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Music video analysis' finished


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Music video analysis' finished

  1. 1. Tariq Esprit-media production blog A2Music Video Analysis’
  2. 2. Music Video analysis- Wiley, Cash In my pocket Mise-en-scene:Representation: This is used to create an illusion that theThe is a general view that people that music video really is happening in thework in office’s wear suits and act Gherkin (famous business building in the city of London) The use of costume and locationformally. This music video adheres to really immerses the audience into believingand subverts from these that this is reality. The workplace concept isgeneralisations. Having the actors wear completed through the use of props (faxsuits, however also have them acting machine, numerous un-opened envelopesyoung and childish creates a sense of and a flux of computer stations)entertainment for the audience as Cinematography:they’re viewing something abnormal in One continuous shot, however a mixturethat specific time of society. So the Of long, medium and close up shots are video suggests that office Low angle and an establishing shot is usedworkers are able to have fun and Type Of Music Video:perhaps change the youths view of Cash in my pocket combines all music video Editing:them, inferring that maybe Wiley was Types (Concept, Narrative and Performance) The editing is virtually non The entire video is a continuous performance Existent/seamless, where the audienceattempting to make a point rather than (seen when the staff at the office dance and Can’t tell if its one continuous shot orjust entertain his audience. Move around as if they were on stage) If the transitions flow so well, the The concept is simple as it follows an office Audience can’t tell (transitions could Workspace theme and uses people that generally Occur as the camera is turning) Wouldn’t have a clue about this type of music. as the entire music videoNarrative: Finally the narrative is simple as it is emphasized Is one continuous shot movingSimply in the chorus, the Many times in the chorus “all I want is money in Through a typical work officeNarrative is similar to the type My pocket”. Mixing all three types (making this Space. This means that the events Music video a hybrid) helps appeal to all types Throughout the video are scriptedOf song, straight to the point Of audiences that are attracted to a specific In a type of performance sense. ThisWith no complications to make Type of music video. May help to immerse audiences thatIt easy for the audience to understand Perhaps aren’t fulfilled by mainstream(“all I want is money in my pocket”) Music videos and this change of pace Will encourage them to watch/listen To the whole thing.
  3. 3. Music video analysis Narrative: The story is held within the lyrics Biggie Smalls, The Sky’s The Limit and title of the song. It suggests that even if you’re from a Cinematography: poor, under privileged Variety of shots including various close background, you can still become ups, medium shots, medium long shots successful in life. (Biggie Smalls and long shots. Also the establishing shot being from a poor background, he is used to verify locations. could relate to the youths of that time period) Mise-En-Scene: The clothing of the main artist Biggie Smalls is extremely important in this music video. He is seen to wear a variety of suits which implies that he’s made it far in life already and this should be what the youth of that day should strive for (suits are the most expensive type of clothing) Also, the Mercedes seen in the first section of the music video is another showing of what others should strive for, using the metaphor “the sky’s the limit” Finally, the walking stick used can be implied as a tool of senior ship, suggesting that he is perhaps inspiration and the engine that fuels the younger generation. Representation: There is a general view in society that if you’re a young person and you strive for something, you’ll probably achieve it. This music video challenges thatType of music video: general representation of youths by implying the message that if you don’tThis music video is strictly a have inspiration. Drive and a realistic goal then you won’t. Inspiration is keynarrative. No real dancing is and is seen in the music video through Biggie Smalls’ senior style presentedinvolved. The narrative is attempting through his achievements, dress sense and get the message across that thesky’s the limit, encouraging peopleto aim high in life (particularly Editing:youths) Simple music video. Nothing is exaggerated and its fit for purpose. The video has a sense of continuity and scene placement works well
  4. 4. Feminist and Post feminist text- Britney Spears- I wanna goFeminist A feminist inference of this music video would agreewith a negative representation of women because itsuggests that they’re only able to find solutions withtheir physical aspects and not their actual mentality. In Post Feministthis video, Britney Spears is only(mainly) seen as a A post feminist inference of this music videosexual object that men are perceived to fall over and would be Britney Spears (the main artist) beingfollow for no particular reason. A point in the music exemplified as powerful, confident and anvideo that exemplifies this is when Britney (the artist) independent woman. In one section of the musicflashes in front of a police officer to prevent getting a video Britney is being fluxed by Paparazzi, she isparking ticket. Although exaggerated, this is seen to be able to fend them off with super human likethe modernistic view in society of “favourable” women. power again asserting her powerful dominanceA feminist and theorist called Rae Langton identifies 3 and confidence over men (all the paparazzi are inpoints of treating women as sexual objects (and two of fact male which means she was trying to make awhich are used in this video)These are: point) In another scene, Britney is standing up andReduction of physical appearance- When body parts are dancing in a passenger seat of an open top car.expanded/reduced on to make a female seem more From this, I can extrapolate that she is trying toattractive. cross the message that woman can do anything,-Reduction to appearance-where facial aspects are even if its extremely dangerous or in some caseschanged to make the female more attractive (nose jobs, pointless.Botox etc.)
