Strategic Analysis of the Asia Pacific Paint and Coating Industry


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Frost & Sullivan Analyst Briefing on the Asia Pacific Paints and Coatings Market

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Strategic Analysis of the Asia Pacific Paint and Coating Industry

  1. 1. Strategic Analysis of Paint and Coating Industry (Asia Pacific)<br />PoojaVerma<br /> Consulting Analyst<br />Chemicals, Materials & Food practice<br /> 7 June,2011<br />
  2. 2. Table of Contents <br />Slide No.<br />1<br />ASIA PACIFIC ECONOMIC OUTLOOK 3<br />2<br />ASIA PACIFIC PAINT & COATINGS MARKET ANALYSIS 4<br />3<br />INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHTS 7<br />4<br />CONCLUSION 10<br />5<br />ABOUT PAINT FROST 11<br />
  3. 3. Macro economic indicators - GDP and GDP growth rate<br />GDP (USD billions)<br />GDP Growth Rate (%)<br />Source: IMF.Org<br />
  4. 4. Asia Pacific Paint & Coatings Market Analysis – Revenue Share and Revenue <br />APAC Revenue Share ( billions $ )<br />APAC Revenue ( billion $ )<br />CAGR: 11%<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
  5. 5. Asia Pacific Paint & Coatings Market Analysis – Market Revenue by Segments <br />APAC Revenue Share (%)<br />Market Revenue by Segments (%)<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
  6. 6. Asia Pacific Paint & Coatings Market Analysis – Market Revenue by Countries<br />APAC Revenue Share (%)<br />Market Revenue by Countries(%)<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
  7. 7. Industry Highlights - Key Participants by Countries in APAC<br />Paint and Coatings Market: Top Three Participants by Country (Asia), 2010<br />India<br />Asian Paint<br />Kansai<br />Berger<br />South Korea<br />KCC<br />Samhwa<br />International Paints<br />Thailand<br />TOA<br />Akzo Nobel<br />Nippon Paint<br />Japan<br />Nippon Paint <br />Kansai<br />SKK<br />Malaysia<br />Akzo Nobel<br />Nippon Paint<br />Jotun<br />Taiwan<br />Yungchi<br />Akzo Nobel<br />Kansai<br />Indonesia<br />Akzo Nobel<br />Nippon Paint<br />Propan Raya<br />China<br />Akzo Nobel<br />PPG<br />Nippon Paint<br />Singapore<br />Akzo Nobel<br />Jotun<br />Nippon Paint<br />Philippines<br />Boysen<br />Charter Chemical<br />Dutch Boy<br />Hong Kong<br />Akzo Nobel<br />Nippon Paint<br />SKK & Camel Paint<br />Vietnam<br />Akzo Nobel<br />4 Oranges<br />Jotun<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
  8. 8. Industry Highlights - Key Drivers for Paint and Coatings industry in APAC<br />Highest Impact<br />Greater Economic Growth in APAC region <br />Lowest Impact<br />Growth in end-user industries sectors- construction, automotive etc<br />Green Technology<br />Increasing investments in infrastructure<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
  9. 9. Industry Highlights - Key Challenges for Paint and Coatings industry in APAC<br />Competing Alternative Materials<br />i.e.: glass, steel for exterior<br />Slower adoption of technology<br />Rising oil prices is a big concern!<br />Rising Raw Material Prices<br />Lowest Impact<br />Highest Impact<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
  10. 10. Key Conclusions<br />High GDP growth rate <br />Countries in Asia Pacific are growing at a high GDP growth rate which is a promising factor for paint and coatings industry<br />High Growth of Industry<br />Paint and Coatings revenues in Asia Pacific have grown with a CAGR between 11-12% which is very high<br />Key Drivers<br />High growth of construction and automotive sectors is expected to drive the paint and coatings industry growth in the coming years<br />Key Challenges <br />Rising prices of raw materials is a big concern for the paints and coatings industry<br />
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  23. 23. For Additional Information<br />Donna Jeremiah<br />Corporate Communications<br />Asia Pacific<br />+603 6204 5832<br /><br />Carrie Low<br />Corporate Communications<br />Asia Pacific<br />+603 6204 5910<br /><br />PoojaVerma<br />Consulting Analyst<br />Chemicals, Materials & Food<br />+603 6204 5800<br /><br />NishaSundrum<br />Corporate Communications<br />Asia Pacific<br />+603 6204 5818<br /><br />