Future of Vehicle Parking Management Systems in North America and Europe


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Hear Praveen Chandrasekar, Program Manager, Neelam Barua, Industry Analyst and Zia Yusuf, CEO innovative parking management company Streetline, Inc. talk about key trends, current happenings and market sizing of Vehicle Parking Management systems.

With changing parking industry dynamics, vehicle ownership patterns and growing numbers of car-and bike-sharing users, this briefing is an important effort to understand the Mega Trends shaping the future of mobility, designating parking as an important entity for cities and society. The briefing will highlight the key findings of future vehicle parking management systems in North America and Europe.

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  • The On-street parking is more interesting and dynamic because parking is the 3rd biggest revenue generator for a city and this is where majority of innovation is happening from companies like Streetline, etc. The off-street parking industry is where Q-Park and Vinci Park are involved and is very fragmented and each of these players are aggregating information from only their parking spaces.
  • Based on the present parking industry structure, we have come up with three terminologies.Parking Aggregator – These companies builds, maintains and are the core parking operators who bring together all forms of elements in parkingParking Integrator – Few tech start-ups bring the motorists closer to the parking lots benefitting all with technology and social activities onlineParking Facilitator – They provide automation and all parking accessories for running a parking business.Streeetline act as both app developer and technology provider because they are installing the actual sensors on the parking spaces which gives this information. Siemens help to set the infrastructure and IBM applies some advanced analytics to generate dynamic pricing scenarios, etc.
  • The parking industry constitutes participants from various industries and disciplines. An early stage growth opportunity is expected to attract new start-ups in the parking industry which provide real-time parking applications.Opportunities for companies other than parking are unlimited with different level of interactions and engagements.OEMs increasingly view parking as an important service that needs to be integrated within the vehicle’s telematics systemCar sharing operators view parking as one stop solution for parking and charging their EVs and a point of social connect.Mobile app providers have integrated parking with other forms of mobility including navigational assistanceWhereas core parking operators can make use of technology and offer satisfaction to customers while ensuring an effective ROI for business
  • Almost all parking app providers have their service on web as well as an app. Their services extends from real-time parking finding, navigation, booking and payment. The unique business models have been appreciated by city councils, hospitals, airports, metro stations and finding places at home owner’s. Few of them offer hardware-software combination of solutions and are most reliable.ChargePoint manages EV charging station (associated with/without a parking lot)Streetline provides on-street parking management using sensor mesh network, analytics and providing service with an app called ‘Parker’ Unlike ParkMe/ GottaPark which provide static parking navigation information which is just directing you to a parking lot, Streetline provides more dynamic parking navigation info which guides you to a available parking lot based on availability.
  • OEMs are not only developing in-vehicle systems but also investing through their VC arms in organizations that are developing these solutions. For example, ParkatmyHouse was the second strategic investment from BMW i Ventures in London, in July 2011. Similarly, Daimler Mobility Services has acquired a financial interest at the end of 2012 in GottaPark for its simplified approach, collaborative growth, and cost-effective business model.Another example of such a partnership is what Audi and Lexus have developed with INRIX for in-vehicle integrated real-time parking services and traffic navigation for existing and new Audi and Lexus IS vehicles in Europe and North America.Under an alliance, Renault has signed an agreement with Vinci Park, a European leader in parking management, to provide charging infrastructure and associated services for electric vehicles in car parks in France.
  • The changing parking value chain derives the best out of existing participants in their respective industry. VC firms has funded many tech start-up companies developing parking apps and solutions which are used by more than 50 cities globally managing traffic and finding parking spaces.The industry is expected to witness investments and funding from VC firms, ranging from $200–$250 million in the next 3–5 years. It is evident in the emergence of companies, such as Streetline (US and Europe), ParkatmyHouse (US and Europe), GottaPark (US) which have introduced innovative parking apps that provide real-time information on parking lots and spaces, and the option to book or reserve and pay for parking online. The engagement of automotive OEMs of different genre with the participants of the parking industry indicates that parking is to be integrated into the driving experience of the future.
