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[Fleet LATAM 2019, Pag.12] Trends for 2019 in the Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market


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Page 12: Article by Martín Singla (Frost & Sullivan, Automotive & Transportation, Global)

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[Fleet LATAM 2019, Pag.12] Trends for 2019 in the Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market

  1. 1. This magazine is distributed in Latin America, Europe and United States. NexusCommunication-FleetLatAm#2-Periodicmagazine-December2018-DepositOfficeLiegeX DECEMBER 2018 02 Every relevant contact in Latin America
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  3. 3. 3INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM When local expertise leads to global efficiency Welcome to the Fleet LatAm Directory 2019 – your guide to the major vehicle fleet suppliers in Latin America. Latin America is a fascinating continent – but also a puzzle of varying systems of legislation, regulation and taxation. And because of this, also a place with great differences in market maturity and best practices for business mana- gement. For international and global fleet managers, this complicates their job in LatAm. How do you set up a system for international fleet management in such a fragmented region? This Directory is an important first step, by providing an overview of the suppliers that can help you formulate such a policy. It’s a worthwhile exercise. For history has shown that a presence in challenging regions like LatAm often results in healthy growth opportunities in the longer term. The change is already visible. Both international and locally established fleet and mobility suppliers are increasingly part of the mix; customers are increasingly aware of the importance of fleet management optimisation in the context of Total Cost of Ownership control; and the eagerness to detect and test new fleet and mobility schemes is also increasing. In short, business enthusiasm is a fact. The first step to build your future fleet and mobility strategy in LatAm is to know the marketplace and the possible partners present in it, and that’s exactly what this first Fleet LatAm Directory is about – giving you easy access to all important industry players in Latin America. In Directory you’ll find the major fleet suppliers able to support your business and help you tackle Latin America’s fleet management challenges, today and tomorrow. Remember, you can also consult this directory online, at Have a great, successful, warm and healthy 2019! Caroline Thonnon, CEO & Business Development “Proximity generates efficiency” COLOPHON EDITORS DanielBland–EditorLATAM T.:+55(11)98542-2169 StevenSchoefs–ChiefEditor CélineGilson–ProjectCoordinator BenjaminUyttebroeck –Journalist Contributors:FrankJacobs Experts: PascalSerres ExpertLATAM JoseLuisCriado–MobilityConsultants, MartínSingla&YeswantAbhimanyu–Frost&Sullivan Layout:STR8!– Pictures:©Shutterstock,©GlobalFleet SALES&MARKETING DanielSavigny InternationalKeyAccountManagerLATAM DavidBaudewyens–InternationalKeyAccountManager SaskiaLannau –InternationalKeyAccountManager VincentDegives–MarketingManager VirginieEmonts–SalesandMarketingAssistant AlineVerpoorten–InternalSalesAssistant BenoitDelisse–SalesandMarketingAssistant FLEETLATAM FleetLatAm @Fleet_LatAm FleetLatAm FLEETLATAMispublishedbyNexusCommunicationSA, ParcArtisanal11-13,4671Barchon(Belgium), T.:+3243878771–Fax:+3243879063 FLEETLATAMisregisteredandcopyrightedtrademark.Reproductionrights (texts,advertisements,pictures)reservedforallcountries.Received documentswillnotbereturned.Bysubmittingthem,theauthorimplicitly authorizestheirpublication. PUBLISHERS CarolineThonnon–CEO&BusinessDevelopment ThierryDegives–CEO&ManagingPartner
  4. 4. 4 LATIN AMERICA EXPERT VIEWS Trump, AMLO and Bolsonaro: a new landscape for 2019 5 Trends & Tips in the Latam automotive market 6 Leasing in 2019, Looking at the Bright Side 8 Events Impacting Fleet & Business in Latin America 10 Trends for 2019 in the Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market 12 INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing 15 ALD Automotive 15 Volkswagen Financial Services 16 OEMs 17 General Motors Global Fleet 17 Volvo Car Corporation - Global Fleet Business Centre 21 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions 21 Mobileye, an Intel Company 22 Sofico Services Mexico S.DE R.L. DE C.V. 23 Telematics 25 Geotab Inc. 25 Galooli Ltd. 26 ARGENTINA EXPERT VIEW Jumping hurdles in Argentina 28 NATIONAL SUPPLIERS Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing 29 OEMs 29 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions 30 Telematics 30 MEXICO EXPERT VIEW Mexico 2019, a transition year 43 NATIONAL SUPPLIERS Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing 45 Element Fleet Management 45 LeasePlan Mexico 46 OEMs 46 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions 47 Edenred 47 Telematics 47 BRAZIL EXPERT VIEW Trends in recovering Brazil 31 NATIONAL SUPPLIERS Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing 33 Localiza Fleet Solutions 33 Movida Frotas 35 OEMs 36 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions 36 Telematics 37 COLOMBIA EXPERT VIEW Colombia forecast looks bright 41 NATIONAL SUPPLIERS Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing 42 OEMs 42 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions 42 CHILE EXPERT VIEW Managing the models in Chile 39 NATIONAL SUPPLIERS Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing 39 OEMs 39 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions 40 Telematics 40 ARGENTINA EXPERT VIEW MEXICO CHILE COLOMBIA BRAZIL ARGENTINA IN THIS ISSUE
  5. 5. 5INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.GLOBALFLEET.COM ECONOMY Trump, AMLO and Bolsonaro: a new landscape for 2019 In 2017, an interesting survey indicated that 75% of Latin Americans showed little or no confidence in national governments, up from around 55% in 20101 . Trust in institutions like the judicial system also deteriorated as dissatisfaction with the quality of public services grew, in a context of social inequality and corruption. Pascal Serres I n 2018 the Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, AMLO, (left) and the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro (right) were elected because the population rejected their traditional leaders and governing parties (PRI and PT). Similar causes have been generating opposite solutions and violence threaten to de- velop dangerously. Venezuela and Honduras populations have fallen into des- peration and the disastrous socio-economic situation of those two countries have pushed immigrants on the road together with “maras” and delinquents, threatening neighbouring countries and the US border. Trump policies have contributed to exacerbate nationalism, populism and anti-imperialism. All in all, corruption and violence have created a dangerous political framework at the end of 2018. In Colombia, Ivan Duque, newly elected president, wants to renegotiate the fragile peace treaty with the guerrilla forces and in Peru, the new president’s priority is the fight against corruption. Surprisingly Bolivia, one of the poorest countries on the continent, governed by its “leftist” indigenous president Evo Morales, has legalised work for children from 10 years of age and the Nicaraguan revolutionary regime had to fight against a popular protest like any military dictatorial one. Therefore Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Panama appear as heaven. In that context, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) have reviewed its growth pro- jections for the region for 2018 and expects an average expansion of 1.3% in Latin America and the Caribbean this year, slightly lower than that forecasted this past August (1.5%). It foresees a growth rate of 1.8% for 2019. Argentina remains very fragile. Despite Macri’s policies to reduce deficits and access financial markets, rising interest rates in the US have had an immediate impact on exchange rates while imported inflation and budget deficit fed a new monetary crisis, bringing the country back to the edge of bankruptcy. In Brazil, Paul Guedes (Chicago boys’ school) should strongly support the private sector in 2019, AMLO has promised to eradicate inflation and reduce government spending. Their respective radical positions will likely vanish as a necessity of governing and we can expect positive economic results if they are able to reduce corruption and support a social programme needed to tackle inequality. There is no improvement to expect in Venezuela until Maduro is put aside. In that context, inflation might increase, interest rates will certainly follow the general trend in the world and most currencies will depreciate against the dollar. Nevertheless, slow growth and financial uncertainties will not stop fleet management expansion into the corporate markets because it is a way to increase efficiencies, secure budgets and reduce costs. It is even more required when the context is complicated. Pascal Serres, Fleet LatAm Advisory Board President and Expert Global Fleet1 OECD/CAF/ECLAC (2018), Latin American Economic Outlook 2018: Rethinking Institutions for Development, OECD Publishing, Paris.
