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2013 Corporate Development Priorities Survey Results


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2013 Corporate Development Priorities Survey Results

  1. 1. R&D/ Innovation Corporate Sales Strategy Leadership Marketing CEO Corporate Corporate Development Development Growth Team Membership™ Investors/ Market Finance Research Competitive Intelligence CO-SPONSOR 2013 CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT PRIORITIES SURVEY RESULTSStruggling Basics WITH THECorporate development executives continue to grapple withfundamental issues associated with M&A and business portfoliomanagement. Corporate development executives must use moreeffective business portfolio assessment processes, establish anobjective methodology for assessing acquisition targets, andunderstand corporate culture’s key role in post-acquisition integration. Access the 37-page report at FREE Key Corporate Development Challenges Respondents identified their top internal challenges for 2013 and the associated root causes. PRIMARY CHALLENGE AND ROOT CAUSE Identifying promising Inadequate + Lack of acquisition targets ahead headcount common of competitors objectives Corporate Development Resource Trends Respondents shared their expected 2013 budget and staffing levels. STAFFING LEVELS 84% Expect staffing to remain constant BUDGETS 74% Anticipate budgets will remain constant Business Portfolio Management Respondents shared their perspectives on key business portfolio management issues. PORTFOLIO MANGEMENT SHORTCOMINGS 78% 72% Do not support Do not use a decision-making with standardized process rigorous analysis 72% Do not conduct portfolio assessments on a regular basis TOP PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 80% 80% Use competitive Use financial position performance Register at to download a free copy of our: › “2013 Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development Survey Report” SOURCE: “2013 Global Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development Survey Results” ORIGINAL FILE: JPG:; PDF: Growth Team Membership™ (GTM) is a premier, best practices research and consulting organization affiliated with Frost & Sullivan. @Frost_GTMCopyright © Frost & Sullivan