BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, Business Challenges in Mobile Management


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  • To facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration you need passionate employees! Passionate workers are different because they create more profit than other employees do — Up to three times more, according to research from Deloitte.Twice as likely as average ones to improve operational productivity and to raise sales and profits.BUT Passionate employees demand more flexibility, professional freedom, and access to information whenever and wherever they are. They drive performance and improvements They use Facebook during working hours and the email you back during family dinner
  • And a fundamental shift has already happened here – many companies are no longer constrained by the typical office – work has shifted to take place in many places, places that often used to be held sacred to the “play” part of life. Look, 50% of people are working from home, lots from on the road w/ client sites, many while traveling.Transition: And fundamentally, workers in general, in today’s day and age, just need to be more mobile.
  • Intro: But we’ve now experienced an immense transition from the PC era to the cloud era, and the rules and assumptions have all changed.Key Points: According to recent studies and reports, the average worker uses 3 different devices on a daily basis. (Suggestion: Add a personal anecdote, e.g. “In fact my 12-year-old daughter uses 3 devices on a daily basis – her laptop, a cell phone and an iTouch”.) People may work in the office some of the time but at least 50% work across multiple locations – they might be at home working after the kids go to bed or in an airport or at a customer site. Different types of apps are growing at rapid rates – according to a recent Citrix survey taken at Synergy SF 2012, Citrix customers are managing a large portfolio of apps (the next slide will show how this portfolio breaks down). Finally, almost every organization has problems today with employees leveraging free, insecure, unmanaged cloud-based storage.Supporting Data and/or Stories: We invited one customer under strict regulatory requirements to simply contact and dropbox and ask how many accounts had their corporate suffix on the end (e.g. <email> and the blood drained from their faces when they realized how many employees were sharing data using unsecure, unmanaged, unsupported cloud services.Transition: Let’s take a look at the overarching complexity and risk the Cloud Era has brought to IT…
  • So how do we do this?Fujitsu Cloud End User Protect provides you with a choice of enterprise-class security services – designed to help your business effectively meet the demands, whatever the scope or scale of your end user operations.Ourend-to-end services can provide you with the support you need every step of the way.This includes:Expert advisory services – we can assist you in defining the right levels of protection for your organization and exploring how cloud-based security services can meet your needsImplementing the best fit security services – helping you rapidly deploy Symantec.Cloud services – and ensuring seamless integration with your existing environment - to safeguard your end usersManaged security services – whether it’s providing 24x365 security monitoring, taking care of incident management or delivering a fully managed Security Service Desk – we help to keep your business safe and secure, maximizing the productivity of your end-usersEach of these services is available standalone to complement your own capabilities or can be accessed in combination or as a complete end-to-end service.
  • So what if you could overcome these challenges, whilst ensuringthe security of your operations – fully protecting your organizations and employees from new and emerging threats?What if you could positively embrace new ways of working, IT consumerization and new cloud-services – operating with real flexibility and agility?And what if you could significantly reduce the cost and complexity of securing your business?All the while minimizing the burden on your inhouse team?
  • A recent survey of CIOs by Barclays Capital showed a scary set of figures. Only about 40% of organisations had completed over half their estate upgrade away from Windows XP. With the deadline of Apr 2014, when XP support ends, getting ever closer – organisations need an easy and fast way to transform their desktop estate. So “what is VCS?” – {click} – it’s desktop transformation.The slide now shows a typical organisation; still with the majority of applications tied to the device (Device centric); where a user needs to visit a specific computer to access their applications. Some applications are centralised into data-centres but the majority are installed locally on PCs.{Click}
  • So VCS can transform the desktop – how?{click} – first step is to virtualise the applications; using our colleagues in APS and toolsets like ChangeBASE we can quickly analyse and transform the application estate into Microsoft App-V bubbles.{click} – User virtualisation – the concept of capturing the user’s personality (profiles; application settings etc) and centralising and virtualising them.Finally {click} – Desktop virtualisation – the key to the solution; building a Windows 7 look and feel environment utilising Citrix technologies and preparing the physical devices for using it.{click} This allows the delivery of an entire desktop or individual applications to any device; any where securely.By centralising applications / data / users personality and the desktop this is how we meet those business challenges aroundCost reduction – up to 30%Agility – any device; any where allows forEasier business or property consolidationFaster and cheaper - Mergers and Acquisitions or divestments.
