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Market Leadership Assessment: Hosted, Cloud-based Contact Centers

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Echopass Position Paper

  1. 1. A Frost & SullivanWhite Paperwww.frost.com50 Years of Growth, Innovation and LeadershipMarket Leadership Assessment:Hosted, Cloud-Based Contact Centers
  2. 2. Frost & SullivanCONTENTSSignificance of the Market Share Leadership Award....................................... 3Key Industry Challenges Addressed by Echopass.............................................. 3Best Practice Award Analysis for Echopass ..................................................... 4Hosted Contact Center Market Segments ....................................................... 4Echopass’ Standing in the Hosted Contact Center Market.............................. 4Key Performance Drivers for Echopass ............................................................ 7Conclusion ....................................................................................................... 8About Echopass ............................................................................................... 9About Frost & Sullivan .................................................................................... 9
  3. 3. 3Market Leadership AssessmentSIGNIFICANCE OF THE MARKET SHARE LEADERSHIP AWARDKey Industry Challenges Addressed by EchopassThe economic recovery in 2010 was a fragile one, with mixed news for companiesoffering hosted and cloud contact center solutions. Despite the fact that manybusinesses are reluctant to spend heavily during a downturn, exactly what they arespending on tends to be more and more strategic.When companies are unwilling totake risks on expensive capital spending, Frost & Sullivan independent research andanalysis confirms that they increasingly turn to hosted and cloud services to fill thebreach. A mixed economy was not completely negative for the hosted contactcenter business, because many enterprises turned to hosting when lack of capitaland tight credit closed the door on plans to purchase contact center systems.Unrelated to the economy, the hosted contact center market continues to facechallenges due to enterprise misperceptions of the deployment model’s capabilitiesand business value. Frost & Sullivan notes that some of these concerns thatenterprises have include those related to security, reliability, integration, and ongoingmanagement and administration. Also, for many companies, inertia contributes to areluctance to move from premises-based to hosted models, but these concerns seemto be quickly abating with more and more large implementations.The decision to move to a hosted/cloud model continues to be a complex decisionfor large enterprises. Large organizations are invested in several contact centersystems on-premise, notably ACD, IVR, outbound customer contact, multimediacontact, quality monitoring, workforce management, analytics applications, and all ofthe integration linkages between these systems.When an enterprise is looking at thehosted/cloud model, key considerations become which systems/applications to hostand which ones to retain on-premise. Another important consideration revolvesaround which solution provider to partner with for the long term, and theircapability to integrate with existing on-premise systems and hybrid environments.Frost & Sullivan points out that there are highly competitive yet evolving forces atwork in this market. The hosted contact center market in North America is quitefragmented and competitive, with more than 50 solution providers coming fromvarious core competencies, including telecom services, outsourcers and systemsintegrators, best-of-breed and full-suite hosted contact center providers, and CPEvendors offering hosted solutions.Hosted solution providers therefore need to not only help clients take their first steptoward hosted/cloud services, but also help customers seamlessly move moreapplications to the cloud and provide support and consulting to continuously improvetheir customer’s operations, thus helping them realize greater cost savings over time.“As the market leaderin both hosted ACDand APO markets,Echopassdemonstrates therobustness of itshosted contact centersolutions for largeenterprises. Thecompanys decade-plus track record ofsuccess in some ofNorth Americaslargest and mostsophisticated contactcenters stands out inthe market.”—Ashwin Iyer,Research Director,Frost & Sullivan
  4. 4. frost.com4Frost & SullivanBEST PRACTICE AWARD ANALYSIS FOR ECHOPASSThe Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Share Leadership is presented to thecompany that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the highest market sharewithin its industry. The Award recognizes the companys leadership position withinthe industry in terms of revenues or units, as specified.Hosted Contact Center Market SegmentsThe Hosted Contact Center Market has evolved, for the most part, over the lastdecade as an aggregation of various contact center systems/applications, deliveredas a hosted service. The main contact center systems/applications delivered ashosted services include: IVR, ACD, outbound and proactive customer contact,customer chat, and agent performance optimization (APO) applications, such asquality monitoring, workforce management, and analytics.Frost & Sullivan breaks down the total hosted contact center market into thefollowing segments, by application category:• Hosted IVR• Hosted ACD• Hosted Outbound Customer Contact• Hosted Customer Chat• Hosted APO (includes quality monitoring, workforce management, and analyticsapplications)Each of these markets has its own unique set of business benefits and challenges,some more or less tightly coupled with each other; however, by and large thesemarkets have historically seen separate purchase cycles. Frost & Sullivan expectsmore and more customers to move applications to the cloud over time in an effortto realize greater cost savings and business benefits with the hosted/cloud model.“Customers areincreasingly lookingto knit together thespread of applicationsthey use in theircontact centers.Echopass hascombined its ownapplications withthose of its partnersand integrated them ina way that makes iteasy for clients todeploy, run andmaintain complexhybrid environments.”—Ashwin Iyer,Research Director,Frost & Sullivan
