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Frost & Sullivan Urban Mobility 3.0


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On 19th and 20th June 2013, Frost & Sullivan will be holding its annual two day interactive workshop, ‘Urban Mobility 3.0’ again, this year focusing on ‘New Urban Mobility Business Models’. The event is designed to have a close look at all factors which impact the future of mobility. Day one will take place at the House of Lords in the Houses of Parliament and facilitate a panel of parliamentarians and senior industry executives discussing the topic “Death of the car and rise of new mobility business models in the Urban Environment”.

Day two will be held at the Siemens Crystal Building, featuring keynote speeches and panel discussions with experts from the automotive and transportation industry, covering the following topics:

•Integrated Mobility Solutions
•Car Sharing
•New Mobility Business Models
•Micro Mobility Solutions
•Autonomous Cars
•Future of Car Retailing
•Urban Logistics and Supply Chain Trends
•Sustainable Public Transport
•V2V and V2I Trends, Mobility Apps and Transport Infrastructure

The workshop will debate, discuss and provide recommendations on new urban mobility models and how this trend can provide opportunities for government, public sector and corporations to align their future mobility vision, products, and services toward customers’ unmet needs. The event will also debate and discuss the role of public transport, specifically bus and rail, and low-emission vehicles providing sustainable transport of the future, and look to more “wild innovation” future mobility solutions, such as micro mobility, personal rapid transit (PRT), autonomous driving, and the resulting commercialisation opportunities.

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Frost & Sullivan Urban Mobility 3.0

  2. 2. 2For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0Dear Colleague,These are interesting times we live in as we witness a paradigm shift in mobility. Car companies are increasinglylabelling themselves as mobility service providers, getting into new mobility business models such as car sharing andproviding mobility on-demand solutions. Fleet companies, who have typically been conservative and traditionalist infocussing on their core business, are now launching more corporate mobility services, such as ALD’s “New Mobility”or LeasePlan’s“Mobility Mixx”services,which incorporates new sharing services,but also packages additional leasedproducts (such as scooters) or offers flexible leasing terms that vary depending on the vehicle required.In addition, rail operators like NS Business have pioneered and set up the first example of a mobility integrator byproviding integrated mobility solutions in the Netherlands.This offers flexible door-to-door mobility,with a single cardallowing the use of rail, scooters, taxis, car rental/sharing, and a host of additional services, such as parking, businesslounges, and even discounts for renting office space, where temporary mobile working is required.We also seecompanies that have created leadership positions by being early adopters of MegaTrends. Siemens’s infrastructureand city business model is one of the strongest examples we have seen, which has created a new €22bn divisionfocussed on “City as a Customer.”All of Siemenss mobility services, ranging from high-speed rail to advanced ITSand electric vehicle charging solutions, sit within this division.Clearly, the way in which our transportation network moves people and goods continues to evolve, with severalfactors, such as MegaTrends, GDP, pricing levels, infrastructure spending, and public policy, impacting the transportnetworks directly. In Europe alone, the transport industry directly employs more than 10 million people, contributing5 per cent toward the regional GDP, and more than 13 per cent of a household’s disposable income is spent ontransport. However, there is an increasing disparity between supply and demand for transport; congestion costsEurope about 1 per cent of GDP every year, and with passenger transport forecast to increase by 34 per cent to2030,and with growth in online sales forecast to account for 20 per cent of all retail sales by 2020 in most Europeancountries, placing additional demand for freight and constraints on door-to-door mobility, there is an increasing needto improve the efficiency of our infrastructure and create new, innovative ways of providing mobility.Due to popular demand, our fifth annual workshop is “Urban Mobility 3.0: New Urban Mobility Business Models.”The workshop will debate, discuss and provide recommendations on new urban mobility models and how this trendcan provide opportunities for government,public sector and corporations to align their future mobility vision,products,and services toward customers’ unmet needs.The workshop will also debate and discuss the role of public transport,specifically bus and rail, and low-emission vehicles providing sustainable transport of the future, and look to more“wild innovation” future mobility solutions, such as micro mobility and autonomous driving, and the resultingcommercialisation opportunities.Frost & Sullivan is proud to host the opening of the event in the UK’s Houses of Parliament,which provide the perfectsetting for a high-level debate on the Death of the Conventional Car and Rise of New Urban MobilityBusiness Models, including keynote speeches by thought leaders (by invitation only).The debate will be attendedby high-profile parliamentarians and senior industry executives.The second day will be at the new Siemens Crystal,providing a full day of five panel discussions and presentations from mobility experts.We look forward to welcoming you at the “must attend” mobility event of the year.Yours sincerely,Sarwant Singh | Partner | Frost & Sullivan
