What is the 1 to 1 experience?


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The 1:1 Experience™ is a service offered by Fuji Xerox to enable companies to create a personal connection with customers, using the best of traditional CRM techniques combined with new marketing intelligence, all enabled with capabilities of high technology.

Combining targeted messaging based on customer profile and contextual information with an integrated multi-channel approach across web, print, SMS and social media platforms, the 1:1 Experience delivers increased ROI efficiency.

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What is the 1 to 1 experience?

  1. 1. 1 1Experience
  2. 2. Contents 2: Why the 1:1 Experience? 4: What is the 1:1 Experience? 10: Case study - AIA Singapore 13: Fuji Xerox Operational Expertise 14: Case study - Ford Motor 17: How does the 1:1 Experience work? 18: Case study - Reader’s Digest 20: Who are our Main Partners? 23: Fuji Xerox 1:1 Ignite Agency Programme 24: Fuji Xerox 1:1 Experience Singapore Team
  3. 3. Why the 1:1 Experience? If one asked marketers anywhere what 1:1 marketing is, they would get a variety of answers ranging from simple personalisation to telemarketing to posting a marketing message on a social media platform with the hopes of gaining viral traction. If one asked what direct marketing is today, many would immediately think of on-line communication; for others, traditional mail will come to mind; and others still, will have been twittering on their mobile phone while listening to the question. Furthermore, when marketers search for effective assessments of these various mediums, most fall short, delivering media statistics rather than useful business ROI metrics. Over time, more channels, more media and more confusion about which to use and when, tend to create media silos, isolating data by channel. It gets even worse, when we use traditional static techniques on platforms intended for dynamic content and we continue to lead conversations using a product-centric approach rather than a customer-centric strategy. Overall, we become confused on media choice and insecure on the strategy to select. In a world where consumers’ behaviour constantly changes and our clients’ exposure to the risk that this fickleness represents is greater than ever, how do we truly engage and nourish a valuable customer relationship in a timely manner? How do we entertain new, active, young consumers without neglecting the more traditional one and all the while remaining relevant to all? Fuji Xerox (FX) has created The 1:1 Experience to help marketers and service providers make dramatic steps in marketing while limiting the risk of failure. After successfully proposing the concept of strategic cross-media with many large corporations and mid-size enterprises, FX has decided to go to market with a strong team of experts, offering a solution that will help to dispel a lot of the confusion and bring true customer-centric strategy to their marketing. Testimonials of clients who have participated in this new customised approach report that the experience and knowledge gained have proven to be of extremely high value. In addition, participants experienced outstanding results using multi-channel strategies in the areas of up-selling and cross-selling, to name two; hence the choice of the name, The 1:1 Experience. The 1:1 Experience is a real-world proof of concept using the best of traditional CRM techniques combined with new marketing intelligence, all enabled with capabilities of high technology. Combining targeted messaging based on customer profile and contextual information with a multi-channel approach across the web, print, SMS, SN, The 1:1 Experience delivers increased ROI efficiency to marketing campaigns. 2 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  4. 4. ”“ fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 3 Make a connection, build a relationship.
