Plv2 with song lyrics


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Plv2 with song lyrics

  1. 1. NARRATIVE BREAKDOWN OF VIDEOA simple statement that most young people will grasp. The song exemplifiesThe fact that “everyone has music in them” which means everyone has someSense of musical spirit or rhythm. The video will attempt to express this byHaving groups of people experiencing this “musical spirit” in different locationsAnd also enter the different dancing techniques used by young people to exemplifyvariation
  2. 2. Lyrics- Music In MeIf I found a wayTo be happy every dayIf you could just see my faceYall always see Im smilingThe clouds were never greyIf only there was a place Good vibes, good vibe is the only thing we are giving offIf you could just see my face Find More lyrics at www.sweetslyrics.comYall will always see I am smiling Oh you say that you feeling it Haters didnt get the invite, but I bet that they hearin this Making noise off the rictar, kodiak lifestyleGetting high getting high You better take a pictureBoy is time to break it down Magazine centerfolds naw I am thinking biggerGrab the mic kill the stage yeah second nature now Fuck the average joe boy you know Im trying to differMamma said I made a proud, I told her i made a vow And so far I think Im doing itOn the show around the coast ..every .. Anything is possible and boy I think Im proving itTake her shopping whatever she wants to buy People Looking up to me I am really kinda new to thisShe made me who I am I got the heart of a lion Ya they looking up to me Im really kind of new to thisYa and Momma for that I am gratified uh, I got their hands to the ceilingI got a smile on every day Boy its indescribable I cant explain this feelingGot a taste of the good life I am here to stay My life is so appealing cause boy im living for right nowAnd Im used to questions so everybody ask away All you people wearing suits better pipe downHey its time to get high homie so pass the jay RESTChorus ChorusIf I found a way If I found a wayTo be happy every day To be happy every dayIf you could just see my face If you can just see my faceYall will always see I am smiling You will always see I am smilingThe clouds were never grey The clouds were never greyIf only there was a place If only there was a placeIf you can just see my face If you can just see my faceYou will always see I am smiling You will always see I am smiling
  3. 3. Production Schedule31st March: 1st April: 2nd April:Organise all footage Sync music to all Edit first third ofOnto a scratch disk, named Clips for smoother editing Music videoAnd sectioned (lip sync parts only)5th April: 4th April: 3rd April:Add any relevant effects/ Edit last third Edit second third of musicClean-up and render video Of music video video
  4. 4. Location Ideas
  5. 5. EQUIPMENT LIST Adobe After Effects Cs5: Samsung H200: For editing and adding Used to record footage Effects to video (includes Chroma keying/Green Screening) Tripod: To hold the camcorder steady Adobe Premier Pro cs5: Ordering a sequencing clips (synching to audio) Green Screen: Scene Adobe Photoshop cs5.1 Creating visual elements For the final product.
  6. 6. Shooting Schedule25th March: 26th March: 27th March:Film beginning of video First third of main video Middle third of(inside bedroom scene) recording Video recording30th March: 29th March: 28th March:Film any extra parts Film last third of Film Green screen shotsIf needed video
  7. 7. Story Board
  8. 8. Ancillary Text Plans-main
  9. 9. Planned
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