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Fujitsu's Eco Track Software as a Service to help with reporting under the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive

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Fujitsu Forum Eco Track bernd kosch

  1. 1. Energy-Efficiency Management and ReportingFujitsu Eco TrackDr. Bernd KoschHead of Environmental Technology Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  2. 2. Energy-Efficiency Management3 options to address the energy/climate-challenge 35% Less GHG/nuclear risk in the energy-mix Increased share of renewables 60% Less energy in the way we live Increased energy-efficiency  5% Less welfare/"behavioral change" Reduction of (immoral) luxury?"Increased energy-efficiency"  Means achieving identical result at reduced levels of consumed energy  Requires information about energy-consumption to enable management  Can benefit from ICT-support, similar to ERP (financials-management) 1 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  3. 3. A "Mystery" is Turning into FactsToday, the vast ma-jority of companies Aggregate MWh, tons The split between different Options to improve againstdo not have any of CO2, crude-oil equi- energy sources, usage well-defined targets, inclu- valents or EUROs, even patterns and benchmarks ding industry averages,idea about the mag- the order of magnitude on company locations or or estimates on realisticnitude of its total is often unclear organizational units, histo- expectations about resultsenergy consumption, rical data and usage trends from specific actionsin terms of Companies will benefit from engaging in energy Enjoying tax-credits Strengthening their management, by Reducing overall energy or subsidies (relating reputation as good cost and preparing for to country specific citizens (CSR) in market future price-increase regulations) and society 2 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  4. 4. European Energy Legislation  European Union: Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)  Proposed by the European Commission on June 22nd, 2011, when scientifically sound evidence indicated failure of the EU-20-20-20 initiative of 2007  Accepted by the European Parliament on September 11th, 2012, after turning 1800+ amendments into compromise status (627 pro/31 contra/17 abstain)  To be turned into national law within 18 months in all 27 EU-member states after publication in the Official Journal of the European Union  Several EU-countries have had simultaneous legislative processes, in line with the EED, some with stricter rules, effectively binding already in 2013 (e.g. Germany, UK) 3 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  5. 5. Energy Management Standard DIN/EN/ ISO 50001 Energy Policy Energy Requires companies Enabling past-, present- Involving using, monito- Plan to setup a management- and target-comparisons ring and management process to monitor aiming at continuous functions of the company Mgmt.- Execute energy-consumption and improvement (CIP) Review Monitor provide a framework for Measure control and optimization Analyze Providing base-level Will be a basis for qua- data lification regarding tax- Check entry, authorization, data reductions and subsidies Internal Corrective -freezing and audit-proof in most EU-27 countries EMS Measures documentation audit 4 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  6. 6. ICT-based Support-Systems Functionalities Auditable Analysis and internal data- planning, conti- Special provision pro- nuous improve- side- topics: cess (workflow) ment check data-collection (electricity, real- time), interfacing to ERP and other administrative Aggregation, systems freezing, archiving and reporting 5 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  7. 7. Eco Track: Origin and History FUJITSUs first version of environmental reporting systems was developed as a response to new environmental protection laws in Japan, more than 10 years ago, as a system for internal use Has been licensed to more than 80 customers in Japan, was extended to include foreign subsidiaries of those companies Became available as a cloud-service An entirely redesigned version to address global market needs has been under development since early 2011 This new product is the basis for the EU-focused Eco Track SaaS 6 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  8. 8. Eco Track: Data Aggregation Arbitrary definition of aggregation groups (org, location, purpose) Unlimited element count (available in enterprise edition) Arbitrary definition of conversion factor-sets (e.g. CO2 (complying to specific norms or standards), kWh (or any other energy unit), monetary values (like $ or € at a given reference date) Conversion factor-sets for CO2 (GHG-protocol), kWh (std-physics definition) € (as of July 2010/2011/2012) are included in the SaaS and will be extended to future reporting periods and new elements 7 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  9. 9. Eco Track: Architecture and Implementation Multi-tenant SaaS, provided on the global FUJITSU cloud All data stored in an SQL-database, managed by FUJITSU Accessible by Microsoft-Internet-Explorer and Firefox internet-browsers Includes all user-administration and rights management to set-up large location-independent user-populations and authorization processes Adaptable to any form of data-conversion/aggregation and reporting templates based on organizational structure and business-establishment distribution 8 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  10. 10. Eco Track: Feature-set Highlights (Technically) unlimited user-count, organizational units, business establishments and survey items/classes/groups Data-entry assist functions (including xls- and csv-import/export), multi-level data- authorization including commented history, privacy of data access controlled in organization/hierarchy scope Definition of an automated workflow including system-internal and e-mail-based messaging/reminding, logging Intra-organizational benchmarking and comparisons to arbitrarily defined management indices (company-/economy-related) Selectable graphical visualizations 9 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  11. 11. Eco Track: EditionsEnterprise Advanced Business  Provides the full feature-set of the global version  Provides all features of the Enterprise Edition  Is delivered with the master templates for the  But templates are fixed European version  Only the templates of the European  Selected Japanese templates are also available version are available  Templates can be customized to specific requirements (by FTS, at a service charge)Business Professional  Provides all features of the Advanced Business  Provides all features of the Business Edition Edition but has contractual limits with the following restriction  The number of registered users is limited to 20  No user management (i.e. single user,  Number of activity organizations is limited to 10 no workflow organization) 10 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  12. 