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Regional Solution Support Centre


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The RSSC provides a new class of Value Added Solution Support (VASS) to meet the changing support needs of our customers. Going beyond our traditional one size fits all support, we are now able to provide a tailored remote support services that delivers rapid response and resolution to your solutions.

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Regional Solution Support Centre

  1. 1. Business Process and Systems Technology A dedicated Solution Quality Principal is an integral resource and active participant in the development and delivery of your solution. Through their in-depth understanding of your solution and mandate to oversee its transition to the RSSC, the Principal takes responsibility for ensuring that your expectations of support are achievable and sustainable. The Principal provides on-going technical account management as well as managing the relationship between your team and the RSSC teams. Our Process and Systems Architects provide the critical link between the business and technology functions of the RSSC. They are responsible for actually implementing your agreed support workflow and requirements into the RSSC and developing the processes which report on and remotely monitor your solution, enabling help when needed. Their end objective is to make sure that we have in place everything needed to deliver your organisation the consistent levels of support you would expect from us. The role of our team of Solution Support Engineers is to understand your environment and ensure that any business impact being experienced is minimised by delivering fast resolutions and if needed, overseeing the escalation of your issue directly to our development teams. This team of highly skilled specialists represent our front line of support and have a common aim to make not only your first, but every subsequent engagement with us, a positive one.