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Fuelzee full suite


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This presentation gives a high leverl overview of the Fuelzee product. If you have additional questions please contact Dan @

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Fuelzee full suite

  1. 1. Featured in 1
  2. 2. Branded Mobile Apps Increase loyalty and foot traffic into your locations with your own branded app. ! Fuelzee makes mobile apps that your customers will actually want to use. Help your customers find either your closest location or reward them with discounts and promotions to bring them inside the store. ! Your new branded app will be available on both iPhone and Android, and has full loyalty and payment integration. ! Did you know over 60% of americans use their smart phone to find gas stations? Brands and logos shown in this presentation are used for example purposes only. Fuelzee does not claim to have a relationship or agreement with the companies used in images. 2
  3. 3. ACH/Debit Payments Don’t let credit card swipe fees ruin your business. Get started with your own branded payment option. Our platform will allow you to process payments using your mobile app or payment card for 25¢ per transaction or less. Let your customers pay inside the store or at the pump. ! Our POS integrated payment option can save you $1000’s per location and will increase customer loyalty. ! Our payment processing is done in a secure environment that is industry certified. Our team will handle your customers questions, on boarding, and payment disputes. 3
  4. 4. POS Integrated Loyalty Loyalty is a leading driver of sales in the modern c-store. Our branded loyalty system can be offered to your customers in multiple ways. They can use your branded app to display their loyalty information or use your branded loyalty card. ! Our platform was built with over 40 years of combined experience in loyalty. You can create nearly any type of loyalty program you can think of. ! - Points Programs - Clubs - Coffee, Soda or Anything - Pump Price Roll Back - Sweepstakes and Contests - Behavior Targeting - Purchase History Targeting - Full Automation suite with Email, Text and Push 4
  5. 5. Many Consumers Prefer Gas Comparison Apps In a recent study conducted by Nielsen, it was discovered that consumers prefer gas comparison apps like Fuelzee, over their c-store branded counterparts. (see full study here) ! 87% of consumers preferred to review their options before visiting a gas station. Compared to only 13% which used a c-store branded app. ! Dont worry though, we are here to make sure you can capture 100% of the market. With your approval we will duplicate your Loyalty Program, Coupons, and Payment Processing in the Fuelzee Consumer App. 5 App Users 12,000,000 9,000,000 6,000,000 3,000,000 0 1,333,000 11,592,000 Gas Apps Gas Comparison Apps C-Store Branded Apps
  6. 6. Fuelzee’s Gas Price App Our goal is to make your brand a success. By leveraging your branded mobile app and the Fuelzee Gas Price App we are able to offer a superior advantage over your competitors. ! The Fuelzee app will acquire new customers to your stations, loyalty program, and payment processing option. This in turn will increase your foot traffic and revenue. ! Be where your customers are and they will reward your handsomely. Finally, your company will see a full return on investment! 6 $1 off Mamba Save $1 on 3.7oz bag of ! Mamba Snack pack
  7. 7. Return on Investment Understanding how to a get return on your investment is critical to our program. In the first year of your program we will attempt to get you an 15% lift in fuel sales and a 8% lift in in-store sales in the first year. ! Our team is dedicated to the success of your programs, and when bundling all of our services we have a higher probability of obtaining these sales lifts. ! The key to your success is creating a successful strategy to reach your goals. This requires an initial investment to launch the program, but this is an investment to your future success. 7
  8. 8. Partner with Fuelzee Team Fuelzee is eager to work with you. We’ll help you create a branded mobile app that increases revenues and drives more customers to spend money with you. ! ! Dan McGaw, CEO e. p. 321-202-1319 Brands and logos shown in this presentation are used for example purposes only. Fuelzee does not claim to have a relationship or agreement with the companies used in images. 8