Analysis of the Obesity Surgery Devices Market


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Obesity surgery’s success in Europe and Rest of World (ROW) has piqued the interest of consumers in the United States. The U.S. market is hoping to mirror the EU and ROW’s market growth in product portfolios and number of surgeries, as obesity and obesity-related diseases cause an immense financial burden on the U.S. healthcare system.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan’s ( Analysis of the U.S. Obesity Surgery Devices Market research finds the market earned revenues of $156.2 million in 2011 and estimates this to reach $301.7 million in 2016.

If you are interested in more information on this research, please email Britni Myers, Corporate Communications, at, with your full name, company name, job title, telephone number, company email address, company website, city, state and country.

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Analysis of the Obesity Surgery Devices Market

  1. 1. Analysis of the Obesity Surgery Devices MarketLarge Opportunities in Less Invasive Devices Dictate Market Future United States NB27-54
  2. 2. ContentsSection Slide Numbers Executive Summary 4 Market Overview 10 Total Market - • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 18 • Forecasts and Trends 28 • Market Share and Competitive Analysis 36 Gastric Banding Market 39 Gastric Stimulators Market 49 Intragastric Balloons Market 59 Emerging Companies and Technologies 67 The Last Word (Conclusions and Implications) 74 Appendix 80NB27-54 2
  3. 3. Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will Answer Is the obesity devices market growing, how long will it continue to grow, and at what rate? What are the primary drivers of market expansion and growth opportunities? What are the major challenges? Which segments in the obesity space are expanding the most, and which are declining? Will the products that are approved in Europe be accepted in the United States? Are the products/services offered today meeting customer needs or is additional development needed? What are key opportunities for the future? How is the competition in the market? Are some companies poised for more growth than others? Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.NB27-54 3
  4. 4. Market Overview—Segmentation Total Obesity Surgery Devices Market: Market Segmentation, U.S., 2011 Total Obesity Surgery Devices Market Gastric Gastric Gastric Emerging Banding Stimulators Balloons TechnologyMarket Segmentation• Gastric Banding: Surgical technique in which a band is placed on the top part of the stomach. There are only two approved products in the United States.• Gastric Stimulators: Obesity management devices that act like a pacemaker to send electrical signals to the stomach surface.• Gastric Balloons: Liquid-filled silicone sphere that is placed in the stomach for about six months. There are no approved gastric balloons in the United States.• Emerging Technology: Companies and products that are likely to be launched in the United States in the near future are included here. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.NB27-54 4
  5. 5. Drivers and Restraints Obesity Surgery Devices Market: Key Market Drivers and Restraints, U.S., 2012–2016 1–2 years 3–4 years 5 years Growing population of overweight and obese increases market potential.Market Drivers Risks associated with obesity make obesity surgery necessary for many patients. Obesity surgery success in other global markets gains attention from consumers in the United States. Direct consumer marketing of gastric banding surgeries boosts interest in the market. Literature on surgery complications deters people from obesity surgery.Market Restraints Poor reimbursement for obesity surgeries makes adoption slow. Alternative treatments such as lifestyle modifications and drugs challenge the surgery market. Impact: High Medium Low Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. NB27-54 5
  6. 6. Market Engineering MethodologyOne of Frost & Sullivan’s core deliverablesis its Market Engineering studies. Theyare based on our proprietary MarketEngineering Methodology. This approach,developed across the 50 years ofexperience assessing global markets,applies engineering rigor to the oftennebulous art of market forecasting andinterpretation.A detailed description of the methodologycan be found here. Source: Frost & Sullivan research.NB27-54 6
  7. 7. ContactBritni MyersExecutiveFrost & Sullivan (210) 477-8481 britni.myers@frost.comNB27-54 7