  5. 5. The 1:1 Experience is: PERSONAL DATA - The 1:1 Experience not only collects but applies strategy to accurate, relevant, personal consumer data. We start with your business’ most prized possession - your customer’s information. The 1:1 Experience empowers your business to gain a better insight into the requirements of your customers, based on their individual attributes. In addition it allows you to understand the application of consumer data when developing communication campaigns or programmes But what does it really mean? Basically, when we look at your data , we extract all valuable information that helps understand the customer’s behaviour. We will not only be merging names to a message, but we are developing variable content, offers, context and communications that will be relevant to each customer. Variable data means that we can change the picture, the offer, the content of a promotion based on the exact profile of each customer, adapting to their needs while using the right channels of delivery. All incremental data collection during the 1:1 Experience is then used to refine the strategy and relevancy of the customer interaction. 4 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  6. 6. Know your customers behaviour, needs and wants. ”“ fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 5
  7. 7. The 1:1 Experience is: TARGETED CREATIVE + CROSS MEDIA for PERSONAL CONNECTION - The 1:1 Experience facilitates individual one to one communication - a close connection between you and your customers. The philosophy of the 1:1 Experience is not to choose a channel of delivery and develop a campaign for it but instead, develop a dynamic communication strategy for a campaign and use multiple channels to interact with the customer. Just to provide an example, a communication can start with a variable print offer including a personal URL to drive customer to a dedicated website. Then, his preferences and needs are refined, his interaction is reconfirmed by email, while other important information on delivery or other communication is conveyed via SMS. Many other channels can also be selected if it is relevant to the consumer and if it makes strategic sense. The 1:1 Experience creates powerful, targeted, creative marketing solutions across multiple media platforms. In an age where consumers are bombarded with advertising, it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage with them. Implementing a Cross Media Marketing approach allows you to connect with consumers through consistent messaging that is relevant to each individual recipient in content, presentation and timeliness. The core value of the 1:1 Experience is utilising consumer information to deliver highly personalised messaging from the business to the customer. Implementing “Cross Media Marketing” campaigns in a strategic way allows you to reach consumers across multiple channels - print, email, web, SMS, Social Media platforms, and other mobile interactions. 6 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  8. 8. Speak to them on their level, reach them from anywhere. ”“ fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 7
  9. 9. The 1:1 Experience is: RESULTS - The 1:1 Experience leverages dynamic, responsive data analysis and campaign management. Campaign management analytics help monitor and track the progress and success of each campaign in real-time, across multiple channels, enabling you to respond immediately to customer’s requests and needs. Reporting and feedback is rapidly absorbed to shape the evolution of your Cross Media Marketing campaigns. Our state-of-the-art XMPie technology used to manage the experience allows the collection of data to be managed from one source in an integrated way, regardless of the media. Each 1:1 experience is complete with campaign monitoring, with interim and final reports, as well as a complete analysis of the results. We assist the corporate marketers to understand the complete ROI of their campaign and program from all angles of the cross-media strategy deployed. In addition to providing multichannel and personalized capabilities, the XMPie platform used to create one-to-one communications is a real marketing tool that provides insights, reports and automatic tracking. A customer’s journey is monitored from acquisition to retention and sales at every step. Campaign efficiencies can be measured and provide a better understanding of the customer and a complete window into his behaviour, as well as delivering an accurate picture of the metrics needed to analyse a campaign ROI. 8 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  10. 10. Grow from strength to strength. ”“ fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 9
  11. 11. case study American International Assurance Company, Ltd (AIA) has been established in Singapore since 1931. For the past 78 years, AIA Singapore (AIAS) has been helping customers achieve their financial goals. Offering a wide range of insurance and financial solutions to individuals and businesses, AIA supports customers in managing the significant milestones in their personal and corporate lives - from accident insurance, retirement planning and health insurance, to wealth management solutions. Objectives: With direct mail and other traditional approaches becoming increasingly cost ineffective, AIAS sought to devise new ways of profiling customers and providing timely, accurate product offerings. The rapid growth of product choices and their accessibility options means that customers become harder to reach and communicate with. Out• The average amount of customers’ purchases • Increased by 18 per cent versus the control piece • 13 per cent lower cost for STAPLES per redemption • Staples gross profit per transaction increased by 37 per cent AIA Singapore “In AIAS, we want our customers to have a real choice in establishing the kind of relationship they have with us and our agents.” 10 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  12. 12. Outcome • 86%of users who visited their personalised URL proceeded to take the Life Assessment Survey • 50% of users downloaded their birthday offers • Some age groups secured a closing rate that was 6 times higher • With additional information culled from PURL visits, AIAS now has more data to design and further be relevant in future communications with clients fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 11
  13. 13. 12 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT12 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  14. 14. fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 13 Fuji Xerox Operational Expertise With over 20 unique 1:1 Lab tests completed across the globe we have developed well-defined workflows and processes to effectively respond to our customer briefs and requests. More importantly we are able to understand our customers’ business needs and develop the required strategies to deliver on brief. This Credential brochure includes a few samples of testimonials and results we have achieved with corporations who have participated in the testing period of the service, but a full set of documented case studies are available on demand or can be retrieved at www.fujixerox-transpromo.com under the section “case studies”.
