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Opportunities in the New World of Connected Health


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Frost & Sullivan 2013 Australia ICT Outlook Briefing

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Opportunities in the New World of Connected Health

  1. 1. Opportunities in the New World of Connected Health Will this road lead to healthcare transformation? Rhenu Bhuller Vice President, Healthcare December 5th, 2012 #2013ictoutlook
  2. 2. Connected Health #2013ictoutlook
  3. 3. Megatrends Impacting the Entire Spectrum of Care A modern health care system is on the horizon, demanding a paradigm shift From... ...ToOne Size Fits All APPROACH Personalized MedicineFragmented, One-way INFORMATION FLOW Integrated, Two WayProvider Centric FOCUS Patient CentricCentralized, Hospital-based LOCATION Decentralized, Community-basedFragmented, Specialized TREATMENT Collaborative, Shared InformationProcedure-based REIMBURSEMENT Outcomes-basedTreating Sickness OBJECTIVE Preventing Sickness (Wellness) Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. #2013ictoutlook
  4. 4. Shifting Emphasis From Acute Care to Prevention Track, Predict, Intervene, Manage Prevention/Wellness • Early identification and prevention • New forms of care delivery to improve collaboration among providers, patient knowledge, self-help and health • Increase coverage for those services which prevent Goal:Size of Impacted Population disease and improve health over long term; Keep People incentivize better chronic disease management Healthy Longer Goal: Disease/Care Manage Management or Mitigate Goal: Risk Diagnose and Reduce Goal: Treatment Move to Goal: Delay More Manage Goal: Interactio n and Informed Self- Decisions Mgmt Healthy/ ―At Risk‖ Undiagnosed Chronically Ill Chronically Ill End ―Worried Well‖ Managed Unmanaged of Life Continuum of Care Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. #2013ictoutlook
  5. 5. Settings for Care Provision Diagnostic Planned interventions SpecialistD Treatment centres Emergency care Specialist care centres Secondary care Complex diagnostic treatment Serving population of 250K, 500K Tertiary care & inpatient care and 1,000K on central city sites Resource centres Basic Diagnostic Services CommunityC Community hospitals Day interventions Community care centres Minor injuries Serving populations of 100K Nurse-led inpatient care In the heart of the community Intensive rehabilitation Chronic care management Surgeries Social care Health and SocialB Drop in centres Primary care Health and social care centres Healthy living centres Outreach care Close to home, serving populations Information and advice Of up to 10K Home Self care HomeA Nursing home Monitoring Pharmacy Automated treatment Cyber café Information and advice Health kiosk NHS Direct #2013ictoutlook
  6. 6. What Does This New Healthcare World Look Like?More emphasis on diagnosis, monitoring, Tighter cost constraints, declining preventative care = reimbursement, more expensive tools = INCREASED COLLABORATION BETTER FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT P4P, more public scrutiny, evidence- Greater info flows to support training, based medicine = supply chain, patient educationTRACK AND DOCUMENT OUTCOMES COMMUNICATIONS AND CONTENT #2013ictoutlook
  7. 7. The role of Health Data Analytics in the shift from treatment to preventionEnables hospitals Empowers usersto improve patient with key care and reduce knowledge needed costs for effective decision making #2013ictoutlook
  8. 8. Connected Health Ecosystem• Video Diagnostic • Home and Disease Consultation Management Monitoring• Remote Doctor/Specialist • Activity Monitoring Services Remote Monitoring • Diabetes Management• Distance • Wellness Programs Learning/Simulation • Remote Cardiac ECG• Retail Telehealth • PERS• TeleImaging IHCIN • Medication Management Telemedicine mHealth• Electronic Health • Professional Records (EHR) Apps• Health Information • Wellness Apps Exchange (HIE) General • Fitness Apps• Patient Portals Healthcare IT (CIS and • Texting• Hosted Cloud non-CIS) Informational Infrastructure Services Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. #2013ictoutlook
  9. 9. Big Data—Data Explosion Drives the Need for PowerfulAnalytics Leveraged Across Disparate Data Sets Definition Key Trends―Big data‖ • Amount and movementterabyte to of digitized datapetabyte toexabyte- • Healthcare reformsized data. • Explosion of scientific informationSelect Vendors Core Solutions HealthcareHumedica providers will increasingly utilize advanced, cloud-based MinedShare, SaaS-based clinical, financial, operational intelligence solution; database technologies for patient care, surveillance management, and MinedStream; real-time predictive clinical financialEMC scientific research. Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform (database, computing, storage, and network)IBM IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare; InfoSphere BigInsights Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. #2013ictoutlook
  10. 10. Healthcare Cloud – What does it mean for Healthcareplayers? Scale Rapid Flexibility Provisioning Cloud Computing High Multi-tenancy Availability Pay as you Agility go #2013ictoutlook