  6. 6. 6 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 AUTOMOTIVE MARKET Trends & Tips in the Latam automotive market Although Latam car sales fall short of major players such as China and the United States, overall performance was up in 2018. Here is a bit on the trends and tips in the region. Daniel Bland D uring the first nine months of 2018, a total of 4.28 million passenger and commercial vehicles were sold in Latin America, up 4.9% year-over-year. In most countries, there is a correlation between the number of cars being registered and the national economy. Therefore, as Brazil and Mexico are home to approximately 70% of the vehicles in the 28-country region, they certainly impact Latin America’s over- all performance. While Brazil and Chile helped lift sales in 2018 with January-October year- on-year increases of 15.2% and 19.5% respectively, Mexico’s credit situation and Argentina’s economic crisis should result in sales down approximately 7% and 17% for the year. Here is just a taste of some of the influencing factors in the market. Technology is key First of all, the concept of connectivity and mobility is on the rise in Latin America and this should continue to be a growing requirement in cars and fleet management strategies throughout the region. To reduce potential problems in your fleet, data collection will play a key role for end users of corporate car usage in 2019 and beyond,” says Carlos Castillo who is associate VP for the Latin American region for global open- platform telematics firm Geotab. Evolving Powertrain Although very gradual, one change de- finitely occurring in Latin America is the powertrain evolution to electric vehicles (EV). During the region’s largest auto show in Sao Paulo, besides featuring existing EVs such as the BMW i3, four new EVs were announced to the market, being the Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul, and Renault Zoe. Traffic in the city of São Paulo, Latin America’s largest city
  7. 7. 7INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM There are also several hybrids in the region such as the Volvo S90, XC60 and XC90, the entire line of Lexus, and the newly announced Volkswagen Golf GTE. “From what I saw at our own auto show here in Colombia, all manufacturers were highlighting models with better characteristics and improved EV battery performance. Although these types of vehicles are still very expensive due to a lack in government incentive, I do see potential for them in 2019,” says Andres Jaramillo, partner at local auto- motive service and consultancy firm SEPA Consultores. The EV market landscape is certainly shaping up in Latin America, according to Lorena Isla who is the Latam direc- tor for Automotive and Transportation (Mobility) for consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan. “We are seeing more and more efforts from governments in terms of incen- tives and policies to help increasing penetration of EVs, such is the case of countries like Brazil (with Rota 2030), Costa Rica (very well-articulated and integral regulation), Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico” Isla told Fleet LatAm. “In some countries we may see an evolution similar to Mexico, where hybrids are increasingly penetrating the market, opening the door to pure EVs that are also growing at a nice pace,” added the executive. China has arrived One trend to keep an eye on is the growth of Chinese automakers in the region, many of which are unknown to some. Considering the largest market (Brazil), Lifan and Jac Motors were the most imported Chinese brands in the first semester of 2018, followed by Chery, BYD, and Geely. BYD, which is one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) producers in the world, is also planning an EV battery factory in Amazonas state capital Manaus. As for Mexico (No. 2 in Latin America fleet size), although other companies exist, one company which has shown considerable interest in the country recently is BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Holding) which is preparing for the construction of a US$2bn plant in the country. In Argentina, BAIC introduced its first full EV in 2018, the EX260. While Chinese brands were practically non- existent in Argentina a couple of years ago, sales are increasing incrementally on into 2019. As for Colombia, BAIC also introduced two new subcompact SUVs into the country, the X25 and X35. Other brands in Colombia are DFSK, NAVECA, and Changan. Meanwhile, free trade policies in Chile have resulted in an impressive 16 Chinese car brands in the country representing approximately 16% of the total car market in the first semester of 2018. A total of five brands represented 67% of the Chinese footprint, being Chery, Jac, Changan, Great Wall, and MG. Short-to-Mid-Term contracts and Sharing The concept of shorter-term contracts and even sharing is gradually sprawling across Latin America, whether we are talking about ride-hailing by Uber, car- pooling by Waze, per-minute renting by Carrot, daily rent-a-car by Localiza, or monthly subscription services now offered by several leasing companies. “Although fleet management and leasing company Arval mainly believes in TCO for new vehicles with leasing contracts from 36-48 months, it is in- vestigating the possibility of mid-term rentals [1-24 months] for used vehicles like it is doing in the EMEA region,” according to Ricardo De Bolle, Latam business director at Arval. “All competing suppliers will be looking for the best ways to adapt to this and other new market trends in 2019, and this includes evolving new technologies, offering more advanced services, and providing the best service to differentiate themselves,” the executive told Fleet LatAm. While solutions like these could affect vehicle remarketing throughout the region, the sharing concept will likely affect the types of cars on streets as well as services. If the trend continues, those focused more on passengers than drivers may prevail. Only time will tell. 2019 automotive market Dos & Dont’s Do • Take advantage of telematics • Know the local laws & culture • Consider new mobility solutions • Know your competition • Think of TCO Don’t • Forget preventive maintenance • Select the wrong powertrain • Think short-term • Underestimate Chinese brands • Treat all Latam countries the same
  8. 8. 8 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 LEASING MARKET Leasing in 2019, Looking at the Bright Side The last few years have not been easy times for most Latin American countries, and its automotive industry has not been immune. More detailed analysis can be found in other articles within this magazine. However, for the leasing and fleet management industry there can be a bright side worth considering. Jose Luis Criado O utsourcing fleet management is a control and efficiency related service. We have seen in different markets how difficult economical years facilitate the foun- dations for a steady and long-term growth of the industry and we expect this will be the case. Generalising any comment on Latin America’s economy or industries is per definition confusing and probably mistaken, so I won’t. But instead I will comment shortly on the major markets. Brazil Brazil is the biggest leasing and fleet management market and has been recently experiencing growth which is expected to continue in 2019. Of course, there is a level of uncertainty due to the change of government, but in spite of any ideology, among the strongest campaign arguments have been the fight against corruption and a promise of a ‘cleaner’ administration. Any visible degree of success in achieving these promises is good news for Brazil and its economy. The continuing stability of interest rates will be very determining in the yearly developing of leasing and there are no special signs of this not happening. With the strengthened local industry with recent consolidation processes together with the presence of all major international players, we should expect 2019 to be a good year for the leasing and fleet management services. Due to the increasing level of maturity of this market, probably the biggest trigger will be technologically impro- ved features of the service, whether it is referred to as telematics, connectivity or intelligent use of data. Mexico The second market in terms of size is of course Mexico, and coincidentally a parallel opportunity/uncertainty will also occur because of a change of government, whose winning argument has also been a promise to fight cor- ruption and introduce a cleaner government. During the new President’s inaugural speech, again keeping ide- ology aside, several statements were made that are promising for develop- ment. Among them was the com- mitment to stop purchasing any official vehicles. When the latter initiative has been taken by other countries it has often resulted in governmental depart- ments becoming leasing clients, which in turn, rapidly improved the efficiency and costs of government fleets. But there are more aspects than those to sustain my optimism. Interest rates will probably stay stable and the sig- nature of the new USMCA agreement has calmed some fears. Like in Brasil, the lack of uniformity throughout the country in infrastructure and service levels will also make telematics and data intelligence the trigger for higher efficiency and desired control levels. Argentina If it wouldn’t be for the pains inflicted on its inhabitants, Argentina would be a fascinating economical case study. Over two years ago, a change of government occurred in Argentina, also helped by the argumentation of a cleaner government and fighting corruption. Unfortunately, serious financial difficulties blurred these ob- jectives, but it still is the third economy in Latam. Development of leasing and fleet mana- gement has been slower than in other countries of the region, due to a history of financial instability and high interest rates that during 2018 have become the highest in the world. But as mentioned, the size of the economy is relevant, hence corporate fleets are significant. A history of high and unstable interest rates have delayed the development of leasing but out- sourced fleet management services without funding have flourished in the last few years. Many corporations have started to see that the increased controls and efficiency related proces- ses as offered by fleet management companies are a good source of cost reductions. International players are not yet present, but local alliances have already been established with ALD and Arval.
  9. 9. 9INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM Chile For many years, and in spite of ups and downs, Chile has been a regional example of stability, including the leasing and fleet management indus- tries. International prices of mineral commodities have been the biggest trigger in the industry development as for years mining has been the initiator and engine of fleet management demand. Unlike Brasil, Mexico and Argentina, Chile has no car manufacturing industry. In fact, it is one of the most open vehicle markets with over a hundred compe- ting makes. This makes car prices vul- nerable to currency exchange rates, which sometimes complicates ten- dering processes. Expectations are that in 2019 the Chilean market will continue its stable course. Colombia Colombia is a market that could be affected by political issues and these could affect the overall economy and hence the fleet industry. On top of the new government renegotiation of the peace agreement with the guerrilla, there is the unpredictability of the im- pact of the Venezuela developments. Otherwise, fleet management will pro- bably continue to evolve and grow. 2017 has seen the arrival of the first of the global players and it will not be last. On a more general note and going back to the optimistic view expressed by the title, personally I am a firm believer that corruption is the worst form of cancer of any society. The fact that major countries’ electorates, in spite of ideo- logical differences, are supporting ideas aiming at curbing corruption and Jose Luis Criado, Founder Jose Luis Criado Mobility Consultants seeking ‘cleaner’ governments is a very promising trend. Should these countries succeed in any visible measure, a positive contagion effect might occur. And if so, perhaps Latin America can bear the fruits of growth and stability, including the benefits of outsourced fleet management.
  10. 10. 10 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 HIGHLIGHTS IMPACTING FLEET IN 2018 Events Impacting Fleet & Business in Latin America Whether good or bad, Latin America was definitely home to some interesting headlines in 2018. These are a few of them we feel like highlighting. Daniel Bland A s we enter the New Year, we cannot go without for- getting some of the events which are helping to pave the way for Latin America’s automobile fleet and mobility industry, or in some cases, hindering their progress. Below is Fleet LatAm’s top 10 impacting events, starting with the long-awaited signing of the USMCA, formerly known as the NAFTA agreement. 1.USMCA signed The United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade pact has been signed. Under the agreement, to qualify for tariff-free trade, the percentage of vehicle components which must be manufactured in North America has been increased to 75% from 62.5%. Moreover, 40-45% must be manufactured by workers earning at least US$16 per hour, well above the average salary for Mexican autoworkers. Although the minimum salary should increase employment in the United States and Canada, it could end up pushing manufacturers to move production out of the tri-country region to save money. 2.ROTA 2030 Meanwhile, further down south was the approval of Brazil’s ROTA 2030 (Route 2030), a 15-year national automotive policy which obliges manufacturers to meet new energy efficiency and safety standards. As automakers will need to improve energy efficiency by 11%, this should result in more hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) being offered to compensate for the less efficient ones. ROTA 2030 also promises to grant the industry up to 2.1bn reais (US$556mn) in tax credit for every year automotive companies jointly invest at least 5bn reais on research and development. 3.Countries in Crisis Several nations are facing economic hardships and this has led to many of its citizens fleeing to neighbouring countries. Venezuela, which is facing extreme hyper-inflation, has also been hit hard by the shut-down of many petrol producing facilities, something that impacts public transportation and vehicle maintenance and usage. Other countries suffering from their own crisis are Honduras and Nicaragua. 4.Argentina Pressure Despite its improving economy in 2017, Argentina’s rising debt has resulted in inflation jumping to 40% in 4Q18 and a cor- relative interest rate rising to 60% (the highest in the world). The country’s GDP, however, is keeping pace and is expected to close 2018 somewhere in the range of +1.7%. 5.New Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro became president-elect of Brazil on 28 October and is assuming the presidency on 1 January, 2019. Although his rise to the position has not been smooth with him actually getting stabbed just one month before his appointment, most local businesses are positive about the change due to his firm focus on fighting corruption and crime. 6.New Mexico president Andrés Manuel López Obrador became president-elect of Mexico on 1 July and took his position on 1 December. Although being a left-wing president – the opposite of his Brazilian counterpart – he does have the same goals in terms of combating corruption and crime.