  15. 15. case study In September 2008, the recession hit the car industry hard. Consumer confidence was low and vehicle sales were down by 35%. Looking on the bright side of things it meant that people were keeping their car longer. The same September, a test campaign designed by the 1:1 Lab team in USA was tested using the Ford F-150 truck, a high selling vehicle, but one of the poorest performers in the direct mail programme of the company. Budco Drive, a leading direct marketing organisation turned to the Xerox 1:1 Lab service in hope of boosting sales for its client Ford Motor Company. Objectives: • Improve the response rate • Increase contract sales • Identify best practices to apply programme-wide Indeed, Ford was looking at ways to boost sales of the Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP) for cars and trucks, a very lucrative part of the business that generates millions in annual revenue.• Postage costs were 145% less for t Ford Motor Cie “The campaign was a huge success and now we are rolling it out across Ford’s entire portfolio of extended service products. Simply put - the campaign will drive millions of dollars into our extended warranty business.” - Mark Bardush, National Sales and Marketing Manager Extended Service Business, Ford Motor Company 14 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  16. 16. Outcome • The fully variable self-mailer increased sales by 35.7% over the other mailers used as control measurements • Response rate of 5.7%, much higher than the other best performing control mailers “Relevant personalisation can drive improved performance, creating meaningful customer dialogue that increases responses and product sales.” - Jeff Sierra, Vice President of Budco Marketing and Product Development fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 15
  17. 17. 16 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  18. 18. How does the 1:1 Experience work? Data Analysis and Strategy Development The first step is to look at the usable data of a company and to analyse its potential. Our team of experts will design a strategy based on the interests of consumers, range of products and your corporate goals. We then adopt an approach to maximise your marketing efforts with the ultimate intent of increasing campaign ROI and, in turn, allowing you to establish robust relationships with your customers. Creative We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements. This deep understanding is reflected in the work we create, making sure it is relevant, timely and on brief. We work with industry experts in developing and delivering the best-in-class creative services, programming and web design. Production Through the Fuji Xerox Global Premier Partner network, we are able to offer state-of-the-art variable print production facilities, producing fully personalized marketing materials. Campaign Management Campaign management tools enable you to target the right customer at the right time, eliminating guesswork and putting your company’s marketing resources to their best use. This will allow you to deliver more effective campaigns or programmes, track responses faster and make sound decisions based on how your customers respond. Technology Fuji Xerox Singapore has partnered with XMPie for the development of personalised cross-media marketing. This powerful software empowers print service providers, marketing firms and SME sized businesses to leverage customer data and create personalised, multiphase campaigns using communication vehicles such as dynamic print, email, web and SMS. fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 17
  19. 19. A Canadian institution for 60 years, Reader’s Digest Canada is a pre-eminent publisher and direct marketer of magazines, books, music and DVDs. Reader’s Digest and Sélection du Reader’s Digest are Canada’s most widely read monthly magazines, with 8.1 million readers per month. Reader’s Digest is an industry leader when it comes to direct marketing initiatives - its response rates are typically much greater than the one or two per cent industry average, sometimes reaching double digits. Objectives: With new developments in data mining technology and digital print, Reader’s Digest was keen to test the capabilities of data-driven, customized direct marketing with the Xerox 1:1 Lab. In addition to seeking an increase in response rates, the company wanted to test whether using intelligent information to cross-sell its offerings, including CDs, DVDs and books, versus a strict product line to product line approach, could positively influence its customers’ purchasing behaviour. Reader’s Digest “We constantly look to lead the direct marketing industry and the Xerox 1:1 Lab program keeps us at the forefront in Canada and around the world.” – Mathieu Peloquin, Vice President, Marketing Product Lines, Reader’s Digest Canada case study 18 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  20. 20. Outcome: Test 1A: Customized catalogue with full offer (product line to product line): • CD music buyers’ response rate increased by 27% • DVD buyers’ response rate increased by 111% • Book buyers’ response rate increased by 45% • Improved average sales by 49% Test 1B: Simplified and customized package (product line to product line) • CD music buyers’ response rate increased by 7% • DVD buyers’ response rate increased by 68% • Book buyers’ response rate increased by 9% • Improved average sales by 49% Test 2: Full customized package (multiple product line offers) • CD music buyers’ response rate increased by 35% • DVD buyers’ response rate increased by 78% • Book buyers’ response rate increased by 83% • Improved average sales by 49% fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 19