  11. 11. Healthcare Cloud – Who is leading ? IBM Amazon Web services Salesforce Health cloud offering In 2009 , Salesforce announced equity investment in PracticeFusion, an EMR service provider that was Collaborati one of the first to offer free, ad Elasticity – supported physician EHRs to physician groups. ve Care Pay as you using go model Others Cloud Microsoft, Dell and GE Health are some of the other major players offering cloud computing services. Microsoft - leading the way on the policy front. Dell, GE Health and others - services such as EHRs, health information exchanges and PHRs. #2013ictoutlook
  12. 12. HCIT Market Overview #2013ictoutlook
  13. 13. In Asia, countries are at different stages of healthcare delivery which represent a different set of opportunities Image Electronic Resource Clinical Health Record Personal Management Electronic Management Decision (EHR) Health Medical Computer Support Record Patient Record Information (PHR) Financial Patient Management (EMR ) SystemsManagement Administration Administrative IT Solutions Clinical IT Solutions Integrated Healthcare Delivery Singapore China Thailand Malaysia Australia South Korea Taiwan Japan Source: Frost & Sullivan. #2013ictoutlook
  14. 14. Key challenges faced by CIOs in Australian hospitals Key future drivers Priority areas for CIOs #2013ictoutlook
  15. 15. Areas of opportunity15 #2013ictoutlook
  16. 16. Telehealth Will be Enabled with Various DevicesTelehealth Video Monitors TV as Access Device Smartphones & Tablets• Act as home hub for plug-in • In place in nearly 100% • Widespread use among of various devices, support of households clinicians and consumers two-way communications • High penetration and • Easy to deploy and diffuse• Difficult to deploy and comfort with use by new applications and provision at large scale elderly population solutions• Will be displaced by • New capabilities with • Addition of mobility consumer devices motion sensing increases value of apps Source: Frost & Sullivan. #2013ictoutlook
  17. 17. The Mobile Health Market Fitness monitors Activity monitors #2013ictoutlook
  18. 18. m-Health . . . Potential efficiencies in the systemThe adoption of mobile healthcaretechnologies speeds up the process ofdelivering healthcare information andoutcomes. More advanced mobile phonetechnologies are enabling the prospects forfurther healthcare delivery #2013ictoutlook
  19. 19. Opportunities in aged care Australia is seeking to redesign its aged care system to meet challenges presented by the increasing demands of an ageing population, shifting consumer preferences and workforce shortages. #2013ictoutlook
  20. 20. Healthcare solutions provided by collaborations betweentelco and healthcare providers Airtel, India’s largest mobile phone operator, has recently tied-up with Religare Technologies, a company controlled by promoters of the Fortis hospital chain, to offer healthcare solutions and guidance over telephone. By paying an introductory tele- consultation fee of Rs 15 ($0.25 cents) a call, Airtel customers can get basic medical guidance on non-emergency health problems through this service, 24 hours, seven days a week. Airtel charges ~ $0.50 for this call. The service is based on a protocol developed by Medibank Health Solutions, Australia With a customer base of 173 million, Airtel’s latest value addition is expected to provide a productive platform for Religare to promote their e-health service. #2013ictoutlook
  21. 21. SAP’s focus on healthcare and its solutions portfolio SAP has been providing solutions for the healthcare industry for a long time. In 2012, the company elected healthcare as one of the five verticals that it would focus on. #2013ictoutlook
  22. 22. AT&T Key Value Propositions to Healthcare Stakeholders Hospitals Brand Equity Sales Force M2M Networking Technology Physician Offices AT&T mHealth Healthcare Platform Community OnlineApplicationDevelopers Web/Video/ Medical Audio ImagingConsumers Conferencing Storage and Mgmt Health Plans Wireless Cloud Services, Network, Managed Device Support Data and Services Voice Employers Services Source: Frost & Sullivan. #2013ictoutlook
  23. 23. Future Trends #2013ictoutlook
  24. 24. Mobile health continues to extend the reachability ofhealthcare platforms #2013ictoutlook
  25. 25. Advancements in mobile phone technologies are enablingprospects for improved healthcare delivery #2013ictoutlook
  26. 26. HCIT Will Include The Entire Continuum of Care Workplace Fitness, Healthy Villages Wellness: Rejuvenation, and Nutritional, Fitness, Beauty Centers Preventive WellnessMedical Wellness: Retirements Spa, Nutritional, Homes Rejuvenation, Rehabilitation Hospitality Wellness: Spa, Fitness Assisted Lifestyle Villages & Townships Health Institutional Management Community Primary Care Health Centers: Centre Day Care Preventive, Nutritional, Alternative Illness Home Care Hospitals: Acute & Chronic Care Mobile Clinics Age Sphere: Lifelong Continuum ―from womb to tomb‖ #2013ictoutlook
  27. 27. The Future of Healthcare . . . .Linking Stakeholders From Different Industries Assisted Lifestyle Retirement Homes Medical Spa Healthy Villages Preventive Wellness Wellness Villages Medical Wellness Healthcare Cosmetic Surgery Nutritional Primary Alternative Corporate Wellness Community Secondary Spa Fitness Tertiary Beauty Courses Nutritional Supportive Industries Education Hospitality #2013ictoutlook
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