  11. 11. 11INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 7. Locamerica becomes Unidas Brazilian vehicle leasing and rent-a-car companies Locamerica and Unidas merged in the first quarter and, by the fourth quarter of the year, the partnership formally changed its name to Unidas. 8.Opel eyes Latam French multinational car manufacturing group PSA is preparing plans to bring the Opel brand back to Latin America, mainly Brazil and other South American countries. Under its business expansion plan known as Push to Pass, PSA is expecting to double its sales volume and triple its profit in Latin America by 2021. To accomplish this, PSA will launch 16 new vehicles in the Mercosur region, including those under the Peugeot, Citroen, and DS brands, as well as Opel. 9.Didi Chuxing buys 99 Chinese ride hailing giant Didi Chuxing bought Brazilian app- based ride hailing company 99 - formerly known as 99 Taxis – in January. Besides acquiring stakes of 99 owned by investment funds Riverwood Capital, Monashees, Qualcomm Ventures, Tiger Global, and Japan’s Softbank, the deal involved the injection of additional funds into 99, giving the Chinese firm the control- ling share of the asset. Although a purchase price was not dis- closed, 99 was reportedly valued at some US$1bn at the time. 10.Ford, VW alliance Ford and Volkswagen are putting together a strategic alliance in Argentina to reduce manufacturing costs and strengthen their competitiveness in South America. The main idea is to share platforms for pickups, SUVs, and vans, of which the Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok are up for consideration. The two companies already have facilities located next to each other in the city of General Pacheco, located some 10km northwest of Buenos Aires. As we can see, there were many ups and downs throughout the region, many of which lead to the fact that we are all interconnected. Whether through multinational agreements, mergers and acquisitions, developing government policies, or partnerships, all Latam players should work together to empower the region. Let’s wait to see what happens in 2019! Brazil President Michel Temer announces ROTA 2030 at São Paulo auto show Source:Brazil’sfederalgovernment
  12. 12. 12 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 TRENDS Trends for 2019 in the Latin American P The Latin American automotive industry is raising strong expectations for the upcoming years. Not only are aggregated sales numbers on the upswing but key transformative trends are reshaping the debate around personal and public transportation, introducing and embracing a broader definition of mobility as a value enhanced experience. Martín Singla (Frost & Sullivan, Automotive & Transportation, Global) T hese accelerating changes in the automotive sector are being enabled by new technologies such as alternative powertrains spearheaded by e-mobility, enhanced security standards, and value added services like micro-mobility, ride-hailing and other shared mobility concepts. Robust performances with solid growth forecasts There are variable regional scenarios in terms of the automotive industry’s performance. For instance, the Chilean passenger vehicle market has perfor- med outstandingly in 2018, and is set to surpass its historic sales barrier to end the year with sales of over 423,000 units. Meanwhile, the passenger vehicle markets in Argentina and Mexico are witnessing a slight contraction. In both cases, this has been triggered by macroeconomic restructuring proces- ses and political changes that have had a direct impact on the automotive market, such as the NAFTA renego- tiations. A fresh overhaul is expected in 2019-2020. Simultaneously, in 2018, Brazil, the major automotive driver in the region, seems to have defined new game-changing strategies and business models for retailing, integration of digital solutions, and micro-mobility. More broadly, it has pushed the political definition of Rota2030, a salient growth roadmap for the overall automotive sector. Taking into account the key markets in the region, Frost & Sullivan estimates that the total regional pas- senger vehicle market size for 2019 will be about 5.66 million units, representing a growth of +5.12% from 2018 values. Emergence of new technologies and powertrains More importantly are the avant-garde new ideas currently being discussed and developed. While the region has its own history and institutionalised markets of cleaner alternative power- trains (such as flex engines, ethanol, biodiesel 100%, CNG/LNG after- market conversions, etc.), it has so far not included e-powertrains. With the exception of Ecuador and Mexico over the past couple of years, hybrids have never been properly deployed across Latin America. In 2018, several countries have started formally defining how they would like to join this global move- ment towards clean transportation and zero emission standards. Incentive laws, such as tax deductions and import duty tariff exemptions, are being passed across all countries, important infra- structure deployment plans have started, and pilot tests of fully electric MPVs, taxis and different buses options are being launched. Driven by both traditional and non-traditional players (for example Chinese OEMs and utility companies), the region is being intro- duced to the concept of electromobility. Even some small countries with ren- ewable based energy matrixes (such as Uruguay, Ecuador and Costa Rica) have started defining 360º electro-mobility strategies. Simultaneously, large auto- motive manufacturing economies are making forays into assembling or even developing e-powertrains. Here, although the scenario is heavily centred around startups, the recent installation of the first electric bus chassis manufacturing plant in Brazil by a key Chinese manu- facturer, marks a major milestone in a market poised for take-off. Innovative services parallel changing mobility patterns The entire vehicle customer experience is being revolutionised by disruptive automotive retailing strategies. The Latin America presents a mature industry and consolidated markets, with promising growth prospects in terms of new vehicle sales.
  13. 13. 13INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM n Passenger Vehicle Market dealership ecosystem is being comple- mented with pop-up stores, lifestyle stores and experience centres. Simultaneously, digital and virtual expe- rience tools that enable customisation and configuration through virtual show- rooms, financing simulators and online active comparison of available options and deals have become fundamental in retailing and aftermarket processes. By enabling these multiple channels of customer engagement, OEMs are trans- forming the retailing process into a cyclical rather than linear journey, creating new patterns of customer loyalty. Clearly, the culture of personal vehicle ownership is still strong in Latin America. Nonetheless, the appearance of micro- mobility and “last mile” solutions repre- sent crucial transformative trends im- pacting the mobility ecosystem. Bike sharing startups and government backed initiatives are emerging across all mega cities in the region. This is the result of joint efforts by city governments that are investing in infrastructural development and private operators, accompanied by the public demand for more sustainable means of trans- portation that promote healthier life- styles. Brazil and Mexico, in particular, have experienced a globally unpre- cedented growth in the number of new users of bike sharing apps, free floating scooters, and bike fleets. Meanwhile, ride-hailing operators have been active in these markets for a couple of years already and account for some of the largest registered user bases globally. Multi-mobility convergence strategies that bring to- gether ride-hailing services, micro- mobility service providers and traditio- nal automotive OEMs into one single/ common structure are already being discussed, if not put into practice. Latin America presents a mature in- dustry and consolidated markets, with promising growth prospects in terms of new vehicle sales. However, growth is motorised by constant innovation and willingness to change and adapt to regional-specific demands. Excitingly, the growth projections for Latin America’s personal vehicle market will be propelled primarily by the parallel introduction of new concepts, power- train products, digital services, business models, non-traditional players and unprecedented industry convergences, which will define an innovative mobility scenario.
  15. 15. 15INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing Arrend Leasing 7a. Avenida 7-07, zona 9 Edificio Arrend, nivel 7 01009 Ciudad de Guatemala Guatemala T. (502) 22181818 Arval International 222 Av. Chedid Jafet, Bloco A - 2° Andar 04551-065 Sao Paulo Brazil T. +55 11 2246 8012 Cork Services Rua Ministro Adauto Lucio Cardoso, 327 05589-000 São Paulo Brazil T. +55 11 9917 70505 Fleet Logistics Ave Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1188 8e Andar - Cj 83/85 01451001 Sao Paulo Brazil T. +55 11 9882 64150 Gama Leasing Av. Américo Vespucio Nte 1300 H6C8+X2 Pudahuel Chili T. +56 600 586 8686 Localiza Av Bernado Monteiro 1563 30150902 Belo Horizonte Brazil T. +55 (31) 3247-7231 Pulpomatic Calle Moreno Nieto, 2 28005 Madrid Spain T. +34654027397 Traxall “Fleet House, Mary Way Silverdale Business Park, Newcasle” ST5 6PA Staffordshire UK T. +44 (0) 844 567 7988 Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing - Suppliers listing ALD Automotive LATAM Commercial Regional Headquarters R. Apeninos, 222 - Liberdade São Paulo - SP, 01533-000 Brazil online company profile > Kent Bjertrup Regional Director - Latin America T. +52 55 2581 3272 Sergio Lecue International Key Account Director T. +55 11 3147 4813 > Regional contacts > Local contacts ALD Automotive - Chile Nicolas Varas T. +56 2 2307 0215 ALD Automotive - Brazil Ricardo Formigoni T. +55 11 3147 4844 ALD Automotive - Peru Daniel Velarde T. +51 963 356 700 ALD Automotive - Chile Rodrigo Troncoso T. +56 2 2307 0210 ALD Automotive - Brazil Alexandre Valadao T. +55 11 3147 4718 Arrend Leasing - Central America Karen Cerezo T. +502 2218 1818 ALD Automotive - Peru Gerardo Vasquez T. +51 1 716 26 47 ALD Automotive - Colombia Pablo Van-Arcken T. +57 1 4431040 ALD Automotive - Mexico Miguel Chávez T. + 52 55 2581 3581 AutoCorp - Argentina Federico Folatelli T. +54 11 3984 8888 ALD Automotive - Colombia Mauricio Serna T. +57 3 208590219 ALD Automotive - Mexico Patricia Terriquez T. + 52 55 2581 3275
  16. 16. 16 Volkswagen Financial Services Regional Headquarters Mailbox VI Gifhorner Straße, 57 D-38112 Braunschweig Germany” online company profile > Melanie Memisevic International Key Account Manager T. +49 152 08 94 29 42 Christian Paez Cosio Business Development Manager Brazil T. +49 531 21 28 48 30 Anderson Tolentino Business Development Manager Mexico T. +49 531 21 28 75 81 Caren Raue Business Development Manager Argentina & Chile T. +49 531 21 28 52 02 > Regional contacts INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing > Local contacts Fleet Solutions Brasil - Brazil Manuel Messias T. +55 41 30 90 66 80 Volkswagen Financial Services - México Luis Francisco Pérez Ehlinger T. +52 222 622 12 15 Volkswagen Financial Services - Argentina Fernanda Suárez-Alvarez T. +54 115 650 96 50 Porsche Volkswagen Servicios Financieros Chile SpA Martin Baumgartner T. +56 223 22 48 01 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K anuncio_ingles_em_curvas.pdf 1 14/11/2018 11:25:13
