Great Ideas to Help You Save Water - Victoria, Australia


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Great Ideas to Help You Save Water - Victoria, Australia

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Great Ideas to Help You Save Water - Victoria, Australia

  1. 1. Great ideas to helpyou save waterHow to have a water Creative gardenwise garden watering solutionsMulch: Keep soil cool and reduce evaporation by up USE A BUCKET: The simplest and cheapest greywaterto 70%. Spread it at least 7cm deep around plants. system available! • Place it in the shower and collect the ‘warm up’ water orWeed: Weeds compete with plants for valuable water. leave it at your feet to collect the run off.So remove them whenever they stick their heads up! • Scoop out bath or basin water. • Catch water from your washing machine’s last rinse cycle.Use shade as protection: Move pots into the • Place a container in the sink when washing food.shade and use shade cloth over sensitive plants. GREYWATER DIVERSION: Connect a greywateradd soil-wetting agents: Water crystals and diverter to outdoor piping and collect the water in asoil-wetting agents will retain moisture and help nourish large container.your precious plants for longer. PERMANENT GREYWATER SYSTEMS: Must beFertilise: Feed your plants fertiliser to help them installed by a licensed plumber and requires councilresist the stress of summer heat. approval.water wisely: Different plants and different parts of RAINWATER HARVESTING: Harvested rainwater isthe garden have different watering requirements. Water a great option for garden watering, with many water tanksaccordingly and only if needed. to choose from in a variety of colours and materials.Remember most gardens do not need to be watered for For more information on sustaining your garden in Spread mulch at least 7cm deep to reducethe entire allowable watering time. dry times visit and click on Water Wise Gardening. evaporation and keep your plants healthy through the hot summer months.Note: Greywater must be used within 24 hours of collection unless it has been treated. For further information contact the EPA (details below).How can I keep How can I keep Other great waysmy car and my pool full? to save waterdriveway clean? Place a cover over your pool Install a three-star rated to minimise evaporation. water-efficient showerhead. Consider using greywater or rainwater from a bucket to Minimise splash. When purchasing a new spot clean the car. A good Top up with rainwater. washing machine choose option is to collect the Maintain chemical levels one with a four-star rating ‘warm up’ water when showering or running a bath. and regularly test the water. or above. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Water-free car washing products are starting to appear on the market and are a great alternative for How do I keep my exterior Install flow control valves to further reduce water use. keeping your car clean. windows clean? Only use your dishwasher or clothes washing Visit an efficient car wash using 70 litres of water or It sounds simple, but the tried and tested window spray machine when you have a full load. less per vehicle. is one of the most effective ways to keep outside windows clean. Fix any dripping taps or leaking toilet cisterns. Use a broom to sweep the driveway or an air blower for fast results. If you don’t think that will do the trick, opt for greywater Reduce your shower time to four minutes. or rainwater from a bucket.Further informationWater saving products Greywater guidelines Greywater collection and use Safe use of detergents General advice and rebatessavewater!® Alliance Environmental Protection Authority Alternative Technology Association Lanfax Laboratories Our Water Our FutureWeb: Web: Web: Web: Web: Telephone: 9695 2722 Telephone: 136 186 City West Water 131 691 South East Water 131 867 Yarra Valley Water 131 721