  • High performance companies focus on variable cost structures to increase flexibility to be able to scale up and down. Refuse to allow complexity. You simply your operations and can contribute to improved business performance in your company
  • If you plan for today or even what you expect by the end of this year – you’ll probably fail. At best, you’ll be changing you plans in a few months as soon as the next cool device hits the market. So build in flexibility, lead the way and embrace your employees’ commitment. Can’t predict the future – the ipad launched 2 years ago – “Apple released the first iPad in April 2010” – over 55m sold - and that’s changed the corporate It world… Your workers want to pay themselves to do extra work!SO embrace chance – never before has IT been able to empower such a large proportion of the workforce…. so easily… in a way that directly affects the bottom line.
  • If you plan for today or even what you expect by the end of this year – you’ll probably fail. At best, you’ll be changing you plans in a few months as soon as the next cool device hits the market. So build in flexibility, lead the way and embrace your employees’ commitment. Can’t predict the future – the ipad launched 2 years ago – “Apple released the first iPad in April 2010” – over 55m sold - and that’s changed the corporate It world… Your workers want to pay themselves to do extra work!SO embrace chance – never before has IT been able to empower such a large proportion of the workforce…. so easily… in a way that directly affects the bottom line.
  • Needs encryption, needs password, etc Wipe/ selective wipe* Have a way to monitor this
  • Treat BYOD as the first step. Now you have embraced your employees’ enthusiasm for mobile technology, harness the technology and drive the mobilisation of business processes. Enable your colleagues consult more patients, repair more equipment, sell more product. Well-conceived enterprise mobility can drive measurable efficiency and productivity gains – as much as 30% is quite common - in a very short timeframe.
  • Your workers will appreciate your corporate support for their personal devices – but you will have a happier workforce if you set and communicate the ground rules clearly. What is acceptable use? What are the SLAs for support? Who is responsible for what cost? How will you handle any data breach?Set your policy. Extend your policy. Communicate it.
  • BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, Business Challenges in Mobile Management

    1. 1. 0FTS PUBLICManaged Mobile & Bring your own DeviceIT Future 2013Copyright 2013 FUJITSUMay 28, 2013BruxellesPatrick Walsh,Portfolio Management
    2. 2. 1FTS PUBLICTitleCopyright 2013 FUJITSUBYOD Ein neues Zeitalter beginnt…Looking ahead„The future interests me farmore than the past,as I intend living in it.“(Albert Einstein)
    3. 3. 2FTS PUBLICTimes are changing…Copyright 2013 FUJITSUAugust17th, 1995
    4. 4. 3FTS PUBLIC Copyright 2013 FUJITSUHowmobilewere youin 1995?
    5. 5. 4FTS PUBLIC… faster than ever!Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
    6. 6. 5FTS PUBLICTechnology has changed…Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
    7. 7. 6FTS PUBLICUsers have changed…Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
    8. 8. 7FTS PUBLICThe digital dictatorship trade off7
    9. 9. 8FTS PUBLICForrsights Networks And Telecommunications Survey50%work from home32%work at public sites43%work from client sites40%work while traveling
    10. 10. 9FTS PUBLICEnterprise Mobility in NumbersBYO DevicesAverage perEmployee3DevicesMultiple LocationsWork in multiplelocations65%EmployeesApp ProliferationAverage Citrixcustomer portfolio200+AppsUnmanaged DataUse unmanagedcloud storage80%+Fortune 500Source: Citrix and leading analysts
    11. 11. 10FTS PUBLICBusinesses are increasingly at risk…do not feel pre-pared for trendslikeconsumerization ofIT…breached dataprotection lawsin the last year(Source: PWC)…suffered asecurity breachin the last year(Source: PWC)More than half ofITadministrators45% of largeorganizations93% of largeorganizations4 out of 5 users …access theircor-poratenetwork withoutpermission
    12. 12. 11FTS PUBLIC“How can I benefitfrom new techno-logies withoutjeopardizing mycorporatesecurity?”“How can I gaincost transparencyand control whileturning CAPEX intoOPEX?”“How can I setstandardizedpolicies across ahetero-geneousmobileenvironment?”Mobility Challenges“How do Iimplement mobiletechnologies intomy IT strategy?”