  17. 17. 17INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - OEMs BMW Group P.O. Box 0833-0083 orres de las Americas Panama T. +49 89 382 24 447 Honda Rua Dr. Jose Aureo Bustamante 377, Santo Amaro 04710-090 Sao Paulo Brazil Jaguar Land Rover Limited Abbey Road, Whitley CV34LF Coventry United Kingdom T. +44 (0) 1920 885126 Mercedes International Corporate Sales Epplestrasse 225 70567 Stuttgart Germany Nissan Latam Prolongacion Paseo de la Reforma 1015, Lomas de Santa Fe, Contadero 01219 Ciudad de Mexico Mexico profile/en_establishment/latin_america/ PSA Groupe Av. das Nações Unidas, 19707 Santo Amaro 04795-100 Sao Paulo Brazil T. +55 11 2536-5032 Renault Ruben Dario 281 - Piso 20 11580 MEXICO, D.F.Mexico Toyota Motor Corporation 1 Toyota-Cho, Toyota City, 471-8571 Aichi Perfecture Japan OEMs - Suppliers listing General Motors Global Fleet Regional Headquarters Avenida Goiás, 2769 Santa Paula São Caetano do Sul Brazil online company profile > General Motors do Brasil Gerente Sênior de Vendas Diretas Marcelo Tezoto T. (11) 97337-2465 General Motors do Brasil Gerente Administrativo de Vendas Diretas Fernando Pineiro Mejuto T. (11) 95060-2778 General Motors do Brasil Gerente Divisional de Vendas Diretas - Sul Guilherme Bianchi jr. T. (11) 97167-1873 General Motors do Brasil Gerente Divisional de Vendas Diretas - Norte Eric Loretto T. (11) 94384-9625 > Regional contacts > Local contacts GM Argentina Alfonso Quintana T. +54 11 4510-2823 GM Chile Francisco Labbe T. +56 2 2520 6240 GM Peru Fabrizio Iparraguirre T. +51 942 834 603 General Motors do Brasil Eduardo de Freitas T. +55 11 94276 0712 GM Colombia Santiago Caballero T. +57 1021935404 GM Paraguay & Uruguay Maria Jose Muller T. +598 2623 6735 GM Bolivia Oscar Fandino T. +51 990 692 098 GM Ecuador Paulo Vasquez T. +59 32 297700 ext 4258 GM Central America & Caribbean Ignacio Caila Caragol T. +52 55 5901 3311 GM Central America & Caribbean Christian Malespin T. +52 55 5722 0891 GM Mexico Jose Lopez de Nava T. +52 55 5901 2945
  18. 18. 18
  20. 20. 20 ADVERTORIAL Volvo - Designed for business At Volvo Cars, we innovate for people & their mobility. Every car, every technology, every service & every design is the result of our passion to make life easier & better for our customers. This also allows us to help solve some of the challenges of modern business life, making it more productive & more sustainable. For example, we have a vision that 50% of the cars we build will be fully electric by 2025. And within the area of connectivity & ownership, our vision is that by 2025 every new Volvo with its connected services will give back one week time per year. This also includes high-tech mobil¬ity solutions that reduce downtime, distractions & all the downsides of traditional fleet ownership. CONCEDED EDITORIAL SPACE As a leader within innovative safety, we also have a progressive vision for the future of safety. We believe that, by 2020, no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. And within the area of autonomous drive, we aim for nothing but the best possible, safe & comfortable experience. Collectively, this is what drives us forward as a company & is why we’re investing in the future, a future that gives you & your business the freedom to move – in a personal, sustainable & safe way. Hear what our people have to say about it too: Volvo always care for something that you can not find with another car maker. We understand people. We protect what’s important to them & want to make them feel special. Volvo is a brand for people who want to show that they care, not only about themselves, but also about the society around them. This is very clear why I want to work for Volvo & customer wants to drive Volvo. Javier Villarraga – Volvo Car Colombia We are committed to creating an innovative and progressive work culture always around the people and environment. Everything we do starts with people and we protect what’s important to them. It’s not only about design, technology, safety, comfort and more… all it’s about a Volvo culture that I’m very proud and motivated to show all the programmes that we have to all our customers in Mexico and the greats opportunities with Fleet and Corporate Sales in the market. Alma Trejo – Volvo Car Mexico The technology, design, elegance and engine without abandoning its main value of safety. This set is what makes Volvo a great brand.Volvo is a fantastic company to work for, where respect, ethics form the basis of its value. Remembering that the commitment to life and the care of conducting business in a sustainable way makes me every day proud to be part of this great family. Congratulations to all of the Volvo family! Claudio Ferreira – Volvo Car Brazil The fleet customers in Chile are experiencing the new era of Volvo products and executives are very attracted to the new technologies and designs. Lease companies are in permanent contact with us, to find out product information and prices, and customers are strongly considering Volvo in their choices. We still have plenty of work to do because leasing and rental companies are continuously creating and offering new products.” Diego Fernandez – Volvo Car Chile Personal, sustainable & safe mobility for your business We have fleet contacts across Asia Pacific. So whatever your query, there is a dedicated source of information from some- one who understands the market where you are. Follow the link to find your contact today. Search Volvo Cars Business Stories
  21. 21. 21INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - OEMs VOLVO CAR CORPORATION - Global Fleet Business Centre Regional Headquarters VAK building, Gunnar Engellaus väg 10, 41878, Gothenburg, Sweden T. + 46 031 325 8377 www. online company profile > André Bittar Dealer Development, Fleet & Selekt Manager Latin America & Caribbean T. +55 11 945303313 Christian Becker Sahd Sales & Marketing Manager Latin America & Caribbean T. +55 11 945334029 > Regional contacts > Local contacts Volvo Car Brasil Claudio Ferreira T. +55 11 99286-2129 Volvo Car Chile Marcelo Haristoy T. +56 942057499 Volvo Car Colombia Javier Villarraga T. +57 3208996464 Volvo Cars Costa Rica Raul Malavasi C. T. +506 22883939 Volvo Cars Dominican Republic Gustavo Yunen T. +809 660 8809 Volvo Cars Ecuador Dayana Suarez V. T. +593 9 9356 2282 Volvo Cars El Salvador Alexander Mendoza T. +503 25117000 Volvo Cars Guatemala Rinaldo Llarena T. +502 2301 0010 Volvo Cars Mexico Rodrigo Oliva T. +52 1 5541401468 Volvo Cars Panama Antonio Cifuentes T. +503 25117000 Volvo Cars Peru Vicente Azula T. +51 972 857 278 Volvo Cars Puerto Rico Christian Alvarado T. +787 244 8787 Cepa Bvar. Artigas 462 11300 Montevideo Urugay T. +598 2710 7001 Cobli Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 995 1403000 São Paulo Brazil T. 7814052315 Interactive Driving Systems Seaboard Professional Complex 211 Bayberry Drive Suites 1E and F NJ 08210 Cape May Court House United States T. +52 (999) 688 71 08 Michelin 700 Av. das Américas, bloco 4 Barra da Tijuca 22640-100 Rio de Janeiro Brazil T. +55 800 970 9400 Related Fleet and Mobility solutions - Suppliers listing
  22. 22. 22 Mobileye, an Intel Company Regional Headquarters 13 Hartom Street Har Hotzvim 9777513 Jerusalem Israel T. +972-2-541 7333 online company profile > Ernesto Pesochinsky LATAM Director, Mobileye Aftermarket T. +972-52-2356467 Mor Lyora Gottlieb Regional Sales Manager, Mobileye Aftermarket T. +573016169114 Sergio Rabinovich Regional Sales Manager, Mobileye Aftermarket T. +54 9 11 4557 1995 > Regional contacts Mobileye reduces the risk of a collision by warning the driver with visual and audio alerts in real time, providing the critical seconds needed to avoid or mitigate a collision. Two Seconds Can Make all the Difference INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Related Fleet and Mobility solutions
  23. 23. 23INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Related Fleet and Mobility solutions Sofico Services Mexico S.DE R.L. DE C.V. Regional Headquarters Via Atlixcayotl 1899, Torre Bosques 4, Primer Piso, Oficina 101-2 Bosques de Angelopolis CP 72910 Puebla, Puebla MX T. +52 222 202 5714 online company profile > Sander De Leersnyder Country Representative Mexico T. +52 222 202 5714  > Regional contact
  24. 24. 24 ADVERTORIAL Connected Vehicles and Telematics Provide Hope for Road Safety Improvements While fleet management and transportation are changing, focus on safety is still needed. One million fatalities occur each year in traffic-related incidents worldwide. By 2030, that number is expected to rise, making road traffic fatalities the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. Deadly statistics in Latin America alone highlight the need for action on safety, with 115,000 road fatalities happening each year. CONCEDED EDITORIAL SPACE As The United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO) and a long list of partners have called for action on road safety. Spanning from 2011 to 2020, the Decade of Action for Road Safety was declared in hopes of motivating the public and private sectors to take action. The initiative has ambitious goals of generating new policies, improving road conditions, educating drivers, increasing vehicle safety and improving crash response — all in the name of road safety and saving lives. Other initiatives, such as the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) and Together for Safer Roads are focused on improving road safety and reducing vehicle collisions. Together for Safer Roads in particular, brings private sector stakeholders together from varying industries around the world to raise awareness and collaborate on out- reach. Programs such as Safer Companies and Fleets, shares best practices for safety technology and management with fleets. So, how can technology help? Each day, our world becomes increasingly interconnected with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. Identifying hazardous driving areas, road impediments, tracking hyper-local barometric pressure and temperature, and finding available parking are just a few valuable examples which can be determined through aggregated data to facilitate improvements in fleet operations. Telematics can help businesses increase productivity, lower operational costs, increase fuel efficiency, improve vehicle health and strengthen compliance. In doing so, telematics provides the added benefit of making a safer, cleaner and more prosperous world. Point being, the benefits go far beyond fleet owners, operators and drivers — to society at large. Data collection on vehicles and drivers can be used in routing and maintenance decisions or driver coaching, which can help improve driver safety. With this added knowledge comes power, and opportunity to take res- ponsibility. Though poor road con- ditions are a factor, driver and fleet manager awareness and accountability are necessary in helping reverse these statistics and related harmful effects. Fleet safety programs benefit enor- mously from well-implemented tele- matics-based safety solutions and ac- companying supporting data. Connecting vehicles can also help companies thrive, improve and remain competitive. All that’s needed is to un- derstand what type of data suits your business needs and to select a partner that enables you to connect today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles. Both fleet managers and everyday citizens hold the power to effect positive change in their businesses and communities for a safer tomorrow. Read Geotab’s success stories:success stories:
  25. 25. 25INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM Geotab Inc. Regional Headquarters 2440 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 7V2, Canada T. 1.416.434.4309 online company profile > Colin Sutherland EVP, Sales and Marketing Kevin Woolley VP Latin America Carlos Castillo Associate VP, Fleet Management Latin America Eduardo Granda Associate VP, Latin America and Caribbean Mili Muniz Marketing Coordinator > Regional contacts INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Telematics Bosch Rodovia Anhanguera, km 98 13065-900 13065-082 Campinas Brazil T. +55 19 2103-1954 Calamp 15635 Alton Parkway, Suite 250 92618 Irvine US T. 001 888-823-7237 Geoforce 5830 Granite Pkwy, Suite 1200 TX 75024 Plano United States T. +1 972-546-3878 Mix Telematics Rua Doutor Costa Junior 543, Agua Branca 05002000 Sao Paulo Brazil T. +551133938111 OCTO Telematics Av. Paulista, 37 - Itaim Bibi 04542-010 Sao Paulo Brazil T. +55 11 2246-2959 Scope Technology “Santa Maria Park, Office B6 Avenida Santa Maria 6300,” 1648 Buenos Aires Argentina Sierra Wireless Av. Paulista, 37 – 4º andar 01311-000 Sao Paulo Brazil T. +55 1 19 83 71 57 83 Sonda Alameda Europa, 1206, Condomínio Polo Tamboré 06543-325 Santana de Parnaíba Brazil T. (55-11) 3126 6000 Teletrac Navman Av Eugenio Garza Sada 3820, Piso 6, Col Mas Palomas 64780 Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico T. +5255 15550571 Veltec Av. Santos Dumont, 271, Bairro Boa Vista 86039-090 Londrina/PR Brazil T. 43 2105-5000 Lytx 9785 Towne Centre Dr. 92121 San Diego, California United States T. (866) 419-5861 Telematics - Suppliers listing
