Global Analysis of the Broadcast and DTT Video Encoder Market


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Network upgrades, digitization in emerging economies and coverage of important live events, as well as focus on video quality and bandwidth efficiency have lent impetus to the global broadcast and digital terrestrial television (DTT) video encoders market. The market will continue to grow steadily as the advent of high efficiency video coding (HEVC) disrupts network upgrade strategies and new vendors compete strongly with traditional vendors to provide a differentiated solution.

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Global Analysis of the Broadcast and DTT Video Encoder Market

  1. 1. How Has the Global Digital Wave Spurred the Demand for Broadcast and DTT Video Encoders? Research PREVIEW for the Global Analysis of the Broadcast and DTT Video Encoders Market @FS_ITVision
  2. 2. Executive Summary • The broadcast and digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) video encoders market is seeing healthy unit sales growth and sustained revenue growth as broadcasters embrace new technologies to compete better against Pay TV and over the top (OTT) services, while also seeking to grow revenue and reduce operating costs. 2011 also saw continued transition from analog to digital television systems, as well as DTT infrastructure upgrades, worldwide. • Major markets like Europe and North America continue to increasingly adopt HD. However, the initial burst of digitization-related growth in these markets is slowing to an expansion/upgrade pattern. • Interest in 3D is growing, but it is far from becoming a mainstream offering. • MPEG-4 is the most widely adopted format, across all applications, resolutions and geographies, for new equipment. MPEG-2 remains a significant format, particularly in North America, Europe, and Japan. • Among other formats, J2K is seeing some growth adoption, but faces significant challenges due to its shortcomings. New UltraHD formats are on the horizon. • Growth in this market is not without its share of roadblocks. After a rapid rebound in 2010 and high momentum in 2011, the recessionary impact has resumed and uncertainty looms in major markets.
  3. 3. Executive Summary (continued) • Nonetheless, ‘emerging’ markets in Latin America, Africa, and Asia Pacific (APAC) are witnessing strong growth rates due to digitization. Winning market share in these regions is the key to maximizing growth. Prices continue to drop, challenging vendors to creatively craft high-value appliances to maintain profit margins. • Nearly all broadcast and DTT encoders are hardware appliances. To combat continued downward price pressure, vendors are increasing channel density (i.e. encoding channels per box), and are bundling in features such as audio and multiplexing to provide added value and raise RoI. • Over-the-top video services continue to reshape consumer demand and market dynamics. As broadcasters seek to capitalize on these opportunities while grappling with DTT and HD deployments, encoder vendors must implement agile strategies for a convergent, multi-screen world, to maximize their long-term success.
  4. 4. List of Industry Participants (Total Broadcast and DTT Video Encoder Market: Directory of Key Industry Participants, Global, 2013) Source: Frost & Sullivan research. Vendor Contribution DTT Backhaul /Distribution Adtec Digital X X ATEME X X X Cisco Systems X X X International Datacasting Corporation X X X Darim X ARRIS (incl. Motorola Home) X X Envivio X Ericsson X X X Fujitsu X X X Harmonic Inc. X X X Harris Broadcast X X X Media Excel X NTT X X Elemental Technologies X Omid Technologies X Intopix X Evertz X Streambox X X Thomson Video Networks X X X Telairity X X Nevion (T-VIPS) X X SAPEC X X DIBSYS Technologies X Colable Electronic Co. Ltd. X Note: Any salient acquisition prior to Jan 1, 2014 is noted in parentheses next to the parent company. |
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