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Questionnaire results word


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Questionnaire results word

  1. 1. How Old areyou?Question Result11 to 14 015 to 18 919 to 21 1Are you male orfemale?Question ResultMale 5Female 5How do youconsume mostof your music?Question ResultPhone 5T.V. 0Internet 5CDs 0Radio 0Other 0If you doconsumemusic on theinternet, whatdo you use?Question ResultItunes 3Youtube 5WE7 1Spotify 1Daily motion 0Other 0What is yourfavouritemusic genre?Question ResultRap 2Hip Hop 3Pop 3Rock 0Classical 0Jazz 0R&b 2Do you buymusicmagazines?
  2. 2. Question ResultYes 7No 3If yes, do you prefer a subscription type of servicewhere the magazine is delivered or do you prefer tobuy it from retailers?Question ResultSubscription 6Retailer 1Other 0Do youenjoyreadingabout wellknown/yourfavouriteartists?Question ResultYes 8No 2