GIL Silicon Valley 2012: Future of Urban Mobility


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GIL Silicon Valley 2012: Future of Urban Mobility

  1. 1. Agenda GIL 2012: Monday, September 10, 2012GENERAL SESSION, MEGA TREND THINK TANKS, AND EXHIBITION Join the conversation on Twitter #GILSV THINK TANK 3 THINK TANK 5 THINK TANK 6 THINK TANK 7 THINK TANK 8 THINK TANK 1 THINK TANK 2 THINK TANK 4 Chemicals, Materials & Healthcare & Life Industrial Automation & Information & Electronics, Measurement Aerospace & Defense Future of Urban Mobility Smart Energy & Buildings Food Sciences Process Control Communication Technologies & Instrumentation GROWTH SUCCESS STORY THINK TANK 2 Future of Urban Mobility 3:20pm Urban Mobility Solutions for Suburban America? Eric Larsen U.S. Research Director EXECUTIVE INSIGHT Society & Technology Research Group 2:00pm Applying the CEO 360 and Mega Trends to Develop Mercedes-Benz Research & Development NA, Inc. Growth Strategy While urban mobility solutions are garnering ever more attention worldwide, the Lisa Whalen United States is in a special situation. Very few Americans actually live in a truly urban Vice President Automotive & Transportation context; the vast and growing majority of them live, work, and drive in sprawling Frost & Sullivan suburbs. The suburban context creates a very different set of conditions than cities Urban Mobility 3.0: New Mobility Offerings and Business Models for developing innovative mobility solutions, which this presentation will highlight. Global Mega Trends are shaping your industrys future. This session will give you a Key Take-Aways: deep understanding of the evolution of Mega Trends, urbanization and the impact on n Insight into suburban conditions – values, lifestyles, geography – that mobility. Where are the opportunities for government, car companies, suppliers and impact mobility transport operators to align their future mobility vision, products and services to n Comparison of urban and suburban mobility meet customers’ unmet needs? What is the future of the car, and what role will it n Challenges and opportunities for automakers (and others) in developing new play in an integrated, multi transport solution? What new entities and services will be suburban mobility options brought to the market? Key Take-Aways: 3:40pm Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break n Insights on government vision, policy, legislation, and proposals to support new mobility trends INTERACTIVE n Comparative analysis of OEMs strategies for developing next generation 4:10pm An Exercise in Scenario Planning mobility solutions n Guide to the role of IT, Connectivity and Web 2.0 in enabling new FACILITATOR: mobility solutions Sarwant Singh n Outline of new business models emerging to offer alternative and broadening Partner mobility solutions, including Voice of the Customer analysis on attractiveness of Frost & Sullivan new mobility solutions Collaborate with great minds to develop business scenarios arising out of the Mega n Illustration of a new market entrant: The Mobility Integrator Trends most meaningful for the industry. GROWTH SUCCESS STORY 5:30pm Mega Trends Think Tanks Conclude 2:30pm Creating Better Futures: Foresight Research Methods for the Auto Industry 5:30pm GIL 2012: Silicon Valley Networking Reception Catherine Lovazzano Head of Consumer Trends and Foresight Runs Concurrently With: Chrysler 2012 Growth, Innovation & Leadership Reception and Awards Banquet “The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed,” said sci-fi author William Gibson. But where do we go look for it? This presentation will discuss some tools and Join us in celebrating as Frost & Sullivan presents these prestigious awards recognized methods, drawn from disparate disciplines such as scenario planning, futures research, by industry leaders, the investment community and the media at our Annual anthropology, and design research that the Chrysler team uses to discover and Excellence in Growth, Innovation & Leadership Awards Banquet and Reception. anticipate the changing needs, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers as they design Participation involves an additional fee and separate registration. automotive and transportation products, services and experiences for the future. See registration page for details. Key Take-Aways: 6:45pm Meet in Lobby for Wine & Dine at Bella Mia n Key indicators and themes for transportation research n Insight on scenario planning as a tool for futures research The networking never ends... Join your colleagues at Bella Mia for a dutch treat n Best practices for transforming today’s insight methods into tomorrow’s gathering. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a meal with new found friends while enjoying foresight methods another great opportunity to further business relationships. GROWTH SUCCESS STORY 2:55pm Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility For The 21st Century Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird Director, Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts General Motors Mobility enhances our lives by allowing contact with others, offering new experiences and supporting the exchange of ideas and goods. Cities facilitate connecting people and goods but their roads are becoming increasingly crowded. This is particularly acute in emerging markets, with increased migration from rural to urban areas and with increasingly wealthy people aspiring to own automobiles. Despite heavily congested roads, there is still a desire for personal mobility in urban centers because no other means of transportation has so far offered the same mix of freedom, comfort, utility and security as the automobile. However, a new kind of vehicle, based on having a small footprint, being electrically powered and being able to sense, and wirelessly connect with, other vehicles will be required in the future to provide personal mobility while addressing the societal challenges of energy, environment, safety, congestion, land use for parking and accessibility. This new DNA for the automobile, based on electrification and connectivity, will also improve the integration of personal and public transport so that a new mobility system, offering the best features of both, can be realized. Register Now | | tel: 1.877.GO FROST (1.877.463.7678) | fax: 1.888.674.3329 | 7