  5. 5. Analysis of Postmodern text, Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé-Telephone Wonder woman Advertising: references to Virgin mobile, Beats by DR.Dre, Plenty of fish(an online dating website used mostly by Americans) and Polaroid cameras/camcordersThere is a flux of references to otherproducts/services in this music video thatit may actually start to irritate the viewer. Kill Bill Common hairstyle Reference Bonnie and In the late 1940s Clyde reference And many more are shown in the music video
  6. 6. Music Video Analysis Chris Brown, Turn Up The Music Cinematography: Similar to other performance based music videos. Long shots are used for the choreographed dance scenes and close ups on the main artist to demonstrate emotion and confusion (towards the beginning of the video) Representation: The representation of youths in this music video adheres to the general view of them overall. In the beginning of the music video, the main artist is confronted by others who are wearing animal masks/outfits outside the club. This suggests that youths are immature and will do anything just for the fun of it. Also the fact that the main setting is a club could be an implication that young people are always partying without a care in the world, again emphasizing their immaturity. Finally the term “turn up the music” could be inferred to from youths as “party harder” implying that the more they dance, the more fun they will have. Editing: Helps the performance come together, the routines are split up through the video and the editing helps to form them into one cohesive model. Mise-En-Scene:Type Of Music Video: Mise-En-Scene in this music video subvert from the views of allThis music video is a performance based video. Most of the other elements. The main artist, Chris Brown for a start isthe scenes are of the artist dancing or moving around a wearing a formal suit in some scenes, going against the typicalclub (with others dancing) There is no clear narrative to youth dress code. Also, the people in the club are wearing masksthis music video which imitates the idea of a masquerade party, normally held by the rich and upper class. This could be implied as a message that the youth of today aren’t as immature as others think.
  7. 7. Music Video Analysis Justin Timberlake, Cry me a river Cinematography: Includes a variety of shots such as close ups, establishing shot, high and low angle shots Mise-En-Scene: The dark clothing is used to emphasize his sadness throughout The music video (the meaning behind the music video is in fact “getting back at another”) The dark setting whilst outside also helps to emphasize this emotion. Representation:Type Of Music video: In this music video, Justin is attempting to imply that men areThis music video is a hybrid of a narrative and a insightful and also easily intimated. Having knowledge aboutslight performance (mostly narrative) The motive someones actions (in this case, he knew that his ex girlfriend wasbehind this music video was for Justin Timberlake cheating on him at the time) men choose to take revenge rather(the main artist) to inform the public of his ex than confront the problem. This can perhaps be associated with agirlfriends actions (Britney Spears) and to give the sense of dominance that men carry. A carefully though out plan inimpression that he’s still going strong after the order to take revenge is presumed to be a “mans ordeal”break up. Some scenes are of him telling the storythrough the lyrics and others are of himdancing, thus leaning slightly towards theperformance style of music video even though he’s Editing:not dancing for the full video. It gets the job done, cohesive cuts that brings The narrative together; nothing different or Extraordinary is done
  8. 8. Music Video Analysis Rihanna, We found love Type of music video: This music video is a narrative and not a mixture. The narrative is attempting to cross a state of mind that relationships can be formed/expanded on anywhere and that its possible to find love from a “hopeless place” The main artist, Rihanna could’ve had someone in mind during the video or it could just be from past experiences. Cinematography: A range of shots including loads of close ups, medium shots and medium long shots. There are establishing shots, followed by the seemed to be couple having funMise-En-Scene: creating a constant thought of a relationship being all aboutProps are used constantly to give the impression that the couple is fun.happy. However, there are a few blind spots. In one scene, both Narrative:Rihanna and her perceived to be boyfriend take a pill that brings Follows the lyrics “we found love in a hopeless place” Thethem into an illusion where its just the two of them; this suggests music video constantly throws the idea of happiness and fun atthat perhaps love is an illusion that can only be obtained through