Asia Pacific market poised for Electronic Medical Record growth


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Asia Pacific market poised for Electronic Medical Record growth

  1. 1. AsiaAsia--Pacific Market Poised for ElectronicPacific Market Poised for ElectronicMedical Records GrowthMedical Records GrowthCan Your Organization Identify the Relevant OpportunitiesCan Your Organization Identify the Relevant OpportunitiesNatasha GulatiNatasha GulatiSenior Industry Analyst, HealthcareFrost & Sullivan, Asia-Pacific
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  3. 3. Today’s PresenterNatasha GulatiSenior Industry Analyst, HealthcareFrost & Sullivan, Asia-Pacificnatasha.gulati@frost.com3• Natasha specializes in identifying client needs and matching them with the company’scapabilities; designing suitable value proposition for the client.• Her expertise lie in designing and conducting research projects based on qualitativeand quantitative studies with various small-sized local and global teams.• She has showcased project proficiency in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare sectorsand has worked with clients across Food & Beverage, Automotive, Chemicals and Oil &Gas industries over several years.
  4. 4. AgendaMarket OverviewForecasts and Trends – Total EMR and EHR Market in APACCompetitive Landscape – Total EMR and EHR Market in APACMega Trends and Industry Convergence ImplicationsCEO’s PerspectiveNext Steps4
  6. 6. Three Big Frost & Sullivan Predictions1Governments across APAC are expected to spend an estimated $794.6million toward EMR and EHR programs by 2018.6Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.2Public and private sectors gearing up for a massive shortage of medical andhealth IT professionals.3 Humanizing EMR and EHR systems will be the next disruptive technology.
  7. 7. Core Benefits of an EMR and EHRComplete view of thepatient‘s medicalhistoryImproved data storageand accessibilityImproved patientmanagementReduction in medicalerrorsBenefits of an EMR or EHR Solution, APAC, 20127Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.EMR and EHR benefits extend from individualto communityCost reduction forboth patients andprovidersAvailability of largervolumes of organizeddataMore efficient and effective healthcare deliveryMore efficient and effective healthcare delivery
  8. 8. Market Overview - Segmentation8Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2012. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  9. 9. Evaluation Criteria for Purchasing an EMR andEHR SystemPrice rangeTotal EMR and EHR Market: Evaluation Criteria foran EMR or EHR Solution, APAC, 201219Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.Servicedelivery modelPractice sizecommonlyservedSystemfunctionalitiesandapplicationsMedical areascovered2345
  10. 10. Key Government Organizations and AssociationsHIMSSAnalytics® AsiaAsia PacificAssociation forMedical Informatics• iDA Singapore• Japan Association for Medical Informatics (JAMI)10Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.• Japan Association for Medical Informatics (JAMI)• Taiwan Association for Medical Informatics (TAMI)• Malaysian Health Informatics Association (MHIA)• China Medical Informatics Association (CMIA)• Informatics for Traditional and Chinese Medicine (i-TCM)• Chinese Medical and Biological Informatics• Health Informatics Society of Australia• Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN)Government and non-profit organizations are involved in the advancement of healthcare IT (HIT) tovarying degrees across APAC countries. Their roles range from establishing data definitions,building and auditing infrastructure to driving adoption.
  11. 11. HIMSS Analytics EMRAMSM Stage 6 and 7Hospitals in APACSeoul National UniversityBundang HospitalTotal EMR and EHR Market: EMRAMSM Stage 6 and 7 Hospitals, APAC, 20121.Chang An Hospital2.Shengjing Hospital of ChinaMedical University3.Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital11Stage 7Stage 61.KK Women’s & Children’sHospital2.National University Hospital3.Singapore General Hospital4.Tan Tock Seng HospitalPrince CourtMedical Center1.Max Super SpecialtyHospital, East Wing2.Max Super SpecialtyHospital, West WingSource: HIMSS Analytics® Asia.
  12. 12. Forecasts and Trends – TotalEMR and EHR Market in APAC12EMR and EHR Market in APAC
  13. 13. Total EMR and EHR Market - Revenue ForecastKey Takeaway: The APAC market for EMR and EHR is poised for steady growththroughout 2012–2019.13Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2012. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  14. 14. Total EMR and EHR Market - Percent RevenueForecast by Region2019201214*Rest of APAC includes India, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Vietnam, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the Philippines.Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2012. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  15. 15. Competitive Landscape – TotalEMR and EHR Market in APAC15EMR and EHR Market in APAC
  16. 16. Competitive Analysis—Market Share16* A list of “Other” companies can be found in the appendix. For details on EMRAM Stages click here. Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2012. Source: Frost& Sullivan analysis.
  17. 17. Megatrends and IndustryConvergence Implications17Convergence Implications
  18. 18. Decentralization of Healthcare DeliverySocialMediaPersonalizedHealthcare18Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.TechnologyAccessWellnessProgramsPatients today have more access to health information than ever before. This leads to a patientbase that is taken personal responsibility of their health and demanding more from theirphysicians.
  19. 19. Impact of ASEAN IntegrationBenefits of AEC to EMR and EHRVendorsChallenges for EMR and EHR Vendors1. Access to new markets2. Access to technological developmentstaking place in and best practices fromother countries3. Access to skilled labor4. Increased bargaining power in the1. HIE laws, data definitions, andprotocols are markedly differentamongst APAC countries. Developingsolutions for a unified market needs tobe preceded by standardization by aregional or global authority, such as,19Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.4. Increased bargaining power in theglobal market, particularly when tryingto penetrate the U.S. and Europeanmarkets5. Opportunities for large-scale projectsdue to consolidation in the industry.regional or global authority, such as,AeHIN.2. Regionalization could hurt the interestof small local vendors and nicheparticipants, as they may not be able tocompete with larger firms.
  20. 20. CEO’s Perspective20
  21. 21. CEO’s Perspective2Health information exchange across countriesis the stepping stone towards integration ofhealthcare delivery across APAC1Governments across APAC are expected tospend an estimated $794.6 million on EMRand EHR programs by 2018213Public and private sectors are gearing up for amassive shortage of medical and health ITprofessionals4Effective EMR and EHR can relieve marginpressures, drive revenue growth, and improvequality of care delivery5Humanizing EMR and EHR systems will be thenext disruptive technologySource: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  22. 22. Poll question22
  23. 23. Questions and Answerssection23section
  24. 24. Next StepsRequest for a complimentary executive summary of the EMR and HERMarket in Asia-Pacific.Request a proposal for our Growth Partnership Services or GrowthConsulting Services to support you and your team to accelerate the24Consulting Services to support you and your team to accelerate thegrowth of your company. ( )Register for Frost & Sullivan’s GIL Community Newsletter and keepabreast of innovative growth opportunities. It’s complimentary!(
  25. 25. EMR and EHR Market in Asia-Pacific Research ServiceWith insights on emerging technology and market trends as well as the competitivelandscape.Qualitative Data• Demand analysis and buying behavior• Pricing analysis• Technology trends• Analysis of market drivers and restraints• Country-wise chapters• Impact of megatrendsQuantitative Data• APAC market size and forecasts• APAC market size by hospital and ambulatorysegment• APAC market shares by revenue• Government investment towards EMR andEHR systems2525• Impact of megatrendsEHR systems• Country-wise market size, forecasts and splitby hospital and ambulatory segments across7 countriesTo get a complimentary executive summaryTo get a complimentary executive summaryof this research service, emailof this research service,
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