Great Tips to Making Your Garden More Water Efficient and Sustainable - South East Water Australia


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Great Tips to Making Your Garden More Water Efficient and Sustainable - South East Water Australia

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Great Tips to Making Your Garden More Water Efficient and Sustainable - South East Water Australia

  1. 1. Garden Hints and TipsGreat tips to making your garden more water efficient and sustainable.Approximately 40% of household water use in Victoria is in the garden; by having a water efficientgarden your home can not only save you water but also cut the cost of your water bills.There are a number of things you can do to make your garden more sustainable, simply read throughthe seven key tips saving your garden’s water consumption while still maintaining a green pleasant andrewarding garden.Tip 1- Planning and preparationCareful planning is the key to saving water in your gardenTip 2- Improve the soilSoil moisture content is vital to the health of any plant. You can improve the organic matter of yoursoil by adding manure, compost and /or peat etc. A high level of organic matter in your soil willimprove plant growth.Tip 3 - Grow the right plantsWhen choosing plants it’s important to not only consider size, shape, function and appearance, butalso the amount of water they will require. Many plants, particularly some of the Australian nativespecies, grow and flourish on very little water. Your local nursery or Water Saver Garden Centre canoffer valuable advice on water efficient plants and grasses.Tip 4 - Reduce grassed areasLawns require more water than other areas of your garden and therefore offer the best opportunity tohelp you conserve water and save money. The type of grass you choose is also important with warmseason grasses such as couch, buffalo and kikuyu needing less water than other varieties.Tip 5 - Water WiselyThe ideal watering system is one which will deliver water directly to the plant roots, such as sub-surface drippers. A lot of water can be saved with a well designed watering system and usingalternative water sources such as harvested rainwater.Tip 6 - Use more mulchMany gardens have too little mulch for it to be effective. A layer of good mulch of at least 75mm thickreduces evaporation from the soil subsurface by as much as 70%. Mulch also discourages weed growth,prevents erosion and evens out soils temperature variations.Tip 7- Garden MaintenanceA water efficient garden requires regular maintenance to ensure it remains healthy. Your irrigationsystem should also be regularly checked to prevent leaks and wastage, mulches topped up and anynew planting should be in line with the planned objective to saving water!
  2. 2. For more information....If you would like further information please visit the following websites:The savewater! plant selector recommends plants that have proved to be water efficient and verypopular. We have selected approximately 250 plants that are attractive, robust and will grow in a widerange of conditions.Savewater - a range of information about saving water inside and outside your home.Smartwater - is a joint initiative between the three Melbourne water retailers and the state government toprovide information on innovative water conservation, water recycling and biosolids managementsolutions.Sustainable Gardening Australia - information, fact sheets and forums help you become a more sustainable gardener.Smart Garden Watering - interactive online gardening tool helps you better understand your garden requirements.