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Learn how FrontalRain Logo was designed

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FrontalRain logo story

  1. 1. FrontalRain Logo Story…
  2. 2. What we wanted to doCreate a company to Develop Software For Food and Agribusinesses In the area of Supply Chain Management
  3. 3. We wantedLogo To explain our idea In a subtle way To be relevant today and tomorrow and for many years
  4. 4. We did not wantLogo To limit us in future( Eg, name limits the company to Sales CRM etc ) To limit us to a technology area( Eg, Cloud computing will go out of fashion after a while etc )
  5. 5. How did we start …We Wanted A Blue logo With some green With Cloud and Rain
  6. 6. Why Blue …We did not want Red and Green Also, not the traditional Blue
  7. 7. Some green and movement … Green for agribusiness Green swoosh to indicate movement, speed, flow of agricultural goods, supply chain etc End of green swoosh shows benefits due to flow of goods, trade* Swoosh design
  8. 8. Cloud and Rain … Cloud .. Cloud Computing Rain .. Source of life Rain .. Essential for Plants Rain .. Technology not an end in itself .. Focus on benefits of technology
  9. 9. How long it took, who did, cost … Design time - Two hours Designed by - Printo, Bangalore Cost - 1500 Rs ( about 30 US$ ) Edges of letters look like rain droplets* Text written in Tekton Pro font* Actual design took two hours but we thought about it for long
  10. 10. What does FrontalRain mean … Type of Rainfall The name frontal rainfall is derived from the fact that the rainfall occurs when the masses of warm and cold air meet which causes a front Intense rain falls over a wide area* Source
  11. 11. What does FrontalRain mean to us … Individuals with different skill sets work together to Innovate Which brings benefit for a large population With great intensity
  12. 12. What else is there in the logo … Happy people Flowering plants
  13. 13. What else is there in the logo …What this means to us Strive to make people happy Spread new ideas Trigger growth
  14. 14. INTERMISSION * Google Translate - Hindi -> English - Movie continues my friend ..
  15. 15. FrontalRain Software … When the usage increased  Users started addressing the software in many different ways .. Your software, FrontalRain Software, Web Software, Internet software etc
  16. 16. FrontalRain Software ... We realized that it was not easy to say – FrontalRain Software We felt the need to separate the name of the Company and the name of the software
  17. 17. Purpose of FrontalRain Software Help Agribusinesses Agribusinesses in every stage of supply chain
  18. 18. Logo for the product We wanted to retain some elements of the parent logo TM To show the collaborative element of the supply chain Rain from FrontalRain and + to indicate collaborative nature .. became Rain+ Note: Rain+ Trademark of FrontalRain Technologies
  19. 19. Software for every stage in the Agri supply chain Help Agribusiness to grow by following the strategy of their Growing choice Processing  One product – grow by building core Stocking competency Trading  Combination of products – Grow by Serving way of forward or backward integration  Combination of products – Grow by networking with different players
  20. 20. Purpose of FrontalRain Software Came up with simple Growing - Grow Easy to remember Processing - Make Short words Stocking - Move To show the stage of the supply Trading - Trade chain Serving - Serve
  21. 21. Birth of the Rain+ family of Products
  22. 22. "Whats in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.“ Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet * Google Translate - Hindi -> English - Movie continues my friend ..