  26. 26. 26 Galooli Ltd. Regional Headquarters Begin Rd. 52, Floor 1 Tel Aviv Israel T. +972.3.565.6900 online company profile > Ido Ratzon LATAM Sales and Business Development Manager T. +972.54.592.7525 LATAM LATAM Division T. +972.3.565.6900 Gal Ben Dov Marcom Manager T. +972.3.565.6900 > Regional contacts INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Telematics Contact us at: While traditional telematics solutions focus mainly on extracting large volumes of data from connected assets, they often lack the ability to translate that data into actual monetary value and consumer benefits. Galooli’s straightforward insights, which are translated into money-saving recommendations, stem from advanced profiling of assets, deep-learning their behavioral patterns according to their geographical location and driving patterns, and broader parameters such as vehicle types and purpose. AI IN THE SERVICE OF TELEMATICS
  27. 27. 27INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM HERE FOR YOU You may be surprised to know that we have fleet contacts across Latin America. So, whatever your query – from finance packages to test drives and delivery – you have a dedicated source of information from someone who understands the market where you are. Volvo Cars Argentina Fabio Rumas +54 11 5628 1024 Volvo Cars Brazil Claudio Ferreira +55 11 99286-2129 Volvo Cars Chile Marcelo Haristoy +56 942057499 Volvo Cars Colombia Javier Villarraga +57 3208996464 Volvo Cars Costa Rica Raúl Malavasi C. +506 2288-3939 Volvo Cars Dominican Republic Mr. Gustavo Yunen +809 660 8809 Volvo Cars Ecuador Dayana Suárez V. +593 9 9356 2282 Volvo Cars El Salvador Alexander Mendoza +503 25117000 Volvo Cars Guatemala Rinaldo Llarena +502 2301 0010 Volvo Cars Mexico Rodrigo Oliva +52 1 5541401468 Volvo Cars Paraguay Edgar Saccarello +595 21214114 Volvo Cars Panama Antonio Cifuentes +503 25117000 Volvo Cars Puerto Rico Christian Alvarado +787 244-8787 +787 705-1893 Volvo Cars Peru Vicente Azula +51 972 857 278 Volvo Cars Trinidad & Tobago Richard Hill +1 868 720 7959 YOUR PERSONAL FLEET CONTACTS FOR LATIN AMERICA DISCOVER VOLVO CARS FLEET SALES – GET IN TOUCH TODAY
  28. 28. 28 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 ARGENTINA Jumping hurdles in Argentina Argentina was struggling in terms of automobile sales in the second semester of 2018. However, despite this challenge, opportunities in the automotive and mobility industries still remain. Daniel Bland W ith a fleet size of 14.8 million (one in three people), Argentina holds Latin America’s third largest fleet. Its best-selling models are the subcompact Toyota Etios, Toyota Hilux pickup, and Chevrolet Onix hatch. In 2018, less than 800,000 vehicles are expected to be sold in the country, down 17% year-over-year, and sales are unlikely to get any better in 2019. Despite this, there are opportunities in the country if you know how to jump the hurdles. In terms of fleet management, besides the need to improve transparency, among the challenges in Argentina is the increasing need for better cost control and efficiency, both which could be supported by the use of better technolo- gies, says Alberto Velez, CEO of local vehicle leasing and management company Auto Corp. “Moreover, making the transition from Owned Fleet Admini- stration to a customised Outsourced Fleet Management model which could include maintenance management, fleet management or full-service leasing, could be seen as a challenge to some, but an opportunity to others,” Velez told Fleet LatAm. According to Arturo Simone who is CEO of local fleet management company RDA Renting, Argentina is so unique that almost every challenge can be turned into an opportunity. “For international players eying the local market, the high cost of funding, which include factors such as taxes and the cost of labour, are seen as hurdles,” Simone told Fleet LatAm. However, this can be overcome with local market knowledge and extremely careful decision making. Every new expense needs to be thoroughly analysed and outsourcing is first and foremost, according to the executive. Finally, one thing hitting the world today is the digital revolu- tion and Argentina’s automobile and fleet industry is not an exception. To keep abreast with the times, the industry will need to develop innovative processes and set up new prac- tices. “As for us at RDA Renting, we are more focused on growing the business than profit right now. Actually, more than 50% of our 2018 net income has been set aside for upcoming investments in technology,” said Simone. “In order to surf the technological wave in 2019, it will be important to join world standards and implement effective procedures by aligning with international fleet management policies. Given Argentina’s current economic situation, offering a cost-effective fleet management solution which is also transparent and reliable is key,” added Velez. Argentina national congress, Buenos Aires
  29. 29. 29INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM Argentina - Suppliers listing Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing AutoCorp Juan Diaz de Solís 1860, Piso 4 B1638BIH Buenos Aires T. + 54 11 4896 2020 Baires Rent A Car Fitz Roy 1925 Of 501 Buenos Aires T. +54 11 6009 0679 RCI BANQUE Fray Justo Sta Maria de Oro 1744 C1414DBB Buenos Aires T. +54 11 4779 6076 RDA Renting Thames 169 P2 - San Isidro 1607 Buenos Aires T. +54 911 3 608 7550 Sixt Argentina Headquarters Cerrito 1366 C1010ABB Buenos Aires T. +54 11 5218 7611 Toyota Financial Services Av. del Libertador 350, Vicente López Buenos Aires T. +54 11 6090 7900 Traxall Céspedes 3249 Buenos Aires T. +54 9 11 45665699 Volkswagen Financial Services Av. de las industrias 3101, General Pacheco B1610BKK Buenos Aires T. +54 5650 9650 OEMs BMW de Argentina S.A. Panamerican Ramal Pilar Km 35.5, B 1667 KQT Tortuguitas Buenos Aires T. . +54 11 5555 6101 Citroën Argentina 1001 Presidente Peron - Villa Bosch B1683BXN Buenos Aires FCA Carlos María Della Paolera 297, Piso 25 Caba T. 0810 222 3428 Ford Motor Company, S.A. de C.V. Colectora Este 34603, Avenida Henry Ford y Panamericana B1617GTA Buenos Aires T. +54 3327 42 9747 General Motors Av. del Libertador 101, Vicente López Buenos Aires T. +54 11 4510 2823 Hyundai Motor Argentina Panamericana 3611 (1636) Olivos, Pcia Buenos Aires T. +54 11 3220 3220 Jaguar Land Rover LACRO Carrera 14 #93-68 Chico - Bogota - Colombia Edificio Cortezza Piso 7 - Oficina 702 Bogota T. +57 3122 881 652 KIA Av. Sucre 193 B1643AQN Béccar B1643AQN Buenos Aires T. +54 11 4 719 7722 Maserati Av. Álvarez Thomas 250 C1427CCP Caba T. +54 11 4553 4071 Mercedes-Benz Argentina S.A. Azucena Villaflor 435 Buenos Aires T. +54 11 4808 8700 Nissan Av. del Libertador 174 Buenos Aires T. +54 810 222 6477 Peugeot Argentina 1002 Presidente Peron - Villa Bosch B1683BXN Buenos Aires Renault Fray Justo Santa Maria de Oro 1744 1414 Capital Federal T. + 54 1 4778 2000 Volkswagen Avenida de Las Industrias 3101, General Pacheco B1610BKK Buenos Aires T. 54 800 999 2834 Volvo Av. Libertador 1513, Vicente Lopez B16388GB Buenos Aires T. +54 11 5618 1000
  30. 30. 30 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 Argentina - Suppliers listing Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions CEPA Juan Bautista Alberdi 461 6to Piso Olivos Buenos Aires T. (598) 2710 7001 Edenred Edificio Lipsia Av. Corrientes 316 C1043AAQ Caba T. +54 11 4909 1234 Michelin Av. del Libertador 6718 C1429BMN Caba T. +54 800 666 4243 Pirelli Cervantes 1901 1722 Merlo home T. 0800 333 7473 Telematics Ituran de Argentina S.A. Av. Sucre 2480, Beccar Buenos Aires T. +54 9 11 4892 1400 Pointer Olazábal 1515 Buenos Aires T. 0810 888 5522 Scope Technology Santa Maria Park, Office B6 Avenida Santa Maria 6300 1648 Buenos Aires All the contact details only one click away The Global Fleet Directory is the best way to find the fleet & mobility suppliers you are looking for, classified by country, region and type of expertise. Discover their activities, the contact persons and contact details. All the info you need to network with your peers! Ready? Search. GO! Your Fleet and Mobility suppliers at your fingertips
  31. 31. 31INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 31 BRAZIL Trends in recovering Brazil Slowly recovering from its economic crisis, the sale of cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Brazil from January to October rose 15.2% to 2.02 million and the trend is likely to continue in 2019. Daniel Bland H ome to the largest car park in Latin America, Brazil has approximately 51.8 million cars or about one per four inhabitants. Considering all types of vehicles (cars and LCVs, as well as trucks, buses, and motorcycles), the number jumps to about 95 million. In the first semester of 2018, General Motors led with 169,000 units sold (17.7% of the market), followed by Volkswagen (14.2%) and Ford (10.3%). The best-selling model by far was the Chevrolet Onix of which 168,547 units were sold, followed by the Hyundai HB20 (88,128 units) and the Ford Ka (61,516 units). On average, small vehicles depreciate 10% after the first year while larger vehicles such as SUVs lose about 26% of their value after the first year, so prepare accordingly. Being the largest country in Latin America at 8.5 million square kilometers, one challenging factor of Brazil is its sheer size, something that is certainly not new. One of the biggest challenges, according to Latam mobility consultant Jose Luís Criado, is the lack of uniformity in infrastructure and services throughout different parts of the country, even from city to city. “This has always been a hurdle for large fleets which are forced to manage different levels of efficiency, KPIs, and controls,” Criado told FleetLatAm. Another major issue worth pointing out is the need to deal with safety better. Approximately 433,000 accidents occur per year, causing 45,000 deaths (one every 12 minutes) and, according to Brazilian research institute IPEA, this results in some R$50bn (US$13.2bn) in costs every year. “The industry still does not fully understand that increasing safety is one of the most efficient paths to reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and employee satisfaction. The number of deaths on roads is simply unacceptable,” says Criado who is the founder of Madrid-based consultancy company Mobility Consultants. These challenges, however, do bring forth opportunities. Fleet operators and fleet users alike can work on making a real difference in terms of the safety and efficiency throughout the country. Finally, with the new federal government administration taking over in January, 2019 will surely be a year of change for Brazil, and the fleet and mobility industry will be an important part of it. “Despite the challenges, I am optimistic,” says Criado. Sugerloaf cable car, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  32. 32. 32 #00 - MAY 2018 0800 979 3003 Rent this idea. To take care of all the details in fleet outsourcing for small, medium and large companies. We came into being 20 years ago with this goal in mind. Localiza Fleet Solutions is a corporate division of the Localiza platform, which can also count on Localiza Hertz, as a result of the acquisition of Hertz operations in Brazil. In total, that makes 45 years of history, 8 million customers, a fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles and more than 580 agencies in 7 countries. These numbers make Localiza the company that understands car rental in South America better than anyone, by a long way. We are proud to be part of this organization’s history, considered the 24th most valuable Brazilian brand and recognized as one of Brazil’s most innovative companies. Pioneerism and innovation are part of our history. TALK TO US We take care of your fleet so you can look a er your business. LOCALIZA FLEET SOLUTIONS. Miles and miles of experience in fleet management.