    13. 13. 12FTS PUBLICBYOD – The Way Out? What is it? Users chose their owndevice IT manages theservice, not the hardware Who benefits from it? End-User Corporate IT Enterprise
    14. 14. 13FTS PUBLICDon‟t lose sight of your goalsUsabilityBusiness goalsRisk mitigationFinancial benefitFinding the right balance is the key
    15. 15. 14FTS PUBLICHow Fujitsu can support youUnderstandingyour businessDefine beststrategy optionRolloutaccording toBYOD planA choice of enterprise-classEnd-User services
    16. 16. 15FTS PUBLICEnable more flexibleworkingEmbrace ITconsumerizationTake advantage of cloud-based servicesImagine if you could…Fully protect yourorganization andemployeesBe safe from new andemerging threatsBe secure Be flexible and agile Be cost-effectiveReduce the cost andcomplexity of securingyour end-users…while minimizing the burden on your in-house team?
    17. 17. 16FTS PUBLICFujitsu„s Managed Mobile is…Copyright 2013FUJITSUEnd-to-End Managed ServiceBest in breed Mobile DeviceManagement (MDM) softwareCentralized Cloud InfrastructureFor all Tablets and Smartphones
    18. 18. 17FTS PUBLICMobileROIDeviceManagementSandboxedmail and webMobilenetworkcontrolMobile appsecurityMDM Enterprise Mobility ManagementSSO &Id MgmtSecure datacontrolDesktop & AppVirtualizationCollaborationGoToMeetingGoToAssistPodioMDM Edition EnterpriseCitrix – a complete mobility solution
    19. 19. 18FTS PUBLICWhat is VCS?1. Classic Thick Client in need ofrefreshCorporate WANResilient Dual DCInternet- Desktop TransformationWhich could cost LESS AND deliver MORE.
    20. 20. 19FTS PUBLIC- Application Virtualisation- User VirtualisationCorporate WANWhat is VCS?Resilient Dual DCInternet2. Prepare applications for streaming3. Clone user‟s personalisation4. Prepare Virtual desktop5. Access any applications from anydevice / anywhere securely.- Desktop VirtualisationKnowledgeWorkerProcessWorker
    21. 21. 20FTS PUBLICCustomer BenefitsAn easier way toprotect your business& its employeesInformation securityknow-how & cloudexpertise as an end-to-end serviceFully hosted MDM &virtualization services -integrated & managed tomeet your needsReduces the ITsecurity burden,risk & costFrees yourown time &resourcesKeeps yourbusiness onestep ahead
    22. 22. 21FTS PUBLICWhy Fujitsu We offer a complete and highly standardized globaloffering Centralized and fully Managed Services, built aroundaward-winning solutions from Citrix 24/7 world-wide coverage, inkl. Service Desk Secure, scalable and reliable throughcloud infrastructure World-class workplace management andworkplace services Complete portfolio, consisting of products, solutionsand servicesCopyright 2012 FUJITSU
    23. 23. 22FTS PUBLICDont Allow Unnecessary ComplexityHigh performance companies reduce complexity, they focus onvariable costs structures to increase flexibility and to become agile
    24. 24. 23FTS PUBLIC 23© 2011 Zenprise, Inc. All rights reserved.Don‟t cope. EMBRACE64% IT Managers believe it is too risky to allow personaldevices to be integrated5 Top Tips – Implement BYOD successfullySource BBC and Absolute Software1 2 3 4 5
    25. 25. 24FTS PUBLIC 24© 2011 Zenprise, Inc. All rights reserved.Remember. It‟s Always about the User.Keep it SimpleSource BBC and Absolute Software1 3 4 525 Top Tips – Implement BYOD successfully
    26. 26. 25FTS PUBLIC 25© 2011 Zenprise, Inc. All rights reserved.Think Policies, not DevicesiPad didn’t exist 36 months ago5 Top Tips – Implement BYOD successfullySource: Zenprise Inc.1 2 4 53
    27. 27. 26FTS PUBLIC 26© 2011 Zenprise, Inc. All rights reserved.Have a policy and communicate it.Angry Birds Costing $1.5 Billionin Lost Wages?5 Top Tips – Implement BYOD successfullySource: 1: Aberdeen Group 2; Gartner1 2 3 54
    28. 28. 27FTS PUBLIC 27© 2011 Zenprise, Inc. All rights reserved.5 Top Tips – Implement BYOD successfullySource: The Atlantic1 2 3 4 5Trust the experts- Analysts like Gartner & Forrester- Your peers- Fujitsu
    29. 29. 28FTS PUBLICFujitsuManagedMobileshaping tomorrow withyou
    30. 30. 29FTS PUBLIC