  21. 21. “Only Fuji Xerox is able to provide the market with a complete 1:1 Experience.” Who are our Main Partners? The 1:1 Experience is enabled by the expertise and technology of Fuji Xerox and our Partners. We are pleased to partner with some of the industry’s prominent organisations who provide expert industry knowledge, governance and strategy throughout the 1:1 Experience. Our Main Partners are: XMPie A wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox, XMPie develops solutions that enable enterprises and their marketing service providers to efficiently develop and execute highly customised, information driven, cross-media campaigns. The XMPie platform architecture fosters a fully collaborative, cross-organisational, workflow environment. With XMPie solutions, effective personalized communication becomes not only a high response rate proposition, but also a cost-effective business strategy with attractive ROI. DMAS The Direct Marketing Association of Singapore (DMAS) is a non-profit trade organisation whose mission is to enhance the growth and profitability of member organizations and their adherence to high ethical standards of practice. DMAS actively promotes programs that raise the standards of marketing practice across every communications channel and throughout the customer lifecycle. All members are required to uphold the DMAS Code of Practice at all times. As a valuable partner of the 1:1 Experience, DMAS and its members will be available to provide a wide range of services that enhance, expand and add value to the 1:1 Experience service offer. 1:1 Ignite Agency Certified Partners Participating creative DM agencies who have technology of Fuji Xerox and been certified in the delivery of the 1:1 Experience Service (see programme details on page 23) Premier Partners Community The Fuji Xerox Premier Partners Global Network is an exclusive community of innovative, progressive printers who represent the cutting edge of the printing industry. The global community comprises of 800 members and Singapore hosts several of these service providers who are selected to help deliver portions of the service. 20 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  22. 22. fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 21
  23. 23. 22 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  24. 24. Fuji Xerox 1:1 Ignite Agency Programme At Fuji Xerox we believe in delivering the best of solutions to the market. For over 40 years we have been creating strong partnerships with third party companies who can complement well both our technology offer and strength of introducing innovative turn-key solutions/services. For us delivering a true 1:1 Experience to the Singapore market is no exception and it means teaming up with the best partners who can meet our standards of quality, expertise and flexibility. In the implementation of this new 1:1 Experience Service we want to offer the best of both worlds: the talent of creative agencies powered by Fuji Xerox technology and the invaluable expertise gained with the various 1to1 Lab initiatives. The solution was to deploy “the 1:1 Ignite Agency” programme, a certification process that agencies can initiate (by invitation) to become a delivery partner of Fuji Xerox. This programme is based on expanding the capacity of agencies in the strategic delivery of integrated 1:1 multi-channels direct marketing concepts. Certified agencies benefit from the knowledge sharing experience and become an active delivery partner of Fuji Xerox. The first certified 1:1 Ignite Agency of Singapore is F5 Digital Consulting, a young and dynamic cross-media direct marketing agency established in 2007. This fast growing enterprise, directed by Gregory Birge, a respected strategist and Direct Marketing specialist, had all the right ingredients and pool of talent to become the first delivery partner of Fuji Xerox. We believe that the 1:1 Experience and the 1:1 Ignite Agency will be an inspiring proposal that perhaps other Direct Marketing agencies will eventually adopt to complement their current business offer. At partner level, certified agencies are teamed up with Fuji Xerox Premier Partners Network of service providers to deliver the variable print portion of a campaign. fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 23