  33. 33. 33INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 33 Localiza Fleet Solutions National Headquarters Av. Bernardo Vasconcelos, nº 377, Cachoeirinha - CEP: 31.150-000 Belo Horizonte/MG online company profile > João Andrade Managing Director Gabriel Andrade Head of Marketing and Sales > National contacts NATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Brazil Brazil - Suppliers listing Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing ALD Automotive Rua Apeninos, número 222 01533-000 São Paulo - SP T. +55 11 3147 4839 AlphaFleet Alameda Mamoré,535 11e Andar 06454040 Alphaville T. +55 11 3145 5813 Arval Brazil 222 Av. Chedid Jafet, Bloco A - 2° Andar 04551-065 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 4871 8135 Cork Services Rua Ministro Adauto Lucio Cardoso, 327 05589-000 São Paulo T. +55 11 9917 70505 FleetCom R. Cap. Messías, 51 - Barra Funda 05004-020 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 98336 1988 Fleet Logistics Ave Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1188 8e Andar - Cj 83/85 01451001 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 9882 64150 Fleet Solutions Brasil Rua Volkswagen 291 04344020 Sao Paulo T. +55 41 3090 6680 Incrementum Business Solution LTDA. Av. Vital Brasil, 305, CJ 905 05503-001 São Paulo-SP T. +55 11 2500 4676 LeasePlan Brasil Ltda. Centro Administrativo Rio Negro Al. Rio Negro 585, 10° andar, cj. 101 Sala A, Alphaville 06454-000 Barueri - Sao Paulo T. +55 11 3296 8600 LM Frotas Rua Frei Damião, 805 - Paulicéia 09695-100 São Bernardo do Campo T. +55 11 4122 8410
  34. 34. 34 #00 - MAY 2018 Movida Fleet goes way beyond fleet outsourcing. More than a cost and time saving effective solution, it is a powerful enabler to help your fleet manager focus on your core business. CUSTOM SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? MOVIDA FLEET. CUSTOM SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? MOVIDA FLEET. CUSTOM SOLUTIONSFOR YOUR BUSINESS? MOVIDA FLEET. A TAYLOR-MADE MOVIDA FOR YOUR AND LEARN MORE
  35. 35. 35INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 35S Movida Frotas National Headquarters Rua Doutor Renato Paes de Barros 1017 9 andar - Itaim Bibi - São Paulo T. + 55 11 0800 771 1100 Glauber José Silva Cintra Movida Premium Comercial Manager T. +55 11 96475-2252 Claudia Mastellaro Spigai Movida Frotas Comercial Manager T. +55 11 98103-8666 Renato Augusto Perim Movida Frotas Comercial Manager T. +55 11 99998-2988 > National contacts NATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Brazil online company profile > Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing Monaco Av Paulista 2073 - Conj Nacional Horsa I Sala 2216 01311300Bela Vista T. +55 11 3262 1037 NextFleet Rua 24 de Outubro, 1440 Sala 609 Auxiliadora 90510001 Porto Alegre T. +55 51 3072 1428 Ouroverde Rua Joao Bettega 5700 81350000 Curitiba T. +55 41 3094 7313 Produsoft Rua Joaquim Antunes 767, Conj 103/104 05415012Sao Paulo T. +55 11 3086 0190 RCI Brasil / CFI RCI Brasil CAM RCI Brasil Rua Pasteur, 463 Conjunto 203/204 - Batel 80250-080 CURITIBA T. +55 41 3025 1505 Sodit Rua Benvinda Aparecida de Abreu Leme, 117 - Santana 02038010 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 2823 6823 Sofit Rua Humberto de Campos, 114 2º Andar - América, Joinville - SC Joinville T. +55 47 3026 0100 T-Fleet Rua Domingos de Morais 2036B Vila Mariana 04036000 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 3140 6499 Traxall Brazil Av. Paulista 2202 6o Andar Sao Paulo T. +55 11 98807 8633 Unidas Cincinato Braga Street, 388, Bela Vista 01333-010 Sao Paulo T. +55 800 771 5158 Upfleet Rua Dr. Alfredo de Castro, 200 – CJ. 1011 Barra Funda Sao Paulo Volkswagen Serviços Rua Volkswagen, 291 Vila Parque Jabaquara 04344-020 São Paulo - SP T. +55 800 770 1936 Brazil - Suppliers listing
  36. 36. 36 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 Brazil - Suppliers listing OEMs BMW do Brasil Ltda. Avenida Doutor Chucri Zaidan, 1.240 - 23º andar, Morumbi Corporate Golden Tower 04711-130 São Paulo - SP T. +55 11 5186 405 Citroën do Brasil 678 Rua Mariz e Barros - 5° e 7° andar 2007-002 TIjuca FCA Av. Eng. Luís Carlos Berrini, 105 Ed. Berrini One 04571-010 Sao Paulo home.aspx T. +55 11 4949 3900 Ford Motor Company, S.A. de C.V. Av. do Taboão, 899 - Taboão 09655-000 São Bernardo do Campo T. +55 11 4174 4590 General Motors 1805 Avenida Goiás São Caetano do Sul T. +55 11 9427 60712 Honda Rua Dr. Jose Aureo Bustamante 377, Santo Amaro 04710-090 Sao Paulo Hyundai Avenida das Nações Unidas 14171 Torre C - Crystal - Vila Gertrudes 04794-000 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 5186 7500 Jaguar Land Rover América Latina E Caribe Av. Ibirapuera, 2332, Torre 1, 10º andar, 04028-002 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 5056 7437 KIA Brazil Ave Francisco Ernesto Favero 662 13309290 Itu T. +55 11 4024 8000 Maserati R. Colômbia, 635 - Jardim America 01438-001 Sao Paulo +55 11 3065 7474 Mercedes-Benz do Brasil Avenue Alfred Jurzykowski, 562 09680-900 São Bernardo do Campo, SP T. +55 11 4173 6611 Nissan Rua Barão de Tefé, 27 / 7º andar 20220-450 Rio de Janeiro Peugeot Brazil 678 Rua Mariz e Barros - 5° e 7° andar 2007-002 Tijuca PSA Groupe Av. das Nações Unidas, 19707 Santo Amaro 04795-100 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 2536 5032 Renault Av. Renault - 1300 Borda do Campo 83070-900 São José dos Pinhais T. + 55 41 33 80 20 00 Suzuki Mitsubishi Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1400 - Vila Nova Conceição 04543-040 Sao Paulo Toyota Av. Toyota, 9005 - Itavuvu 18079-755 Sorocaba Volkswagen Rua Volkswagen, 291 Vila Parque Jabaquara 04344-020 São Paulo - SP T. +55 800 770 1936 Volvo Av. Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, 2600 - Cidade Industrial, 81260-900 Curitiba T. +55 41 3317-8111 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions 99 Avenida dos Bandeirantes, 460, Brooklin Paulista 04571-090 Sao Paulo www.// Alelo Al Xingu, 512 Edificio Evolution 2nd Andar 06455030 Alphaville T. +55 11 4003 3663 Autorola R. Domingos de Morais, 388 - cj 152 - Vila Mariana 04010-902 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 2985 9141 Cepa Praça Chui, 35 - Sala 10 Vila Ema / Ed. “Max Office” 12243-380 São José dos Campos, São Paulo T. +55 12 2139 1979 Easy Carros Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 1355 Jardim Paulistano 01452-002 Sao Paulo Edenred Av. das Nações Unidas, 7815 - Pinheiros 05425-070 Sao Paulo Fleet Mobility Brasil   R. Borges Lagoa, 152 - Vila Mariana 04020-041 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 5539 4000
