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Personal Learning Plan   July 29, 2011        Schedule              What’s Next for Angela?                               ...
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Personal learningplan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Personal learningplan

  1. 1. Personal Learning Plan July 29, 2011 Schedule What’s Next for Angela? Angela Marocco has had an Student Blogging enlightening six weeks of Who: Students technology learning through Where: In class MAET. She feels empowered and When: Daily during ready to share! Angela is available for one-on-one or group tutorials workshop on the quiz topics listed below. She Why: To support is also available to explain an reading and writing exciting new concept called TPACK. Have you ever been Classroom Website hesitant to put in the effort into V.I.P. Design technology? After you hear about Angela Marocco TPACK you’ll change how you feel Fun Fact: Angela is on her way to Who: Mrs. Marocco about technology! Scan the QR becoming a technology pro! Where: On the Web code to set up an appointment! When: Update Weekly To Learn This Upcoming Year… Why: To keep students Math: Ipads and parents informed Science: Smart Board Software Social Studies: Classroom Website Technology Projects Writing: Wiki Sites Who: Mrs. Marocco Readings: Gender Specific Learning and Students & Technology Where: In Lab When: Tri-Weekly Have No Fear: TPACK will help Wanted: Technology Why: To increase Angela Marocco pave the way! student technology Support! skills and engage  Can you offer advice on students! Next Week’s Quiz best practices for A. Marocco is Ready to be Tested! classroom website design?  Do you know how to 1. Kidblog 9. QR codes design Smart Board 2. WebQuests 10. Word Clouds lessons that utilize Notebook Software? 3. Weebly 11. Copyright  Do you know how to best 4. Networking 12. iMovie fuse technology tools with 5. Podcasting 13. Mixbook curriculum? 6. Screencasts 14. Voicethread Angela Marocco is looking Angela Marocco for collaborative assistance! 7. Blogger 15. Contact her if you are able toPhone: 517-327-0700 (203) 8. Prezi Test: 8/1/11 help!