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Cloud Integration and Management - CA World 2013


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Presentation from Fujitsu's session at CA World 2013 with Cameron McNaught, Senior Vice President Cloud and Strategic Solutions.

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Cloud Integration and Management - CA World 2013

  1. 1. Cloud Integration and ManagementCameron McNaughtSenior Vice President Cloud and Strategic SolutionsFujitsu
  2. 2. FujitsuWho We Are
  3. 3. 3Fujitsu’s VisionCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Human Centric Intelligent Society
  4. 4. 4The Japanese Global ICT Company“The company‘s targetis to increase annual cloudrevenue to 1.3 trillion yen($16.4 billion) by fiscal 2015from 100 billion yen($1.3 billion in 2011).“Fujitsu chairmanMichiyoshi MazukaFoshan, China: April 11, 2012EstablishedHeadquartersPresidentOperationsEmployeesStock exchangesNew Sales FY11R&D spendJune 1935Tokyo, JapanMasami Yamamoto70 countries173,000Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, London$54.48 billion US$2.8 billion US Japan‘s largest IT provider and Asia/Pacific‘s largest ICT company Worlds 3rd largest IT services provider Fujitsu is among the world‘s top 5 providers of Servers and PCs Fujitsu clients include over half the Fortune Global 500
  5. 5. Services• Systems Integration(system construction)• Consulting• Front-end Technologies(ATMs, POS systems etc.)• Outsourcing Services• Network Services• System Support Services• Security SolutionsSystems platform•Servers(mainframe, UNIX,mission-critical x86 serversand other x86 servers)•Storage Systems•Software (operating system,middleware)•Network Management Systems•Optical Transmission Systems•Mobile Phone Base Stations• Personal Computers• Mobile Phones• Car audio and navigationsystems• Mobile communicationequipment• Automotive electronics• LSI Devices• Semiconductor Packages• Batteries• Structural components(Relays, connectors, etc.)• Optical transceiver modules• Printed circuit boardsTechnology SolutionsUbiquitous Product Solutions Device solutionsOur Products and Services
  6. 6. CA Clarity onDemandCloudAutomationITMaaS ServiceDeskITMaaSMonitoringIAMaaSUSCosta RicaBolivaPortugalUKBelgiumPolandGermanyIndiaRussiaJapanPhilippinesSingaporeMalaysiaAustraliaFujitsu Global Cloud Platform(GCP locations)Global Delivery CapabilityGlobal Service Desks(supporting 29 languages)Global delivery centres(remote infrastructureand apps management)Global ProgrammeManagement Office(global onsite services hubs)
  7. 7. Retail Financial Services Transport & Logistics UtilitiesPublic Sector Manufacturing Communications HealthFujitsu Clients
  8. 8. Mega trends continue …..
  9. 9. Cloud is the Enabler of the VisionCloudFusion
  10. 10. Fujitsu’s Approachto Cloud Computing
  11. 11. One of the world’sstrongest cloudportfolios supportedby the services youneed to deliver realbusiness valueFujitsu Cloud Portfolio
  12. 12. BenefitsOne size does not have to fit allTriggers WorkloadDelivery Cloud choiceCloud adoption is be based on triggers, ICTworkloads and how cloud is to be deliveredMatching Standards to Individual Needs
  13. 13. Service Managementand the Cloud
  14. 14. How do you optimize supportfor today’s complex IT world?Advanced IntegrationCloudDeviceBig dataIndustry Community MedicalMedia Enterprise EngineeringCloud / New WorldTraditional ITThe CIO Dilemma
  15. 15. Cloud-ready.Agent-optional; easily deployedon-premises or in the Cloud.Unified. Ubiquitous.Monitor and Service Desk.Now available anywhere.Social.Access crowd-sourcedknowledge and best practices.Multi-tenant.Scale easily to provide everyclient a personalized view.Easy. Extensible.Simple point & click configuration.Command line & APIs available.Usage-based.Self-service; meter and chargefor resources consumed.IT Managementas a serviceFujitsu ITMaaS Powered by CA Nimsoft
  16. 16. What is Fujitsu ITMaaS?
  17. 17.  Suite of services to help IT service managers deliver IT effectively andefficiently Powered by CA Nimsoft – the only SaaS-based solution delivering UnifiedIT Management CA Nimsoft vision and roadmap attractive for continued evolution ofFujitsu ITMaaS suite Available as a suite or as: Service Desk as a Service Monitoring as a Service Delivered globally from Fujitsu GlobalCloud Platform Available globally with platforms in inAustralia, the USA, UK, and Singapore.Powered byIT Management as a ServiceUnified ManagerMonitoringas-a-ServiceService Deskas-a-ServiceTBAas-a-ServiceFuturedevelopmentsWhat is Fujitsu ITMaaS?
  18. 18. Delivered from Fujitsu Global Cloud Platforms – centrally supported by Global Delivery CenterGlobal DeliveryCenterN AmericaUKAustraliaSingaporePhilippinesITMaaS Platforms(on Global Cloud Platform)Fujitsu ITMaaS Delivery Footprint
  19. 19. ITMaaS in Action
  20. 20. 4 week transition600 agentssupportingnationwide business Restructuredemandednew servicedeskService desk for64 agentsSupport forfinanceoperationsAll-inclusivemonthly feesConfigurable bylocal teamsElimination oflegacy costs2 weekimplementation6 week total projectdurationNorthAmericanManufacturerSE AsianManufacturerITMaaS in Action
  21. 21. Next StepsService Orchestration
  22. 22. Advanced IntegrationCloudDeviceBig dataIndustry Community MedicalMedia Enterprise EngineeringCloudTraditional ITIT Management in the CloudBack-upSystem monitoringService managementResourceOrchestrationALARMSecurity
  23. 23. 80%of decision makers said that they wouldtrust Fujitsu as their Cloud providerFujitsu research, September 2012 N=310 cloud decisionmakers in a global survey78%of decision makers want a provider totake end to end responsibility for theircloud implementation59%of decision makers think that decisionsabout Cloud adoption are more complexand difficult in their company74%of decision makers expressed a preferencefor a cloud provider with experience inhardware and software and strongintegration and consulting skillsThe Right Partner For Your Journey
  24. 24. The Right Partner For Your Journey
  25. 25. Thank youSee you at booth 520Cameron McNaughtEmail: mcnaughtcj
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27.  Download the CA World Mobile App now to provide yourfeedback about this session Session #:Session EvaluationiPhoneGoogle Play