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  1. LEADING YOUR OWN COMPANY INCORPORATING UN SUSTAINABLE GOALS Noor M. Faisal| 187774211| GSL275: Leading a Global Business
  2. UN SUSTAINABILITY GOALS SDG stands for 17 Sustainable Development Goals which is the heart of 2030 agenda for sustainable development adopted by the member states of United Nations. Among the 17 goals, goal number 14 goes for ‘Life Below Water’ which emphasizes on the less use of plastic.
  3. THE GOAL NO 14 The first step of saving the ocean from plastic pollution is to reduce the use of plastic in every sector. United Nations has so far taken several initiatives in enhancing awareness to challenges and opportunities regarding this issue Play it out Planet or Plastic UN X PARLEY: OCEANS. CLIMATE. LIFE.
  4. XYZ PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY Reach the consumers Lowering Plastic use Recycling Higher productio XYZ is a pharmaceutical company which has 300 million revenue around the world and use 30 metric ton plastic every year for packaging and others
  5. MEASURING SUCCESS Higher production More recycling Replacing plastic packaging Paper as packaging material Glass as packaging material
  6. ACCOUNTABLE PERSONNEL Board of Directors Wing Director Deputy Director Staff Wing Director Deputy Director Staff Wing Director Deputy Director Staff Chief Executive Director (CEO) • Budget • Rules and policies • Company performance • Achieving the goal • Staff selection and management
  7. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Shareholders Board Members Staffs Stability Chances Risks Deficiencies
  8. INVOLVING THE EMPLOYEES Innovation Machinery Sales Recycling Planning
  9. WORKING TOWARDS ACHIEVING THE GOAL 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 2018 2022 2026 2030 Use of other packaging materials Recycling and Reusable plastic Plastic as packaging material
  10. REFERENCES Iswanto, A Heri, Green Hospital: Paper for Package of Medicine (The Advantages, Disadvantages, and Feasibility) (January 27, 2016) Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations United Nations -x-Parley for the Oceans