • Reviews with Stakeholders • User Acceptance testing • Prepare Hyper-care model • Go-No-Go Readiness checks • Region wise end-user training • Establish Operational Support • Knowledge Transfer • Reviews with Stakeholders • Go –Live • Validation of Migrated system • Transition from Hyper-care to Operational Support • Support and Monitor
  9. 9. SAP S/4HANA Conversion : Objectives Take Benefits of simplified data models in reporting(embedded analytics) & decision making Redefine user experience with SAP Fiori which will personalize user experience for every device Run all business processes at unprecedented speed eliminating batch processing & move towards achieving fast period end closing
  10. 10. SAP Customer Project Scopes / Requirements HANA readiness HW /DC Refresh Hosted SAP IT/ Cloud LINUX Migration Datacenter Consoli- dation Managed SAP IT Database Migration Hybrid IT Data Protection/ Backup R/3 Upgrade Digital Business Big Data Analytics/ AI Internet of Things (IoT) S/4 HANA Transfor- mation Cloud- based SAP modules Co- Creation / PoC HANA Data Mgmt. Suite (HDMS) IT View Application View
  11. 11. Accelerating the SAP Infrastructure Transformation Process Improvement with PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes Orchestrating SAP Environments Augment agility to support growth and innovation Reduce complexity and cost by automating IT processes PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes Enables faster resource provisioning and time-to market Allows to run dynamic infrastructures with less OPEX
  12. 12. Unmatched Quantitative Benefits Scenario Traditional FlexFrame for SAP SAP Provisioning 4day 1 day OS Upgrade 5h 20min (4h10min System downtime) 11min (11min System downtime) SAP Cloning 19 hours 19min Server replacement (for Performance or due to failure) 2 days 30 min Power consumption High Fraction of traditional Move from Virtual to Physical and vice versa with VMWare integration 1 day 30 min Floor space Reduced by approx 50 %
  13. 13. S/4 HANA Migration • First S/4 HANA 1809 migration customer in the Middle East on FFO • Easy deployment of Sandbox systems • Easy OS upgrades (Needed for HANA 2.0) • Multiple Data refresh cycles • Quick restore of error Instances • Dynamic allocation of system resources to minimize the downtime • Fujitsu Technology Advisory and Managed services • SAP Expert Guidance through the entire migration process • All migrations completed in 3 months.
  14. 14. Post S/4HANA Conversion: Business Benefits & Improvements Role based access will provide the users only those part of information which he/she needs to be accessed Reduction in Data volume due to the simplifications in database table structures, resulting faster transaction & reporting times Due to Universal Ledger adoption in S/4HANA, expect drastic reduction in month end closing times as no reconciliation is required between different ledgers for the reporting With the Material Ledger adoption, there is possibility of reporting in 3 currencies & possibility to move to ‘Actual Costing’ functionality in future In Procure To Pay process, it is now possible to adopt self service requisitioning, supplier evaluation with soft facts which will add further value in the business process In Project Systems, there is possibility to have fiori apps and analytical reports
  15. 15. SAP Strategy – The Intelligent Enterprise
  16. 16. SAP Digital Platform
  17. 17. SAP on Hybrid Data Center for SAP Environments PRIMEFLEX for SAP Solutions ESCM Enterprise Service Catalog Manager private public Hybrid Cloud Bridge Managed ServicesAzure Workload Management SAP Basis Operations SAP Application Management
  18. 18. 19 © 2019 FUJITSU Conclusion 1 2 3 4 5 The best infrastructure is invisible, but that’s no reason to forget it SAP S/4HANA is the next logical step for SAP customers and reduces complexity for transactions, analytics and different deployment models Simplify, transform and grow SAP landscapes based on SAP-certified Integrated Systems PRIMEFLEX As a trusted SAP technology provider, Fujitsu supports your business to the best in SAP environments We are ready to talk: Contact Fujitsu in your SAP infrastructure journey
  19. 19. 20 © 2019 FUJITSU