Smart Energy Management in Grids


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Smart grid deployments and associated technologies can be expected to revolutionize the energy generation, transmission, distribution and usage of the future. The smart grid efficiently amalgamates energy technologies and information and communication technologies to address the major challenges associated with the energy grid in different countries.

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  • The smart grid efficiently penetratesto energy technologies and information and communication technologies to address the major challenges
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Smart Energy Management in Grids

  1. 1. Smart Energy Management in GridsSmart Energy Management in Grids Smart grid technologiesSmart grid technologies Avimanyu Basu, Research Analyst Energy & Power Systems 3rd September 20133rd September 2013 © 2012 Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved. This document contains highly confidential information and is the sole property of Frost & Sullivan. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, copied or otherwise reproduced without the written approval of Frost & Sullivan.
  2. 2. Avimanyu Basu, Research Analyst Frost & Sullivan Follow me on: Today’s Presenter 2 •Expertise: familiar with emerging technologies in sustainable energy (electric vehicles, fuel cells, wind energy, solar energy, ocean energy, smart grid etc) and nanotechnology domain •Years of experience: about 3 years of experience in market research, consulting and manufacturing.
  3. 3. Poll Question How much would be the smart grid market worth of in 2020? • US $ 50-100 billion • US $ 150-200 billion • US $ 250-300 billion • US $ 300-350 billion 3 • More than US $ 350 billion
  4. 4. Occasion for the Analyst Briefing Smart energy management develops a more energy efficient economy base on minimum energy losses, low carbon footprint, maximum utilization of renewable and reduces dependence on fossil fuels Smart energy management can be considered the common area of interest among all developed as well as developing nations of the world with ever- 4 among all developed as well as developing nations of the world with ever- increasing energy demand, rapid depletion of fossil fuels and alarming environmental issues Strategies adopted by global smart grid participants and potential points of investment in the value chain
  5. 5. Smart Grid Segments Smart T&D Distributed Generation, Integrated Renewable Resources, HVDC, Substation Automation Smart End User AMI, EMS Smart Service Demand Response Various components and functionalities of the smart grid could be classified according to the following segments 5 Smart Grid Smart Storage Integrating Energy Storage Systems for Back-up Smart Transportation EV Charging
  6. 6. • Intelligent Electronic Devices that are connected in the digital substations can communicate over the grid system • Presently, IEC 61850 is the most commonly used standard • Generation of the own electricity requirements by consumers, normally from solar or wind energy • The excess energy is input to the grid resulting in monetary benefit of the consumer • Ability of an energy storage system to store energy during off-peak and supply during peak hours Substation Automation Distributed Storage TRENDS Distributed Generation Key Trends 6 during off-peak and supply during peak hours • EVs can utilise dynamic pricing (store while prices are low and supply while prices are high) through this, utilities can implement peak-shaving and load levelling • Used by utilities to improve reliability, predictability and speed of load curtailment during peak hours which balances the demand and supply. • Usually used for large energy users (commercial and industrial customers • This could be considered to be one of the tools to bring down consumer electricity bills • The HEM momentum would be driven by time-of-use (TOU) pricing, and DR programs. Automation Home Energy Management Automated Demand Response TRENDS
  7. 7. Furthermore.. TRENDS Innovation in software platform engaged in demand response is presently being noticed among a number of SMEs, the market leaders tend to go for M&A activities with these companies Government of countries active in the smart grid domain revealed their plan to deploy smart meters across the country in millions Emergence of real time grid analytics, which would provide precise 7 TRENDS Emergence of real time grid analytics, which would provide precise information about numerous elements of the grid considering parameters associated with weather conditions, geographic location and asset information Implementation of up-to-the-minute technologies in power transmission, energy management in all levels reduces energy losses to a minimum
