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ShinewayTech Position Paper

  1. 1. Price Performance Value LeadershipShinewayTechSujan Sami
  2. 2. 2Price Performance Value LeadershipTABLE OF CONTENTSSignificance of the price performance value leadership award............................................3BEST PRACTICE AWARD ANALYSIS FOR SHINEWAYTECH..................................................3Key Performance Drivers for ShinewayTech ........................................................................4CONCLUSION .......................................................................................................................6
  3. 3. 3SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PRICE PERFORMANCE VALUELEADERSHIP AWARDKey Industry Challenges Addressed by ShinewayTechOne of the key challenges for test vendors in the market today is to provide customerswith test equipment capable of addressing the current technologies and standards,especially at a low cost. As the CAPEX issues and increasing competition remain to be achallenge, it becomes critical for test vendors to differentiate themselves in order to getahead of the competition. Offering the best solutions at the lowest prices is a key factorfor success in the market today. In addition, infrastructure growth in the communicationsector is enormous, especially in China and other Asian nations.It is extremely important for test vendors to offer affordable yet feature andfunctionalities rich products that meet the needs of customers, without sacrificing quality.Key factors enabling companies to remain competitive in the FOTE market include costeffectiveness, breadth of product portfolios, and geographic presence.With global vendors attempting to establish presence in the Asia Pacific region, regionalvendors need to focus on increasing brand recognition and offering niche solutions at lowcost.BEST PRACTICE AWARD ANALYSIS FOR SHINEWAYTECHThe Price Performance Value Leadership Award is a prestigious recognition presented toShinewayTech for its accomplishments in the FOTE market.The following criteria were used to benchmark Shineway’s performance against keycompetitors:• Price Competitiveness• Features• Ease of use• Service Effectiveness• Product matched to client needsShineway has developedtest solutions that meetend-user demand forcompactness, stability,real-time analysis, user-friendly interfaces,efficiency, and suitabilityfor field deployments. TheCompany constantlyoffers updates andupgrades of its products- Sujan Sami, IndustryManager, Frost &Sullivan
  4. 4. 4Price Performance Value LeadershipKEY PERFORMANCE DRIVERS FOR ShinewayTechCriterion 1: Price CompetitivenessShineway is an ISO 9001 certified company that builds handheld fiber optic testers. Thecompany is focused on helping customers test their fiber optic cables by reducing theiroperational expenditures in today’s fast-paced environment. Shineway’s success has been inoffering products with state of the art technology at low costs since 2002. The companytakes pride in its product line that consists of feature and functionalities rich tools at lowerprice points compared to its competition.Today, there is ever-increasing competition among test equipment vendors in the AsiaPacific region, and especially China. Growth in infrastructure and increasing demand forbandwidth and FTTx are driving more companies to venture into these countries. In suchsituations, test vendors need to differentiate themselves, and Shineway, with its low costproducts, stands above its competitors in offering solutions at low cost while simultaneouslymaintaining high standards.Criterion 2: FeaturesShineway’s products are priced at approximately 30 percent lower of those of their globalcompetitors. These products are well suited for regional service providers, helping themreduce operational costs, especially with their OTDR products.The company offers a plethora of fiber optic products, ranging from optical time domainrelfectometers (OTDRs), optical power meters (OPMs), optical light sources (OLSs) andoptical loss testers (OLTSs). The company also provides optical fiber identifiers, intelligentoptical fault locators, optical talk sets, and other accessories for customers to performeffective fiber testing. The company also provides a multi-functional optical tester thatincludes an optical power meter, laser source, talk set, loss tester, and fiber length tester, allintegrated into a single piece of equipment.One of the key success factors for Shineway lies in the fact that the company constantlyoffers updates and upgrades of its products. Additionally, the company offers CWDM opticalchannel checkers that can easily be replaced by high-cost spectrometers. The lightweight,compact nature and sturdy design of these products help customers to achieve their targetsat a low cost.Shineway’s focus is tooffer low cost superiorproducts that can competewith other Tier I globaltest vendors. Cost being aprime factor in selectionof test vendors, thecompany is wellpositioned to gain marketshare.- Sujan Sami, IndustryManager, Frost &Sullivan
