Frost & Sullivan: Demand Grows for Round-the-Clock, Context-Aware Vulnerability Management Solutions


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Frost & Sullivan: Demand Grows for Round-the-Clock, Context-Aware Vulnerability Management Solutions

  1. 1. Frost & Sullivan: Demand Grows for Round- the-clock, Context-aware Vulnerability Management Solutions Research PREVIEW for the Analysis of the Global Vulnerability Management Market @FS_ITVision
  2. 2. Sample of Key Highlights • In 2013, the global vulnerability management market reached $528.6 million. By 2018, the global vulnerability management market will total $973.9 million. • North America is the largest market globally while APAC is growing the most rapidly. • Vulnerability Management (VM) platforms are expanding to include secure configurations, log management, predictive analytics, and password authentication. • The leading vulnerability management solution providers are also incorporating Web application scanning onto their platforms. • In the last two years, vulnerability management fundamentally changed. The major industry players received money in one form or another. Tenable Network Systems and Rapid7 each received $50 million in funding; Qualys issued an IPO, and eEye Digital and nCircle were acquisition targets by BeyondTrust and Tripwire, respectively. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  3. 3. Drivers and Restraints Total Vulnerability Management Market: Key Market Drivers and Restraints, Global, 2014–2018 Customers are concerned that vulnerability management is too thin of a slice of protection and worried about limits in the platform H H H Vulnerability management customers are prohibited from publishing scan results which reinforces the feeling from customers that they have trouble making value-based decisions M M M Syncing security measures to match changes in a network is difficult M M M Vulnerability management competes with other technologies for security solution dollars L L L 1–2 Years 3–4 Years 5 Years The nature of cyber attacks is changing to include smaller businesses and threats are becoming more targeted H H H Integration of features in vulnerability management platforms is helping customers harden their systems M M M Compliance reporting is increasing in importance to conform with regulatory requirements M M H The Internet of Things requires heterogeneous networks, and integrates new devices and security practices M H H Continuous threat monitoring is becoming requisite M H H Note: Drivers & Restraints are ranked in order of impact. Source: Frost & Sullivan MarketDriversMarketRestraints Impact: High Medium Low
  4. 4. Executive Summary—CEO’s Perspective 2 Vulnerability management is being integrated with analytics, and configuration and log management. 3 Compliance requirements are a major driver for the purchase of new vulnerability management products. 4 Networks are more complex and BYOD and virtualization require new security postures. 5 Increased attention is being paid to vulnerability threat scoring to quicken remediation. 1 Malicious threats are non- discriminatory; they target businesses of all sizes. Source: Frost & Sullivan
  5. 5. Details of the Full Analysis
  6. 6. Contents Section Slide Numbers Executive Summary 9 Market Overview 15 Total Vulnerability Management Market • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 23 • Forecasts and Trends 34 • DHS Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program 53 • Market Share and Competitive Analysis 59 Markets By Product Segments 73 • Enterprise Software Segment 74 • SaaS Breakdown 81 • Appliance Segments 88 Markets by Region 95 • American Breakdown 96 • EMEA Breakdown 106 • APAC Breakdown 116
  7. 7. Contents (continued) Section Slide Numbers The Last Word 126 Appendix 130 Vendor Profiles 136
  8. 8. Key Questions This Research Will Answer Is the vulnerability management market growing; how long will it continue to grow and at what rate? Which competitors are leading the market and which are emerging? Which competitors are growing and why? What are the most important features being added to vulnerability management platforms? What is the role of reporting? In what market verticals is compliance reporting an imperative? Which companies have the best practices? What market segments, regional markets, or vertical markets will have the most growth? Source: Frost & Sullivan
  9. 9. Partial List of Companies Interviewed Source: Frost & Sullivan • BeyondTrust • Cenzic • Denim Group • Department of Homeland Security • IBM • Lumension • Outpost24 • Parasoft • Qualys • Rapid7 • Secunia • Symantec • Tenable Network Security • Tripwire
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  12. 12. Global Perspective 40+ Offices Monitoring for Opportunities and Challenges
  13. 13. Industry Convergence Comprehensive Industry Coverage Sparks Innovation Opportunities Automotive & Transportation Aerospace & Defense Measurement & Instrumentation Information & Communication Technologies HealthcareEnvironment & Building Technologies Energy & Power Systems Chemicals, Materials & Food Electronics & Security Industrial Automation & Process Control Automotive Transportation & Logistics Consumer Technologies Minerals & Mining