  • Leveraging on the collaborative or shared economy business model in the United Kingdom are facilitating completely online services designed to connect available vacant parking spaces with people looking to park their cars. The company claims it has distributed more than £5 million to property owners who had let their parking space out.In a bid to combat increasing parking charges, governments are thinking of developing legislations, as in the United Kingdom, to allow property owners to rent their driveways to motorists, without it being considered a business.
  • The future says – Parking to be more social, innovative, intelligent, mobile, smart and connected. Early stage growth opportunities will attract 20 new start-ups in the parking industry providing real-time parking applications with investments ranging from $200 to $250 million in the next 3 to 5 years.More than 15 global automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to be associated in strategic alliances by 2020 via partnerships with parking operators, app providers, standalone, via car sharing, or all of the above.
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  • Future of Vehicle Parking Management Systems in North America and Europe

    1. 1. Future of Vehicle Parking Management Systems in North America and Europe Parking Industry Today - Early Stage Growth Opportunities for Technology Players and Automakers Praveen Chandrasekar Research Manager Automotive & Transportation © 2013 Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved. This document contains highly confidential information and is the sole property of Frost & Sullivan. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, copied or otherwise reproduced without the written approval of Frost & Sullivan. Neelam Barua Industry Analyst Automotive & Transportation Oct 1st 2013 Zia Yusuf President & CEO Streetline, Inc.
    2. 2. 2 Today’s Presenters More than 9.5 years of automotive strategy consulting and research experience • Telematics and Infotainment • Smartphones and Apps Praveen Chandrasekar Research Manager, Automotive & Transportation, Detroit, North America Neelam Barua Industry Analyst, Automotive & Transportation, Bangalore, India 6.5 years of technical and consulting expertise in automotive industry • Parking Management • Automotive Digital and Online Retailing http://in.linkedin.com/pub/neelam-barua/a/364/565 http://in.linkedin.com/pub/praveen-chandrasekar/2/1b1/1b Zia Yusuf President & CEO Streetline, Inc. Zia is CEO of Streetline, Inc., the leading global provider of sensor-enabled Smart City solutions (http://www.streetline.com/). Just prior to his role leading Streetline, Zia was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Sutter Hill Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners. He spent the last ten years at SAP AG where he was executive vice president and a member of SAP’s Executive Leadership Team
    3. 3. 3 Focus Points • Overview of Parking Industry • Structure and Value Chain • Case Studies • Current Industry Trends • Future Outlook • Growth Opportunities and Key Conclusions Today’s Agenda
    4. 4. 4 Parking Industry Operation The off-street parking industry is fragmented and depends on policy & static information, while on-street parking is more dynamic and offers ample opportunity for innovations Parking Management: Parking Industry Operation, Europe and North America, 2013 Source: Frost & Sullivan Parking Industry On Street Policy and static information Dynamic real- time information Location, total number of spaces Space availability, pricing Off Street Policy and static information Dynamic real- time information Location, pricing total number of spaces Gate count, spaces availability Q-Park, Vinci Park Municipalities, City Councils Streetline, FYBR, Nedap AVI GottaPark, ParkMe, ParkatmyHouse Streetline, FYBR, INRIX, Nedap AVI ParkMe, ParkatmyHouse
    5. 5. 5 Definitions in Parking Industry and Future of Parking Parking industry has experienced new sets of participants enabling smart parking, aided by real-time parking information and technology Parking Management: Parking Industry Participants - Definition, Europe and North America, 2013 Parking Aggregator Parking Integrator Parking Facilitator Organizations aggregating information about parking spaces, builds, charges, maintains, monitors and manage them APCOA Parking, Central Parking, Streetline Inc. Start-ups redefining the parking business with real-time parking, navigational assistance and mobile payment solutions GottaPark, ParkatmyHouse, Streetline Inc. Organizations helping parking industry, for ticketing, identification, automation and billing Siemens, Nedap AVI, Parkare, Parkeon, FEDERAL APD, Participants Definition Examples Source: Frost & Sullivan