  5. 5. 5Criterion 3: Ease of UseThe company has been able to develop test solutions, especially the OTDR, to meet end userrequirements such as compactness, stability, real-time analysis, user-friendly interfaces,efficiency, and suitability for field deployments. The palm OTDR is lightweight and the “tracemanager” software can display, analyze, and edit trace files and perform comprehensivetests.Telecommunication and network carriers are the key sources of revenue generation forShineway. As these end users are cost sensitive, Shineway succeeds by offering feature rich,user friendly FOTE solutions that are also known for their high value for the price. Inaddition, the company provides excellent technical support, helping customers to betterunderstand the products and use them more effectively.Criterion 4: Service SupportShineway’s success is also attributed to the company’s regional presence that provides itwith a leverage to offer direct service and support to their customers. One of Shineway’score competencies is to provide better services from every technology and productstandpoint. The lifetime service that Shineway offers for its entire product is the key factor inthe company’s success. Understanding the local customers and offering many types ofcustomer support is key for success in China, and Shineway does not only meet theserequirements but also exceeds them. In addition, the company is focused on updating andupgrading its software solutions at regular intervals, thereby attracting more customers. Thecompany has significant presence across the globe in countries such as the United States ofAmerica, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina, Korea, Thailand, India, Israel, Philippines,and Bolivia, where it offers its products and services to support its customers.Criterion 5: Product Matched to Clients NeedsThe company’s regional presence has helped it to understand each and every customer’sdemands and adapt to them accordingly. In addition, Shineway keeps itself abreast withcustomer needs and requirements, receiving feedback constantly through a telephoniccustomer survey system. It also sends technicians to key end users to obtain their feedbacklive, which helps the company to maintain good relationships with its customers and meettheir needs with effective and affordable products.Having a regional presence in China, Shineway is in a well-established position to understandthe business and customer needs of the nation.Shineway is committed tooffering measurementsolutions to its key endusers of telecom andnetwork carriers to meetevolving challenges in themarket.- Sujan Sami, IndustryManager, Frost &Sullivan
  6. 6. 6Price Performance Value LeadershipCONCLUSIONWith a broad product portfolio, global presence and a low pricing strategy, ShinewayTechhas established itself as a key FOTE company not only in China but in other emergingcountries of the world as well. Because of the reasons mentioned above, Shineway is aworthy recipient of the 2012 Frost & Sullivan Price Performance Value Leadership award inthe global FOTE market.
  7. 7. 7About ShinewayTechStarting in 2002 with fiber optic testers, ShinewayTech has become one of the fastestgrowing companies in global FOTE industry and is expanding product portfolio to RF and IPtesting fields. Over the decade, ShinewayTech sales covered more than 70 countries anddominated China OTDR market from 2009. We are committed to providing innovative andcompetitive communications test & measurement solutions and utilities that enable ourcustomers to meet the fast-paced operational challenges of today and tomorrow.ShinewayTech introduced the world first handheld optical time domain reflectometer(palmOTDR) with 5 patents in 2004 which opened up a new epoch of optic fiber testingapplication and has delivered unprecedented experience and global reputation ofeffectiveness, efficiency and easiness. Thereafter a wide range of successful products havebeen brought to the market including intelligent optical loss testers/power meters/lasersources , PON testers, CWDM channel checkers, optical multimeter, multifunctional testplatform and optical fusion splicers, making us one of the few original FOTE manufacturerswith complete product line of more than 30 series and 200 models.Combining years of expertise in fiber optic testing, insight in FTTx trend and completeproduct line, ShinewayTech presents FTTx TestProTM, the one stop test solution andutilities for entire PON life time. The packages include tailored product combinations toevaluate PON link continuity, signal loss, service performance as well as fusion splicingtools and supporting accessories for different stages.ShinewayTech is a highly flexible and competitive market player, apart from our ISO 9001certified R&D and original manufacturing, we welcome all terms of cooperation withglobal partners. We are committed to anticipating new trends and demands throughinteractivities with our partners, customers and industry specialists, and consistentlyinvesting in innovative research, design, manufacture and marketing to deliver state-of-the-art and cost-effective products and solutions to global FOTE market.About Frost & SullivanFrost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients toleverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growthopportunities that will make or break todays market participants.Our “Growth Partnership” supports clients by addressing these opportunities andincorporating two key elements driving visionary innovation: The Integrated ValueProposition and The Partnership Infrastructure.
  8. 8. 8Price Performance Value Leadership• The Integrated Value Proposition provides support to our clients throughout allphases of their journey to visionary innovation including: research, analysis, strategy,vision, innovation and implementation.• The Partnership Infrastructure is entirely unique as it constructs the foundation uponwhich visionary innovation becomes possible. This includes our 360 degree research,comprehensive industry coverage, career best practices as well as our global footprintof more than 40 offices.For more than 50 years, we have been developing growth strategies for the global 1000,emerging businesses, the public sector and the investment community. Is yourorganization prepared for the next profound wave of industry convergence, disruptivetechnologies, increasing competitive intensity, Mega Trends, breakthrough best practices,changing customer dynamics and emerging economies?