  5. 5. 5Market Leadership AssessmentEchopass’ Standing in the Hosted Contact Center MarketThe hosted contact center market in North America is very fragmented andcompetitive, with more than 50 solution providers, including:• Telecommunications providers such as AT&T, Bell Canada, Qwest, Sprint,TELUS,Verizon Business, XO Communications, and others.• Outsourcers and systems integrators such as Accenture, Convergys, IBM, HPEnterprise, LiveOps, Sitel, Sykes,TeleTech,Teleperformance,West Corp., and others.• Full-suite hosted/cloud vendors such as Contactual, Echopass, Five9, inContact,and others.• Vendors offering stand-alone hosted/cloud IVR, ACD, outbound and proactivecustomer contact, customer chat, and APO applications.• CPE and enterprise software vendors offering hosted solutions, such as AastraTechnologies, Avaya, Interactive Intelligence, Oracle, SAP, and others.Source: Frost & SullivanNote: All figures are rounded; the base year is 2010.Hosted Contact Center Market: Company Market Share by Revenue forHosted ACD Segment (North America), 2010Echopass15.0%Company A10.8%Company B5.7%Company C5.4%Company D4.9%Company E4.8%Company F4.7%Company G4.6%Others19.5%Company H3.6%Company I3.3%Company J2.9%Company K2.7%Company L2.4%Company M2.2%Company N1.9%Company O1.8%Company P1.6%Company Q1.2%Company R1.1%“Echopass has earnedits reputation on itsability to deliver avery high level ofsecure service on acontinuing basis inorder to win over theimportant buyers inand outside thecontact center—business leaders andIT professionals whoneed assurance thatcritical contact centerapplications canreliably be deliveredfrom the cloud.”—Ashwin Iyer,Research Director,Frost & Sullivan
  6. 6. frost.com6Frost & SullivanSource: Frost & SullivanFrost & Sullivan’s market analysis recognizes Echopass as the market share leaderin the Hosted ACD and Hosted APO Markets in North America. This is particularlynoteworthy for a number of reasons:• ACD and APO systems/applications account for the highest technology spendby contact centers on-premise; therefore, they also represent a significant costsavings opportunity for contact centers by moving to a hosted/cloud model. Atthe same time, most enterprises are also reluctant to move thesesystems/applications to the cloud, as they are mission-critical for contactcenter operations.As a result, only the most robust of Hosted ACD and HostedAPO solutions that can meet stringent enterprise requirements will see up-market adoption and growth. As the market leader in both of these markets,Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that Echopass demonstrates the robustness ofits hosted contact center solutions for large enterprises.• Hosted ACD and Hosted APO markets also have the greatest barrier to entryfor competitors, particularly so in the large enterprise market. Frost & Sullivanis of the opinion that Echopass’ leadership position in these markets will helpsolidify the company’s position in the overall contact center market.Note: All figures are rounded; the base year is 2010.Hosted Contact Center Market: Company Market Share by Revenue forthe Hosted APO Applications Segment (North America), 2010Echopass21.6%Company A13.3%Company B10.4%Company C8.9%Company D4.7%Company E4.1%Company F3.5%Others33.5%“Overall, Echopasshas demonstrated acontinuous focus andexecution of its visionto provide unmatcheddepth and breadth offunctionality,integration andsystem performance.”—Frost & Sullivan“Echopass’ emphasison reliability andenterprise-classperformance has madeit the hosted solutionprovider of choice forexisting clients as wellas new largeenterprise prospectscurrently served byon-premise contactcenter solutions thatare making the movetoward hosted,cloud services.”—Frost & Sullivan
  7. 7. 7Market Leadership Assessment• By establishing its beachhead in the Hosted ACD market in particular, itbecomes much easier for Echopass to expand and grow its footprint in all ofthe hosted contact center market segments—Hosted IVR, Hosted OutboundCustomer Contact, Hosted Customer Chat, and Hosted APO—by helping itscustomers move more contact center applications to the cloud.• At the same time, Echopass’ competitive standing and value proposition makethe company a very attractive hosted/cloud solution provider of choice for newcustomers. Large enterprises can be properly encouraged to take their firststep toward hosted/cloud services with Echopass and move an increasingnumber of applications to the cloud over time.Key Performance Drivers for EchopassFactor 1: Experience in Large Enterprise DeploymentsEchopass has distinguished itself as the leading cloud contact center solutionprovider focused on the enterprise market. Its more than decade-long track recordof success in some of North Americas largest and most sophisticated contactcenters stands out in the market. Key enterprise clients include American Express,GlaxoSmithKline, Aon, and The Hartford Insurance Group.The company offers multi-tenant hosted contact center services from its threeNorth America-based data centers. These are fully integrated and backed by SLAagreements. These data centers have multiple carrier access, industry-leadingsecurity, redundancy, and reliability as key deliverables to the company’s clients.Key industry verticals for Echopass include healthcare, financial services, insurance,hospitality, consumer goods, transportation, government, and retail.Factor 2: Application Development Expertise and Partner