GIL 2014 Latin America - Convergence Trends Driving the Future


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  • These newly converged products will either have a combination of features or a unique feature distinct from their parent form.
  • GIL 2014 Latin America - Convergence Trends Driving the Future

    1. 1. Convergence Trends Driving the Future Krishna Srinivasan Global President and Managing Partner Frost & Sullivan
    2. 2. What is Convergence? Convergence is defined as the integration of current products, technologies and industries that will lead to the emergence of new, innovative and unique industries, products, technologies and competition in the future. Photo Credits; SBC Technologies 2
    3. 3. There are 4 Types of Convergence Space Industry 1 Solar Industry Space Based Solar Power INDUSTRIES Car 3 Autonomous Cars Building Technologies 2 Unmanned Technology Smart Automation Smart Home Hubs PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGIES Image Source:: `Creative Commons and Dreamstime. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis, 2012 3
    4. 4. Convergence of Competition: Example from Smart CityIndustry 4 COMPETITION Convergence of Competition, Global, 2012–2025 IT Participants Point of Convergence Google Microsoft SAP Telecom Participants HP Oracle ST Electronics AlcatelLucent Cisco Ericsson Senergy IBM O2 Deutsche Telekom Serco Securitas Symantec Eaton ALSTOM Grid AT&T Verizon Security Energy and Infrastructure Participants General Electric Siemens AG ABB Honeywell Johnson Controls Rockwell Automation Automation and Building Control Participants Tyco Schneider Electric Source: Frost & Sullivan 4
    5. 5. Case Studies and Examples of Convergence 5
    6. 6. Case Study: Convergence of Products Across Industries A C 3D Printing: Eg Bio Printing B Connected Car D Nanobots (Drug Delivery, Cell Repair and Surgery) Smart Meters 6
    7. 7. Case Study: BMW New Electric Vehicle Brand - BMW i3 and i8 Megacity Vehicles Autonomous Parking Assistance BMW i3 Electric City Car Voice Recognition Traffic Jam Assistance BMW i8 Plug In Hybrid Sports Car Pro-active Collision Warning Range Assist Panoramic Roof Pure Electric, Zero Emission Rapid Charging Plug In Hybrid, 1.5L 3 Cylinder Gasoline, 66 g/km Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic Aluminium Chassis Smartphone App based remote vehicle management (in-house app development) Opening up iDrive API to third party app developers Investment in app companies that provide mobility related apps Multimodal Transport & EV related app – includes dynamic intermodal transport planning 7
    8. 8. Case Study: Convergence of Technologies: Interactive Gaming (Kinect Console) + MRI Scans in Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto 8
    9. 9. Convergence of IT and Healthcare: Telehealth Telehealth Industry: Telehealth Markets (North America), 2012 Professional EHR Core Telehealth Traditional Healthcare and Telemedicine HIE Distance Learning/Simulation TeleImaging Cloud Infrastructure Remote Specialist Services Remote Cardiac Services Video Consultation Professional Apps Home and DM Monitoring Customer Focus PERS Patient Portals Texting Services Medication Management Wellness Apps Consumer/Non-healthcare Approaching Telehealth Consumer Retail Telehealth Activity Monitoring Wellness Programs Fitness Apps Information Communication Technologies Diabetes Management Industry Focus Healthcare Top five markets are in brown text boxes. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 9
    10. 10. Impact of Connectivity and Convergence - “Virtual Nirvana” Shorter Product Development Cycles Upto 24 to 30 months before SOP today for Auto Industry (from 6 to 8 years in the 1970s). Digital Automotive Factory (VW Example) Bio Simulation in Healthcare Can Save $200 to 300 million in drug development 10
    11. 11. THANK YOU! 11
    12. 12. Convergence Workshop Protocol Step 1: Establish the basis of convergence and the convergence point - by product, industry, technology or competition, or a combination of the above Step 2: Define the growth opportunity arising from convergence - In 3 to 4 bullet points Step 3: Estimate the “Size of the Prize” for the opportunity - $Millions - One Sector in One Region - $Billions - Multiple Sectors OR Multiple Regions - $Trillions - Multiple Sectors AND Multiple Regions 12