  3. 3. 3For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS:Industry-Leading Workshop in its Fifth Consecutive Year—We will continue tradition by following our successfulevent format, with the first day at the Houses of Parliament. This will be followed by a corporate industry workshop atSiemens’s flagship Crystal Building on the second day.Unique Debate Platform Bringing Together Industry and Government—A unique platform where policymakers,parliamentarians and corporations meet in a strong debate environment to set the vision for the future of mobility.A Thought Leadership Forum—All speakers are well-known industry thought leaders of senior managementdesignation. They include: parliamentarians, ministers and policymakers in transportation; heads of mobility from car andleasing companies; as well as senior executives from car sharing, public transport and logistics corporations.Integrated Transport Approach—The event will cover public and personal transport solutions, focussing on emergingbusiness models and mobility infrastructure trends.Who Should Attend:Our Urban Mobility workshops have a very broad industryappeal, which encompasses principally automotive andtransportation-related professionals, but also new businessmodels and, therefore, representatives from industries suchas telecoms/communications, technology solutions providersand systems integrators, reservation and payment systems,and telematics providers. Any individual with an interest inUrban Mobility should attend, but examples from last year’sdelegates include:• Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers• Mass Transit Operators• Parliamentarians and City Planners• Systems Integrators• Consultants and Engineers• Transport Journalists, Visionaries, andAssociations• Research Institutions and Universities• “New Mobility” Providers, Operators, andStakeholdersTopics Covered by the Workshop:• Urbanisation and Impact on Personal and Freight Mobility• Integrated Mobility Solutions• Car Sharing• New Mobility Business Models• Autonomous Cars• Micro Mobility Solutions• Future of Car Retailing• Urban Logistics and Supply Chain Trends• Sustainable Public Transport• V2V and V2I Trends, Mobility Apps and TransportInfrastructureKey Objectives of the Workshop:• Identifying the key global Mega Trends and theirimpact on mobility• New business models emerging to offer alternativeand broadening mobility solutions, such as carsharing and new leasing mobility offerings• Analysis of multi-modality and micro-mobilitysolutions• Urban mobility initiatives and infrastructure, such aselectric vehicles• Urban logistics and key implications andopportunities as eRetailing increases to more than20 per cent by 2020• Highlighting the future of personal and freightmobility• Government vision, policy, legislation, andproposals to support new mobility business models• Infrastructure trends in mobility, including a newway of working, and city as a customer• Autonomous driving commercialisationopportunities and industry roadmap
  4. 4. 4For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0TESTIMONIALS“Very informative and stimulating event, delivered through high-class presentations.”—Director, O&S Technology“Highly informative. Fantastically well-organised.—Chief Designer, Ford Motor Company“The best insight on new mobility potential, players and winners.”—Director of Strategy, ALD Automotive“Frost & Sullivan coverage of urban mobility trends is unmatched.”—Automotive Consumer Trends Analyst,Volvo“A key event with world-class contributors. A simply stunning array of data, information andinformed comments.”—Radio Broadcaster“This event was a melting pot of ideas, cultures, companies, technologies and issues that help toextricate very diverse food for thought.”—CEO, KarsanLast year’s event welcomed 150 attendees from 70 organisations across industry, including more than 20lords and members of parliament, and at least 70 senior executives. Companies in attendance included:ALD Automotive • BMW • BMW Group UK • BP Alternative Energy • Bridgestone • Bombardier • Car2go –Daimler • Ford Motor Company • Fiat • Fujitsu • Honda R&D Europe (UK) • Hyundai • Jaguar & Land Rover •Karsan • Logica UK Limited • Man SE • Michelin • Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited • Opel • PSA Peu-geot Citroen • Siemens • Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc. • Volvo • Veolia Transdev
  5. 5. 5For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0WEDNESDAY, 19 JUNE, 2013COMMONS TERRACE, HOUSE OF COMMONS, WESTMINSTER, LONDONThis part of the programme is organised by our partner, Carbon Connect, and isfree of charge, but by invitation only.Day one will kick off with a debate and networking opportunity comprising of a unique mix of parliamentarians, andindustry and academic experts to explore the vision for the future of mobility.CROWNE PLAZA LONDON - ST. JAMES, BUCKINGHAM GATE, LONDON2013 Future of Mobility Excellence in Best Practices Awards Banquet (By Invitation Only)Join us as we recognise companies, strategies, products/services andexecutives that think outside the norm and develop new, innovativefuture mobility solutions. We look forward to celebrating theseoutstanding achievements with you at this premier event.DEBATE: DEATH OFTHE CONVENTIONAL CAR AND RISE OF NEW URBAN MOBILITY BUSINESS MODELSWith urbanisation rising, European car sales declining, government transport budgets shifting to public transportsystems to avoid investing in new roads, and societal changes driving new mobility business models like car sharingover outright car purchases, this decline in car ownership could ultimately spell death for the automobile in anurban environments. This lively session, a powerful debate between the automotive industry and public transportgroups, covers the cars future role as a mobility solution. This session also explores whether policy makers andindustry should refocus on developing unique personal transport solutions that still encompass the car as onefuture mobility solution but offer other alternatives in an integrated, connected, smart and carbon neutral urbantransport environment.15:30 - 16:00 Registration (Allow 30 minutes for security checks)16:00 - 16:30 Welcome Reception16:30 - 18:00 Debate18:00 - 18:45 Networking Drinks