12. Eco Track: Partnering Opportunities In CEMEA&I FUJITSU … FUJITSU has no plans FUJITSU will offer … will offer own consulting services in those to engage in competi- partner specific terms cases that need amendments to the functionality tion to consulting part- and conditions for of the existing SaaS and only charge for the ners who engage in consulting respective amendment. Such amendments will providing customers partners, including be available for the cooperating partner in further with energy-effciency- volume-re-lated projects and may become part of the Eco Track management solutions discounts and demo- standard scope in future versions based on Eco Track system-avail-ability for the Eco Track enterprise edition 11 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  13. 13. Eco Track Timeline Announcement and Publication of the Eco Track Start of last quality Start of regular demonstrations, FU user-manual (identical to assurance service delivery JITSU Forum the online-version in the process, online under license Europe, Munich, G service), free download access for testing contract ermany Detailed feature descrip- purposes starts for tion of Eco Track editions selected pre- availability test- Price list and options users to subscribe 07.11. 28.01. 18.02. 01.04. All publications and downloads will be available on the Eco Track website: 12 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  14. 14. Eco Track: Customer Benefit Eco Track: Customer ▐ Transparency Benefit on environmental footprint provides proof points on CSR, good citizenship and professional corporate management ▐ Cost Optimization potentials on energy consumption can save energy cost, particularly in early forecasted pricing scenarios ▐ Tax Implementation of standards-conforming energy management processes can reduce tax-burdens and qualify for government subsidies, according to new national energy laws ▐ Affordable, immediate pay-off Eco Track comes as a cost-effective SaaS enabling reporting workflows at low levels of staff training. Most customers will see substantial net P&L benefit starting in the first period of use 13 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
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  18. 18. Scopes of Reporting and ManagementBusiness- and economics/ethics-perspectives on cost  Energy has a direct cost-impact on business, energy-prices are expected to continue their past increase in all categories  Energy has an economic impact beyond private business by increasing national strategic dependencies on imports  Energy has an environmental impact on CO2-pollution and nuclear hazardsIn order to enable national policy targets, energy-management and reportinghas to cover at least the GHG-protocol scope-2 level  Some immediate forms of energy-intensive outsourcing might become subject of reporting obligations in selected countries 17 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  19. 19. ... e.g.: New Legal Situation in Germany  "EEG Umlage" (renewable energy cost-sharing plan)  Existing laws and practices (§10 StromStG, § 55 EnergieStG) will require auditable energy management processes to revive continued tax-exemptions  Starting 01.01.2013  Based on ISO 50001 standard compliant management process implementation  Applicable to energy intensive companies in the German manufacturing sector, beyond 150 employees or exceeding 50 M € in annual revenue (smaller companies will also be subject to regular auditing)  Germany is expected to be an early adopter of the entire EED 18 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  20. 20. Eco Track Structural Company Map (example) Corporation Subsidiary I Location 1.2 Development Dep.1 Line 1 Production Dep.1 Factory 1 (Product A) Sales Dep.1 Line 2-1 (Product A) Location 1.2 Development Dep.2 Production Dep.2 Factory 2 Line 2-2 (Product B) Sales Dep.2 Subsidiary II Location 2 Sales Dep.1s Company Development Dep.3 Middle Organization Activity Organization Production Dep.3 19 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  21. 21. Eco Track Aggregation Options (example) Corporation Subsidiary I Location 1.2 Development Dep.1 Line 1 Production Dep.1 Factory 1 (Product A) Sales Dep.1 Line 2-1 (Product A) Location 1.2 Development Dep.2 Production Dep.2 Factory 2 Line 2-2 (Product B) Sales Dep.2 Subsidiary II Location 2 Sales Dep.1s Business Establishment Development Dep.3 Aggregation Group Activity Organization Group Production Dep.3 20 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  22. 22. Eco Track Reporting-Workflow At the beginning of the year Every month Anytime/At year endEnvironmental Mgmt. Master ManagementOrganization (EO)  Company/Activity Organization/User etc.Responsible for environmentalmanagement including reporting Pre-configuration Progress Managementunder national requirement  Survey Group/Item Classification/Item  Monthly Data Fixing  Input Subject etc. Target Setting Progress  Overall Target  Display Annual Progress Status Aggregation/Middle Organizations (MO) Approval AnalysisAggregate data from AOs they are  Approval Waiting List/Approvalin charge of and forward it to EO Summary Report Information  Actual Confirmation Details/ Configure Approval RouteActivity Organizations Approval(AO)  Approval Waiting List/Approval Target SettingEnter required item figures  Target Values of their ownon Web or spreadsheets Input for each Survey Itemand submit it to MO  Input Actual Values of their own/ Configure Approval Route 21 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  23. 23. User Types and Workflow (FUJITSU FORUM Example) User Types Eco Management Dep. 1 Business Administrator Eco Manager 1EO with Approval Authority (Eco Management Dep.1) Business Administrator without Approval Authority Business Administrator in Group Company Germany Development Dep. 1 Production Dep. 1 Sales Dep. 1 Section Manager German Mgr. 1MO with Approval Authority (Germany)Top Section Staff Section Manager Prod 1 Mgr. 1MO with Approval Authority 2nd Section Staff Prod 1 User 1 Section Manager Fact 1 Mgr. 1MO with Approval Authority 3nd Section Staff Fact 1 User 1 Section Manager Dev 1 Mgr. 1 Line 1 Mgr. 1 Sales 1 Mgr. 1AO with Approval Authority Section Staff Dev 1 User 1 Line 1 User 1 Sales 1 User 1 22 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  24. 24. Login-screen 23 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  25. 25. Energy-Efficiency at a National Level 24 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU