Frost & Sullivan: Insights into Big Data and Analytics in Brazil


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  • Frost & Sullivan: Insights into Big Data and Analytics in Brazil

    1. 1. Insights into Big Data and Analytics in Brazil From a Nascent Market in 2013 to a Billion Dollar Industry by 2018 ND52-72 January 2014
    2. 2. 9855-23 2 Q&A Guilherme K Campos, Industry Analyst Frost & Sullivan Connect with me on social media: @GuiKatzor @Frost_Latam
    3. 3. ND52-72 3 Executive Summary
    4. 4. ND52-72 4 Executive Summary • Revenue for the Brazilian Big Data market was $243.6 million in 2013. Revenue is expected to reach $965.0 million by 2018 at a 31.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). • The growth speed of internal and external data created a problem for Brazilian companies that were not prepared to process all of the information, increasing the time spent on some routine processes. With that in mind, in 2013 some enterprise companies started to work with vendors to understand how Big Data solutions could help solve these problems and provide a competitive advantage. • The year 2013 was no better for this market, mainly because most Brazilian companies still had no idea as to how Big Data can help and change their businesses. • Return on investment (ROI) was another restraint in the acquisition of Big Data solutions because vendors have difficulty presenting a clear ROI to their prospects due to the complexity of these projects. Some vendors are breaking these projects into several deliverables and objectives to have a clearer ROI. • Many solutions offered by the vendors require extensive IT expertise from customers. Because of the low concentration of these experts in the Brazilian market, companies are starting to ask themselves if this is the right time to invest. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    5. 5. ND52-72 5 Executive Summary (continued) • Some verticals that can be highlighted in 2013 were finance, especially doing fraud- analysis projects; telecom, working on projects to reduce their churn rate; and retailers, starting to personalize their physical stores and Web sites according to the customers’ characteristics. Government is a segment that has high expectations for developing Big Data projects during the next 2 years. • A noticeable feature of the Brazilian Big Data market is its level of concentration. The top 5 participants capture 57.5% of the total revenue. By 2018, concentration levels will be decreasing due to fierce competition and the entrance of new participants in the market. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    6. 6. ND52-72 6 Executive Summary—Market Engineering Measurements Compound Annual Growth Rate 31.7% (CAGR, 2013–2018) Market Concentration 40.0% (% of market share held by top 3 companies) Market Stage Growth Market Revenue $243.6 M (2013) Market Size for Last Year of Study Period $965.0 M (2018) Base Year Market Growth Rate 23.8% Customer Price Sensitivity 5 (scale:1 [Low] to 10 [High]) Degree of Technical Change 8 (scale:1 [Low] to 10 [High]) Big Data Market: Brazil, 2013 Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2013. Source: Frost & Sullivan Stable IncreasingDecreasing Market Overview
    7. 7. ND52-72 7 Executive Summary—CEO’s Perspective 2 Banks and telecoms are the most demanding verticals in this market. 3 Retail and government are high- demand verticals that companies will be betting on in the coming years. 4 Customer churn and fraud analysis drive the demand for Big Data projects. 5 Fault of knowledge is the biggest market restraint. Unclear ROI is also a major concern. 1 High growth rates will continue by 2018, growing in the healthy double- digit range. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    8. 8. ND52-72 8 Market Overview
    9. 9. ND52-72 9 Market Overview • In 2012, a gold rush to Big Data started in companies’ business areas. Marketing resources, especially, wanted to use Big Data to achieve better results, but most did not know where to begin. • The year 2013 marked the path to Big Data, in which clients began to understand how they can start investing. Proof of content was requested, and consulting services were contracted. o Due to the complexity of these projects, some participants are doing partial deliverables and measuring the benefits before moving on. • Social-network analysis also began to be discussed more often, using tools to connect companies’ customers to their Web pages or to monitor their brands in these networks. • Due to the increase in data and time-to-market pressure, companies invested in in-memory computing solutions to enable real-time analytics and become more competitive in the market. • Some verticals can be highlighted in this market, such as finance, especially doing fraud- analysis projects; telecom, working on projects to reduce their churn rate; and retailers, personalizing their physical stores and Web sites according to each customer. • In summary, 2013 has been an interesting year for Big Data in Brazil, with $243.6 million in revenue and an expectation that this market will grow even more in the upcoming years. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    10. 10. ND52-72 10 External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
    11. 11. ND52-72 11 Drivers and Restraints Big Data Market: Key Market Drivers and Restraints, Brazil, 2014–2018 No idea how to use Big Data H H M Unclear ROI H H M Big Data IT skills H M M Project complexity H M M 1–2 Years 3–4 Years 5th Year High data volume complicates company processes H H H Expansion of mobile devices and social media H H H Enabling churn reduction H H H Competitive advantage H H M Impact: H High M Medium L Low Note: Drivers and Restraints are ranked in order of impact. Source: Frost & Sullivan MarketDriversMarketRestraints