  6. 6. 6For more information, visit www.urbanmobility.gilcommunity.comor email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0THURSDAY, 20 JUNE, 2013SIEMENS “THE CRYSTAL” BUILDING, ROYAL VICTORIA DOCKS, LONDONDay two will be a full-day interactive workshop featuring debates, panel discussions and presentations onnew urban mobility business models.MORNING SESSION08:00 - 08:45 Registration, Continental Breakfast and Exhibition08:45 - 09:00Welcome PresentationDorman Followwill, Partner & Director, Europe, Israel and Africa09:00 - 10:00Panel 1: Key Mega Trends Impacting Mobility and Future of MobilityModerator: Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner - Head of A&T and VIG Group, Frost & SullivanSpeakers include:Professor Richard Parry-Jones, Chairman, Network Rail Ltd.Gordon Wakeford, Managing Director, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities UK10:00 - 11:00Panel 2: Vehicle Manufacturers Future of Mobility StrategyModerator: Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner - Head of A&T and VIG Group, Frost & SullivanSpeakers include:Robert Henrich, CEO, Daimler Mobility Services GmbHAlain Uyttenhoven, Vice-President Product Planning, Toyota Motor EuropeTony Douglas, Head of Sales & Marketing, BMW AGEtienne Henry, Vice President - Product Strategy & Planning, Nissan International SA11:00 - 11:30 Tea & Coffee Break11:30 - 12:30Panel 3: Evolution of Carsharing in Europe: Perspectives from Car Sharing OperatorsModerator: Jorn Madslien, Features Editor, BBC NewsSpeakers include:Franck Leveque, VP & Business Unit Leader – Automotive & Transportation, Frost & SullivanFrerk-Malte Feller, President, Zipcar EuropeEva Helmeth, Head of Sales & Consulting and Member of the Management Team, Mobility International AGSimon Daum, Head of Strategy - DB Bahn Long Distance, Deutsche Bahn Mobility Logistics AGIan Marson, Strategy Director, LeasePlan Supply Services AG12:30 - 13:30 Networking, Lunch and Exhibition BreakAFTERNOON SESSION13:30 - 14:30Panel 4: Mobility Integration and New Mobility Business Models of Emerging PlayersModerator: Martyn Briggs, Programme Manager - Mobility, Frost & SullivanSpeakers include:Joost Mortier, Programme Director, Nederlandse SpoorwegenMichael Reinicke, Co-founder, Carpooling.comKenan Aksular, Programme Manager CSR & Mobility, Athlon Car Lease International B.VAlex Stephany, CEO, parkatmyhouse.com14:30 - 15:15 Panel 5: Future of Car RetailingModerator: Julia Saini, Director of Consulting – Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan15:15 - 15:30 Tea & Coffee Break15:30 - 16:15Panel 6: Urban Logistics and its Potential Impact on Freight MobilityModerator: Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner - Head of A&T and VIG Group, Frost & SullivanSpeakers include:Manoëlla Wilbaut, Global Head Commercial Developments - Automotive Sector, DHL Customer Solutions & InnovationAlberto Cavaggioni, Sales & Marketing Director, IVECO16:15 - 17:15Panel 7: Autonomous Driving: Semi-autonomous Driving to Driverless Cars and Public TransportSolutionsModerator: Nick Ford, Senior Consultant - Automotive & Transportation, Frost & SullivanSpeakers include:Dr. Franck Cazenave, Marketing and Business Development Director, Robert BoschDerek De-Bono, Group Product Marketing Director, ValeoFraser Brown, Managing Director, Ultra17:15 - 17:30Workshop Wrap UpDorman Followwill, Partner & Director, Europe, Israel and Africa17:30 - 18:30 Networking Drinks
  7. 7. For more information, visit www.urbanmobility.gilcommunity.comor email enquiries@frost.comSPEAKERSBarry Sheerman MPLabour and Co-operative Member of Parliament forHuddersfieldBarry Sheerman was formerly Chairman of the House of CommonsSelect Committee for Children, Schools and Families from 2007, andthe Education and Skills Committee from 2001-2007. He currentlychairs The Skills Commission, has extensive experience in educationalissues and played a key role in education policy and debates. Hisinterests also include economic affairs, environmental sustainabilityand transport safety. Barry is an energetic social and politicalentrepreneur having initiated more than 30 different social enterprisesover the past 20 years. He is Chairman of Policy Connect (which runsa number of policy forums and parliamentary groups), theParliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety, Urban Mines (anenvironmental charity), The John Clare Trust and The Dominic RogersTrust, all of which he helped to establish. Barry is also a VisitingProfessor of Social Enterprise at the University of Huddersfield.Lord RosserRichard Rosser is Labour’s Defence spokesperson in the House of Lordsand also speaks from the frontbench on Home Affairs and Transportmatters. Richard joined the Lords as a life Peer in 2004. Richard has along and distinguished career in the trade union movement, working torepresent the interests of workers in the transport sector. He began hiscareer at London Transport, where he joined the transport union (theTransport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA)). In this union, he provedhimself as a persuasive and highly adept negotiator, and in 1989 waselected General Secretary of the TSSA. Richard remained GeneralSecretary for 15 years before joining the House of Lords. Richard has astrong sense of community service and is an active magistrate in his localcommunity. He was a non-executive director on the Prison and ProbationService Management Board (2000-2009) and chairman of the AuditCommittee (2004-2009).Stephen Hammond MPUnder-Secretary of State for TransportStephen Hammond was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary ofState for Transport on 4 September 2012. He is the ConservativeMP for Wimbledon and has played an instrumental role in formulatingflagship policies such as the Conservative Party’s “Rail Review” andits strategy for a new high-speed rail network for the UK. Hespearheaded the Opposition’s response to, amongst others, theConcessionary Bus Fares Act, the Crossrail Act and the LocalTransport Act. Stephen built up a reputation for forging strongrelationships within the transport industry and for engaging with usergroups and passengers. He was elected as a local councillor in 2002.Prior to this, Stephen worked for a leading fund managementcompany and a number of investment banks, including DresdnerKleinwort Benson and Commerzbank Securities. Stephen waseducated at The King Edward VI School in Southampton and studiedat the University of London.Richard de CaniDirector of Strategy and PolicyTransport for London (TfL)Richard de Cani is responsible for the overall development of transportstrategy and planning within the Transport for London (TfL) group,including implementation of the mayor’s transport strategy and sub-regional transport plans for London. Richard has worked for the TfLgroup for more than 10 years and has had responsibility for majorprojects, including the expansion of the Docklands Light Railway and theEmirates Air Line cable car. Richard is a Chartered Town Planner andTransport Planner who takes an integrated approach to the long-termplanning of London’s transport network, including spatial planning, urbandesign and transport planning issues. Richard has previously worked forArup and The Prince’s Foundation.Robert HenrichCEODaimler Mobility Services GmbHRobert Henrich, CEO of Daimler Mobility Services GmbH - a subsidiaryof Daimler Financial Services AG - led the development and launch of thecar2go program and acted as CEO. moovel, a smartphone-based mobilityservice showing