the audience. The couple are seen having fun and “findingartificial matters. This illusion can be seen through the colourful love” in seemingly hopeless place, such as the skate park orrainbow cigarette near this scene. Points that exemplify this further the supermarket.are when the couple are at the supermarket buying alcohol andwhen they’re seen gambling at a slot machine, again showing thathappiness can only be obtained through artificial matters. Representation: Representation of youth and how there views may be distorted and may be confused about the concept of love. Love in this music video is almost seen to be fake as the couple are onlyEditing: seen having fun and mostly under influence. This music videoCohesive, mostly fit for purpose. Some general effects could be seen to attempt to rectify the youth of today’sare used such as the random spectrum of colours on the misguided views of love.cigarette to exemplify hallucination (which may or maynot happen in some cases)
  9. 9. Music Video Analysis Beyoncé, Single ladies Cinematography: Constant use of long shots to show all three dancers however most of the close ups are forwarded towards the main artist Beyoncé to perhaps emphasize her superiority (and the fact that she’s the one singing) Mise-En-Scene: The lighting creates 3 distinctive points in this music video. Firstly, the main light/key light which is used to light up all the dancers in the video against the white backdrop (however because the music video is in black and white, it appears to be grey at times) This large light can be the main artist implying that as dancers or women, they’re equal and all have similar values. The second point is the fill light which is mainly used on Beyoncé. This may be used to infer that even though they’re equal as dancers, as a singer she is superior or the concept of Primus inter Pares (first amongst equals). Finally the light isType of music video: used to make the dancers’ legs shine in an unnatural way thusThis music video is strictly a performance video with a message. attracting the male gaze in an attempt to appeal to anotherThe three dancers in the image (the middle one being the main artist Beyoncé) are audience besides young females.featured throughout the entire music video performing their routine. Itsparticularly awkward to have a music video that is completely performance basedhowever, it easily grabs the audiences’ attention but the complexity of the danceand its allure to the male gaze. Narrative: Editing: The lyrics of the music video is meant to empower young Simple due to the simplicity of the music video. females or the older audience by influencing them to be Cuts are frequent however they don’t break the independent, this is exemplified through the sing title “single continuity of the music video. A couple ladies” The constant message that women don’t need men is techniques are used such as the pan and the fade constantly thrown at the audience throughout the music video. in/out.
  10. 10. Music Video Analysis Pussycat Dolls, When I Grow Up Cinematography: A mixture of shots including close ups, medium shots and long shots of the entire group. The positioning of the girls though is rather peculiar. Nicole, the main singer is always in the middle of the group which scraps the concept of a girl band and theoretically makes the other four girls back up dancers (effectively) Representation: This music video embraces the idea of self empowerment within women. The lyrics “when I grow up, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies” is implied towards the younger audience suggesting that this is what younger females strive for (or should) The view that when they grow up, they’ll be like theType Of Music Video: pussycat dolls (or effectively Nicole) is enough to empowerThis music video is a performance music video type. them and make them strive towards excellence.The dancing in this music video suits the typical styleof a girl band with a flux of sexually provocative Mise-En-Scene:dance moves to immerse the male audience. This music video adheres to the general stereotypical view of a girl band, the type of music and the clothingEditing: they wear. All the females in the group are wearingEditing is simple and keeps the continuous flow. Good scene revealing clothing and are pampered in make up, thusselection also helps the video to flow (when Nicole mentions giving the illusion of a “perfect woman” or what iscars, she’s actually standing on one) perceived to be a perfect woman in today’s society, completely scrapping ones personal values.Narrative: These clothing items are used to attract a maleThe idea that young girls should strive to be superstars and audience and also used to empower the femalebe proud of how the look, as seen through the clothing and audience suggesting that they should be proud of theirthe lyrics. bodies and flaunt them.