    6. 6. 6 Overview - Point of Convergence Partnerships and alliances across different sectors are noticeable and the multi- disciplinary industries converge for the competition in the parking industry. Parking Management: Point of Convergence, Europe and North America, 2013 Core Parking Provider Mobile Applications Technology Providers Automotive OEMs Mobility Integrators Real-time updates, navigation, parking payment and integrates all forms of mobility Considers parking a part of mobility infrastructure at appropriate inter- modal intersections Automotive OEMs partner with parking companies, app providers and invest in mobility integrators Combines information from sensors, applies advanced analytics to generate dynamic pricing scenarios Point of convergence - NPA (National Parking Association) - EPA (European Parking Association) Work with Mobile app and technology providers for offering real time updates, guidance and payment options Streetline, Siemens, IBM Streetline, GottaPark Central parking, Vinci Park Zipcar, Autolib BMW, Audi, Daimler Source: Frost & Sullivan
    7. 7. 7 Overview - Parking Application Providers and Their Services Parking app companies in EU and NA region are funded by venture capitalist firms and focus on providing auxiliary services in parking industry Parking Management: Parking Application Providers, Europe and North America, 2013 Parking App Providers Real-time parking and navigation Parking Reservation Parking Payment Mobile App On Street Parking Management Toll Regions Parkopedia EU/US/Asia-Pacific ParkatmyHouse EU/US ChargePoint US My Pango US Parkmobile EU/US/Asia-Pacific paybyphone EU/US ParkNOW US GottaPark US ParkMe EU/US Streetline EU/US QuickPay US Source: Frost & Sullivan
    8. 8. 8 Overview – Automotive OEMs’ Interest for Parking Industry Automotive OEMs are uplifting their portfolio to renounce from only being a mobility provider with interests in Car Sharing, EV Charging, Parking and Payment solutions Parking Management: Automotive OEMs in Parking, Europe and North America, 2013 Automotive OEMs Interest in Parking Application E-Charging Facilities Parking Payment Car Sharing Services Collaboration with Car Park Operators BMW ParkatmyHouse, Parkopedia, ParkNOW Provided through Coulomb Technologies, Chargemaster Provided through NOW Innovations DriveNOW ProPark America, ABM Parking and Interparking Audi INRIX Park Through WiTricity- wireless charging technology Wireless Pay for Parking, Audi connect wireless payment (research) Audi Carsharing (Pilot in Japan) Central Parking, AMPCO Parking Daimler GottaPark Provided through SPX Corporation Through GottaPark Car2Go; car2share Standard Parking, Central Parking, Q- Park, APCOA Renault- Nissan Interest in Apila and Telepark for Renault R-Link Through Schneider Electric With Telepark “Bee” ; Twizy Way, CAR + Autopartage Vinci Park, LAZ parking Source: Frost & Sullivan
    9. 9. 9 Changing Parking Industry Value Chain Bundled services with apps help parking operators to ease their operations, while automotive OEMs build strategic alliances in parking and car sharing services Parking Management: Changing Parking Industry Value Chain, Europe and North America, 2013 Parking start-ups, car sharing companies and EV charging set-ups are funded by venture capitalist firms Parking Operators Automotive OEMs Parking Apps Venture capitalists Car Sharing services Integrating services into vehicles for dynamic parking location and navigation EV Charging Streetline; ParkMobile ParkatmyHouse InterParking; Vinci Park; APCOA; Q-Park Hertz On Demand; Avis; Autolib; Avancar; Drivenow Citi Group; BCD Holdings; RockPort BMW i Ventures BMW, Daimler ChargePoint, Park-o-charge Audi, Lexus CSOsemployparkingoperatorsto facilitateparkingfortheirvehicles ParkingappsdisplayEVparking spaces,locationandavailability Source: Frost & Sullivan