customers how to best get from A to B, and car2go arethe key mobility service offerings by Daimler Mobility Services. car2gostarted in Ulm, Germany, in October 2008 and is now available in 18cities in Europe and North America. Serving more than 300,000customers, car2go is the world’s leading provider of flexible carsharingprograms. The mobility platform moovel has been tested in pilot projectsin Stuttgart and Berlin since 2012 and will be launched in additional citiesin 2013. Before becoming CEO of Daimler Mobility Services GmbH in2013 and car2go GmbH in 2010, Robert Henrich started his career asco-partner in an advertising agency. Since joining Daimler, he held variouspositions, including senior manager in the Business Innovation (BI) unit.Robert Henrich studied social sciences at the University of Göttingen.Etienne HenryVice President - Product Strategy & PlanningNissan International SA.Etienne Henry started his career with Philips Consumer Electronics aftergraduating from INSA in Lyon with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.He joined Nissan in Europe in 2002 as European product manager forQashqai. He led the Qashqai product development from concept stageto its European launch in 2006. Etienne then moved to Nissan’sheadquarters in Tokyo where he held the position of global chief productspecialist from 2007-2008. In 2009 he returned to Nissan International inSwitzerland as Europe and Russia program director. In this role he wasresponsible for regional profits and investments of Nissan mid-size andsport models. In early 2011 and prior to this promotion, Etienne returnedto Nissan Motors in Tokyo as global program director for the Infinitibrand and was accountable for the profit and business plan achievementfor Infiniti programs reporting directly to the executive vice president.Etienne is married with three children and has a passion for classic cars,wine, cuisine and travel.7URBAN MOBILITY 3.0
  8. 8. 8For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0Gordon WakefordManaging DirectorSiemens Infrastructure & Cities UKAppointed managing director of Siemens Infrastructure & Cities UK inNovember 2011, Gordon Wakeford is responsible for leading the Siemensbusiness units specialising in sustainable mobility, environmental protectionand energy savings. With a headcount of some 4,000 employees basedthroughout the U.K., these businesses deliver total traffic solutions, airportbaggage handling systems, rail infrastructure, sustainable energy supply,security, smart building technology and train supply and maintenance.Gordon is a member of the U.K. Siemens Executive Management Board.Prior to taking over his current role, Gordon was the managing directorof Siemens Mobility in the U.K., and prior to this the managing directorof Standard Drives, Congleton. Gordon was responsible for the overallmanagement, strategic development and co-ordination of Siemens activitieswithin these businesses. During his Congleton appointment, he wasseconded to German operations for 14 months. With more than 25 yearsof experience at Siemens, Gordon has worked in a wide variety of roles,including engineering, projects, management, purchasing and operationsmanagement before taking on general management positions.Alain UyttenhovenVice-President Product PlanningToyota Motor EuropeAlain Uyttenhoven has spent all his career in the Automotive industryworking for DaimlerAG and General Motors, before joining ToyotaMotors Corporation in 2004. Over the last 25 years, Alain has heldmultiple position in sales, marketing, customer service and product planning.He is now the vice-president in charge of product management at Toyota.In this function, he is responsible for market intelligence, long-term strategyand product planning. Alain is 52 years old, married and has 2 sons. Hegraduated in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.Tony DouglasHead of Sales & MarketingBMW AGFrerk-Malte FellerPresidentZipcar EuropeFrerk-Malte Feller was appointed president of Europe for the worlds leading carsharing network in January 2012. He is responsible for implementing and overseeingthe companys planned growth strategy throughout Europe. Prior to joining Zipcar,Feller served as managing director of eBay’s PayPal Australia business between2009 and 2011. Feller led this during a time of expansive growth, establishingPayPal as the fifth continent and a clear leader for online payments with morethan 5 million active customers, and the trusted eCommerce advisor for thousandsof online businesses. Feller’s career with the eBay Inc. family of companies spannedmore than 12 years. Prior to PayPal Australia, he served as managing director ofeBay Germany, where he led the evolution of the consumer-to-consumer auctionplatform to a broad eCommerce marketplace as well as establishing and leadingthe PayPal business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Feller holds a BusinessAdministration degree from the Europe-University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder),and participated in the MBA programme at the University of Stellenbosch in SouthAfrica.Professor Richard Parry-Jones CBEChairmanNetwork Rail Ltd.Richard Parry-Jones has 40 years of experience in business, design and developmentand manufacturing accross all levels. He joined Ford in 1969 as an undergraduatetrainee and earned a first-class honours degree in mechanical engineering fromSalford University before spending nearly 40 years at the carmaker, with timespent in a variety of senior R&D and manufacturing posts in England, Germanyand America. He previously chaired the cross-industry New Automotive Innovationand Growth Team, which was established to analyse the strategic issues facing theUK automotive industry, and now co-chairs, with Vince Cable, the UK AutomotiveCouncil. He is a Pro Chancellor and Visiting Professor in Automotive Engineeringat Loughborough University, and has been policy advisor for more than four yearsto UK and Welsh Assembly Governments on economic development,manufacturing industrial policy, transport, and energy. He is a fellow of the RoyalAcademy of Engineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. In 1995 he wasawarded an honorary doctorate by Loughborough University. In early 2005 hewas awarded a CBE for services to the automobile industry.Derek De-BonoGroup Product Marketing DirectorValeoAs product marketing director for the Valeo Group, Derek has the mission toanticipate demand for automotive innovations. He is responsible for the productstrategy of Valeo’s four Business Groups: Powertrain Systems, Visibility Systems,Thermal Systems and Driving Assistance & Comfort Systems. These featuretechnologies range from headlights and HVAC systems to electric motors andautomated parking systems. Prior to his current position, he was Hybrid and EVmarketing director at Valeo, responsible for market analysis and product strategyof Hybrid and EV technologies. Before joining Valeo, he worked for Ford in bothCanada and the U.S. At Ford, he was a part of the first Hybrid Ford Escapeprogram and was also on the Mustang and Thunderbird Brand teams. Derek holdsa Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal,Canada, and a MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.Simon DaumHead of Strategy DB Bahn Long DistanceDeutsche Bahn Mobility Logistics AGSimon Daum is presently the head of the Long-Distance Strategy withinthe corporate strategy department of Deutsche Bahn, one of the leadingtransportation companies in the world. Before this position, he wasresponsible for the international sales department in Southern Europe andfor the international long-distance department working on bringingRailteam, the European high-speed alliance, to life. He gained previousprofessional experience with the public consultancy IIC in Berlin, Germany,heading the mobility practice group, which led to him working abroad innortheast Asia and based in Tokyo, Japan. Simon holds a Master’s fromthe Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt in Business Administration.He is married with two kids and lives outside of Frankfurt, Germany.
  9. 9. 9For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0Jorn MadslienFeatures EditorBBC NewsJorn Madslien has been the features editor of the BBC News website’sbusiness pages for more than a decade, though he also spends much ofhis time reporting on the automotive, aerospace and energy industries.The Guild of Motoring Writers has awarded him the prestigious MotoringWriter of the Year Award. He has also won prizes in business journalism,environment journalism and new media categories.Joost MortierProgramme DirectorNederlandse SpoorwegenJoost Mortier is programme director at NS (the Dutch railway company)responsible for the implementation of electronic ticketing (OV chipcard)and gates at the stations of the public transport operator. Besides aticketing proposition, the OV chipcard is also used as a key to open gates.Joost and his team introduced a (r)evolution in sales, distribution andservices for customers and employees at NS by developing andimplementing major changes in the environment. With NS being thelargest train company in the Netherlands, serving 1.2 million travelersper working day, and the OV chipcard, the lead principle of travelling inthe Netherlands, the interlock between the different public transportcompetitors is crucial for seamless travelling. Joost and his team face anumber of complex challenges in order to reach their goals. Before joiningthe NS, Joost worked at IBM for 10 years, running complex projects ina multi-country environment.Ian MarsonStrategy DirectorLeasePlan Supply Services AGIan Marson joined LeasePlan UK, the worlds largest vehicle leasing andfleet services company, as strategy director in 2010. His role is focusedon initiating and leading transformational change initiatives. Ian waspreviously the strategy and change director of AutoTrader and led theorganisation through a multi-year transformation from a weekly magazinepublisher to become the UKs leading vehicle classified advertising website,achieving more than 10 million unique visitors per month. He gainedextensive project experience as a strategy consultant for A.T. Kearney,leading numerous projects in both the private sector and centralgovernment. Ian is married with two young daughters and is a graduateof The Queens College, University of Oxford.Manoëlla WilbautGlobal Head - Commercial Developments -Automotive SectorDHL Customer Solutions & InnovationExpert in Innovation Management, International Management andMarketing, Manoëlla Wilbaut is currently Global CommercialDevelopments director for DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation,Automotive Sector. She leads complex international developmentprograms all around the globe and is responsible for DHL AutomotiveSustainability (Go Green) Program globally. She is a well-knownresearcher, professor at HEC Brussels and lecturer in several Europeanorganisations.Dr. Franck CazenaveMarketing and Business Development DirectorRobert BoschFranck Cazenave has 15 years of experience in the automotive industrywith an international background in purchasing, cost performance, inter-firm relationships, negotiations, strategic marketing and businessdevelopment. He currently works at Robert Bosch, the largestautomotive supplier as the business development director for Frenchcustomers around four key automotive innovation pillars: Mass reductionwith new material & designs, Powertrain electrification (Stop/start, Mildhybrid, Strong Hybrid & EVs), Advanced Driver Assistance Systemstowards autonomous driving (video, radar, US ...) and, finally, Internetconnectivity (in-board and post-market equipments) & services for end-user. He completed masters’ degrees in Purchasing (Bordeaux) andBusiness Intelligence (Paris), and a Ph.D. in Business Administration,specifically about inter-firm learning and relationship at Paris University in2009.Kenan AksularProgramme Manager - CSR & MobilityAthlon Car Lease International B.VKenan Aksular is Chairman of the Innovation Board at Athlon Car LeaseInternational. As the forerunner of innovation at Athlon Car Lease, Kenanis best known for creating the 5-Step Sustainable Mobility Plan, whichcommunicates the way to sustainable mobility. Since 2009, as programmemanager of CSR & Mobility, Kenan has promoted the vision of AthlonCar Lease as a sustainable mobility provider on an international basis.Kenan’s recent accomplishments include closing a deal with Tesla Motors,the first fully electric sports car manufacturer, for leasing rights to theTesla vehicles in Europe. Prior to this, from 2005 to 2008, he establishedthe Innovation Department at Athlon Car Lease, which was responsiblefor the start up of several new programs, including Save Lease, Charged,and Green Car Solutions. Kenan is a leading consultant with a track recordfor comprehending the needs of various international business clients, thusenabling him to take a pioneering role in creating new and innovativesolutions for customer’s mobility needs.Michael ReinickeCo-founderCarpooling.comMichael Reinicke founded (the original platform forGermany) together with Stefan Weber and Matthias Siedler in 2001. Hecompleted a Ph.D. in Cloud Computing at the University of Bayreuthin 2006 and served as a lecturer of Computer Science in Freiburg andNuremberg. Shortly after, Michael began to work full time and transformed it into the carpooling.cominternational network in 2010. Transporting more than 1 million peopleacross more than 40 countries, is now the world’s largestridesharing network.Alberto CavaggioniSales & Marketing DirectorIVECO
