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Frost & Sullivan has just completed a New Mega Trends analysis to provide companies with the tools to not only identify and evaluate these game-changing trends, but also to translate them into market opportunities for everyday business and personal activities. The results of our analysis have now been collected in a book (published by Palgrave Macmillan) that will be launched next week.
These Mega Trends include:
e-Mobility - By 2020, we will have globally over 45 million annual sales of electric vehicles which will include electric two and four wheelers. 2018 will be the great tipping year for the automotive industry; when electric vehicles replace gasoline-powered vehicles as the heart of their business.

Health, Wellness and Well-being - Sustainability was one of the major trends of the last decade. Health, Wellness and Well-being will be the most important factor of discussion and differentiation in this decade. Healthcare spending will tip over 15% of GDP by middle of this decade (20 to 30% by 2050) and government’s inability to make the necessary investments will lead to a paradigm shift in the concept of healthcare.
Connectivity and Convergence - With over 80 billion connected devices, 9 billion mobile phones, 5 billion Internet users, 5 connected devices for every individual, 10 connected devices for every household and 500 devices with unique digital IDs (Internet of things) per square kilometre, we will pave way to a digital planet by 2020. Connectivity will see wide-spread convergence of technologies, products and even industries.
Planes to Trains: The era of high speed rail - In the next 10 years, we predict huge increases globally in high-speed rail and in the vast white space opportunities it brings with it. All regions of the world, including the Middle East and the laggard United States, will implement high-speed rail in the coming decade. The industry will become global.

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  • Convergence is defined as the integration of various products, technologies and industries today that will lead to emergence of new, innovative and unique products, technologies and industries in the future.
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  • Frost & Sullivan's New Mega Trends

    1. New Mega TrendsMacro to Micro Opportunities on Future Business, Cultures and Personal Lives Sarwant Singh
    2. Mega Trend 1:Urbanisation - “City as a Customer”
    3. Mega Mega Regio Cities ns Mega MegaCorridor Slums
    4. Cities, and Not Countries, Will Drive Wealth Creation In the FutureCities like Seoul account for 50% of thecountry’s GDP; Budapest (Hungary) andBrussels (Belgium) each for roughly 45%.What are the Micro Implications?High Economic PowerHub and Spoke Business ModelTransit oriented developmentNew Mobility SolutionsCity as a Customer
    5. Siemens Focuses on “City as the Customer”Pre- October 2011 Post-October 2011 Independent Silos Integrated Competencies into One Division “City as the Customer” Building Technologies Infrastructure & Cities Smart Grid Rail Systems OSRAM Mobility & Logistics Low & Medium Voltage
    6. Mega Trend 2:Smart is the New Green
    7. Convergence of Technology Will Lead to Convergence of Competition IT Players SAP ST HP Electroni cs Oracle Microsoft Google Cisco Alcatel Verizon -Lucent IBM Senergy Energy/InfrastructureTelecom Players O2 Players Deutsche Eaton Telekom Schneide Siemens r Electric General Electric Emerson ABB HoneywellJohnson Controls Rockwell Automation Note: This is an illustration and does not show all market players Automation/Building Control Players
    8. Mega Trend 3:Social Trends
    9. Generatio nal Political Shift
    10. Mega Trend 4:Economic Trends
    11. The Next Game Changers in 2025 Russia $6,189 Billion Turkey $1,167 Poland Billion $2,441 $38,526 Billion Billion China $2,827 $653 Billion Billion $6,235 Thailand Billion $772 Egypt $323 Brazil Billion Billion Vietnam Mexico India $483 $5,437 Billion BRIC Nations Billion $4,816 Billion Philippines Next Game Changers $811 Billion Indonesia $1,098 Billion ArgentinaNote : The figure denotes GDP at market South Africaprices. Forecasts to 2025 have beenextrapolated based on Nominal GDP Source: International Monetary Fund. Oxford Economics, Frost & Sullivan, 2012growth rate projections .
    12. Mega Trend 5:Connectivity & Convergence
    13. 80 Billion Connected Devices By 202010 Connected Devices forEvery Household by 20205 connected devices forevery user by 20205 billion internet usersby 2020500 devices with uniquedigital IDs (Internet ofthings) per squarekilometre by 2020
    14. Connectivity will Lead to Convergence ofProducts, Technologies and Industries Technology Convergence Industry Convergence Product Convergence UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle V2V Vehicle to vehicle V2H Vehicle to Home V2I Vehicle to Infrastructure
    15. Mega Trend 6:Innovating to Zero
    16. Snapshot of a “Zero Concept” World in 2020 Zero Defects Carbon Neutral and Zero Cities Faults Zero Waste/ Emissions Carbon Neutral Factories and Zero Emails Retail Stores Zero Corporate Complete DebtsRecyclability fromHouseholds (Cradle Zeroto Cradle Concept) Breaches of Security Zero Emissions from Cars Zero Accidents Zero Crime Rates
    17. Mega Trend 7: New BusinessModels: Value for Many
    18. Personalization & Customization NikePersonalization and Customization Co-Creation Quirky .com New Business Models Pay as you Fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles One-off Experience (Thales) (red letter Days)
    19. “Value for Many”Free + Premium= Freemium Will Replace “Value for Money”
    20. Mega Trend 8:Health, Wellness and Wellbeing
    21. The 3 Cornerstones - The Body, Mind and Soul - Contribute To Humans Definition of Health, Wellness and Well Being Mood Stress levels Mental health Sense of optimism Attitude Security Safety Sight / vision Personal values Touch & feelPersonal fulfilment Smell / breathing Self image / self Sound actualisation Temperature Wellness
    22. Future of Health, Wellness and Wellbeing
    23. Mega Trend 9:High Speed Rail
    24. In Future, HS Rail will not only Connect Cities and Countries but will also Connect Continents China : 25,000 kms by 2025 (7,431 kms in 2010) 2020 Trans Siberian Link: New Route 66• Biggest Project: $68 billion California HSR• UK project: £33 billion (by 2026)•• What are the Opportunities? •Copper-silver and copper-magnesium wires •Steel Companies •Construction tooling, spare parts •Condition monitoring, security, surveillance, •Data handling, Passenger information systems •High Speed Logistics •Mergers and Acquisitions
    25. From Macro to Micro: Taking Mega Trends from Information to Strategy Implementation To Macro Micro Mega Trend Analysis of OpportunitiesSelected trends that impact your business and markets and Unmet Needs Sub Trend Impact on Future A sub-layer of trends that has a Product/ Technology wide ranging impact Impact to Your Industry Visualising the roadmap of these critical forces through scenario- building and macro economic forecasts
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