    10. 10. 10 Case Study Smart Parking: ParkatmyHouse ParkatmyHouse facilitates affordable, secure and clean parking space (over 50,000) to over 400,000 users in megacities, like London and the US east coast cities Future Plans Mobility Integration: Rail, Bikes, Car Sharing Add value to parking: EV charging, Remote car service Secure connectivity: Parking space owners connect with drivers Expansion: Include home owners, private participants, new locations New technologies: New mobile app, additional services • Investment from BMW i Ventures • Founded in London in 2006 • International rollout in 2-3 years • Customers earned £5 million in 2012 • Also saved £5 million/year for drivers • Carsharing collaboration (e.g. ZipCar) • UK city council parking support in key boroughs (e.g. Westminster) Current Activities Parking Management: ParkatmyHouse, Europe, 2013 • Joint venture with Chargemaster plc to install EV charge points • 400 EV charge points by year end • Government pays 75% of the cost Source: ParkatmyHouse; Frost & Sullivan
    11. 11. 11 Parking – The Great Unsolved Urban Problem For Cities & Universities Parking revenue loss Severe congestion (30% of traffic) Inefficient resource allocation Major environmental impact For Consumers Significant waste of time Economic cost Ineffective pricing Major source of frustration For Merchants Loss of business due to lack of parking Customer frustration Limited ability to influence – no data
    12. 12. 12 Parking Data Platform Parker ParkEdge • Register space- level regulations and pricing • Catalogue location data for all spaces • Publish locations of garages and lots • Catalogue prices, hours, discou nts, loyalty programs • Guidance to available lots and structures • Reserve spaces • Dynamically manage inventory • Parking guidance on mobile devices and in-car navigation • Web-navigation On-StreetOff-Street Policy Real-Time Parking Data Applications
    13. 13. 13 The Streetline Solution Portfolio Parker ParkEdge Streetline™ Integrated Smart Parking Data Platform ParkSight™ Analytics  Real-Time Management On-Street Parking Platform ParkEdge™ Location Publishing  Reservations Off-Street Parking Platform Parker™ & ParkerMap Parker  ParkerMap  ParkerData Consumer Services Parking Providers (municipal, garages, universities) Sensor-enabled applications, policy management & analytics for on-street parking management Software-as-a-Service parking management platform for off-street parking Consumer parking guidance for smart phones, web & in-car navigation systems Consumers & Merchants
    14. 14. 14 PARKSIGHT: Analytics for the City 1. Visualize driver and parking behavior real-time 2. Identify high/low occupancy areas and times of day via real-time & historical reports 3. Discover areas where parking rate increase is beneficial ParkSightTM: Suite of applications that deliver deep insights into a variety of information that city leaders need to understand and manage parking in their city. ParkSightTM provides real-time and historical parking intelligence, enabling cities to take action in ways never before possible.
    15. 15. 15 ParkerTM: Mobile application available for iPhone and Android devices that provides real-time parking availability information for both on-street and off-street parking. ParkerTM also provides voice guidance, bay pricing, search by criteria and Pay by phone options. PARKER: Real Time Guidance for Motorist Streetline put the Parker app to a test and here are the results: The annual impact if 100,000 people used Parker three times a week
    16. 16. 16 Case Study – LA Express Park City of Los Angeles Phase I - 1600 sensors Phase II – Express Park – 6,000 + Phase III – Five Yr. Growth Model Gate Counter (Counting Device) Venice, Beverly Hills Expansions Parker Garage Guidance
    17. 17. 17 Future of Vehicle Parking Parking is considered to be an integral part of urban mobility with extensive revenue potential and customer value enhancement opportunities Parking Management: Future Trends in Parking Industry, North America, 2013 Social Economical Source: Frost & Sullivan
    18. 18. 18 Three Big Predictions 2 New technologies (M2M communication, internet-of-things, V2X communication) key to parking industry growth. 3 15 automotive OEMs, 20 technology start-ups, 50 infrastructure and technology providers key to parking industry by 2020. 1 Parking expected to grow as a green and smart industry (new technologies, new participants) by 2020. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    19. 19. 19 Poll Question How do you like parking service to be associated as? 1. Smartphone application 2. Mobile / Web based reservation 3. Integrated with in-vehicle systems 4. Traditional way - Walk-in to parking lots and look for space
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