SaaS-Based Collaboration Applications


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An analyst briefing presentation by analyst Ng Jun Wen on SaaS-based collaboration applications.

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  • -> Considerable reduction in time and cost for software asset management->Now the IT managers are able to divert resources meant for business and productivity systems to more mission critical applications->(about IT staff) employees are able need to upskill themselves to more of a managerial role of negotiating contracts and
  • Email and Collaboration are among the SaaS based applications in use today; other applications like HRM, CRM and ERP have been seeing traction but the complexity and costs of intergrating it with the existing IS ecosystem makes it hard for enteprises to justify the ROI to implement these sort of systemsThese applications are the low hanging fruits in SaaS value chain; easiest to achieve thanks in part to the ease of implementation and integration with the existing Information systems.
  • -Widely expected to grwo
  • Driven in part by their need to expand and modernize their ICT ecosystem; Takaful Malaysia, a Malaysian financial services provider, “outsourced their mail, file server and communications to the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS)”. (, 2011) Takaful Malaysia deployed 250 user licenses to Takaful employees. These employees, who are salespersons, will be working remotely and thus will need a Collaboration that is able to facilitate their mobility. Takaful managed to reduce their need for IT technical staff and at the same time eliminated the need to deploy new servers. (, 2011) Apart from that, BPOS also came with Microsoft Live Meeting, which allowed Takaful Malaysia employees to visually collaborate among each other, enabled by UC applications like Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing.SaaS based Collaboration applications are able to reduce the uncertainty when managing information systems. Takaful’s fears of data privacy and security have been assuaged by Microsoft’s promise of a 99.9% uptime, which is then protected by a 128 bit encryption system. This greatly thus reduces the uncertainty faced by IT managers of managing and maintaining a system that is both agile and powerful. Microsoft BPOS’s simplified account management system has also given Takaful Malaysia more control over its email accounts. Via Microsoft Sharepoint, Takaful Malaysia is also able to control the level of access a user has using Microsoft Sharepoint’s rights management system. This provides an added level of security to Takaful Malaysia as they will be able to manage the confidentially of its documents by limiting the access to certain personnel based on their level of access and rights.
  • SaaS-Based Collaboration Applications

    1. 1. SaaS-Based Collaboration Applications Proposition to Enterprises, Vendors and Service Providers in ASEAN<br />Ng Jun Wen, Research Analyst<br />ICT<br />June 15th 2011<br />
    2. 2. Market Definition<br />Software as a Service<br />Software as a Service is defined as <br />multi-tenant, hosted applications that are <br />accessed by users via their Internet browsers.<br />The provider manages the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, <br />operating systems, storage, as well as<br />individual application capabilities.<br />Access and use of the software<br />application is available on demand <br />via subscription or pay-per-use.<br />Collaboration<br /><ul><li>Collaboration, in context of Unified Communications are the applications which allows workers in an Enterprise to communicate and share information with each other or in groups via email, audio, video, and documents. </li></ul> These collaborative applications in <br /> Unified Communications are the Personal and Productivity Systems, which is the first layer of information systems.<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
    3. 3. Ease of implementation & integration<br />Tacit Knowledge<br />Why SaaS-Based Collaboration?<br />Executive Information Systems<br />Explicit<br />Knowledge<br />Decision Support Systems<br />Information<br />Management Information Systems<br />Basic<br />Data<br />Personal & Productivity <br />Systems<br />High complexity, risk & costs<br />Low complexity, risk & costs<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
    4. 4. Why SaaS-Based Collaboration?<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
    5. 5. WhySaaS-BasedCollaboration?<br />Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
    6. 6. Market Adoption<br /> Key Highlights ofSaaS Collaboration Market<br /><ul><li>Double digit growth with a 36.3% CAGR.
    7. 7. Market revenue is expected to double its revenue by at least 50%.
    8. 8. In 2014, the ASEAN market would have grown by 72%.</li></ul>Note: All figures are rounded; the base year is 2010. Source: Frost & Sullivan<br />
    9. 9. Case Study: Takaful Malaysia implements Microsoft BPOS<br /><ul><li>300 Microsoft BPOS accounts
    10. 10. Mainly for mobile workforce and remote sales agents.
    11. 11. Microsoft BPOS’s simplified account management system has also given Takaful Malaysia more control over its email accounts.
    12. 12. Takaful also managed to reduce their need for IT technical staff and at the same time eliminated the need to deploy new servers.</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion/Key Take-Aways<br />For End Users<br />For Vendors<br />Right time, Right place<br />Nascent market, <br />Huge opportunity<br />Reduces IT management issues<br />Value Chain<br />Higher user revenues,<br />Increased margins<br />Capex reduced<br />Uncertainty reduced<br />8<br />
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    14. 14. Ng Jun Wen has 2 years of consulting and research experience, which includes particular expertise in depth analysis of the Unified Collaborations in the ASEAN market. His experience base covering broad range of sectors; leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’<br />Today’s Presenter<br />For any other enquiries, email us:<br />