  10. 10. 10For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0Fraser BrownManaging DirectorUltraFraser Brown was appointed MD of Ultra in April 2011. His remit is tocontinue the successful development of Ultra by growing the potentialnew business opportunities across Europe, North America and throughpartnerships in India. He was previously head of Travel Services for BAAat Heathrow and was responsible for all non-terminal retail activity. Priorto this, Fraser worked for Exxon Mobil for 10 years across five keymanagerial business roles in forecourt fuels marketing, commercial vehiclescards business and operations support, before moving on to become headof Commercial Transport at Gatwick.Alex StephanyCEOparkatmyhouse.comAlex Stephany is CEO of, the worlds largest peer-2-peer  parking  company. The company has over a quarter of a millionregistered drivers and millions more visits to its website and iPhone appevery year. Drivers use the service to book convenient parking that istypically 50-70 per cent cheaper than car parks, while property ownershave made millions since they launched in 2006. ParkatmyHouse.comraised venture capital from BMWs venture capital arm, BMW i Ventures,in 2011. Prior to working at, Alex worked at leadingcorporate law firm, Clifford Chance LLP, and in consulting, where headvised private equity houses and Big Four accountancy practices. Alex holdsa First Class Honours Degree from Oxford University. He has also livedand worked in China, Prague and Paris and wrote a novel in 2010 during acareer break. Alex is passionate about the power of technology to unlockefficiencies in the transportation sector.Eva HelmethHead of Sales & Consulting and Member of theManagement TeamMobility International AGEva Helmeth is in charge of informatics projects at Mobility Cooperative,Europe’s largest car sharing provider. As head of sales and consulting, shesupports organisations in setting up their own car sharing business. Hereshe is responsible for the implementation of MobiSys 2.0, a software forcar sharing management. She has worked for Mobility since April 2011.Before joining Mobility, Eva worked for the company Stadtmobil SüdbadenAG, where she was responsible for project management. She holds aMaster of Arts, which she gained through the Global Studies Programme– a joint study programme of the University of Freiburg, University ofNew Delhi and the University of Durban. In her studies, Eva conductedfield research on bikesharing.Sarwant SinghSenior Partner, Head of Automotive & Transportationand Visionary Innovation GroupFrost & SullivanSarwant Singh joined Frost & Sullivan in March 1999, and has managedmore than 250 strategic consulting projects across diverse industry sectorsduring this time. He heads up two teams in Frost & Sullivan: theAutomotive and Transportation Practice and the Visionary InnovationResearch group, which works on Mega Trends. Sarwant is responsible formanaging the global team, and for developing and implementing businessstrategies and fulfilling high-value consulting projects.Sarwant is the author of "New Mega Trends: Implications to our FutureLives." The book has been sold in over 30 countries since its launch inSeptember 2012. Sarwant combines his engineering acumen with strongcommercial and business awareness.Dorman FollowwillPartner and Director - EIAFrost & SullivanDorman Followwill’s inspirational leadership and contributions to theglobal Frost & Sullivan team have accounted for outstanding performancein regional EIA sales and profit as a partner, director and executivecommittee member for the Europe, Israel, and Africa region, in 2008 and2009, as well as record profitability in the Healthcare business unit inNorth America from 2002-2005. Dorman has played a leading role insome of the largest consulting engagements in the history of the firm,including ongoing projects with Bayer Biologicals and Philips, and keyprojects with Merck Chemicals, Montagu Private Equity, and Novartis.He also supports several key sales and new business development initiativesin EIA. Dorman has a B.A. in The Management of Organisations fromStanford University and currently resides in Oxford, U.K., with his family.Franck LevequeVice President & Business Unit Leader – Automotive& TransportationFrost & SullivanFranck Leveque was educated in Oxford and joined Frost & Sullivan inearly 2001. Franck has been instrumental in the development of theAutomotive & Transportation practice in Europe. He is a member of theEuropean Management team, driving consulting best practices andresponsible for the expansion of the Transportation sector, includingFuture Mobility, Rail & Urban Transport, and Intelligent TransportSystems. Franck is a recognised Transportation expert and speaks atvarious events. He has worked and managed numerous high-value projectsacross the value chain, ranging from new market assessment, businessmodel development, competitive benchmark/positioning, strategicopportunity identification and evaluation, diversification strategy, etc. Hehas worked with many blue chip companies in the Automotive &Transportation industries, including Daimler, Hyundai, GM, Magna, Thales,Nokia-Navteq, Continental, Siemens and many more.Julia SainiDirector of Consulting – Automotive &TransportationFrost & SullivanJulia Saini joined Frost & Sullivan in April 2001 and is one of the foundingmembers of the European Automotive & Transportation Practice. In hercurrent role as director of consulting, she is responsible for managing theEuropean consulting team, for driving best practices and fulfilling high-value bespoke client assignments. Julia has managed over 200 consultingprojects and is considered a highly driven project leader with a strongfocus on project excellence and unconditional client satisfaction. Julia hasfounded the European Chassis and Powertrain programme areas and isnow responsible for driving Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Retailing initative.Julia is trilingual and holds a Master (LLB, LLM) and Doctorandus in Law(Dr.).
