Today’s Fittest Species: The Information Driven Company


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Today’s Fittest Species: The Information Driven Company

  1. 1. May 2013Who are we?Infinite Solutions in a nutshell!Vision: Enhance performances and processes through the use of technologyCore Business: Business Intelligence, Data Base & TechnologySAP Netweaver Service Partner (50+ people)SAP System IntegratorSAP HANA Implementation PartnerSAP Validated Expert in “in-memory technologies”IndustriesUtilities (60%), Pharma (15%), Retail, Transport, Petrol, …
  2. 2. May 2013The objectivesToday’s Fittest SpeciesFittest following Darwin’s description:"better adapted for immediate, local environment »,not the common inference of "in the best physical shape ».The Information Driven Company
  3. 3. May 2013The evolutionThe world is changingSocial Networks: +1 billion people engagedConnected devices (Internet of things): +15 billion in 2013Global Middle class is growing: from 2 billion today to 5 billion in 2030More mobile devices than peopleThe Cloud
  4. 4. May 2013The evolutionExplosion of DataMore data in the last 5 years than in whole history ofmankindExponential growth
  5. 5. May 2013Is to adapt to this new world!The challengeCloudSocialBigDataMobileUnlocking the secrets inside these dataUnlocking the secrets inside these datapresents breakthough opportunities forpresents breakthough opportunities forbusinessbusiness
  6. 6. May 2013The name of the gameIt is all about …
  7. 7. May 2013Business TransformationInformation Driven CompanyMakes decisions based on dataHas a Data Management and BI strategyEvolution from reactive to proactiveDescriptive AnalyticsDiagnostic AnalyticsPredictive AnalyticsPrescriptive Analytics
  8. 8. May 2013Another key aspectTechnologyBig Data (and social networks)Volume: Managed huge amount of dataVelocity: Allow High performancesVariety: Allow to cross/manage structured/unstructured data fromdifferent sourcesBe « cloud enabled »Supporting Mobile environment…
  9. 9. May 2013SAP Real Time Data PlatformBased on SAP High performance ANalytical Appliance
  10. 10. May 2013Everything is thereMomentum2011-2012Transition yearsShift in IT economicsPeople are matureTechno is ready…Real Time Data Platform / HANA
  11. 11. May 2013• SAP HANA: It’s not all just about performance.Performance solving is the visible part of the iceberg• It’s about:Big Data,Real Time,Processing new data sources,Cross “uncrossable” data…• It’s about yet unimaginable things and thoughts !Let’s discover them!Discover the hidden part of the iceberg
  12. 12. May 2013Business CasesSome proven cases from early adoptersSentiment analysisSelf Service BISmart grid and smart metersPredictive maintenanceReal time demand/supplier forecasts…Finding and implementing your own cases will be yourbiggest differenciator!
  13. 13. May 2013Design Thinking...What’s that?The methodologycommonly referred toas design thinking is aproven and repeatableproblem-solvingprotocol that anybusiness or professioncan employ to achieveextraordinary results.Problem-SolvingMethodologyTo AchieveExtraordinary ResultsDesign thinking is a CREATIVE process which fostersINNOVATION & helps building up of IDEAS
  14. 14. May 2013May 2013Key Learning = Think Out Of The Box
  15. 15. May 2013A plug & play solutionProject ManagementDesign Thinking protocolTo Increase Your Productivity, Capabilities and BottomLine+
  16. 16. May 2013Boosted by design thinkersMay 2013
  17. 17. May 2013The roadmappreparation brainstormingempathy definemock-up test implementchallenge ideateoffer deployment
  18. 18. May 2013• ChallengeThe Sponsor and IS agree about the scope of Innovationpotentials and what (extraordinary) results are expected.This is formulated as a Challenge.• EmpathyUnder the Sponsor’s supervision, IS collects all necessaryinsights/ needs related to the Challenge from the operationalteam (PM & AM) including who will attend the brainstormingIS collects info from SAP in order to benchmark existingsolutionsPreparation
  19. 19. May 2013• DefineAll barriers to raise & drivers that accelerate the transition from theexisting situation to an extraordinary are listed.Some other application ideas would emerge (new needs).The attendees validated the application ideas that answer to theChallenge (this is to Bottom-Up process).• IdeationThe group generates innovative solutions of how to implement thevalidated application ideas under fictive restrictive conditions(fewer time/ fewer resources/…) in order to create a more efficientway/process to implement them.Validation of a new implementation process.Bainstorming
  20. 20. May 2013• IS establishes an offer:Start an internal consultancy to fine tune solution and allowCalculation of ROI and,Make offer or …. Not!Offer
  21. 21. May 2013• ProjectDesign-Blueprint-Implementation roadmapBuild (and test)ImplementGo life!• Service and supportEnhanced Service Management-Flexible and embedded service model-No Vendor Lock!Implementation & Support
  22. 22. May 2013Key benefitspreparation brainstormingempathy definemock-up test implementchallenge ideateoffer deploymentSAP HANA makes any business run leaner, faster, better!Put IT Innovationto deserve BusinesschallengeRaise the level ofexpectationsImprove ITperformance andprocess efficiencyAchieve extraordinary resultsNew FOCUS Collaborative TEAM Improved ROI & PROCESS
  23. 23. May 2013SAP HANA Testimonial• “The goal for Ferrero in the next five years is to double the totalturnover in non-European countries and SAP will be a key part ofthe success for us,” said Enzo Bertolini, CIO, Ferrero Group.• “The first impression of SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA is that wecan obtain significant improvement in terms of speed andusability by working with real-time information.• We expect clear benefits in trade promotions and supply chain withbetter simulation and faster planning.• The future we imagine is combining mobility with big data totransform the way we make decisions and manage ourprocesses.”
  24. 24. May 2013• Evolving World: the fittest species will survive!• Business Transformation• Information Driven Company• The hidden part of the iceberg  your differentiator• The IS implementation methodology will help you• Event in September• www.infinitesolutions.beTake aways