In-Vehicle Infotainment Journeys Into the Cloud


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The presentation provides an opportunity analysis, including information on market players, the value chain and projected future market growth, as well as challenges and trends for the European and North American Automotive Infotainment Market.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment Journeys Into the Cloud

  1. 1. In-vehicle Infotainment: Journey into the Cloud Commences Vishnu Muralidharan, Industry Analyst Automotive & Transportation
  2. 2. Today’s Presenter: Vishnu Muralidharan 2
  3. 3. AgendaSection Market Trends Infotainment Market Highlights Smartphone Interfaces Current Infotainment Approaches Case studies Market Metrics Appendix 3
  4. 4. Market Trends Personalization Demand for Zero Emission information Vehicle Increasing Demand for Security Intelligent Mobility Traffic Demand for Change in Intelligent Safety Demographics Infotainment Focus on Low Cost and Low Power In-car Sustainability Growing Economic Connectivity Powers Environmental Intuitive HMI Care Accident freeLEGEND driving Global Trends Automotive Trends Source: Frost & Sullivan 4
  5. 5. Key Market Highlights Connectivity, Apps and Cloud-Based Infotainment Market : Key Market Highlights (World), 2010 Key Market Highlights Mercedes Benz, Audi all looking to Develop own Automotive App Stores Mobile Applications Stores Garmin won contract to supply Daimler with Navigation PND Manufacturers OEM Software, TomTom Mazda Partnerships apart from Business Renault Success Genivi gaining ground with increasing members, Nokia Standardization Efforts Terminal mode is now Car Connectivity Consortium with increasing members Parrot Aftermarket Android based head unit released, Aftermarket Gaining Ground Pioneer integrates App-based head unit including Pandora Dual view display in Mercedes Benz, 3D Displays , New Display Innovations Reconfigurable Instrument Cluster, Integrated Central Stack from Continental Real VNC partnership with Jaguar on Connect & View Smartphone Replication in system, partnerships with Clarion, Alpine, QNX, Car progressing Apart from this there have been several innovations such as Toyota Microsoft partnership, Ford using Google API, Audi Connect System, Delphi MyFi systems and Apple iPod out indicating the transition in the market to embracing smartphones and cloud impact Source: Frost & Sullivan. 5
  6. 6. Smartphone Interfacing Technologies BluetoothInterface Nokia Terminal Simple Cable Steering QNX iPod out Method Mode Wheel Bluetooth in car pairs Phone gets connected Terminal mode connects with Bluetooth-equipped to car through a cable. phone to car through a Similar to terminal cell phones and allows Only functionality cable and allows all mode, QNX iPod out telephony, access to available through simple smartphone functions in currently allows music contacts and musicFunctionality cable is accessing using steering wheel the car. access in car through music from phone. It iPods and iPhone. controls. It has wireless It gives blown up allows hassle-free and Pandora Radio is the connectivity, but functions, but may easy connectivity, but first application in BMW. performs limited cause distraction. limits functionality. functions. BMW audio interface, Fiat Blue&Me Upcoming Nokia technology, Bluetooth ipod out connectivityExamples USB cables and audio terminal mode in BMW (Pandora) cables. car kits concept Source: Frost & Sullivan. 6
  7. 7. Challenges Associated with Connected Services Connectivity, Apps and Cloud-Based Infotainment Market : Industry Challenges (World), 2010-2017 Multimodal HMI Driver Distraction Controls New Business Differentiation Models Source: Frost & Sullivan. 7
  8. 8. Vehicle Manufacturer Developed Apps Connectivity, Apps and Cloud-Based Infotainment Market : Vehicle Manufacturer Developed Apps (World), 2010 Vehicle Telematics Entertainment Location Based Navigation Information Others Related Apps Apps Service Apps Related Apps Apps Toyota I EV Apps – BMW TomTom Audi Car Heart Toyota Park BMW Active Roadside Navigation Monitor App Internet Smart App E, Nissan Assistance App Radio App LEAF apps Ford - Sync Bosch Mercedes myChevrolet OnStar Zip Car – Car Enabled Navigation Mbrace App App Mylink App Sharing App Pandora App Fauercia BMW Ciao Fiat Ford – Sync Trapster – Toyota Smart Smart Fit – Connected Smartphone Enabled Speed G-Book App Seat Related App App Stitcher Camera App App Dynolicius – BMW/Mini Viper Smart Mercedes Green Apps Continental Diagnostics Connected Start Remote Smart Drive – Green TPMS App App App App App Meter App Source: Frost & Sullivan. 8
  9. 9. Terminal Mode Connectivity, Apps and Cloud-Based Infotainment Market : Terminal Mode, 2010 Content Filters ensure that vehicle related content only delivered. MembersTechnology chargingOrganization OPEN STANDARDS FRAND Progression FRAND: Fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms (FRAND) are a licensing obligation that is often required by standard-setting organizations (SSO) Source: Frost & Sullivan 9
  10. 10. Infotainment OS GENIVI Objectives Aligned IVI requirements across a broad base of OEMs & identified software components that meet the requirements. A compliance program against which commercial offerings can be certified. A baseline implementation that “demonstrates” the requirements and “proves out” the compliance statements. Dedicated OEM IVI systems were usually complicated Modular and consumed lot of development of IVI time and resources system by use of standardized Limited re-use and interfaces code sharing capabilityHead Unit Proprietary Head Unit Instrument Cluster Instrument Cluster Single OS OS’s Navigation Unit Navigation Unit Platform Telematics Unit Telematics Unit 10
  11. 11. AutoLinQ – Always OnSafe system integration Comfortable and flexible billingin the complex automotive systems. Pan-European higharchitecture speed mobile phone network. SPORT MODE ECO MODE COMFORT MODEMastering Complexity –Simplify your DriveFunction bundling andpersonalization 11
  12. 12. Cloud-based Deployment Models Connectivity, Apps and Cloud-Based Infotainment Market : Cloud-based Deployment Models (World), 2010 • Google • Microsoft • • Using Google • Using Azure Cloud • Using Salesforce Prediction API to Platform to create a chatter a private Increase Driving mobility platform for social network that Efficiency connected services will connect car, including services for dealerships and EVs Toyota Ford Toyota Toyota Friend 2015 Full Scale 2012 Launch 2012 Global Rollout Deployment Source: Frost & Sullivan. 12
  13. 13. OE Embedded Navigation Total Market for OE embedded Navigation Forecasts (Unit Shipments) 2014 8000 Thousands 17.2 M 8.4M 44.8% 55.2% 0 2010 Western North Brazil China India Korea Russia 2016 Europe America Source: Frost & Sullivan 13
  14. 14. Conclusion Connectivity, Apps and Cloud-Based Infotainment Market : Future Information Needs (World), 2010 Services Vehicle Information Pedestrian Navigation Electric Parking Vehicle Information Services Live Traffic eCall bCall Games Pay as you Audio / Drive Video Streaming ADAS / V2V V2I Entertainment Source: Frost & Sullivan. 14
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