NetworkCustomers are increasingly looking at the spread of applications that they use intheir contact centers and are trying to knit them together into cohesive platforms.The ACD platform has always been an area where it makes sense to combine value-added applications, like APO, customer feedback, CRM and other critical tools.Echopass has combined its own applications with those of its partners andintegrated them in a way that makes it easy for clients to deploy, run and maintaincomplex hybrid environments.Echopass’ applications sit on top of its underlying Symmetry platform, which hasGenesys as its core call routing and CTI, combined with other best-of-breedpartner components such as Verint, Microsoft, Nuance, and IBM. Echopass integratesthese and other leading technologies and applications into its services, then deliversthe end-to-end complete solution via the cloud model. Echopass sells directly andthrough partners. Key go-to-market partners include Voxify, Maximus, CSC, VoiceCurve, Medicall, ATS, Verizon, Sprint, XO, Level 3, RightNow, and“For establishingitself as a marketleader throughdemonstratedrobustness indelivering cloud-basedsolutions at par withenterprise-classpremise systems andapplications, but witha utility-based hosted,cloud delivery, andpricing model,Echopass is therecipient of the 2011Frost & SullivanMarket ShareLeadership Award forhosted ACD andhosted APO markets.”—Frost & Sullivan
  8. 8. frost.com8Frost & SullivanEchopass was recently named Partner of the Year by Genesys, based on thecompany’s growth initiatives, customer satisfaction and overall success withGenesys-powered solutions. Echopass continues to expand its customer base andmarket share with migrations from premise-based vendors to its hosted platform.Factor 3: High Reliability to Reassure Business BuyersEchopass has staked its reputation on its ability to deliver a very high level of secureservice on a continuing basis in order to win over the important buyers in and outsidethe contact center—business leaders and IT professionals who need assurance thatcritical contact center applications can reliably be delivered from the cloud.In order to do that, Echopass Service Level Agreements guarantee the entire end-to-end platform availability, 24x7 customer support, performance and reliability,including partner components and carrier services provided by Echopass with 99.95percent SLA commitments.CONCLUSIONEchopass has established itself as the clear market leader in the Hosted ACD andHosted APO markets in North America. It has achieved that distinction throughcontinuous focus and execution on its vision to provide unmatched depth andbreadth of functionality, integration and system performance. With an emphasis onreliability and enterprise-class performance, Echopass has demonstrated robustnessin delivering cloud-based solutions at par with enterprise-class premise systems andapplications, but with a utility-based hosted/cloud delivery and pricing model.Echopass’ competitive strategies and customer value initiatives create a veryattractive hosted solution provider of choice for existing clients, as well as newclients who are making the move toward hosted/cloud services. Based on theaforementioned criteria as measured and defined through Frost & Sullivanindependent research, Echopass is the recipient of the 2011 Frost & Sullivan MarketShare Leadership Award for Hosted ACD and Hosted APO.“The companyscompetitive strategiesand customer valueinitiatives makeEchopass the hostedsolution provider ofchoice forenterprises.”—Frost & Sullivan
  9. 9. 877.GoFrost • myfrost@frost.comhttp://www.frost.comSilicon Valley331 E. Evelyn Ave. Suite 100Mountain View, CA 94041Tel 650.475.4500Fax 650.475.1570San Antonio7550 West Interstate 10,Suite 400,San Antonio, Texas 78229-5616Tel 210.348.1000Fax 210.348.1003London4, Grosvenor Gardens,London SWIW ODH,UKTel 44(0)20 7730 3438Fax 44(0)20 7730 3343ABOUT ECHOPASS CORPORATIONEchopass is the #1 Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of cloud-based contact center solutions tolarge enterprises. Since 2000, Echopass customized solutions have served enterprises with up to 20,000agents across multiple sites and complex application and infrastructure environments, while satisfyingthe most stringent industry compliance and security requirements. Echopass solutions are fullyintegrated, flexible and scalable, and require no capital investment or ongoing maintenance. Privately-held Echopass, backed by venture capital firms Canaan Partners and New Enterprise Associates, is arecipient of numerous industry awards for innovation and customer service, including the Red HerringTop 100 Companies Award and multiple Best Practices Awards from Frost & Sullivan. The company isheadquartered in Pleasanton, Calif. For additional information, please visit or call1-888-622-5345.ABOUT FROST & SULLIVANFrost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, partners with clients to accelerate their growth.The companysTEAM Research, Growth Consulting, and GrowthTeam Membership™ empower clients to create a growth-focusedculture that generates, evaluates, and implements effective growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan employs over 50 yearsof experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses, and the investment community frommore than 40 offices on six continents. For more information about Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Partnership Services,visit information regarding permission, write:Frost & Sullivan331 E. Evelyn Ave. Suite 100Mountain View, CA 94041AucklandBangkokBeijingBengaluruBogotáBuenos AiresCape TownChennaiColomboDelhi / NCRDhakaDubaiFrankfurtHong KongIstanbulJakartaKolkataKuala LumpurLondonMexico CityMilanMoscowMumbaiManhattanOxfordParisRockville CentreSan AntonioSão PauloSeoulShanghaiSilicon ValleySingaporeSophia AntipolisSydneyTaipeiTel AvivTokyoTorontoWarsawWashington, DC