    12. 12. ND52-72 12 Drivers Explained High Data Volume Complicates Company Processes • Data-volume growth is so high that some routine and important processes from the companies now take too much time to run with traditional solutions. Companies are pursuing new solutions for running their processes faster and integrating the data. Expansion of Mobile Devices and Social Media • Cloud computing, mobility, social media, and Big Data are changing the way companies do business. New and more robust measures are needed by companies to accommodate their quickly changing needs for data information. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    13. 13. ND52-72 13 Drivers Explained (continued) Enabling Churn Reduction • Brazilian companies see in Big Data projects the possibility for increasing their number of loyal clients, understanding clients’ main complaints, and personalizing their offers according to the client data. Competitive Advantage • Big Data provides a competitive advantage because it enables the accessing of relevant information that is not easily found or analyzed. Solutions structured to process Big Data also allow companies to act predictively. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    14. 14. ND52-72 14 Restraints Explained No Idea How To Use Big Data • Companies may have already heard about Big Data, but actually most of them still do not know where and how to begin using it to their benefit. The Brazilian market is still discussing and studying what Big Data really is. Unclear ROI • Presently, Brazilian companies have difficulty understanding the benefits and ROI of a Big Data project. Service providers’ current offers are not clear enough to show clients an understandable ROI. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    15. 15. ND52-72 15 Restraints Explained (continued) Big Data IT Skills • Most Big Data solutions are not easy to use and require the expertise of specialized IT resources. Unfortunately, in Brazil, there are very few experts in this market. Service providers are working with universities to prepare new experts while simultaneously working to make the solutions more user friendly. Project Complexity • Most clients and prospects see Big Data projects as complex due to all of the effort that is needed to understand the clients’ real needs, integrate all of the data, and implement the solutions. Service providers have begun to break the projects into several deliverables to reduce this trepidation among their clients. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    16. 16. ND52-72 16 The Last Word
    17. 17. ND52-72 17 The Last Word—Predictions 2 The medium-sized market will gain importance in 2014 and 2015, with vendors focusing on creating Big Data offers, especially to this segment. 3 Government investments in Big Data will grow exponentially due to projects that will bring more agility, security, and transparency to governmental information. 1 The Big Data market is maturing as a result the media excitement. In the 2nd semester of 2014, the market will start to see significant growth. Source: Frost & Sullivan
    18. 18. ND52-72 18 Legal Disclaimer Frost & Sullivan takes no responsibility for any incorrect information supplied to us by manufacturers or users. Quantitative market information is based primarily on interviews and therefore is subject to fluctuation. Frost & Sullivan research services are limited publications containing valuable market information provided to a select group of customers. Our customers acknowledge, when ordering or downloading, that Frost & Sullivan research services are for customers’ internal use and not for general publication or disclosure to third parties. No part of this research service may be given, lent, resold or disclosed to noncustomers without written permission. Furthermore, no part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the permission of the publisher. For information regarding permission, write to: Frost & Sullivan 331 E. Evelyn Ave. Suite 100 Mountain View, CA 94041 © 2013 Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved. This document contains highly confidential information and is the sole property of Frost & Sullivan. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, copied or otherwise reproduced without the written approval of Frost & Sullivan.
    19. 19. ND52-72 19 The Frost & Sullivan Story
    20. 20. ND52-72 20 Who is Frost & Sullivan Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. The company's Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO's Growth Team with disciplined research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation, and implementation of powerful growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan leverages 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from more than 40 offices on six continents. To join our Growth Partnership, please visit
    21. 21. ND52-72 21 What Makes Us Unique All services aligned on growth to help clients develop and implement innovative growth strategies Continuous monitoring of industries and their convergence, giving clients first mover advantage in emerging opportunities More than 40 global offices ensure that clients gain global perspective to mitigate risk and sustain long term growth Proprietary TEAM Methodology integrates 7 critical research perspectives to optimize growth investments Career research and case studies for the CEOs’ Growth Team to ensure growth strategy implementation at best practice levels Close collaboration with clients in developing their research-based visionary perspective to drive GIL Focused on Growth Industry Coverage Global Footprint Career Best Practices 360 Degree Perspective Visionary Innovation Partner
    22. 22. ND52-72 22 TEAM Methodology Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary TEAM Methodology ensures that clients have a complete 360 Degree PerspectiveTM from which to drive decision making. Technical, Econometric, Application, and Market information ensures that clients have a comprehensive view of industries, markets, and technology. Technical Real-time intelligence on technology, including emerging technologies, new R&D breakthroughs, technology forecasting, impact analysis, groundbreaking research, and licensing opportunities. Econometric In-depth qualitative and quantitative research focused on timely and critical global, regional, and country-specific trends, including the political, demographic, and socioeconomic landscapes. Application Insightful strategies, networking opportunities, and best practices that can be applied for enhanced market growth; interactions between the client, peers, and Frost & Sullivan representatives that result in added value and effectiveness. Market Global and regional market analysis, including drivers and restraints, market trends, regulatory changes, competitive insights, growth forecasts, industry challenges, strategic recommendations, and end-user perspectives.
    23. 23. ND52-72 23 Our Global Footprint 40+ Offices Scanning the Globe for Opportunities and Innovation