What’s Hot in the Chemicals, Materials & Food Industry


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Frost & Sullivan's extensive client base has taken part in a survey to find out what markets and industries are most important in 2014. This briefing introduces the results of that survey and discusses the ramifications.

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What’s Hot in the Chemicals, Materials & Food Industry

  1. 1. What’s Hot in the Chemicals, Materials & Food Industry Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges Through the Eyes of the Key Participants in theTrends, Opportunities, and Challenges Through the Eyes of the Key Participants in the Chemicals, Materials & Food IndustryChemicals, Materials & Food Industry Brian Balmer, Industry PrincipalBrian Balmer, Industry Principal Chemicals & MaterialsChemicals & Materials 1515thth May, 2014May, 2014
  2. 2. Today's Presenter Dr. Brian Balmer, Industry Principal Frost & Sullivan 2 • 14 years' research experience at Frost & Sullivan • Company expert on renewable feedstocks • Contributor to the company's Mega Trends vision
  3. 3. Key Perspectives on Growth in the Chemicals, Materials & Food Industry for 2014 2 Light-weighting is once again the focus of attention in transportation applications of chemicals & materials 3 Construction & utilities applications see the 1 All the leading hot topics are linked to personal well-being issues, such as food production, nutrition, health and personal care 3 4 Companies are getting competitive, investing again in innovation that will enable growth within relatively mature markets such as construction chemicals 3 Construction & utilities applications see the broadest range of interests 5 A key trend in the future will be a continued growth in interest in health & well-being, and especially an increasing concern over how chemical companies can help to feed the world Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  4. 4. Methodology Clients were asked to list their areas of interest across all five program areas in the Chemicals, Materials & Food sector The need to enhance functionality & performance Improvements in health & wellness Chemicals & Materials in Construction & Utilities Chemicals & Materials in Food, Drugs & Cosmetics Chemicals & Materials in Transportation 4 Globalisation of people, products and processes Development of a low carbon economy Construction & Utilitiesin Transportation Food & Beverage Ingredients Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Chemicals, Materials & Food
  5. 5. Chemicals, Materials & Food—What Participants Saw as Hot Topics in 2014 Rank Market Topic % of Respondents Nominating as Hot Topic 1 Active Ingredients in Personal Care 20.4% 2 Food Processing Sector Growth Opportunities 18.1% 3 Nutricosmetics & Nutraceuticals 17.3% 4 Construction Chemicals 17.0% 5 Mega Trends for Agro Chemicals and FDC 15.5% 6 Materials for Energy-Efficient Buildings 15.0% Chemicals, Materials & Food: Identification of Hot Topics, Global, 2014 5 7 Food and Beverage Processing Equipment 13.7% 8 Biofertilizer and Biopesticides 13.7% 9 Lightweight Materials in Transportation 13.5% 10 Crop Protection Chemicals 13.0% 11 Flexible Packaging 13.0% 12 Shale Gas Chemicals 12.5% 13 Changing Dynamics in Food and Beverage Logistics 12.0% 14 Coatings and Materials for Waste & Potable Water Pipeline Maintenance 11.2% 15 = Adhesives and Sealants in Transportation 9.4% 15 = Battery Materials for Electric Vehicles 9.4% Note: respondents were invited to select up to three hot topics in each of the program areas which they track. Most respondents tracked 1 or 2 of the 5 program areas in the CMF group. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  6. 6. Chemicals, Materials & Food—Hot Topics by Program Area • Active Ingredients in Personal Care received the greatest number of votes as a hot topic across all of CMF. • If we look instead at the popularity of each topic solely amongst respondents for the relevant program area, then "Lightweight Materials in Transportation" ranks number 1. Program Area Number 1 Topic % of Respondents Nominating as Hot Topic Chemicals, Materials & Food: Hot Topics Within Each Research Program, Global, 2014 6 Nominating as Hot Topic Chemicals in Transportation Lightweight Materials in Transportation 51.0% Chemicals in Construction & Utilities Construction Chemicals 49.6% Food & Beverage Ingredients Food Processing Sector Growth Opportunities 45.5% PPE PPE in Chemical Industry 43.1% Chemicals in Food, Drug & Cosmetic Markets Active Ingredients in Personal Care 40.8% Note: Percentages are higher than those on the previous slide, because these represent only respondents who were specifically interested in the relevant program area Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  7. 7. Chemicals, Materials & Food—Convergence with Other Industries Many clients are interested in a range of industries beyond their own Key Industries Tracked in Addition to Company’s Core Markets, Global, 2014 Client's Industry Cross-interest 1 Cross-interest 2 Cross-interest 3 A&D IPC 26% M&I 26% A&T 22% A&T A&D 49% IPC 42% EPS 37% CMF M&I 38% EBT 37% EPS 29% 7 CMF M&I 38% EBT 37% EPS 29% EPS EBT 60% IPC 54% M&I 27% EBT EPS 36% M&I 35% CMF 34% HC CMF 38% ICT 36% M&I 34% IPC M&I 47% A&D 31% EPS 28% ICT M&I 50% IPC 48% A&D and HC 47% M&I IPC 30% EBT and A&D 19% CMF 18% N=1,937 Q5 Please select all the industries you will be tracking in 2014? Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  8. 8. Interest in Mega Trends 70% 80% 90% Percentage of Clients Expressing an Interest in Mega Trends CMF All clients 8 50% 60% 2013 2014 Note: Chart represents the percentage of clients who said they were interested, in response to the question: "What is your interest in Mega Trends?" Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  9. 9. Ranking of Mega Trends Chemical companies often prioritise different mega trends from other Frost & Sullivan clients Overall ranking across all clients Ranking for CMF clients Commentary New Business Models: Value for Many 2 1 See following slide Smart is the New Green 2 = See following slide Health, Wellness, and Well-Being 2 = See following slide Ranking of Mega Trends, Global, 2014 9 Health, Wellness, and Well-Being 2 = See following slide Beyond BRIC: The Next Game Changers Next in line Innovating to Zero Next in line Future of Mobility 1 More concerned with enabling technology e.g. car pooling models than with materials Connectivity and Convergence 3 Relatively little impact on material goods Future Infrastructure Development Next in line Social Trends Next in line Note: ranking based on the question: "Below you will see the list of the nine Mega Trends we just introduced. Please help us prioritizing these Mega Trends by ordering them of importance for you from one to nine." Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  10. 10. The Last Word This is a word cloud generated from all the open text feedback received from the survey respondents. It shows some important areas that were not included in the pre-designed lists of potential hot topics. Bio-based chemicals Regional overview Sustainability Chemical logistics Nanomaterials Crop protection chemicalsSugar Sustainable energy Food additives Industry M&A 10 Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis Lubricants Bio-based chemicals Semiconductor chemicals Chemical industry process enhancement Water treatment chemicals End-markets Commodities Food safety Healthy foods Lightweight Composites Chemical safety & regulations Coatings Metals Pharmaceuticals Antimicrobial ingredients Chemical industry management Fertilizers Mining chemicals Packaging PPE Pulp and Paper chemicals Technology trends Borates Chemicals trading Food processing
  11. 11. Summary Many factors in this survey point to the growing interest in Feeding the World as a Mega Trend Functionality and performance Health and wellness Food Drugs & Cosmetics Chemicals & 11 Globalisation Low carbon economy Construction & Utilities Transportation Feed the world Chemicals & Materials Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  12. 12. Feed the World Impact of mega trend on the chemical industry Land Crop Technology Chemicals Opportunities Other Impacts Fertilisers Seeds Seed coatings No-till practices and impact on bio- based feedstocks Crop strains can be optimised both for food productivity, and other markets e.g. bagasse as a composite fibre Feed the World as a Mega Trend: Opportunities for Chemical Companies Along the Value Chain, Global, 2014 12 Growing Distribution Consumption Processing Agrochemicals Water treatment for irrigation Packaging Materials for transportation and infrastructure composite fibre Biofuels and food v fuel Technology to compost and recycle food and packaging waste Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  13. 13. Feed the World How technology from every Frost & Sullivan research practice has a role to play in feeding the world Frost & Sullivan practice Relevance to Feed the World Healthcare Using food industry infrastructure to deliver healthcare ICT Using mobile communication technology to improve productivity Automotive, Transportation & Logistics Reducing waste due to poor domestic transport infrastructure Aerospace, Defence & Security Tackling food fraud Feed the World as a Mega Trend: Relevance Across Multiple Industries, Global, 2014 13 Energy & Environment Anaerobic digestion of food waste to generate green energy Measurement & Instrumentation Better resourcing for agricultural monitoring activities, to support sustainable agriculture, address food security and cope with climate variability." Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
  14. 14. Feed the World Chemical companies using this as a mega trend or driver of strategy Company Relevance to company strategy BASF "Innovations based on chemistry will play a key role in three areas in particular. [One of these is] Food and Nutrition." Source: BASF Purpose, Principles and Values statement, Dec 2013 Bayer In addition to the business division Bayer CropScience, "Materials from Bayer MaterialScience, namely rigid PU foam insulation, also play an important role in reducing wastage in crop storage and the cool chain" Feed the World as a Mega Trend: Presence in the Strategy of Leading Chemical Companies, Global, 2014 14 in reducing wastage in crop storage and the cool chain" Dow Megatrend: "Health & Nutrition" DSM "DSM has been a proud partner of the United Nations World Food Programme, the largest provider of food aid to the world’s hungry, since 2007. In January 2013 this partnership was extended for three years to 2015." DuPont Megatrend: "Increasing Food Production" Evonik Megatrend: "Health & Nutrition" Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis
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