  37. 37. 37INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 37 Brazil - Suppliers listing Michelin 700 Av. das Américas, bloco 4, Barra da Tijuca 22640-100 Rio de Janeiro T. +55 800 970 9400 MotorMarket Rua Líbero Badaró, N° 158, 5° andar, Centro 01008-000 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 3105 9246 Pirelli Rua Giovanni Battista Pirelli, 801-817 - Vila Homero Thon Santo Andre T. +55 800 728 7638 Valecard Rua Machado de Assis 904 38400112 Uberlandia T. +55 34 3239 0520 Telematics Bosch Rodovia Anhanguera, km 98 13065-900 13065-082 Campinas T. +55 19 2103 1954 Carrorama Av. Ireno da Silva Venâncio, 199, Galpão 21B, Centro Empresarial Bandeiras 18111-100 Votorantim T. (15) 3023.6097 Cobli Alameda Santos, 1165 Jardim Paulista 01419-001 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 4810 2200 Frotcom Brazil (Espírito Santo) Av. Marechal Mascarenhas de Morais, 2562 29.052-15 Jesus de Nazareth, Vitória T. (27) 3019 2004 Geoforce Rua Winston Churchill, 71 sala 502 RJ 27920-250 Cavaleiros, Macae T. +55 22 9 9785 9830 Golsat Av. Tiradentes, 501, Torre 2, Andar 2 e 3 86050545 Londrina T. +55 43 3315 9500 Ituran serviços Ltda R. Verbo Divino, 1601 Chácara Santo Antônio 04719-002 São Paulo - SP T. +55 11 3616 9000 Mix Telematics Rua Doutor Costa Junior 543 , Agua Branca 05002000 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 3393 8111 OCTO Telematics Av. Paulista, 37 - Itaim Bibi 04542-010 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 2246 2959 Pointer Alameda Araguaia, 1142, Bloco 2 3º Andar, Barueri Alphaville Industrial T. +55 11 3660 5600 Sierra Wireless Av. Paulista, 37 – 4º andar 01311-000 Sao Paulo T. +55 1 19 83 71 57 83 Sonda Alameda Europa, 1206, Condomínio Polo Tamboré 06543-325 Santana de Parnaíba T. 55 11 3126 6000 Veltec Av. Santos Dumont, 271, Bairro Boa Vista 86039-090 Londrina/PR T. 43 2105 5000 Verizon Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 4300, 3º andar – Parte D 04538-132 Sao Paulo T. +55 11 2925 2900
  38. 38. 38 #00 - MAY 2018 CHILE Managing the models in Chile Considering its free-trade and the fact that it does not manufacture cars, there are numerous brands being imported and sold in Chile, home to some 4.5 million vehicles. Daniel Bland W ith one in every four residents having a car, the best-selling brands in the country are Chevrolet (8.5% of market), Suzuki (8%), and Hyundai (7.8%). Chile also promotes a remarkable 16 Chinese car brands. With that said, one challenge is knowing which make or model to choose from. One trend which is likely to continue in 2019 is that SUVs are becoming increasingly more popular. For instance, Land Rover was the fastest growing premium brand in the country with sales up about 50% year-over-year. Remember, however, that SUVs are generally more expensive than sedans, and this includes maintenance. “This [higher cost] can be tackled by acquiring timely engine data and accurate odometer readings, and paying attention to engine alerts,” says Carlos Castillo who is associate VP for the Latin America region for global, open-platform, telematics firm Geotab. “Basically, fleet managers should be spending more on pre- ventive maintenance and less on corrective maintenance,” the executive told Fleet LatAm. Increasing pollution in big cities such as Santiago and as- sociated regulations which limit the usage of traditional passenger vehicles is another challenge, according to Kent Bjertrup who is the Latin America regional director for fleet management and leasing company ALD Automotive. “These traditional cars are still considered non-deductible items as opposed to the less efficient larger pickup trucks and this magnifies the problem,” the executive told Fleet LatAm, adding that another facet of the business needing improvement in the country is after sales service. Meanwhile, the strong Chilean peso and its steady economy is helping with the robust growth of the Chilean car industry and this definitely brings forth opportunity into the new year. From January-October, new car sales were up 19.5% to 348,539 units so sales will likely surpass the 2013 annual record of 378,240 units. In particular, the resurgence of the mining sector after several years without growth is good for our industry,” said Bjertrup. “Car sales are up but direct purchases are predominant. As such, the leasing industry has much to go in terms of educating the market on the advantages of operational leasing,” says Ricardo de Bolle who is Latam business development director for fleet management and leasing company Arval. “For us, this is an opportunity,” de Bolle told Fleet LatAm. Landscape of Santiago, Chile
  39. 39. 39INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 39 Chile - Suppliers listing Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing ALD Automotive Casa Matriz ubicada en Av. Del Valle 524 Oficina 603, Ciudad Empresarial Huechuraba T. +56 2 2307 0201 Arval Relsa Chile Av. Apoquindo 5400 - Off 301 Las Condes- Santiago Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 2680 4200 Gama Leasing Av. Américo Vespucio Nte 1300 H6C8+X2 Pudahuel T. +56 600 586 8686 Maco Av. Pdte Eduardo Frei Montalva Nº 9829 8700000 Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 2350 2200 Traxall Av. La Dehesa 1201, of 632 Torre Oriente Lo Barnechea Santiago de Chile T. +56 9 9818 7447 Sixt Chile Headquarters Mobility Services Chile SpA Av. Presidente Kennedy 8020, Vitacura 7650487 Santiago de Chile T. +56 9 6226 5633 OEMs BMW Ave La Dehesa 265, Lo Barnachea Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 2299 3300 Citroën Chile S.A.C. Bellavista 0790 Casilla 16237 Correo 9 Santiago Ford Motor Company, S.A. de C.V. Enrique Foster Sur 20 Las Condes, Región Metropolitana T. +56 2 2940 5841 General Motors Av. Americo Vespucio 811, Huechuraba, Región Metropolitana T. +56 2 2520 6240 Honda Avenida del Parque 4160, Torre B, Oficina 501 Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 2270 9800 Hyundai Avenida Las Condes 11000, Vitacura Santiago de Chile Indumotora Av. Las Condes 11774 7630000 Vitacura home.html T. +56 2 2714 1000 Jaguar Land Rover LACRO Carrera 14 #93-68 - Chico Bogota - Colombia Edificio Cortezza - Piso 7 - Oficina 702 Bogota +57 3122 881 652 KIA Av. las Condes 11774 Vitacura T. +56 2 2592 6515 Maserati Av. Jose Alcalde Delano 10389 Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana, T. +56 2 2837 1561 Peugeot Chile Avenida Americo Vespucio, 785 Huechuraba Santiago de chile Porsche Chile - Skoda Av. Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva 9829 Quilicura - Santiago de Chile Renault Av. Americo Vespucio 1842 Quilicura Santiago de Chile T. +56 01500 Toyota Av. Americo Vespucio 98 Santiago de Chile T. 56 2 2694 4800 Volkswagen Av. Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva 9829 Quilicura - Santiago de Chile
  40. 40. 40 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions Edenred Andrés Bello 2687 Las Condes, Providencia T. +56 600 832 3000 Goodyear Camino A Melipilla Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 530 1337 Michelin Luis Carrera 1131, P 3, Vitacura Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 2202 0266 Pirelli Cerro El Plomo 5855 Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, your-dealer/chile Telematics Frotcom Chile Antonio Bellet 292, Of. 1002, Providencia 7500 - 494 Santiago de Chile T. 9 9634 0052 GPS Chile Cerro El Plomo 5630, oficina 501, Las Condes Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 2940 49 00 Tom Tom Av. Apoquindo 3885, Piso 12 Las Condes 7550177 Santiago de Chile T. +56 2 2584 7172 Chile - Suppliers listing 02 - DECEMBER 2018 The Global Fleet platform is your ultimate resource for all international fleet and mobility information 40 #02 - DECEMBER 201840 #02 - DECEMBER 201840 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 A free collaborative encyclopedia about car fleet management. The sharing community for international and global fleet and mobility customers. Rewarded in November at the Fleet Europe Summit, in Barcelona. Expert content related to fleet management at a global level, delivered online and through newsletters. Find your global, regional and local suppliers in one online tool.
