Confronted with big databases? How to deliver fast & reliable RTO and zero RPO!


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Confronted with big databases? How to deliver fast & reliable RTO and zero RPO!

  1. 1. Application ServiceLevel HA & DRKim ApersSymantec
  2. 2. Application Service Level HA & DRAn OverviewKim Apers
  3. 3. ChallengesProvision andimage backupserverProvision andimage targetservers and loadapplicationsFailure occursObtain most recenttapesRestore backup tapesto target serverHow Long Does it Take You to Recover from a Failure?Manual RecoveryManually bring upapplications incorrect sequenceValidate data and thatapplications are runningcorrectlyMake DNS changes toallow user access toapplicationsNormal operationsresume00:00:00 xx:yy:00Personnel unavailable?Operator error?Missing patch?Wrong configuration?Coordination betweenIT teams?Incident recognition?Problem diagnosis?3
  4. 4. Inventory current - Altiris Server Management SuiteHealth MonitoringRemote ManagementProcess AutomationAltiris Server Management SuitePatching & Software DistributionDiscovery and InventoryServer ProvisioningAltiris™SDKManaged Devices / Configuration ItemsCMDBVisibilityControlRemediationValue-Add Integrated Solutions
  5. 5. TIER 1 TIER 3 TIER 4TIER 2Service RTOService RPOServices< 1 minZeroOracle SuiteDB2SAP SuiteWeb OrderingEcommerce, …Application Service Level targets< 6 hoursHoursIntra-webVM’sLess criticalapplicationsTodayOther less criticalapplicationsEmailOther DatabasesApplicationsNear Zero< 1 hoursChallengesData growthDR testingCost of recovery Manual process errors# of sitesVirtualizationDistance between sites5< 6 hours
  6. 6. Service High Availability & Risk Reduction6Add resiliencein the privatecloudVirtualizewithoutcompromiseEnsuredata centeravailabilityGuarantee Business Continuity
  7. 7. Symantec Business Continuity PlatformAchieve Business ServiceAvailabilityMinimize DowntimeAutomate DisasterRecovery• Single solution across allplatforms• Single solution across physicaland virtual environments• High Availability for multi tierservicesVeritas Cluster File System HAMirroring/ReplicationPrimary Site Secondary Site• Instantaneous fault detection• Recover applications inseconds• Reduce failover times throughadvanced clustering andshared storage• Single solution across allleading replication products• Recover applications at DRsite with a single click• Automated non-disruptive DRtesting7Third Site
  8. 8. Veritas Cluster Server and Symantec ApplicationHAMeet all Service HA needs in Virtual EnvironmentsHigh Availability8ApplicationAvailabilitySymantecApplicationHAInfrastructureAvailabilityVeritas Cluster Server /VMHA
  9. 9. 9High need forVM AvailabilityHigh need forApplication AvailabilityLow need forApplication AvailabilityMy app needs samelevel of HA: physical orvirtualMake everything HA:App, VM,InfrastructureI need visibility intomy app with minimalmonitoringMake the VM highlyavailable: App visibilitynot criticalVCS Guest ClusterVCS Host ClusterApplicationHAVCS + ApplicationHALow need for VMAvailability
  10. 10. VCS Guest Cluster for 24x7 Application Availability1024x7 Intelligent Monitoring by VCS• Detailed application awareness• Infrastructure/VM Availability• Traditional clusteringRapid Application Recovery• Fast failover to standby VM• Integrated with SFCFSMinimize Application Downtime• Protection against OS corruption• No downtime for OS patchingSimplified Management• App visibility through Veritas Operations Manager• Fully supported with Virtual Business ServicesVM1OSVM2OSHOSTSQL ORAVM1OSVM2OSHOSTWebVCS VCSORA
  11. 11. VCS + ApplicationHA for complete High Availability11Modular monitoring• In guest App monitoring byApplicationHA• VM/Infrastructure monitoring byVCS• Collaborative application aware VMmonitoringCoordinated application recovery• Application restart• VM restart on same server• VM failover to standby serverSimplified Management• End-to-end App/VM visibility through Veritas OperationsManager• Clustering only at host level• Internal communication between VCS and ApplicationHA forcoordinated fault remediationVMOSHOSTVMOSHOSTVCS VCSORAApplicationHAVMOSAPPApplicationHAApplicationHAVMOSORAApplicationHAAPP
  12. 12. ApplicationHA for application visibility12Simplify Application Management• Manage application dependencies• Start/Stop/Status of in-guest appFault detection and REMEDIATION• Detailed application monitoring• Application restart to remediate faults; noApp/VM failoverEasy Configuration• Automatic application discovery• App wizards for configuring HA• No private interconnectsSimplified Management• In-guest app visibility through VeritasOperations Manager• Fully integrated with Virtual Business Servicesfor multi-tier application managementVM2OSHOSTORAApplicationHAVM1OSSQLVM3OSAPPApplicationHAApplicationHA
  13. 13. VCS Host Cluster for Virtual Machine HA1324x7 VM Monitoring by VCS• Infrastructure/VM Availability• No application awarenessLocal and global HA• Single solution for VM HA and DR• Integrated with VCS Global ClusterOptionSimplify scheduled maintenance• Planned migration of VM to standbyserver in clusterSimplified Management• Virtual Machine visibility through VeritasOperations Manager• Clustering only at host level• No need for standby VMVM1OSVM2OSHOSTVM2OSVM3OSHOSTVCS VCS
  14. 14. Challenges in managing multi-tier business services14Service StartPersonnel unavailable?Different ToolsDifferent PasswordsHandle VirtualizationCoordinated recoveryService StopStatus Summary SecurityHigh Availability Disaster RecoveryDatabaseApplicationWeb serverBillingappappapp
  15. 15. How Symantec VBS works: Disaster RecoveryLeveraging VCS for service level DR15Apache1_sgOracle_Apps_sgOracle_sgBilling Production VBSVBSVBSVBSFlexibility• Production and DR can havedifferent configurationsBilling DR VBSSTARTSTARTSTART VBSVBSVBSApache2_sgOracle_Apps2_sgOracle2_sgSTOPSTOPVCSHA/DRDRSTOPVeritasOperationsManagerSTARTNo new infrastructure• Leverages existing Global Cluster forDR of entire service
  16. 16. Service Level targetsGet the private cloud you want from the infrastructure you’ve gotElasticityServiceScalabilityReliabilityAvailabilityVirtualizationSLA-DrivenSecurityPrivate CloudLeverageExisting Infrastructure16
  17. 17. Who else uses Symantec BCPlatform ?17
  18. 18. Thank you!Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates inthe U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied,are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Thank you!18