  11. 11. 11For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0Martyn BriggsProgramme Manager, MobilityFrost & SullivanMartyn Briggs is the programme manager for Mobility Research, in theAutomotive and Transportation practice at Frost & Sullivan. Martyn iscurrently managing strategic mobility research and consulting assignments,helping clients to identify growth potential through leveraging technologyand new mobility business models. Martyn has particular expertise in CarSharing, Mobility Integration, and Sustainable Transport Planning. Prior toFrost & Sullivan, Martyn spent more than five years at MVA Consultancy,specialising in Transport Planning, Smart & Sustainable Travel, economicappraisal, and transport market researchNick FordSenior Consultant - Automotive & TransportationFrost & SullivanNick Ford has worked closely with business planning, providing strategyguidance and market development support throughout his career. In hisprevious role he was product planning director at TRW with globalresponsibility for their £3 billion automotive steering business, providingstrategy guidance for their electric steering products. Nick has nine yearsof automotive experience, preceded by 23 years in Aerospace andDefence at British Aerospace and Lucas. As well as holding seniormanagement positions in these corporations, Nick has been managingdirector of EMM Computers, a technology start-up company thatexceeded $1 million turnover in its first year of operation. Since joiningFrost & Sullivan, Nick has been working closely with senior executives inthe automotive domain, developing their business and product strategy.Recently, he has been involved in the development of the EV market.ASSOCIATE PARTNERMajor cities are facing increasing pressureon their infrastructure due to continuedurbanisation. With a portfolio comprisingintegrated transport solutions, building and security systems, powerdistribution equipment, smart grid applications and low- and medium-voltage products, Siemens Infrastructure and Cities offers sustainabletechnologies for the modern world. Siemens Mobility and Logistics is atthe forefront of innovation in road, rail and logistics, integratingdifferent transportation systems with one another to move people andgoods efficiently. In addition, with the provision of products andsolutions, which include Extra Low Voltage traffic signals, Urban AverageSpeed enforcement and electric vehicle charging, Siemens is well placedto support growing urbanisation.Website: PARTNERSKarsan Otomotiv Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş.was established in 1966, operated underthe roof of Koç Group between 1979and 1998, then was incorporated inKıraça Holding in 1998, when themajority shares were bought by Kıraça Holding. The company has beenmanufacturing commercial vehicles with 100 per cent domestic capitalsince 1981. Manufacturing Premium and Lander models of RenaultTrucks, Peugeot Partner, Citroën Berlingo, Karsan J Series, HyundaiTruck HD Series, and BredaMenarinibus buses, Karsan has been the onlycompany in the Turkish automotive industry that has adopted theapproach of manufacturing multiple brands in a single factory since 2002.Karsan has also been carrying out the international and domesticmarketing, sales and after-sales operations of Karsan J Series, HyundaiTruck HD Series and BredaMenarinibus buses under Karsan Pazarlamasince 2009. According to a study conducted in 2010 by the IstanbulChamber of Industry (ISO), Karsan ranks as 109th among “Turkey’s 500Largest Industrial Organisations," having moved up 53 places incomparison to last year, and currently employs 996 people. 26.62 percent of Karsan’s stocks are traded at the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE),while Kıraça Group, Diniz Group and nan Kıraç hold 63.46 per cent,8.19 per cent, and 1.73 per cent shares, respectively.Website: Connect is a high-level coalitionof businesses and environmentalorganisations committed to exploring thekey challenges and opportunities relatingto U.K. energy and climate change policy.We were launched in June 2009, by EdMilliband MP, then Secretary of State forEnergy and Climate Change. Through a high-level programme of eventsand policy research, we bring together parliamentarians, business leadersand key figures in the world of energy and climate change. By activelyexamining and responding to forthcoming policy, we aim to enableprogressive decision-making and the exchange of ideas betweengovernment and industry. Our members are committed advocates oflow-carbon enterprise and ensuring the U.K. is at the forefront of thetransition to a low-carbon and resource-efficient world.Website:
  12. 12. 12For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0MEDIA PARTNERSAutomotive World is a B2B publishing andevents company that has been informingthe decisions of auto industry stakeholdersworldwide since 1992. Our customersinclude all of the world’s major vehiclemanufacturers, in addition to suppliers,service providers, governments,management consultants, financial institutions, and more. Our productsand services include news, in-depth articles, research, data, forecasts,webinars, videos, eMagazines and conferences.Website: www.automotiveworld.comSmart Mobility Management is a EuropeanB2B media platform exploring how fleet,travel, ICT and conferencing sectors canbe managed to improve business practice.We provide senior executives with thelatest news, information and insight on mobility management via amagazine, online and through face-to-face communication. Smart MobilityManagement is targeting international decision-makers in fleet, travel &meeting, IT & communication, HR, mobility managers, purchasing,procurement, finance, senior management and board members.Coverage: 13 countries (with focus on 7 mature markets throughoutEurope)Distribution: print copies + digital distributionWebsite: is the automotiveindustrys