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Collaboration Across the Mobile Enterprise


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Frost & Sullivan 2013 ICT Outlook Briefing

Published in: Technology
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Collaboration Across the Mobile Enterprise

  1. 1. Collaboration Across the Mobile EnterpriseIs evolving mobility trends creating new ways of communications in Enterprises? Jessie Yu Nov 2012
  2. 2. Agenda What is Enterprise Mobility? Enterprise Mobility - Influencing Factors Adoption Trend Key TakeawayASFC-64 2
  3. 3. Key components WPBX • Simplest form of mobility – moving with in enterprises Fixed to Mobile • Desktop Extension – Call forwarding, seamless integration between Wi- Fi network and 3G/ 4G Network Convergence (FMC) • Simplest form from Telco – CUG Plan with some features Mobile PBX (MPBX) • Replicating PBX functionality in Mobile • Access email and contacts, now extend to voice and Audio Push Mail conferencing • Broadest form of Mobility client – access to Telephony, IM/ Presence, Mobile Client email, messaging, Video, Team room, and business application (CRM, Analytics)ASFC-64 3
  4. 4. The Future of the Enterprise Remote/Home The physical office working becomes a place for face to face meetings Mobile •Mobile Enterprise •FMC •Single number reach Multiple Devices Future of • Device agnostic the Office • BYOD Cloud and Virtualisation Collaborative • Applications on a SaaS model • Video sessions • Easy to maintain • IM/Web conferencing • Desktop virtualisation • Voice • Social and Team CollaborationASFC-64 4
  5. 5. Collaboration Framework Same time Local Real Time Collab Mobile Real Time Collab • Dispersed /unknown location • Traditional F2F Meetings Distributed conference/information • Traditional brainstorming sharing meeting session • Distributed work/task flow • Distributed collaborative Same Location brainstorming • Receiving and acquiring information • Sharing information • Work flow management • Creating new knowledge • Virtual social belonging Local Non- Real Time Mobile Non- Real Time Collab Collab • Notice board • Distributed asynchronous collaboration Different timeASFC-64 5
  6. 6. Mobile Internet on the rise globally Morgan Stanley ResearchASFC-64 6
  7. 7. Mobile social networking is growing at a phenomenal rate Social Networking Solutions: Active Users Statistics, Social Networking Solutions: Active Mobile Users Asia Pacific, 31st, June, 2012 Statistics, Asia Pacific, 31st, June, 2012 Million Million250 235 234 160 147200 120 99150 80100 41 40 25 50 0 0 Facebook Twitter Weibo Facebook Twitter Weibo Mobile Penetration Rate (%) Asia Pacific Global Facebook 42.1 47.6 Twitter 60.8 63.1 Weibo 62.8 61.9ASFC-64 7
  8. 8. Smartphone penetration amongst Singaporeans now stands at88% Time spent on Wifi versus 3G 3G Wifi 55% 45% Mobile email, OTT Social Networking Mobile Web messaging Source: IDA Statistics Release for Jan-Jun 2012.ASFC-64 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Mobility at a glance CRM/ECMUC&C Enterprise Mobility MDM/MAMSecurity ASFC-64 9
  10. 10. Applications Accessed through Mobile Devices Current Adoption Future Adoption Mobility Trend (2012) (2013 - 2014) Applications Asia Pacific Singapore Asia Pacific Singapore Email and Calender 3 4 4 4 Enterprise Telephony 2.5 2.5 3.5 3.2 Video Conferencing 2.5 1 3.5 3 Team Collaboration 1 1 3 3 Enterprise Social network (ESN) and Social Media 1.5 2 3.5 3.8 Web Conferencing 2 2 3 3.2 Business Applications 2 2.3 2.5 2.9 We expect the applications being accessed through mobile devices to increase in future with Video, TC, ESN and Web conferencing Source: Frost & SullivanASFC-64 10
  11. 11. Telecom operators aim to ramp up UC services via mobilityRich communication services today are a result of applications and contents from OTT players.The features are becoming industry standards such as video calling, instant messaging andvoice over IP. ASFC-64 11
  12. 12. OTT and Social Media Applications on the rise –Communication channels are changing rapidly • E-mailing and making calls from social media platforms will be common in the future. Facebook and Skype, etc • WhatsApp and WeChat eats into SMS revenues • Skype continues to be popular with not just students, consumers WeChat but also business users • Download the app and it is free, why pay for communication services? Sina WeiboASFC-64 12
  13. 13. Areas where mobility are providing immediate benefits toenterprises 25% 30%  Business apps were the fast growing session in the app store 16% in 2011. 6% 23%  Mobile device management, security and business process management Operational efficiency and cost reduction are the top three areas of Increased productivity and sales mobility adoption Security and compliance Business strategy flexibility  25% companies have not Dont know perceived the benefits of mobility Source: Frost & Sullivan. Sample size = 206ASFC-64 13
  14. 14. 34% of Organizations have a BYOD policy in placeASFC-64 14
  15. 15. Security and productivity are the main concerns about BYODASFC-64 15
  16. 16. Mobility Challenge Security Secure connection and data security Resource Scarcity In-house and vendor Price Confusion User defined or Device defined Manageability Device and Move, Adds and Changes (MACs) Device Integration simultaneous access - users accessing content from 2 to 3 devices concurrently or switching between devices Apps Manageability Threat from apps and issues relating to administering apps within Enterprises Source: Frost & SullivanASFC-64 16
  17. 17. Conclusion Confusion around mobility term continues to rise Enterprise Mobility is much beyond BOYD, it is about anywhere anytime access with any devices Mobility market is expected to see high growth and a transition from good to have to must have. Mobility to drive the expanded Unified Communications market. Mobility is multi-vendor solution and will need vendors and 3rd party application to integrate and work seamlessly together Despite security and manageability concern, access business data through mobile devices will increaseASFC-64 17
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  19. 19. For Additional Information Donna Jeremiah Carrie Low Corporate Communications Corporate Communications Asia Pacific Asia Pacific +61 (0) 8247 8927 +603 6204 5910 Jessie Loh Corporate Communications Asia Pacific +65 6890 0942 jessie.loh@frost.comASFC-64 19
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