In what ways does this media


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In what ways does this media

  1. 1. In what ways does this mediaproduct use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products
  2. 2. Mixer Magazine has no particular colour scheme, as emphasised by the name. More than 3 main colours are used. Vibe follows the typical magazine colour count (3 main colours probably used throughout the entire magazine) Vibe magazine uses its main image to promote bling culture (the artist’s pose with the ring on his finger) This “bling” culture is normally associated with the genre that the magazine specialises in. In mixer magazine, the main image is only used to indicate the main artist of the magazine and vaguely represents the genre. This is because the magazine has no real focus on a specific genre.The word “swagger” in bold red on Vibemagazine is in red which is eye catching to theconsumer. Audiences familiar with the genre willknow what this phrase means. On mixermagazine, this effect is almost imitated with thephrase “New style Hip Hop” Audiences will befamiliar with the phrase Hip Hop. Theseadditional cover lines are used to familiarise thepotential consumer
  3. 3. Mixer magazine (left) challenges the simplistic look of the average magazine. The simplistic look of the magazine on the right is easy on the eyes and plain. Mixer magazine uses a variety of images on the left side with the main artist next to the intro box on the bottom. The mixed look of mixer magazine suits the younger audience more because its more eye intensive. 3 different fonts are used in both magazines. This shows some sort of consistency. Mixer’s double page spread has no particular colour scheme. The left side of mixer magazine uses no sense of structure, having many images and a piece of text on one side. There is also no particular colour scheme either emphasising the magazine’s name “mixer” which mixes the conventions used in other music magazines.The headline for the magazine on the rightCoincides with the content and clothing ofThe artist in the main image. The headlineon mixer magazine also coincides with theMagazines aim with “colour” being ametaphor for other genres and other stylesof music magazines mixing (or just notfollowing the typical style that similarmusic magazines do)
  4. 4. Vibe’s contents is virtually colourless; The lack of colour would Perhaps turn the audience’s Attention to the main image (with the eye catching red heart) Or the actual features. Vibe isn’t However a typical music magazine As it has a second focus (fashion) The main Focus for vibe’s contents page is obviously The main image. Mixer magazine is perhaps too Colourful and has no real focal image. Everything is eye catching and colourful. The general simplistic contents page followed by many Other music magazines is disbanded in Mixer magazine.Also the features of Mixer magazine has no specialised genre.The front cover may be seen as Hip Hop orientated but articles inThe magazine may not have a correlation to that genre (such as rock equipment on page 20 like guitars orAlbums from bands, and bands aren’t normally associated with Hip Hop) Vibe magazines features has a very straightforwardApproach focusing only on the main genre that the artist in the main image represents (In this case Rap/R&B)