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Double page spread instructions


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Double page spread instructions

  1. 1. After choosing an A3 layout,I split the page in half using theRectangle vector (using the gridTo position correctly)
  2. 2. I added paint splatters all over the page,And on top of the page on the right
  3. 3. I added 3 rectangular vectors and filled them in I increased the depth, sizeDifferent colours And softness to make the Edges shine (and a stroke)
  4. 4. I added images of my main artist and anotherRectangle for the introduction( the rectangle isA smaller copy of the blue one on the right page)
  5. 5. I added all of my text, copying it from the wordDocument that I typed (the interview and intro)
  6. 6. Page numbers and two extra images were addedTo the double page spread. This is the final product