  25. 25. Helene Blanchette Andy Lee Wong Seok Miin Helene Blanchette Hélène Blanchette is presently responsible for the Go- to-Market strategy at Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, covering 12 countries. Mrs. Blanchette is currently based in Singapore, but was previously Marketing Director of Xerox Canada, where she received the President’s Leadership Award for her outstanding innovations. She is founder of the Xerox 1to1 Lab which has gained worldwide recognition and won numerous marketing innovation awards. Helene has over 20 year of expertise in marketing and communication, but is particularly a sought after speaker and consultant in regards to 1:1 marketing. She has been invited to deliver conferences all over the world. In April of 2009, Helene received the Woman of Distinction Award, a prestigious international merit given by OutputLink media (USA, Asia and Europe). In July 2005 she was identified by Print Action Magazine as one of the top 50 most influential people of Canada in the Communications Industry. Andy Lee Andy Lee is the current Manager of the Fuji Xerox epicenter (Executive Print Innovation Centre) in Singapore. This centre of innovation supports the Operating Companies of Fuji Xerox for the ASEAN Region. Andy is also the Senior Manager (Systems The Fuji Xerox 1:1 Experience Team Services) of the Production Services Business Group (PSBG) of Fuji Xerox Singapore. Over the past 6 years he has initiated, directed and delivered many new enterprise solutions for customers. Rich from the expertise developed in his dual roles, Andy is able to leverage the strength of both his teams in delivering sound solutions and turning innovative ideas initiated from epicenter into feasible solutions for the markets. Wong Seok Miin Miin currently serves as a Marketing Officer at the Fuji Xerox epicenter - Executive Print Innovation Centre of Singapore. Her role includes the execution of the epicenter’s mission of providing leading innovation and market development growth in all vertical markets including the development of Direct Marketing eco-system within the entire ASEAN region. Miin’s outstanding corporate project management expertise ensures effective and timely deployment of the 1:1 Experience of Singapore and is the liaison agent for all parties. Extended Support Team Members Selena Sung, Marketing Manager Jarrod Chong, Business Development Consultant Selena Sung Jarrod Chong 24 : fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT
  26. 26. Gregory Birge Eric Halter Timmy Iskak Gregory Birge Gregory Birge is a visionary architect of customer engagement innovation. With the explosion of consumer- generated media, marketers struggle to maintain the old economy paradigm of brands-led consumerism. In 2007, Gregory founded F5 Digital Consulting to leverage on this reversed paradigm. During his 16 years of marketing experience, Gregory has achieved a tremendous track record with Apple that includes launching of the first iPod in Europe and developing the initial iTunes partnership. Gregory has the opportunity to work across the world with Sony, Yamaha, Packard Bell, Philips and Wunderman. Being adept in developing end-to-end ecosystem, channel network and worldwide product creation from concept to production cycles, Gregory developed a solid sense of business marketing and consumer knowledge. Eric Halter Eric Halter, currently F5 Digital Consulting Senior Partner, is managing Javezz, an F5DC sister agency in Korea. He has over 24 years of in-depth direct marketing and relationship marketing experience, including 10 years in the arena of 1:1 marketing. Eric Halter brings also a wealth of expertise and knowledge on metrics and measurements. Over the years, Eric has developed numerous campaigns for Global Brands that have garnered positive results for the clients, which currently includes SanDisk, Volvo, Polypenco, Sirona Dental Systems and others. In the 1:1 Experience Service, he will bring on-line, CRM, database consulting services and is part of the strategic team. Timmy Iskak Timmy Iskak, now Business Consultant at F5DC, has over 5 years of in-depth experience in the area of 1:1 Multichannel Marketing. Prior to joining F5, Timmy built an invaluable experience as a Business Development Consultant for Xerox where he drove 1:1 Marketing projects in Germany as well as in Fuji Xerox Singapore. As a member of the core 1:1 Experience team, Timmy’s expertise in dynamic variable printing and cross-media solutions is just right to combine the offline with the online world, which is an important component of a true 1:1 multichannel campaign delivery. The 1:1 Ignite Agency Certified Partner – F5 Digital Consulting fuji Xerox credentials DOCUMENT : 25
  27. 27. Fuji Xerox = 1:1 Marketing The 1:1 Experience Service helps marketers (or agencies) maximise marketing investment by strategically delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, using all the right channels. Our Main Partners : Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd 80 Anson Road #01-01 Fuji Xerox Towers Singapore 079907 Tel: 6766 8888 Fax: 6877 5446 www.fujixerox.com.sg. ©2010 Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. Xerox, and the sphere of connectivity design are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Fuji Xerox Preferred Partners 1:1 Ignite Agency Program