  8. 8. Smart Grid Characteristics Two-way communication enables active participation of the consumers, leading to benefits for the grid as well as the environment, bring along lower cost of electricity fromSelf healing functions to recover from The consumers are provided the Flexibility to accommodate all energy generation and storage technologies promises the establishment of the cleaner and more efficient energy grid 8 Smart Grid Features Self healing functions to recover from system disturbances through round the clock assessment and analysis of various grid functions and continuous inspection of health of the components Promises security against power theft and resists natural calamities Both utilities and consumers are encouraged to switch to renewables through efficient addressing of the associated challenges such as seasonal availability The consumers are provided the freedom to select their electricity supplier and monitor their energy usage
  9. 9. Key Drivers Summary Maximum utilization of remote and distributed generation Elimination of seasonal factor in renewables 9 Adoption of Electric Vehicles result in new loads Improvement in reliability by upgrading age- old infrastructure Contribution of excess energy onto the grid by consumers result in monetary benefit High efficiency throughout output range Source: Frost & Sullivan.
  10. 10. Heavy investment involved initially on every aspect i.e. R&D and implementation Consumers reluctant on investing due to higher initial cost EM fields caused by smart meters often affects humans (electric poisoning) Key Restraints Summary 10 Vulnerable to cyber attacks Source: Frost & Sullivan.
  11. 11. Market Scenario 20 25 20.6 • The smart grid market is estimated to be at $57.5 billion by 2015 and exceed 380 billion by 2020. • By 2015, the following domains can be estimated to draw maximum investments 11 Source: Frost & Sullivan 0 5 10 15 T&D AMI sensors software and hardware wireless and communication infrastructure 3.7 8 12.2 13 USDbillion
  12. 12. Smart T&D USD $ 76 mn through 9 deals from global VC funding, through modifications related to grid optimization Trends directed towards making cost of DC at par with AC, integration of renewables etc EU leads, followed by US 12 LVHVHV User Image Source: Frost & Sullivan
  13. 13. Smart End Users The AMI segment acquired USD $63 mn in eight deals in 2012 from VC funding, globally the AMI domain gathered a funding of USD $3.6 bn in 2012. Smart meter is the part of smart grid that attracted the most funding, significant R&D and installations worldwide 13 Image Source: Frost & Sullivan Utility Power Grid Home Breaker Box Appliances, EV Charging Data Processing Unit Linear Sensor Renewable Energy Current Sensor Current Sensor Internet
  14. 14. Smart Service From venture capital funding, the demand response sector acquired USD $82 mn in 10 deals in 2012 US leads in software platform development, all major M&A activities in this segment In Europe, investment of around EUR 210 mn, In the US, around USD $ 200 mn was allocated for efficiency-related programs, of which demand response occupies a major portion 14 Less consumption, shift consumption, curtail during critical peaks Peak Load Supply = Generator 1+ Generator 2+ Generator 3 Demand = Building 1+ Building 2+ Building 3 DR Image Source: Frost & Sullivan efficiency-related programs, of which demand response occupies a major portion
  15. 15. Smart Storage 2012 saw a funding of around USD $ 35-40 bn in the segment globally Aims to develop stability in renewable power generation 15 Image Source: Frost & Sullivan Regulator Inverter STORAGE
  16. 16. Smart Transportation The vehicle-to-grid infrastructure segment of the smart grid acquired a funding of around USD $ 720 mn globally in 2012 Focuses on charging EVs through conductive or inductive charging, capture renewable energy and utilize them for charging EVs 16 Image Source: and
  17. 17. Potential Global Hotspots China 1. Substation Automations 2. AMI 3. Smart Transmission N. America 1. Grid operation software 2. Grid Analytics 3. Smart Transmission Europe 1. Smart Transmission 2. AMI 3. Substation Automations 17 Asia Pacific 1. Substation Automations 2. Grid operation software 3. Smart Transmission S. America 1. AMI 2. Substation Automations 3. Smart Transmission Image Source: Frost & Sullivan* 1,2,3 denotes the most promising areas of development
  18. 18. Conclusion Maximum investment recorded in China, followed by the US and Europe. Next comes Japan, Korea and Australia M&A, contract R&D, strategic partnerships and JVs could be considered as the major trends in the smart grid domain. The market leaders tend to kill competition through these strategies Software platforms for energy management is the major area of 18 Software platforms for energy management is the major area of interest for SMEs. The other segments such as advanced T&D, AMI, renewable energy integration etc. are monopolized by energy and automation market leaders
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