leading online resource.Under the direction of ManagingEditor David Leggett, ourexperienced editorial team andnetwork of international analysts provide a unique blend of up-to-the-minute information, insights and intelligence. As a result, every month wehelp more than 89,900 executives to keep abreast of the very latestindustry developments. Since 1999, just-auto has established a reputationfor delivering independent, authoritative and timely business information.Today, our commitment to ground-breaking editorial remains as strongas ever. We report and interpret the automotive industrys key eventsand trends, publishing up to 20 major stories, comment and analysisarticles and interviews each working day. just-auto is also a major publisherof market research. Our range of reports, studies and profilesencompasses more than 40 titles, presenting a one-stop shop for all yourresearch requirements. In addition, our Research Store provides accessto portfolios of many other leading publishers, including: Datamonitor,Frost & Sullivan, Mintel and Supplier Business. With discussion forums,blogs, targeted email alerts and exciting career opportunities among ouradditional interactive features, just-auto is widely acknowledged as theessential business tool for automotive executives around the world.Website: www.just-auto.comThe magazine Mobility 2.0 is theoptimal information source for alltopics about sustainable vehicles,infrastructure and mobility concepts.It is published four times a year andis available as print, digital, online or mobile versions. In addition to themagazine, the digital newspaper mobility 2.0week comes every secondThursday with actual news, short articles and compact interviews withexperts. As a kind of online library, pools the entireknowledge of Mobility 2.0 and offers round-the-clock access to all articlespublished in Mobility 2.0.Website: www.mobility20.netNew Transit was relaunched in 2009to keep apace with the emergenceof an enhanced role for thepassenger transport sector intomorrow’s total mobilitymarketplace, and changing economic, social and environmental frameworkat national and local level. Each issue features commentary, analysis andthe latest best practice, technological and market insight on newdevelopments in passenger transport across the world includinginnovations in systems, equipment, service delivery and marketing. Themagazine includes regular articles from leading professionals offering their‘expert view’ of chosen subjects. New Transit’s special focus issuesinclude smart travel, integrated payment and information, combinedmobility, clean energy and customer-focussed service delivery. There isalso an annual survey of the ‘Top 200’ people influencing passengertransport’s future.Website:
  13. 13. For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.com13URBAN MOBILITY 3.0PRICING INFORMATIONUrban Mobility Workshop:£ 1,450.00 per person excluding VAT** Rate provided is for Day 2 of the workshop. Day 1 is by invitation only.*NOTE: Rates provided are for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Rates for actualtransactions may vary, and Frost & Sullivan is not offering to enter into any transaction at any rate displayed.REGISTRATION OPTIONSEmail: cyril.cromier@frost.comPhone: In Europe, dial: +33 1 42 81 22 44Fax: +44 (0) 20 7730 3343Mail: Frost & Sullivan4 Grosvenor GardensLondon SW1W 0DHUnited KingdomNote: Registrations will be acknowledged by mail. (Please include payment.)GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE+33 1 42 81 22 44 for detailsPARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIESContact Kapil Raina on +44 (0)20 7343 8392Kapil.Raina@frost.comVENUE INFORMATIONDay 1:Commons Terrace, House of Commons,Palace of Westminster, Westminster,London, SW1A 0AA, United KingdomTel: +44 (0)20 7219 4272Day 2:Siemen’s Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks1 Siemens Brothers Way, LondonE16 1GB, United KingdomTel: +44 (0)207 055 6400 more information about venue directions, recommended airports, and hotels, visit: Casual
  14. 14. 14For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0REGISTRATION FORMRegistrations for Urban Mobility 3.0. are subject to review, and restricted to end-user practitioners. Therefore, wereserve the right to decline attendance to any company deemed to be a vendor in the market. For information on howto sponsor a Frost & Sullivan event, please contact Kapil Raina on +44 (0)20 7343 8392 or email Kapil.Raina@frost.comNAME WORKTITLECOMPANYADDRESS POSTAL CODECITYSTATE/PROVINCE COUNTRYTELEPHONE FAXEMAILPAYMENT OPTIONS(*Kindly note if paying by credit card, we can only charge in Pound Sterling.)AMOUNT CURRENCYPLEASE BILL ME (enter purchase order number below)PURCHASE ORDER NUMBERPAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD (Please circle below)VISA AMEX MASTERCARDACCOUNT NUMBER EXPIRY DATECARD HOLDER’S NAME3 DIGIT SECURITY CODE SIGNATURE
  15. 15. 15For more information, visit or email enquiries@frost.comURBAN MOBILITY 3.0Urban Mobility 3.0New Urban Mobility Business ModelsFrost & Sullivan’s Annual Industry Workshop19–20 June 2013Day1: House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, United KingdomDay 2: Siemens Crystal Building, London, United KingdomTo register or for more information, visit: www.urbanmobility.gilcommunity.comFrost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leveragevisionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that willmake or break today’s market participants. For more than 50 years, we have been developinggrowth strategies for the Global 1000, emerging businesses, the public sector and the investmentcommunity. Is your organisation prepared for the next profound wave of industry convergence,disruptive technologies, increasing competitive intensity, Mega Trends, breakthrough best practices,changing customer dynamics and emerging economies?For more information, please visit