  41. 41. 41INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 41 COLOMBIA Colombia forecast looks bright Currency control is one of the keys to maintaining vehicle sales in Colombia. Despite some challenges, the mid-term future does look bright for the Andean country. Daniel Bland C olombia has a car park of 5.5 million and its best- selling brands are Chevrolet, Renault, and Nissan. However, if considering the country’s more than 7 million motorcycles, its overall vehicle fleet reaches 13.3 million. In the latest national report on vehicle registrations, nearly 200,000 new vehicles were licensed in January-November 2018, mostly due to a pickup in sales in the second semester. The market leaders are Chevrolet and Renault. New vehicle registrations (including motorcycles) represent about 40% of the market with the rest being used. While a 3.3% inflation and a benchmark 4.3% interest rate (4Q18) are reasonable for the region, the average income is US$5,766/y. Vehicle ownership is also a bit low with one in nine residents having a car. One possible challenge for 2019, according to David Palmer who is Colombia CEO for fleet management and leasing company ALD Automotive, is that the depreciating Colombian peso could end up increasing the price of new vehicle sales and after sales services. In the second semester of 2018 (as of 15 November), the local currency fell 9% to 3,192 pesos per US dollar. Rising prices, however, could be suppressed by the price of oil. If oil increases, the peso increases and the price for dollar- influenced products are kept down. Coming into 2019, one thing which could affect the mobility industry is new tax reform being considered, one being the requirement of Uber and other app-based drivers to be responsible for value added tax (VAT), says Andres Jaramillo, partner at local automotive service and consultancy firm SEPA Consultores. “For me, the tax reform issue stating that VAT will be reduced to 18% from 19% will actually have limited impact on prices and consumer confidence. Favorable Free Trade Treaties is what will really bring new car models and better pricing opportuni- ties to the market,” David Palmer told Fleet LatAm. Meanwhile, considering mid-term expectations, Colombia’s automotive market is expected to do well over the next few years, according to Yeswant Abhimanyu who is principal consultant for automotive and digital transformation as well as LatAm research manager for consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan. “By 2022, we expect the market to surpass 300,000 units in new vehicle sales annually. Recent trade agreements with neighbouring countries, and customer appeal for SUVs, Pick-ups and LCVs is expected to push the market growth in the region, and open newer opportunities,” says Yeswant Abhimanyu. Colonial buildings in Bogota, Colombia
  42. 42. 42 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing ALD Automotive Calle 99 # 7A – 51, Oficina 601 Bogota T. +57 3 166 95 24 64 Avis Colombia Calle 17 A # 65B -77 Bogota T. +57 1 62 917 22 Equirent/Hertz Av. Caracas #28A-17 Bogota T. +57 1 756 06 00 Porsche Movilidad Carrera 7 # 156 - 78 Piso 4 y 5 Bogota T. +57 1 411 21 82 RCI Servicios Bogota Carrera 49 # 39 Sur - 100 Envigado Antioquia T. +57 4 276 00 22 Rentandes Calle 97A No. 9-45, Piso 6MXH5+R3 Bogota T. +57 1 642 92 00 Traxall Calle 116 No. 23 – 06 Of. 401 Bogota T. +57 1 702 24 84 Trust Rental S.A.S Calle 18 Sur #24-11 Apt 103 Santiago del Este, Medellin T. +57 1 954 683 3748 OEMs Ford Motor Company, S.A. de C.V. T. +56 2 294 058 41 General Motors S.A. Avenida Boyacá Calle 56A Bogota T. +57 1 021 935 404 Honda Cra. 7 #121 35 Bogota T. +57 1 620 2001 Hyundai Autopista Norte Calle 233, Costado Occidental Bogota T. +57 1 676 1818 Jaguar Land Rover LACRO Carrera 14 #93-68 - Chico Bogota - Colombia Edificio Cortezza - Piso 7 Oficina 702” Bogota T. +57 3122 881 652 KIA Calle 224 Bogota T. +57 1 364 97 00 Maserati Cl. 86 #11-08 Bogota T. +57 1 390 29 20 Mercedes of Colombia 1710 I-70 Drive SW Columbia, MO 65203 T. 00855587 8767 Parra Arango Avenida Carrera 7 129-29 Bogota T. +57 3 214 60 79 83 Praco Dodacol S.A. Carrera 7ma. N° 129-31, Bella Suiza Bogota D.C. Seat by Porsche Colombia Carrera 7 # 156 - 78 Piso 4 y 5 Bogota T. +57 1 411 21 82 Renault Carretera Central del Norte, km 17 Cundinamarca 140536 Chia T. +57 1 676 01 08 Toyota Cra. 70 #102-02 Bogota T. +57 1 643 05 05 VAS Colombia S.A. - Skoda Calle 97 No. 23 - 60 Piso 8 Bogota T. +57 1 485 7000 Volvo AV Kra 45 No 108 27 Torre 2 Oficina 805 Bogota T. 01-8000-952500 Volkswagen by Porsche Colombia Carrera 7 # 156 - 78 Piso 4 y 5 Bogota T. +57 1 411 21 82 Related Fleet and Mobility Solutions CEPA Calle 100 No. 14 - 63, Oficina 501, Edificio ABG Bogota T. +57 1 805 37 81 Edenred Calle 72 No. 10-07 Oficina 201 Bogota T. +57 1 319 11 00 Goodyear Calle 10D No. 15 - 39 76892 Yumbo T. +57 2 608 84 75 Colombia - Suppliers listing
  43. 43. 43INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 43INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.GLOBALFLEET.COM43 #00 - MAY 2018 MEXICO Mexico 2019, a transition year With a brand-new government team in place and the signing of USMCA (the new NAFTA), 2019 will likely be a transition year for Latin America’s second largest economy, Mexico. Daniel Bland M exico has approximately 41.7 million vehicles (one per three inhabitants), making it home to the second largest vehicle fleet in Latin America. The leading car brands in the country are Nissan, General Motors, and Volkswagen. From January-October, new vehicles sales fell 7% and sales should remain down for the year. The Nissan Versa sedan is the best-selling car, followed by the Nissan NP 300 pickup, and the Chevrolet Aveo sedan. “Although the new administration [President Andrés Manuel López Obrador] naturally brings uncertainties, the economy is still strong so car fleets and leasing opportunities should continue to grow,” local fleet management expert Rodrigo Monroy told Fleet LatAm. Besides improving road infrastructure, governments and industries need to develop non-car-related mobility solutions to fight traffic congestion and motorcycles and bicycles are good options. New technologies to support electric vehicle infrastructure are also needed, said Monroy who is regional (Americas) strategy buyer for multinational food and beve- rage company Nestlé. As for opportunities, there are various associations throughout the region disseminating knowledge to fleet managers and local fleet programmes are evolving to be more global. Moreover, according to Rodrigo Monroy, fleets in Mexico have the chance to operate more efficiently due to the overall con- cept of safety increasing in the country. New car models are being launched with advanced safety technologies and fleet managers are implementing better safety programmes. “However, for this to work, drivers need to put in their fair share (e.g. using mobile apps correctly),” says Rodrigo Monroy. USMCA The United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) agreement could be a challenge or an opportunity. As the percentage of vehicle components which must be manufactured in North America has been increased to 75% from 62.5%, this could benefit Mexico. However, the new agreement also stipulates that 40-45% must be manufactured by workers earning at least US$16 per hour, well-above the average salary for Mexican autoworkers. This will be challenging for local manufacturers, some of which could end up moving their factories to non-USMCA countries. As the new rules will be gradually implemented, starting in 2020, there is still some time for automakers but strategies must be implemented soon. Zócalo, Mexico’s main square, Mexico City
  44. 44. Empowering extraordinary performance Fuel | Maintenance | Service
  45. 45. 45INSPIRING FLEET & MOBILITY MANAGERS IN LATIN AMERICA WWW.FLEETLATAM.COM 45 NATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Mexico Fleet Management, Rental and Leasing Active Leasing Perif. Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho 14, Lomas - Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec V Secc 11000 Ciudad de México T. +52 55 21 62 12 14 ALD Automotive Mexico Av. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra no. 193, Piso 8, Int. 803 11520 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 55 25 81 32 75 Ariza de México Cerro de las Campanas 3-218’ San Andrés Atenco 54040 Tlalnepantla T. 52 55 19 40 08 60 Carrot Londres 175, Juárez 6600 Ciudad de México T. +52 55 1209 1500 Engenium Capital Antonio Dovali Jaime 70, Torre C - Piso 5 01210 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 55 50 23 27 23 Sixt Mexico Headquarters Ave Vasconcelos # 210 Piso 10, Residencial San Augustin, San Pedro 66260 Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, T. +52 81 82 21 35 00 ext. 131 TIP Av. Tejocotes Lote 10, Fracc. Industrial San Martín Obispo 54769 Cuautitlan Izcalli T. 01 800 908 6700 Volkswagen Leasing S.A. de C.V Km. 116 Autopista México Puebla San Lorenzo Almecatla 72008 Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza, Pue T. +52 222 230 9099 Mexico - Suppliers listing Element Fleet Management National Headquarters Avenida Vasco de Quiroga 3000 Centro Santa Fe Ciudad de México 01210 T. 50187100 online company profile > Miguel Peña Flores Director product & marketing Manuel Tamayo Chief Commercial Officer Ana Gonzalez Marketing coordinator T. 50187138 > National contacts
  46. 46. 46 #02 - DECEMBER 2018 OEMs BMW Group Mexico Paseo de los Tamarindos No. 100, Piso 5, Oficina 501, Col. Bosques de las Lomas, Deleg. Cuajimalpa de Morelos 5120 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 55 9140 8700 Chrysler Blvd. Tratados de Córdoba, La Posta, Popular la Posta 94575 Córdoba T. 018005051700 FCA Prol. Paseo de La Reforma 1240 Desarrollo Santa Fe 05348 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 55 50 81 30 00 Ford Paseo de la Reforma 333 06500 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 5 32 66 000 General Motors Av Ejército Nacional 843-B, Miguel Hidalgo 11520 Ciudad de Mexico Honda Av. Coyoacán 1622, Col del Valle Centro 03100 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 800 368 8500 Hyundai Av. la Encantada 7474 Parque industrial El Florido Tijuana Jaguar Land Rover Mexico Av. Javier Barros Sierra No. 540 Piso 7 Oficina 703, Col. Santa Fe la Fe Del. Alvaro Obregón 01210 Ciudad de Mexico, +52  55 59 50 24 94 KIA Av Paseo de la Reforma 250 Capital Reforma, Piso 16 Torre B, Col Juarez del Cuauhtémoc 06600 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 55 41 22 40 29 Mercedes-Benz Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. - Daimler Paseo de los Tamarindos No. 90 5120 Ciudad de Mexico T. 1800 0024 365 Nissan Prolongacion Paseo de la Reforma 1015, Lomas de Santa Fe, Contadero 01219 Ciudad de Mexico T. +52 55 30 88 01 00 Peugeot Mexico S.A. de C.V. Delegacion Alvaro Obregon 1898 Insurgentes Sur 1898 01030 Colonia la Colona Renault Ruben Dario 281 - Piso 20 11580 Mexico, D.F. T. + 52 55 52 79 50 00 VW de Mexico - Seat Autopista Mexico-Puebla, Km 116 72700 San Lorenzo Almecatla, Cuautlancingo T. +52 222 230 9143 Mexico - Suppliers listing LeasePlan Mexico National Headquarters Torre Altiva Manuel Avila Camacho 138, Piso 5 11000 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico T. 52491260 Regina Granados CEO, Non-European Countries T. 52491260 ext 1183 Edgar Salas Head of Account, LPMX Executive Management 52491260 ext 1106 Karla Nava Head Of Sales, LPMX Executive Management 52491260 ext 1252 Rudolf Cellier CFO, LPMX Executive Management 52491260 ext 1156 > National contacts online company profile > NATIONAL SUPPLIERS - Mexico