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  1. 1. Affordable SEO Services – Keyword Analysisseo expert services
  2. 2. Make use of Google keyword tools to identify the keywords that give rise tothe volume of traffic for a website or websites related to those keywordsImproved keyword analysis gives an index to the latest search and traffictrends Knowing which keywords are traffic-generating is a purpose of havingSEO services It is essential also because various online marketing campaignsthrive on the use of highly relevant and popular keywords Affordable SEOServices – Google-friendly URLs Websites with Google-friendly URLsare likely to enjoy the favor of the search engine spider The URL of a websiteincorporating the keyword that is primarily targeted for the website is no doubtfriendly with the Google bot
  3. 3. Many use their seo expert services business or brand names in their websiteURLs But it helps a little because business or brand names are not the targetkeywords Besides, the search engine users who are not familiar with thosebusiness or brand names, use common keywords or search keys AffordableSEO Services – On-page optimization Without the implementation ofon-page optimizing strategies, SEO efforts do not come to fruition Make surethe on-page SEO strategies are in line with the relevant keywords that youhave targeted to generate traffic for your website Meta tags, page titles,headings and page content are parts of the on-page structure of websites
  4. 4. They need to be optimized with the search-engine friendly keywords forsuccessful SEO Affordable SEO Services – Social Media Use Now,using online social media for SEO is not independent of off-page optimizationSocial media is the target of different online marketing and promotion activitiesas well To use social media for SEO purpose requires having profiles onFacebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and others No need to makethousands of tweets a day on Twitter and share a lot on Facebook Thoughlinks from social media profiles and posts are no-follow, social media activityhelps fetch traffic, build a brand image, enjoy visibility and ensures many otherbenefits
  5. 5. Affordable SEO Services – Sitemaps Websites need to have theirown sitemaps for easy crawling of their pages by the search engine spidersThe sitemap of a website gives Google bot an index to the content architectureof the website, when the bot crawls the pages of the site Affordable SEOServices – Google Analytics Tools Installing Google Webmaster andAnalytics tools is essential to track the results of SEO activities done topromote a website The use of these Google tools gives feedback on thevolume of traffic, the number of page views and the onsite behavior of thevisitors If the SEO efforts are delivering the goods or not is determined on thebasis of these details
  6. 6. If the result is negative, the SEO services need to be improved AffordableSEO Services – Content Originality It is an unavoidable factor to retainthe originality of content of websites It is a most important SEO to get awebsite crawled and indexed by the Google bot And, the SEO efforts will berewarded ultimately
  7. 7. seo expert services