The Importance of Measuring the Value of Learning & Development


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A presentation on the importance of measuring the value of Learning and Development, from our GIL University in the UK.

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The Importance of Measuring the Value of Learning & Development

  1. 1. The Importance of Measuring the Value of Learning and Development “We accelerate growth”
  2. 2. Not all L&D requirements are the same – they vary and so measurement approaches have to vary tooNo. ofpeopleimpacted Strategic connectivity “We accelerate growth”
  3. 3. We need to consider the nature of the requirement…No. ofpeopleimpacted Is this something required to simply maintain performance, or is this something required to deliver against an on going or new strategic aim? Strategic connectivity “We accelerate growth”
  4. 4. …. and its scope Is this something for specific individuals, a team, professional community orNo. of everyone?peopleimpacted Strategic connectivity “We accelerate growth”
  5. 5. The first quadrant represents Operational Readiness These are requirements whereby a small number of people require relatively tactical interventions to do their jobs well. Needs might be identified at an individual or team level and have limited strategic connectivity.No. ofpeopleimpacted Operational readiness Strategic connectivity “We accelerate growth”
  6. 6. The next quadrant is organisational wide development These are requirements whereby a larger number of people require relatively tactical Organisational interventions that keep the organisation development functioning and developing. Included in here are interventions that support employeeNo. of engagement, personal development andpeople company specific requirements such asimpacted product and market awareness. Operational readiness Strategic connectivity “We accelerate growth”
  7. 7. The next quadrant is about specified initiatives often ‘owned’ by a functional head or business unit leader These are requirements that provide a targeted impact in a key business area, and are closely related to the achievement of strategic objectives. These may be growth strategy related programmes such as sales and marketing excellence, channel partner Organisational development, marketing, new product development introduction enhancements etc.No. ofpeopleimpacted Operational Specified readiness initiatives Strategic connectivity “We accelerate growth”
  8. 8. The final quadrant is Business Transformation Organisational Business development transformationNo. ofpeopleimpacted These are requirements where a full organisational change is required, usually in response to external forces impacting Operational Specified initiatives the value chain and focused on readiness maintaining or improving competitiveness. These requirements tend to be multi tier and involve every business function and level. Strategic connectivity “We accelerate growth”
  9. 9. When applying a standard 5 level measurement modelwe need to decide what level of measurement isappropriate for what type of requirement Level 5: ROI ? ? Level 4: Business Impact Business transformation Business transformation Business transformation Business transformation Specified initiatives ? ? Level 3: Application & Implementation Operational readiness Organisational Organisational development development Level 2: Learning Level 1: Reaction & Satisfaction “We accelerate growth”
  10. 10. To guide this decision we need to consider who isreally evaluating the impact of the investment we aremaking? €? “We accelerate growth”
  11. 11. Is this about the individual perspective…? Individual Is it the individual evaluating this in terms of a return on their effort, what it may help them with immediately or what it may help them achieve in the future – and whether the learning experience really worked for them? € “We accelerate growth”
  12. 12. Maybe it’s a departmental thing… Is it a team or departmental issue we are trying to resolve, and if so how would they measure the €effectiveness of the solution? Has it removed an operational barrier,mitigated risk, improved functional performance or perception? Line / Dept. “We accelerate growth”
  13. 13. Maybe its all about HR/L&D proving their worth… HR / L&D € Is it HR or L&D team measuring the effectiveness of interventions in order to justify their role and value in the organisation? Does the data and results generated help to improve the internal perception of HR & L&D with the more ‘commercial’ parts of the organisation? “We accelerate growth”
  14. 14. Maybe this is just stuff for finance to consider… Finance €Is it finance evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to optimise spend on developmental activity across theorganisation? Do they want to scrutinise spend to identify what can be cut? Dothey want to compare ROI from different initiatives to better advise on where to invest? “We accelerate growth”
  15. 15. Or maybe its about where we are going, and howfast we are getting there… € C Suite Are the executive team evaluating the developmental activities in terms of how much closer or how fast we are moving toward achieving strategic objectives? “We accelerate growth”
  16. 16. In reality its probably a combination of some, if not all, ofthese things Individual Finance HR / L&D € C Suite Line / Dept. “We accelerate growth”
  17. 17. So when planning interventions its important to communicate with therelevant stakeholder communities in language which reflects theirinterests and challenges C Suit Are we heading where we need to? e Finance Are we spending wisely? Line / Dept Are we delivering what is expected? . HR Are we adding value? Individual Am I progressing? “We accelerate growth”
  18. 18. Why its important to measure Learning & Development?• It may be important to different people in different ways• Different stakeholders need different data and language• Good measurement transforms L&D from a cost to an investment• Better upfront planning and closer scrutiny on levels 3 and above creates the conditions for sustained change “We accelerate growth”
  19. 19. Contact detailsIf you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact medirectlyThank you. “We accelerate growth”